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Saturday, September 30, 2006

My dh's OTHER baby!!!

So this car. Oh Dh's baby!!! So today the registration is running out of it. So, he hops in his car...to head there as it closes at 4pm and it was 3:30 Pm. He was going to put it off until tomorrow and risk it. Well anyhow...as you can see from pics...a guy pulled out in front of him and WHACK..he hit him...thankfully the guy and witness agree it was the other guys fault so hopefully it won't be an issue. He isn't hurt...which is good. But after I dumped the paint can all over the sidewalk, he pulled up..and said "look!" and I said "oh so you had an accident and so did I" and we laughed when I showed him it...but yeah. The problem will be the damage isn't much...really it could have been so much more worse..however the car is from Japan...we got it imported here..and I dont think they will have the pieces here...poor, poor guy who was at fault.

Our big Saturday project!!!!

This is kinda hard to see...but this was a pic of my new screen door. Which I love..but look at the bottom of the porch outside...see how half of it is wood and the other half which isn't peeling is white...and the pillar is white and so forth...well we 'took care' of that today!!!

Our big project was painting our front porch which was horrible before!!!! My artist way to tell ppl to STAY OFF "wet paint"

Yup, I was a complete mess after...I had a few mistakes...like stepping on the paint can lid...

So then I went to move the green paint which the kids were painting with...and I spilled the WHOLE gallon of paint on the FRONT sidewalk!!!! GRRRRR!!!!
But after from a street shot....
Close up...Isn't she pretty!!!!!
Even closer..oh and that rack thing..is a plant stand which will go on the porch with a plant in it...I seen the stand at Goodwill for a few bucks and thought "theres nothing a bit of paint can't do for this" and bought it...it will completely accent the new and improved porch!!!

As you may recall if you are an avid reader of my blog...I have been putting off painting our front porch which has been peeling and horrible looking and last year I stripped it...but never got around to painting it. It was HORRIBLE looking. But last week, Fabe came home with the beautiful screen door that I wanted. Its all glass then as you slide it down, the screen rolls out. Other wise when its all glass you can't see the screen. I looove it. The guy came and installed it the other day and I came home from work to it..its a beauty!!! And so, tired of looking at the ugly porch I decided today was the day to paint it. It took HOURS to paint it..but as you can see it looks GREAT!!!!! The whole deck use to be white. Plain old white...so I added beige floor part and black accents..its turned out beautiful!!!! I love it!!!!

Shoes, shoes, shoes...

Today in the garage I went through ALL of the shoes...TONS of them. I am a shoe-o-holic...I do confess...however I threw away LOTS today and have a whole bag of boy and girl shoes to give away...there are three racks only now. Most of our shoes are in our closets in the bedrooms however this is what is left after I purged..I had to do this as we got a fridge for the garage coming tonight and we wanted it near the house/garage door. I am so happy to get a fridge for out there!!!I can store my baking in there, and all the pop and WATER bottles will ALWAYS be cold now :) Also with Xmas at our house, we wanted to ensure we have lots of space for food! So we have one coming tonight!!!!

My Scrap book space!!!

This is a space just for me :) I love it. Anyhow, today I set it up again as it was all taken apart from getting the basement done. As I take some nice shots, I am getting them blown up to a bigger print, and I am going to hang my pictures in frames in the basement. Some of the really nice ones, I am going to display around the house. Also, in my little area I am going to get a radio and stuff like that. I love the table. Colette gave me the table yesturday and I was so happy with it. It just looks so nice!!!! I can't wait to scrap book. I use to hall all my stuff upstairs when we first moved here, as this little area was going to be an office space...but I took it over...its a nice little spot for this!!!!


So this is the computer area which is where the kids use the computer. Excuse the totes and stuff however it isn't completely done yet. But yeah. This little nook is by the storage room and right outside the guest bedroom...

The hallway from the rec room heading to the bedroom/ and my scrap book space :)

The rec room. Doesn't have anything in it yet as I haven't gotten around to that yet...I will add the final touches when it is all done...It needs to be mopped and the couch steam cleaned

What a day! We got so much done! It was great! Fabe didn't end up going to lake. We started stuff around here and then, thought that we will set up the basement and use the couch for the winter down there (I hate it, but it is only the for the kids down there!!!) and it needs to be steamcleaned as it is super dusty from the drywall dust. But anyhow we set it up down there for the kids/rec room. Its nice to have some extra space. The only thing we need to do down there now is the ceiling and some of the baseboards...but no rush. I am just happy to be able to use it!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I absolutely love fall days like today. The air is crisp and you can SMELL fall. Fall has a smell. I love it. I am planning for all of us, to go to some wooded area..dog park probably and I will set up the tripod and take some pics. Some family pics. Yeah, actually the dog park would be ideal to get Bandit in it too. But anyhow here are some shots of 'things' at the dog park tonight. The kids had Taekwondo and so I took the chance to get out there :) I do (secretly) look forward to winter. I love the warm winter nights by the fireplace...you just naturally feel relaxed for some reason.

