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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well I just got back from a late night run to the house...LOVE it!

Nothing much is new. Kennedy has a cold, her first in a LONG long time. She has an awful cough! But I'm sure she will be good. She is on Tobi (Inhaled) so thats good to kind of be on top of it. Plus she is on Keflex for preventative measures so hopefully that will be enough.

Not too much new. Today I had the 2nd of the 3rd appointments with the accountant for the daycare. Thankfully its almost over and its looking good so far! Can't wait to be done with it...

Mack is Mack. He slept at a friends house this weekend, which is so weird as his friends are ALWAYS at our house!

Fabe is busy with work. We are anxiously awaiting our moving date!!! Can't wait!

Bandit, well he is good. Due for a haircut...oh, is he ever.

And, thats really about it as a fast update!

I will do more tomorrow.

This past weekend, we went to the RV show at the Expo thingy. It was good. We may consider buying a new one. I know, ours isn't even old. But we didn't plan well for ours. But we might left it go for this year...we will see. Its just the kids area in ours thats not working for us. But we will see. I can't wait to camp! So so excited!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

House So Far...

Our house is coming along very well. I love it so far! Its almost all done as far as I can see. Maybe some little minor stuff but nothing major. It looks so nice! I cannot wait-it still feels so far away but its just weeks away now! We are still waiting to hear when the movers are actually coming but until then I will keep packing as much as I can. I think we will have this house for a few weeks and our house for a few weeks so at least it can be slowly done...I hate rushing!!!

Whats Up?

<----My little Aeva who I had Thursday...I gave her a spa day at home! So cute...

(below) My planning...white board, meal plan and monthly calendar...

<----Kennedy and Rikki heading to Egge's house at Fort Edmonton Park last Sunday,




<----- Flowers, I bought myself to bring some cheeryness into the house :o) I love buying flowers for random reasons!

Friday, February 12, 2010

So very sad today :o(

My favorite blogger Eva said her 'good bye' to her readers today...she has a few days to live. Sadly her lungs didn't come...

I'm so upset...

Good bye Eva...someone who seriously changed my life...


Monday, February 01, 2010

Hoping to update more often...

But so busy!

Heres a 'catch up':

We are moving March 9th-and we are THRILLED!

Both kids weren't home this past weekend. Mack had a sleepover at a friends house and Kennedy was in Fort Mac with my mom.

Fabe and I had 2 nights out in a row. Fabe was pretty drunk on Friday night at the 'neighborhood bar' with a large group of friends/neighbors. It was too funny-and he was being hit on at the bar (while ordering a drink!)...and we all were watching the girls body language...(haha!)

I'm still on South Beach-phase 1. Gonna add in some things this week that I have been missing (yogurt, fruit) I'm down 16 pds and loving how I feel. I've been taking my vitamins for 4 weeks today and WOW, huge difference!!!! I'm glad I have time for ME to focus on health rather then 'daycare'.

I'm impressed with myself for walking daily for 1 hour on the treadmill :o)

We have ALOT of packing to do.

I'm looking soooo forward to being moved and settled and less forward to ALL of the work its going to take :o(

Fabe is taking the kids tonight to the Oilers game, but before the game they are going to "Horcoffs Heros". The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation gave us tickets for it, but only 1 adult can go...and I chose Fabe (lol)

I'm looking SO forward to Spring and simply LOVE the fact the days are finally getting longer! I am happy to think that February is out 'last' month of cold winter :o))))

I cannot wait for summer to be at my new lake lot...can't wait!!!!!

I'm thrilled for March to set up my house and decorate it, then finally when its done=head off to Mexico to enjoy relaxing. Then after my trip, being home in MY home...it will be the best feeling.

I'm secretly nervous about living back at my old house-what if the power cable is still faulty? What if the fire wasn't really electrical and someone set our house on fire? Ugggghhhh....

I'm so sad that a WONDERFUL neighbor, is moving back to Ontario. She and her husband are very quiet people. They are younger, no kids. But she would come over to our house in the summers for fires and what not. When we having our 'unofficial block parties' they would come out. BUT, the night of our fire...she was ABOVE and beyond! She was one of the first people out, she woke up to the firecracking sounds (power metre sparking) and saw us outside in nothing but our jammies (Novemeber=cold!). She ran out with a collection of blankets, slippers, anything she could grab. She took the kids to a neighbors house for us, she let us use her washroom all night, she made coffee for the firefighters, she brought out snacks for everyone on the ETS bus and in the morning brought Mc'D's for everyone. Like she REALLY went above and beyond. I don't know how I could ever thank her enough. She was an angel. She was JUST what we needed at that time. While everyone was in shock she just knew what to do. For Christmas we bought them a Keg g/c but still...that doesn't even feel like 'enough'. Anyhow, after the fire she began to stop by our new-rental house with food or whatever. I couldn't wait to move back, to really befriend her. But then I saw their "For Sale" sign and I was so sad :o( They move this month...*sigh*

Life will finally be back to 'normal' again, and I just can't believe it has been THIS long to get there. It will be such good closure for us to be back.

Fabe was a little emotional his 'drunk' night...him and our one neighbor are very close. It was our neighbors birthday party so we showed up. Fabe and James were happy together...we actually call them Salt & Pepper (can you guess who is who?) If James's garage door is open, Fabe is there. They are just really close. After we got home, Fabe wanted me to drive by the old house...then he was a little choked up (certainly drinking didnt help!) and expressed how much he has missed living there with everyone around. We really have some of the BEST neighbors around...honestly we do!

We are planning to have a "Welcome Back" "Open House" "Thank you for being awesome neighbors" party! Not sure what one, but just a chance to say 'thank you' to the neighbors for their support...but at the same time...an open house kinda thing. I will have to think about the wording, but it will be US giving back to everyone who has been there...or even not...obviously a 'no gift' kinda thing..but we'll see!

And, what else? I think thats about it for now....