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Monday, June 30, 2008


Maybe my 'long time readers' will recall "Hobo" but he survived the winter! He was SO happy to lay on a soft bed...rather then under decks and trailers...he's SUCH a good dog...he's a highlight of going to the lake...
Fabe in the trailer with our nephews!
Kennedy braving it in the sprinkler!
Kennedy and the neighbor girls, ready to go! Mack was timing them and measuring their distance
Snack time! Their FAVORITE time!!!!!

The cabin, newly sided....looks so nice now! I love the rustic red color

The new trailer
The BURNT siding!
Mom, relaxing on the deck...where you will always find her!
Our neighbors/friends who hung out with us for the weekend...

Yeah, I am FINALLY able to upload some pics!!!! Crazy blogger!!!!!

Monday's Adventures.

Today I worked my last 3 hours for the WHOLE summer :o) Yeah me!!!!!

After that, I ran to Canadian Tire in hopes of getting the 'party raft' that I saw in their flyer a few weeks ago. Nope, they are ALL sold out in and around Edmonton. Crappy for me!

Then, I grabbed a few of the things that I knew that I needed for the new trailer. Like, a toaster! *lol* as well, a blender...kettle...garbage can...broom...rugs...and then to Zellers to get the kids some water shoes. I need to go to Dollarama tomorrow and grab the little things that I noticed that I am missing (hooks for towels, oven mitts, more tongs, etc).

Today, the kids didn't want to go to the splash park. Which was fine with me. So we played out in the backyard. Well, I actually sat at the patio table in the shade then laid on my hammock for a while. The newest book that I am reading is called "Stolen Innocence" about life in a pologymous marriage...should be good.

And, then I came in and cleaned the kitchen and mainfloor a little. The laundry from the weekend I did last night. I have been watering and watering the grass as its burning as we fertalized it last week (yikes!)...so tons of watering going on!

Tonight my mom stopped by with an Ice Capp for moi and Fabe. Ahhh, so yummy! Can you believe I ONLY started drinking them this year! Hello!! What have I been missing out on????

Fabe was home nice and early today...he's off tomorrow...we have just Kennedy home as Mack went with my mom...

I wish I could upload some pics...I have been trying all day? Is anyone else having this issue???


try again..



I have tried 2 times to upload and I can't....let me try with one at a time...

yeah, no. I will have to upload them later.

Our camping weekend!

It was fun! A little rocky at first, but then it got to be really really fun!

Friday- Fabe got off work. By this time, the neighbor and I were already loading up Fabes quad onto the back of the truck. We had Dave & Mandy, James & Tammy, Drew & Jackie and our trailer ALL in front of the house. It was pretty funny, and I am SURE the neighbors didn't like it! Oh well! So we headed out on the highway and got only 1hour out when Dave said they needed to stop and feed their 1 month old baby so we all stopped. For 1/2 hour. Then, we drove along towards Boyle. We all had those walkie-talkie radios and we were yapping on them. It was pretty funny! Anyhow just outside of Boyle we hear (and it was really cracked up!) "there is-----something------from-----back---trailer-----" Then "pull over!"...well Fabe and I didn't know who they were talking about and whose trailer. But Fabe and I tried to talk into it "whats going on?" anyhow, we safely found a place to pull over and called their cell phone. Flat tire for Dave and Mandy on their trailer they JUST bought the night before! So they quickly changed that, as its SO unsafe on that highway...we waited up ahead as they said they didn't need our help. So off we went. Finally got to the lake..3 hours later! We all set up and what not. I went to bed, was WAY to tired to stay up and hang at the fire pit. So we had a great sleep in the new trailer...it was great! EXCEPT, MY HUSBAND who doesn't know temp in farenheit only in celsius. He set our furnace to be at 72!!!!!!!! Our trailer was a friggin HOT box. It was horrible!!!!!!

We woke up Saturday and discovered James and Tammy had a little electrical fire in their trailer over night. It was pretty scary. Their power conversion blew. Pretty bad actually. James was pretty pissed as thier trailer is only 1 month old. The breaker should have gone first you would think.

Then, my sister was bbq'ing lunch and burnt the brand new siding on the cabin....

Then, a boy was driving Macks quad and hit the back of another one...broke the front bumper. Kinda annoying!

But then, things got better and better from there.

And we hung at the neighbors beach (our lake-lot neighbors!) and then my BIL had his boat...so the kids went tubbing...the kids totally rode their quads.

We had a late night fire that night.

It was really, really fun!

Sunday- I went on a 2 hour boat ride, we checked out lake lots around the lake and then Whitesands Resort...we docked and let the kids hang on the beach for a while.

When I got back, everyone was loading up.

I decided to keep the trailer there, so then I can go out with my mom on Wednesday then Fabe can meet us out there Friday night and stay the weekend. It will be nice to hang out there...no work to worry about!!!!

Anyhow, it was a GREAT weekend with lots of friends, family, sun, fun, boating, quadding, beaching, walking and relaxing!

How was your weekends????

Friday, June 27, 2008

Trailer is here!!!!

So now I get to load ALL of this, up into the new trailer....I will post pics after!!!!

Grade 6 Farewell!