SPEAKING of winter. I offically started baking today...oh, I think I said that (???) earlier. But anyhow, I am off Thursdays and so every week I plan to bake something. Being that we are hosting Xmas at our house for the VERY first time...we are in charge of it all...so I am trying to get whatever I can outta the way before it gets too overwhelming. I have to start buying gifts too. With us going away for Xmas I hope that we really stick to a budget. Because with ski passes and ski sets for the children...THATS already a HUGE cost! So, yeah. Plus, Jasper the day after Xmas and ski passes there...its going to be a small fortune this year. But I won't start stressing out about that just yet :)

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Yeah!!!!!!! As I said, no plans for the weekend...

OHHHHHHH, my wonderful friend Colette gave me a table for my scrap book room! Remember how I said I need to find one!!! Its PERFECT too! Its a black dining-room type table and just PERFECT!!!!! Her wonderful hubby (who is doing the work to our house!) is going to even deliver it for me!!!!!! How sweet :) I can't wait to set up 'my' space!!!! I have mightly BIG plans for the room !!!!!


Okay so I did loose SOME weight...

I lost 2.4 pounds this week. I was *honestly* expecting more. I compare from when I joined before I lost the biggest amount in the FIRST week..so I was a little disappointed. But that will NOT stop me :)

I planned to take today as a cheat day. Eat whatever I wanted to eat after I weighed in (noon) then til about 6pm. HOWEVER, I can't do it. I had a handful of animals cracker cookies and that was it...but anyhow....I think that it didn't go down too much as I hate REALLY really really bad the week prior to joining..so I am sure that I gained or was going to gain some so this fended it off...and also last weekend was within my points but junk both nights..(chicken wings, etc!!) so this week I am hoping for a *bit* more...


no pics, but at least an update :)


Anyhow, Wednesday was fine at work. Tuesday night we went and joined the Y!!! So we are now members there :) Wed. Kennedy had dance class...had an easy supper made for the kdis...Stayed up WAY to late talking with Fabe about something... :) Then, woke up this morning...don't have to work Thursdays..(yah!!) so STILL in my jammies!!!! Have to hop in the shower as I have my weight watchers meeting in 1 hour, then I am going to Ikea to find a table for my new pretty scrapbook room :) And, a new couch! Fabe is working. He is off Saturday but he is going to take our old Ikea sectional to the lake for the cabin...my old scrapbook table and our bbq that we got. He is going with a few of the guys from work for the night!!! Mack has sleepovers both nights...so pretty much it will be Kennedy and I. So, we will head to a movie or whatever she wants to do...for some girl time. I don't have much planned for the weekend. The house is still pretty decent so I don't have to clean...that much :)

Well, going to get ready for the meeting and then...pick up the kids. They have Takwondo tonight and its bath night...Mack will have homework...so the night will be pretty fast....work tomorrow until 3pm. Oh tomorrow night I might have to go to my work as we are going to be doing the toddler room flooring in there this weekend. I might go Sunday to help set it up again to make it pretty :)



Tuesday, September 26, 2006


On Saturday it was sooooo beautiful I HAD to take the opportunity to get to the puppy park! Bandit was so happy to go for a swim!!!

Kennedys poor room!!!

Kennedys been up too...ALOT of treatments! As you can see, her room totally suffers when she is getting them however whatever works to make her happy in there...I have cleaned it up since this however it does tend to get pretty bad!!!!
But it takes like an hour to do her treatments and thats at least 2 times a day=2 hours a day

Monday, September 25, 2006

Yeah, I know I need pics!!!

Sorry :(

I am just so busy! And I have a WHOLE whack of daycare pics on my memory card that I want to take in to get developed rather then upload them on to my computer and mail them...so...maybe tomorrow I am sneak away from work and go and get them off there...but I have pics to load on here...so don't worry! I will be updating soon!

Today was a good work day (STILL the same staff sick) she will be in tomorrow and a warning will be given.

The day flew by. It was so super easy to eat good at work...as there isn't a full pantry stocked saying "eat me..." every time I walk by it! So, yeah. Fabe picked up the kids after school, I worked later. Came home. Had supper ready for moi! Cooked skinless boneless bbq'd chicken breasts for me...yummy...and I had 1 cup 0f rice, 1/2 cup of stuffing and the chicken which was 11 points! But I had like 16 left as my lunch was super low points!

Then, the kids made some pudding for us for dessert!!!! It was fat free of course!! And only 1 point for 1/2 cup! Which was plenty! So I walked away actually feel SO full and guilty! Isn't that interesting, I walked away feeling guilty. From eating good. I didn't over eat. I was comfortable. but I associate full=guilt. Funny hey!

But no more food for me. I am STUFFED!!!!

Today I ordered a Culligan cooler for work :) I hate tap water and unless I bring like 5 bottles with me everyday I won't get my water in....so I am going to get a cooler there. The owner said sure, she will pay :)

Kennedy's just finishing her treatments, Mack is watching a bit of TV.

