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Monday, December 31, 2007

So work is hell again.

Ugh, when it gets like this..I could quit. But thats not the 'right' thing to do. I see that about me. When things get tough, I wanna back out. But I don't allow myself too. I think thats normal? Who wants to go through hell if they don't have too.

Anyhow, 1 staff quit before holidays. She was older and done with daycare. We all knew it. Then one of our good staff, went back home to Nova Scotia and is staying there as she missess her family so much...and we never did fill one other position that was open from a long time ago. Plus, in 2 weeks one of our staff is going for surgery and will be out for a while too. Lovely. Thankfully we WILL be okay for a short time. I made it very clear to the owner of the centre that she needs to PAY more to GET more. I think she might have got that...we can't get buy with low rates anymore. We just can't...slowly the dreams of the daycare are going away and I don't like it. Anyhow, not sure what we will do but we have to do something. Its just soooo tempting to move on to another job though when it gets like this...this will be my 2nd year here in January. We have come far, but I don't feel far enough...honestly. I have high expectations for the centre though.

Anyhow gotta run..at work.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm alive.

Sorry for all (and I mean ALL) of my blog fans ;)

I took a blogging break. Sorry. But I do miss it, but with Christmas and the BIG rush to get it all done..its been busy.

The weeks leading up to Christmas are spent rushing here and there finding what the children want. Its a waste. I love Christmas but I truely can't wait to hand my children cash and be done with it.

This was the first year away from my mom :o( It was just not the same. She went up to FortMac to my sisters house for it. We stayed here because my inlaws have never had a Christmas with us. How do you stretch yourselves? How can I make everyone happy? I KNOW!!!! Next year, _uck all of them and go away to a trip somewhere hot and be done with it. Because you CAN NOT make everyone happy! Anyhow, Boxing Day we all met up in Jasper. There were 3 rooms of us again. It was great! We did it last year too and it was the best part of Christmas which makes me think that next year we need to spend actual Christmas there and not here. Thats or, somewhere hot. Seriously. No Christmas tree for me, just go away and come back to normal life. Now I have the dreaded task of taking down the tree....grrrooooannn. UGH!

Jasper was simply wonderful. I feel so relaxed and inspired after being there. The 2nd day there Fabe took the kids to Marmot for the day for skiing and I stayed back. With my book, Eat, Pray and Love. I bought 2 bags of firewood..had them deliver it to my room. Stayed in my jammies...had hot chocolate and layed on the couch....and I used the 2 bags of firewood. It was lovely. We hot tubbed it, the kids swam. We were in bed early....Mack slept in my moms room and Kennedy had the bedroom to herself...and she's an early to bed girl. So we had evenings to ourselves. Slept in until 9am everyday...walked Jasper...it was just SO wonderful. Mack went back with my mom today and is sleeping over there (he's grandmas boy!) and it was so nice driving home as Kennedy watched a DVD and then slept. Fabe and I chatted. We made the house plan...we looked at an acreage house which we FINALLY like...we are putting in an offer as soon as we can (holidays) but the realtor said we should be able to by Tuesday...its a great house! A big house....but a great one. Nice land, with a pond...its very pretty! I will post pics tomorrow. So we'll see. Of course, Mack is dead-set about moving :(

What else? I convinced myself that I have arthritis in my hip. Serioulsy, its very bad. And worse with changes...like in Disneyworld in August omg, one day I thought that I was going to have to go to the hospital there..it was THAT bad....and then again in Jasper yesturday it started to hurt. Unless I get a cold, I don't know. I notice that days before a cold I get a sore back or hip. Only my right hip. When sitting down then getting up it actually takes my breath away...but walking on it is fine...weird.

Last week, I was worried about breast cancer...honeslty...I am NOT a hypercondriac (spelllin???) my doctor told me she found a lump in my breast....okay.....I DID not come up with that one....lol. I NEVER go to the dr's....it was 1.5 years since I have gone...my dr gave me crap too. But I have a good pain tolerance and this hip thing is KILLING me....and for the record I had a mammogram and don't have cancer (in the breast at least!).

Tomorrow I will upload all 300 pics and blog some...

but for now I am taking some pain killer...and going to finish reading that new book (Eat, Pray, Love). Even though Jane says that its not very good :o)