Mack is in the black and white striped shirt...
Getting his certificate for being an office helper
Getting his 'grade 6 diploma'
Mack and his 2 best friends...from grade 1...

I was surprised that it was as nice as it was :o)

Mack had his grade 6 Farewell on Thursday. It was really, really nice. They did a powerpoint presentation for the parents and school. It was a little tear-jearking. As well they have been saving their artwork every year that they have been in grades at that school. Mack started there in grade 1-6. So he had a collection of artwork. It was so cute! Then they had asked parents to send in a baby picture, a funny picture and a recent pic of their children. So I sent in a pic of Mack as a 1-2 month old having a bath in the bathroom sink (lol) and everyone went 'aaaaaawww" it was so funny! Then one of him as a toddler wearing a diaper and rubber boots (what IS it with kids and rubber boots?) then a recent one of him. Anyhow it was nice. Plus a slideshow+music ("moments" by Rascall Flatts)=tears.

But it was nice. He got his report card, and he is offically in junior high! I can't believe it! *MY* baby, in junior high. I remember grade 7 like it was yesturday. So yeah, its pretty weird that he is in grade 7 now.

Anyhow, it was very nice!

Front yard

Front Porch....

Yeah, they need some water...lol!Actually Kennedy planted this one...

<-----Walking up to the front porch.

<------Little farm collection of planters, aren't they super cute

<------ Hanging flowers...its beautiful!!!

I already posted some pics of my favorite backyard stuff. But I haven't shared my front yard stuff that is my most favorite. It sure makes a difference with lots of flowers and lots of garden decor. I find that I am really, really enjoying my yard thus far. I'm happy that last year we painted the front porch because this year we are able to use it. Although it needs to be pressured washed I still went ahead and added in some stuff on it. Our biggest challenge this year has been the grass. We have a huge spot that keeps being really patchy. What we did a few years ago...not this winter (we learnt from the year before!) but we shovelled a little spot for Bandit off the deck in the winter so he could pee there and not be in deep snow. Well doing something good, turned into something bad for us! It was horrible!!!! By spring it was a HUGE-HUGE patch and took nearly all damn summer last year to grow in. This year, I threw down TONS of topsoil and seed and I have been watering the heck out of it...it grew in pretty good so far but we'll see. And no, we won't be doing that again for him (sorry Bandit!)

Now, our front yard looks good but the trailer is totally obstructing the view of the front porch from the street now!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Gooooooood Morning!

Ahhhh, *this* is what it feels like to send the kids to the bus and just relax at home for the morning, without rushing too work. I loooooooove it :o)

Today, I did just that. But I do have things to do in a little while. I'm waiting for Costco to open so that I can head there. As well, I have to be at the kids school for Mack's grade 6 Farwell. I will take pics forsure!

So a funny thing. Its almost sad to admit this. But I will.

I use to load pics up on here, ONE AT A TIME! Yup, seriously. Up until yesturday when I saw the little feature "add more photos!" and I can add up to 5 AT A TIME...I can't believe it! Too funny! So, not I can almost promise (almost, I said!) that I will be adding to my blog more. Plus, with MORE time on my hands...I really have no excuse not too.

Today, after the farwell I will be heading to the RV dealership to pick up the trailer...Fabe will meet me there after work...yeah! We will bring it home, but I won't have too much time to play with it because Mack has soccer @ 6:15pm. Its his LAST game of the year (unless they make playoffs, which will be determined if they win tonight!). Our team has gone from 14 kids, down to 9-10 most games. Kinda frusterating. Last night we started off with 8 players. No one to sub. Thankfully 2 kids came later, or else they would have been extremely tired. Mack is getting ANOTHER cold I can't believe it! He had one May longweekend, then one only a few weeks ago (pnemonia, when Kennedy was in hospital) and then again now...weird! I think that it might be allergies, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyhow, he keeps chewing his damn nails (yuck!) which I am sure is why he is getting sick often...gross! But in the meantime, I am going to get an appt for allergy testing...only makes sense. Fabe has lots of allergies (environmental, pets and almonds and shrimp) Kennedy, environmental (grass too!) and pets so I am sure that he is the same. But I just want to make sure I know exactly.

I have a few loads of laundry to put away. Other then that, I have been washing bedding for the trailer and I keep adding to the ever-growing pile of 'crap' for the trailer. Now, I am not sure I want all of that to go into it anymore....its too pretty ;o)

Well, I will update later....and post pics (and not one by one!) of the new trailer!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So pretty!

I did this pic of Kaiya just messing around with this photoshop type site (picnik.com) and this turned out soooo cute! I was thinking of ordering it. I love it!!!! Getting a framed one maybe for Amanda...I just love it for some reason!!!!
Bandit-isn't he soooooo cute!!!!
My good-old birdhouse...
The deck, up close.
A pretty flower from the garden
Welcome to my backyard!!!!

Summer 08 so far...

I picked up these pots from Goodwill. The whole set was about 12.00! Pretty good! And they actually matched after the deck was painted and the patio set was out...so I left them this color! Here I had huge plans of painting them...but I didn't have too!
My little flower bed...
A basket from Goodwill which I planted some flowers in..
I LOVE this garden bike! Something about it...and it looks GREAT in the back yard garden!
My long flowerbed...