Tonight we all watched Americas Funniest Home Videos. Some of them are sooooo fake and dumb. And they end up winning like 10,000.00! Stupid!!!

Well, gotta get them to bed so until tomorrow :)


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Day 3 of WW!!!!

And I am doing super good! Despite having TWO nights out at restaurants I did super well!

Friday-went and met Nicole at OPM had mango chicken and rice...(by the way I had like 19 points left!!!) and a diet coke.

Then we met Densie and Lisa and went to see "The Last Kiss" and I had popcorn with no butter ( 3 points) and a diet pop! I made good choices!!!! I didn't feel deprived AT ALL!!!!!

Saturday (last night) Nicole came and picked me up we went to the north side for LP PNO we went to BP's...I had a chicken ceasar salad (10 points!!!!! holy!!!) but had 19 left over for the night!!! and a diet pop. Nothing else. No drinks!!! I could've had one but I didn't feel like it! Then we went to (of all places!!) Clareview Pub!! Omg!!!! MALE STRIPPERS!!! Havent' been to a ladies night FOREVER!!! LMAO!!! So funny! What was I thinking back in my 'old' days! Those guys are LOSERS!!! LMAO!!!! People watching was even better 'bar girls'...I am SOOOOOOOO happy I am settled down in life and OUT OF THAT place in my life...omg!!! LOL!!!! But it was fun! It was Theresas birthday so we went out with her and a few other girls :) Strippers...lol, its been a LONG while...and hey THEY EVEN TALKED TO US!!!! LMAO!!! THEY WAAAAANNNNTED US!!!!! (not our money of course...) *lol*

Today I slept in again, but only until 10am. I just finished cleaning the main floor (again) Fabe took off our basement door the other day...and they painted sanded and well, as you can imagine there is drywall dust/sand EVERYWHERE!!! LIKE EVERY-WHERE! So I am cleaning. I just came up stairs to start up here, which wasn't as bad...but it needed a dusting anyhow. I am going to finsh up here, and go to Sobeys to buy some food for the week for moi! The kids are on the way home from Fort Mac and so I imagine Mack has homework and they will both need bath and showers. Lucky for them, they will be home soon and still have time to enjoy this beautiful day :)


Saturday, September 23, 2006


Can you believe that I JUST woke up at 1:15 PM!!!!!

Its amazing!!!!

Fabe kissed me good bye at about 9:30am then thats all I remember then I woke up and was SHOCKED that it was 1:15pm. It was nice though...plus the guys are working on the basement floors and last coat of painting and so really there isn't much else I could be doing...

Its now 2:30pm I can't believe that I already have to get ready in a few hours to go back out again!!!!

Well, anyhow.. going to take Bandit to the puppy park. Maybe go shopping for something for me to treat myself too...and get ready!

I am going to bring my camera tonight so I will post some pics later!


Friday, September 22, 2006

Off to get ready!!!

Got home from work, later then what I had wanted to be home. Had a salad, cucumbers and green tea. (I have 18 points left for the night) POPCORN!!!!! So yeah. Walked the dog. Made plans on where to meet up with the girls...and we are meeting up for a movie at 9:30pm. I am going to meet up with Nicole first for a bite to eat..then meeting up with EVERYONE at 9:30pm. Not sure what we will do after, if anything.

Kids arrived to Fort Mac safely.

Fabe is almost done work.

And I am off to make myself presentable :)


Thursday, September 21, 2006

the kids are ready to go...

No pics lately..sorry.

I should have taken some. Today they started their TakwonDo class. They both LOVED it. But they had to run laps and I guess Kennedy coughed the whole time. I am going to tell him next time about her asthma (which it is, not her CF). But I will tell him both, but this is her asthma acting up with activity. I need to get her another inhaler...for things like that so that it can be with her. When it acts up, its a pain!

So they did that. Mack had 2 HOURS of homework to do tonight...Gosh! So did that. Made supper, then off we went. I dropped them off, went to the puppy park with Bandit for a while. Its BEEN a while. Came home, put laundry away..cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors...ran the kids their baths. They had seperate baths, did Kennedys hair...did her treatments and off to bed they went. We didn't even have time to read tonight :( I hate that.

They are all packed up for tomorrow to leave. My mom is picking them up at lunch time from school and they are leaving. Their stuff will be in the garage and they will come over here and get it all after my mom gets them. I am going to get off work earlier (2:30-3:00) and treat myself to an outfit for tomorrow night! Nicole phoned, making sure that we have plans for both the nights :) We do!!! Tomorrow night I can't wait there is like 7 of us girls going to a movie and stuff! Then Saturday will be lots of ladies as well for the PNO for LP!!!! Yeah!!!!

Well anyhow. I am going to lay in bed and read something interesting. Last night it was Digital SLR cameras for Dummies! The night before, Devotions. So yeah, nothing I have on going but a little bit of everything !!!

Tomorrow is Day1 of WW!!!


Yup. I did it again....

Joined Weight Watchers. HOPEFULLY for the LAST time...I have joined like 3 times now!!! Every time I have lost like 20 pounds (but gained it back!!!) but enough is enough.

So anyhow. Today I am just going through the sites to find some recipes...but yeah.

Lisa is on it, and Colette So..hopefully we can change up some recipes!!!

Today was a nice day. I went to Lisas for a pedicure..and OMG she did an AWESOME job!!!! If anyone wants one done, she charges ONLY 50.00 for one. It took her 1.5 hours and it was soooo super relaxing in her spa room. She set up a room (flooring, stands, shelves, etc) like a spa! It was sooooo nice...Then I rushed off to WW meeting. Came home, Fabe just got home. Took a look at our new painted (1st coat) basement! Loooove the color!!! This weekend it sounds like LOTS of work will be getting done down there *yeah*.

I have a busy weekend with TWO nights out!!!

Well anyhow...


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


What a day...phew!

Actually it was a good work day. But very hectic after work. Worked until 4:15pm. Came home, got Kennedy ready for dance. Fabe took her to her class. I stayed home with Mack. He had a friend in. Fabe got home at 5:30pm I rushed to my work. Ordered pizza while driving (bad, I know) and stopped and bought pop. Got there...STILL 4 kids there!!! Its 6pm!!! We CLOSE at 6pm!!!! Talked to the parents when they came in...last warning before the LATE penality comes into effect (no call, $1.00/minute). After 30 mins we call Child Welfare. Anyhow, did the meeting...went well :) Not a bitch fest tonight...wow!!! Left at 7:15pm. Stopped at Shoppers for some of Kennedy's meds. Came home. Kitchen a mess. Fabe had to run out and get to the west end as the screen door that we have been waiting on is there (only 2 of them!!) he left. I said I am NOT cleaning up the kitchen..(he NEVER comes home to a messy kitchen/house!!) he said "sure" and kissed me good bye. Talked/read with the kids...got them ready for bed...8:30pm they went to bed. Sandra called, she had her baby boy today :) Welcome Austin to the world!!! Might try to see her tomorrow at the Grey Nuns...

I cancelled Kennedys appointment...I want to give her more days then 2 treatments on that med. They called and tried to get me to take her anyhow. They left a message..I was at work...opps!

Ordered my Avon stuff last night :)

Tomorrow I am off. Going to Lisas after I drop off the kids for a pedicure!!! Then, to join Weight Watchers...come on Lisa..we can DO IT!!!! Then, home to tidy for a bit. Then pick up the kids from school and THEN TaeKwon Do for them both tomorrow night. Then bath and shower night...Friday they are going to Fort Mac for the weekend with my mommy and I have BIG plans!!!!

Friday- Girls night out!!!! Nicole, Lisa, And 4 others are going to a movie and drinks/supper

Saturday- Another night out (LP PNO) and Nicole wants to tag along again...and so does Lise!!! So, yeah! Well, Fabe is workind and I NEVER do things! So this is great!!!!

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back to the U OF A

Tomorrow :( ugh!

Kennedy was there Thursday for her cough. Then, today for an ultrasound. Now, today they called and asked me to bring her tomorrow at 2:30pm. Great. Today Fabe had her at a restaurant for lunch (he took her to her ultrasound) and she ate and began to cough and BLAHHH, puked ALL over the place!!!! opps!!!! So anyhow, I dunno. She is to start her inhalded antibiotics tonight...but yeah...Her cough is still horrible...forsure a head turner cough...


Monday, September 18, 2006

no offense to anyone....

but we are ALL getting behind in our blogging!!!!!


Today was a super work day! I can't wait to get paid to see how much my new raise has gotten me at the end of the month :)

The day FLEW by! I am busy preparing for a staff meeting for Wednesday night. Tomorrow and Wednesday Fabe is off. He is going to Lisa's house for his pedicure, I go Thursday! We have some insurance lady coming tomorrow. Blah.

Today I picked out the paint for the basement, which is at painting stage already :) Can't wait!!!

After work, picked up the kids. Drove Macks friend home. Went to the paint store picked out the paint...went to Good Will bought 50.00 in dress up clothes for the daycare (Halloween costrumes, but not scary ones!) came home. Ordered (pizza!!)...ate. Cleaned up from supper. Watched tv with the kids...did nothing really. Threw in 1 load of laundry. Put away a load. Gave Kennedy her treatments. Oh by the way, the dr's office called. Kennedys throat swab was +2 for pseudomonas so she needs an inhaled antibiotics. She has an ultrasound tomorrow for her tummy pains...(which made us late today!!!!) so Fabe will have to pick up her new meds (the 3000/month ones!!!) she will be on that for a month. Lovely. She was tired. Wanted to go to bed at 7:30pm so I got her Boost for her and off she went...she was super tired! Mack is up, going to bed at 9pm. And I will lay in bed, reading. Something. Its been a good day, and a nice relaxing night. Love when the house is so clean, that I have NOTHING to do and nothing to feel guilty about not doing!!!! It was pretty messy for along while when the floors were getting done....doesn't feel so bad when they are in the basement now...the floors will be getting done down there next. Then the ceiling then the bathroom....then I can do up my spare room all pretty for guests!!!!

Well, anyhow. Better get mack to bed...



Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ahhhh, nothing better then a clean house!!!

I loooooooove it!

I swear if my house is clean, my mind is clean!

Fabe brought me home an ice cream sandwhich LIKE i need it...but oh well :)


Yeah, upstairs in done :)

Just have the living room left to do, but supper is ready so it will wait until the children are in the bath!

I was just on Snow Valley website and tomorrow I am going to get their season passes and register for lessons. Also, I have to call around for skiis for them. This year, I am planning many hours to be at the chalet while the children ski (I don't 'do' skiing) but lots of good books will be getting read.

If anyone's children also ski/snowboard let me know and they can go together and we can hang out in the chalet...hmmmm, lots of hot choclate coming my way :)


I did it!

I went to church :)


Saturday, September 16, 2006

main floor completed :)

Well, I was busy cleaning after I dropped of my son at his party. Told him to phone when he is done and ready to come home. Was just 'a cleaning away when my friend called. She is going to stop by for a visit. So, she came over. We just hung out in the livingroom (love when ppl stop by AFTER the house is nice and clean!!). So, she was here and Mack called. He wants to sleep over. I told him no. I don't know all of the kids and so I don't want him to sleep over there. He was fine with that. I know this boy...but not from school and while I am very good friends with his mom and I trust that she would know them...I don't know what kind of homes they come from and how they talk. Plus, they are 2 years older then my baby. (and lice is so bad right now, hello! I know, I work in a daycare!!) so yeah. No.
But its 11pm and he is still there. Fabe is going to pick him up now. So he will be happy that he was able to stay so late anyhow.
We are PLANNING for church tomorrow at my friends church.
Tomorrow the top floor needs to be cleaned. Plus, the drywallers will be here and I need to pick out my paint colors for the basement as they are ready to paint soon...yeah!!!!

So, ask me tomorrow if I went to church...


Our Saturday!

Well it was a nice day. We woke up about 9:30am. Kennedy and I left the boys up late last night. Her and I snuggled in bed and she fell asleep very quickly! At 1:30 AM Fabe and Mack came into the room and Fabe carried her to bed. Mack went to bed...him and Fabe were playing video games and then watched a movie together. Its so funny, they are SO alike...and Kennedy and I are WAY too alike...we both LOVE to sleep. That girl can sleep anywhere! So we woke up, Fabe left early to work. The kids both came into my bed to snuggle. We got up. Went downstairs they were begging for muffins. Not exactly what I wanna do first thing outta bed so I left it up to them. They baked choclate chip muffins. Then, they went for showers. I had my shower. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh, I dyed my hair Thursday night by the way! I went to the hairdresser for a touch up of my roots and she convinced me to go dark...and DARK it is. Like, its choclate brown DARK. When its wet it looks black..yup, THAT dark!!! but I don't hate it. Actually, I like it. I do want it to fade a little but everyone says that it really brings out my eyes (green) and my skin tone looks much better. So, we'll see. My hairdresser said that if I am unsure about it then she will 'fix' it. But I am tired of the fake blonde hair. The roots look sooo ugly when they grow out...and it always looks so unhealthy! So, I will have roots. For once, LIGHTER roots will grow in. I am a dirty blonde naturally so my hair will grow in lighter...but THAT is when I go to see her and she will add foils of natural colored hair.

So, anyhow did my hair. Got dressed the kids got dressed. We went to Superstore to look for BeyBlades for a gift for one of the boys...no luck. Went to WalMart, no luck. Bank machine, here I come!!!! Both of the boys are getting mola!

Dropped Mack off with his buddies at the theatre. Then, Kennedy wanted to go to a movie so we went together. Then, we went to the library for a good hour. She played on the computer for 10 mins and we read together for about 45mins. She is learning SO many words. A lady came up to me in the library and asked how she already knows how to read!!!! I told her LOTS of reading and following the print! Then, while there..she was hacking really bad (her cough is very bad) and her nose began to run and all over her lips!! (ewww!!) All I had was her sweater so I said "we will wash it" (gross, I know) but I didn't want her walking around the library and she is SUCH a puker that would surely gross her out and make her puke. So, I went to wipe it and she sneezed (EWWWWWWW!!) and she banged into my hand holding the sweater and I knocked her loose front tooth. Out it popped...2nd tooth in a few days! now, she has NO front teeth :)

Then, we went and I let her play at the park at the mall for a while. We ran into the guy who built our house. He was a single, overweight guy. He looked great today (totally lost weight) and was with his girlfriend and her son...he said he couldn't be happier and loves the familly life :)

We picked up Mack. Came home. The kids are helping each other clean their rooms (so smart when they do that) they are done Kennedy's room and working on Macks. I have to say, since *R* left our house it is AMAZING that the kids get along so well. She was always trying to cause them conflict...but anyhow. Mack has ANOTHER party in under an hour to go to. I just wish I could stay home and clean my house. Tomorrow we are going to church at 10:30. THEN, I will come home and clean for the afternoon.

Well better get going, get Mack ready!


Friday, September 15, 2006


Yeah! Its Frrrrriday :)

Today I had to pick up my friends kids from school. So I left work (a very easy fast day at work) and went to the younger boys school, collected him...then to his brothers school...got him...then off to my children's school..got them. I dropped them off at home. We came home. We had a easy supper...onion rings, fries, chicken nuggets and potato patties. We picked out which movies we are going to watch (Love pay per view!!) and we will have a nice cozy evening in together. I have been doing some laundry.

I am aiming to go to church on Sunday. I still would REALLY like to become involved with a church. So, I am going to take the kids. Fabe has to work, so it will be just us. But oh well.

Tomorrow, I will tidy up in the morning. Mack has to be at the theatre at 12:50 for a party then picked up at 4:30pm. THEN, he has a party again at 7pm. So our day will go by pretty fast. Kennedy and I will have to find something to do. I would like to go to Dollarama and Micheals and start buying some craft stuff as we will be indoors however just thought about it and there is NO point in buying it as our basement is ripped apart. I can't wait for it to be done...

The kids are playing a game together on the Xbox. They were given 15mins so its nice to see them taking turns. Kennedy has never played it!!! She is trying the tennis game out.

Well, thats about it. Nothing much is new.

Mom went to Sylvan Lake for the weekend to stay at her friends house...so thats good.

Sunday we have no plans...just hopefully church. The kids need to go to the library and pick out some new books. They haven't been for 1 week or so.

Other then that, a indoor clean up the house weekend.

Next Thuursday they both start their TaKwonDo and just Kennedys dance thank GOD we aren't doing band again this year (no offense Christie) but holy crap...that was hell going 2 times a week all over the city!!!! 2 days a week we are still doing but at least is isn't out of Mill Woods!!!!

Oh yeah, and last night I ate some spinach and guess what the EXACT same bag is re-called!! For Ecoli!! GREAT!!!!!! So, if I suddenly die or get sick....IT WAS THE SPINACH!!!!!! yuck!

Well, I am off...


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Might as well blog! being that is going to be A LOOOOOONG night :(

Kennedy is up....well WAS up...she is here now beside me in bed. I am on the laptop. And she is on my side. She has been coughing non-stop. Puking...ugh.

I have tried to go to bed several times now. I don't want to sound selfish or anything but I am soooo frickin tired after all the stuff yesturday. Today was busy...Kennedy was coughing frequent earlier. I sent her to her dance class and told them to call me if she was coughing too much. No call. Left her puffer and water bottle. They gave her both. But the coughing just hasn't stopped. Weird. I am so super tired. I am fighting to stay awake. She was just bawling, as she has been trying to go to sleep too. She is coughing so much that she hasn't been able to stay awake. So she is miserable..and frusterated and ya can't blame her. She was crying "I am tired" and "I want to go to sleep". Its not fair...I can't give her anything for it. You aren't suppose to supress her cough. But man, it is soooooooo tempting. How can she get better with no sleep/rest????

Well ladies and gentlemen..we have ourselves a record...8 mins and NO coughing...holy! I should have caught THOSE few minutes to sleep. Guess Fabe is sleeping in a very pretty princess bed i the next room...because my baby is her snuggled up to me...something about your mommies bed...

anyhow to bed,...wish me luck


Will it be a trip to the hospital tonight :?:

Well Kennedy has offically caught the 'back to school cold' and is coughing and coughing and coughing...like every single minute. JUST finished hacking up her afterschool snack!! And, supper! Yummy :( She hasn't stopped coughing. Literally...she has had as much ventolin as I can give her she is still hacking BIG TIME...But what alarmed me, is she blew her nose and (this will be graphic so stop reading if you don't wanna read this....lalallaalalalallallaallalalalaallalalallalalaa)
anyhow..it was very dark green (grass color) and was like slime...so an obvious sign of something not going good in her. So, I can wait until tomorrow which will involve waiting until they return my call (adult clinic is in the morning, I believe) and then the nure will talk to the dr, and will try to get her in and blah blah...or I can take her to a medicentre and tell THEM what she needs and be done with it...She hasn't had to puke from her cough in a VERY long time...thats always 'thee' sign of her sickness when it is bad..she pukes. Her tummy is fine, she is serioulsy sooooo coughing!!!! Grrrrrr!!! And she has been SOOOOO healthy!!!!! :(

The little boy at my daycare, had a fever seizure...they said it happens when they are that little and the fever begins...and continues to rise and the body goes into a shock from it...thats what happened...they took his fever at the hospital and said that it wasn't that high...but they figure it spiked when sleeping (he didn't have it before sleeping, we know that!!) and so who knows. His brother was sent home for a high fever last week...and they both have strep throat which makes sense...so anyhow...he is fine. Wasn't at daycare today but we heard from the family who said that they are just keeping a close eye on him until he is better! Phew....

Other then that, I am working on funding for the high needs children in the centre and it is looking good! I will be able to hire someone soon...for a full time aide position...yeah!!!!! This is HUGE for us!!! I am soooo happy!!!!!

Anyhow, its 7:30 I am pooped.

So later!!

Tara (thanks for ALL of the kind words about yesturday!!!)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

need to vent...destress...

Wow. What a day. Today was a great work day...the co-worker who has been sick for a long while now...went home sick again today after she told us about a disease that she got tested for and it was positive...I don't know the name of it but her sister has it as well and is in a wheelchair and lost use of her limbs...so she is very stressed out and was crying!

Then, I was talking to a parent (photocopying something for her) and all of the sudden..my staff in the toddler room "TARA" and I was like "yeah" and looked over and one of the girls faces...I could tell it was BAD...then the other one was like "TARA" "TARA" "TARA" and so I RAN into there...omg...here was one of our little 2 year old...BLUE...eyes shut...laying there in her arms...limp...they were freaking out crying...I said "what happend?" they said "He fell out of his chair" so I laid him on the ground...check..he was breathing...I serioulsy thought that he wasn't...I had tears streaming down my face and I said "he's breathing!!!!!" meanwhile...I was trying to get him to wake up...nothing...totally out. Unresponsive...I was rubbing his chest, arms, head, legs...calling his name...finally (finally) I said "call 911" no one could do it...I called over the out of school care owner he came over, I said CALL 911! The other staff were watching in fear...crying...ugh. So it was about 5-7 mins still no ambulance...I asked the owner of out of school care to stay with him...she was the only one collected...she was freaked out too..but being the daycare is in a school I knew that they might have gone to the school...I went out of the main street, had the phone and his emergency card, called the parent...told them to come....seen the ambulance...tried to wave them down...sure enough they went OPPOSITE down the street..chased after them...called to them...they came...he was awake laying there....no purple lips anymore :) very pale tho. ugh. So scary...mom came...took him via ambulance to the hospital...meanwhile I look at the clock...my kids are out of school!!!! omg...called the school....then when it settled down..went to their school got them.

Got home, a weird bike on the grass...then it hit me. Someone ditched their crappy little bike and stole my sons nice BMX. Sure enough. Dealt with him "I'm so stupid!!!" crying...freaking out...ugh.

Anyhow. drove around looking for his bike. His total prized possession was his bike :( and its gone...

So yeah.

Now we are off to basketball registration.


Monday, September 11, 2006

YES, I like this powerline pic...

I just love looking at it...I am not sure why tho *lol*


Well today

was a pretty good day! I was mighty pissed off at work today tho. Get this, we have 2 children (sibling group) who have single dad raising them. Anyhow, they are BOTH delayed developmentally. The one is really delayed. Anyhow, they were in a special program last year and they moved over the summer joined our centre and got accepted into a south side special program. Well they never did start. We called, dad called. They said bussing first was the issue. Then, they said dad didn't have enough parental involvement! (helloooo, he is a SINGLE parent...goes to school/work FULL TIME) what can he do to be involved?!?!??!?!? So, anyhow. They dropped them. JUST-LIKE-THAT! They dropped the children. They NEED this program, DAD needs this program...WE need this program. I was STEAMING! So, being the one is old enough for school..I told dad to put her in school then. We will see how long that lasts without no help. Grrrr! THIS is when I feel like writing another letter to the editor. I once did that, and guess who phoned me...at 7:30am...Iris Evans phoned me at home. *lol* so yeah. But as a daycare director...this REALLY pisses me off. We have another child who we have been having HUGE issues with. She is totally 'off'. We had an agency come out, look at her...agreed something is off (last year!) and then say "we don't have enough money in our budget" okay....but on Thursday she did her 1st day of kindergarten (staggered enterance) then today was the FIRST real day...and guess what...voila...she has a full time aide AT SCHOOL! But what about US? She has been at our daycare for 3 years!!!!! Wouldn't it be better, devlopmentally...to get her then...when the 'window of opportunity' is open???? Not once they are already in school???? Whats the point of spending all of this money on neurological studies that FOUND out that the FIRST few years of development are the MOST important????But money for help only comes at 5-6 years old when they enter school???? Grrrr!!!!!! So, I am taking that one on. I put a few calls in today...and I am gonna get me some answers :)

Other then that. It was a good daycare day. 2 staff were sick, but not all of the children were in today so it was okay. We had a staff mtg for Thursday night booked but the ONE staff that I (and all of the other staff) have issues with can't be there (yet again!!!) so, I re-booked so that she can attend (well see if she comes up with something else new). She hasn't been there for the last few ones so I REALLY want here there are so much of it has to do with her.

My mom called me at work, asked if she could pick up the kids. Fabe was off and was going to do it but I called him. So, he went to his friends Bill's shop to do the brakes in his van. So, I got home before the kids. Talked on the phone for a few mins. Kids got home. Showed mom my floors...Mack had homework again! (his teacher said to expect 50 mins a night!!!! OMG!!!) "for every grade they are add 10 mins...so grade 5=50mins...) Yikes! In for a tough year. Kennedy did her reading sheet. They are both outside playing. Fabe is coming home with supper for him (the kids went for supper with mom...) and he has to fix Macks tire (as he is riding Kennedys bike tonight). And, then it will be time to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow :)


Sunday, September 10, 2006

our pictures must look like we are bad parents...

Risk takers, really. Here's our children playing with ;

1) fire

2) quads

3) guns

Nice. But.......I have to say. They are always under 100% adult supervision...

Toys, toys and more toys..

The kids were super happy as Fabian brought out his pocket bike. Mack was able to ride it on the grass only. He was SO happy as he is NEVER been on it. Kennedy was SO happy as this
is the first time her quad was out there. We had it in the garage the whole time. But she was only allowed on the grass trail as well (on our property). It was so good for her to practice there. Now, we can all go...and she can drive her own now. So, we did take her once down to the boat launch and it was so good for her. On the way to the launch we passed by Jimmys house. Jimmy was the first person whom we met out there. He was the self-proclaimed mayor of Blais Resort. He recently went quadding on a very easy trail (one the I have taken the kids on SEVERAL TIMES!) but he was drinking AND not wearing an helmet...sadly he flipped his quad..it landed on his head :( and he died....he has a little girl that Kennedy played with for years :( And a wife. They were living out his dream, a beautiful lake front home...a well established business in Lac La Biche...and something that he did everysingle day (quadding) killed him. It was so sad. Today his wife was out there, I waved she smiled...but I felt so guilty...does she think "didn't they learn a lesson about those things?" It must be bitter sweet, really.

yes, we let them use a gun...

Yes, the horrible parents that we are...ACTUALLY Mack got the gun from my dad! I freaked but that was also like 3 years ago!!! LMAO! But this was the first time we have let him use it. He has a little hand held one which he uses more often (WITH SUPERVISON PEOPLE!) and shoots out to the woods. Its plastic bee-bee pellets. He is not allowed to shoot any kinds of animals (not even a mouse!!) which are pains out there! But nothing. With Fabe there they target shoot (pop cans, other small objects. But yeah. They like it. We don't mind it. Not a big deal to us :)

We skipped outta here, to the lake :)

So we decided Saturday morning 'lets go to the lake' now we were planning a weekend their with our neighbors however due to the death they had we didn't plan it further along. So, it was just the 4 of us. It was great!!!! The weather was perfect. The sleep was cuddly. Because we realized that we only had 3 sleeping bags...no quilts or anything. But we turned on the furnace to make it all warm and fuzzy in there! But it was fine. We actually ended up turning on the fan (on the air conditioner) and slept well. It was good. Anyhow, the sunset was AMAZING last night :) We watched tons and tons of ducks make their way south. It was so loud when they were flying over us! Also, it wasn't busy at the resort this weekend. People have pretty much began to pack up for the winter. Even our neighbors who are out there ALL of the time...pretty much LIVE out there, weren't there. It was quiet. But lovely!

Friday, September 08, 2006

more pics...

Photo shop..

Ihave to say. With my big, fancy Nikon..I really (really) miss my little camera that you can just take the black and white/sepia...Know I have to use Photo Shop...but neverless I was thrilled with some of the results..even ordered them for my little photo album of neat things I have taken pics of..

My butt is sore. I have been going through all my pics before deleting them and playing with them...then I decided to send some to my dad who has been sending me pics off his new camera..but I sent then WAAAAY to big, so I had to use Pixresizer and make them smaller...and so I am wasting time as that is sending right now... I gotta get off here sometime tongiht...LOL!!!

Friday night...

We are doing nothing...we will check out Pay Per View and set up for a movie night (popcorn, blankets everywhere, snuggles and cuddles) in the family room (can't wait until the basement is done for these nights!!) but the dog and Kennedy were playing...he jumped up hit Kennedy's loose tooth and knocked it right out...thank goodness for our NEW FLOORS (see archives for pics of them!) and it fell right out...on to the floor. But being dark wood it was easy to spot! Mack is watching TV in his room. They just came in from outside...nights like these I just enjoy being bored. The kids have finally gotten the concept that it is OKAY to be bored. Oh, and the sink is plugged!!!! I think t it was the spaghetti noodles down the garbruator last ngiht...but whatever it is...I can't do the pots up from supper tongiht (oh darn!) I have tried everything to get it unplugged and NOTHING is working. Fabe said he will bring home Draino.
It all drained however when I run the water it just keeps filling up the sink and then takes forever to drain...I have tried baking soda and vinegar...bleach...grrrr...