Our deck so far, we don't have the umbrella up as we ALWAYS have to take it down because of the wind. But don't mind the black (scratched off) paint on the garden doors (thanks Bandit!). But we painted the deck, it looks soooo much better now. And then I bought an outdoor garden rug! I love it!!!! Everything blends really nicely. I love sitting out there now and enjoying my new favorite drink (see below!) We have never painted the deck. We weren't even going too then Fabe bought stain and it just didn't go on nicely at all. So we had leftover fence paint and we decided to go with that! Muuuuuch better now! Its so 'matchy' out there! Anyhow, its nice to be able to enjoy it now...before it was kinda an eye-sore with the natural wood.

It's going to be my new favorite drink! Yummy!!!!!! Its perfect for when I am craving coffee and don't want to drink anything hot on sunny summer days!

Kennedy at the Beaumont water park, we went last weekend with my friend Ronda and her 3 kids.

Brrrrrr, she is cold!!!!

Playing in the water...

Kennedy LOVES Kaiya...

Isn't she cute? She lo


I am so happy that school is out tomorrow for the kids. We WERE going to change Kennedys school becauase I HATE the VP. But guess what, BOTH the principal and VP are leaving...so I am sure that some changes need to take place and I am sure that it will now. I feel better leaving Kennedy there as her friends are all there but I also couldn't handle having the VP for several more years. But anyhow...its good then.

We are suppose to be getting the trailer tomorrow evening. Yeah!!! We WILL have it for the weekend!!! Yiiippeee!!!! I will take pics of it tomorrow its soooo purrrrdy!

I am at work only for another 25 mins.

Fabe is training with the installation manager..he gets along really well with him so thats good. They see management material in Fabe...good. Not sure if he would ever take a position like that though as he likes field work.

What else? Yesturday I did some work in the yard. I finally pulled up the little flower bed and planted some flowers in it. I hadn't weeded it yet. So I did that. Then, I weeded around the fire pit and then also I planted MORE bedding plants in my big flowerbed...then, finally I put down fresh mulch in the beds. It looks very nice. I have a ton of planters and containers now, it looks nice.

What else? Tongiht Mack has a make-up soccer game as he missed last night as it was raining...so tonight we go. Then the last game is Thursday..yeah!!!! Then we are OFF OFF OFF!!!!!! I am soooo happy!

Well I have 20 more mins to go....hoooo hoooo hummm....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Things have been busy-but a nice busy! We have been spending SO much time outside...with neighbors and what not. I do love where we live though, I love the neighbors. This weekend we invited our neighbors to come....from there we invited more people and so far we have like 5 families coming to the lakelot with us! Should be fun!! I can't wait! HOPEFULLY we have our new trailer by then....grrrrr!!!! They have been telling us for TWO weeks now that it will be here...in a few days, in a few days...so annoying! So anyhow, we STILL don't have the trailer. I mean, we COULD sleep in the cabin....now that its renovated (lol, its 2 years old!) but we wanted to 'test' out the trailer...still. It should be here. Fabe started ANOTHER new job. His other job, wasn't for him. Not at all. He wasn't 'getting' it and he just wasn't enjoying it at all...they really wanted him to stay on but he couldn't. He got another job...and the hours are FORSURE 7-3 (or 4pm). Can't complain and its what he likes doing...wiring, alarm systems, phones, internets, etc! He loooooooves that kind of work. I'm happy for him. I don't like 'job changes' but you can't stay at a job that you don't like. He tried it, did it for 1.5 months and couldn't do it anymore. Good for him, finding somehting that he ENJOYS! I'm done work as of Wednesday....yeah!!!!I have been coming in to help here and there but now I am done forsure. Mack has a grade 6 grad on Thursday. Then Friday is no school...I will be busy getting ready for the weekend (HOPEFULLY getting the trailer ready!!!)

On the weekend, we did the Beaumont water park. Thats was nice...

I had wanted to take in the Aboriginal Day celebrations but it rained and I didn't want Kennedy or Mack to be sick from being wet.

Well, I better run. I am just at work now...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The lake...
Now we will have to add new pics, as the cabin is sided! I picked out a cottage deep red color! I guess it looks really, really nice!!!!

Kaiya, obviously just coming out! She looks so big here!!!

This one, just at home...yes its a hospital blanket. Amanda didn't pack a blanket for her! (lol!)

Well today was a really good day...

we sold the trailer already...I think that I underpriced the thing...(shitty!) but I put in on kijjii and facebook at 11pm and by 7am I had cash offers to come and pick it up today...wow! A sure tale sign that it was a good deal...oh well. I know who bought it, so I know that they will get use of it.

Then, Fabe was offered another job...I'm sooooo happy for him. He HATES his 'new' job...and seems so unhappy. And a job isn't something that I like to see people unhappy with. So, he was offered this one...MUCH better hours (7-3 or 8-4) and no weekends still and doing exactly what he wants to do!!! YEAH!!!!This will make life easier on all of us!

Hmmmm, I worked until 12:30 today. It was good, did shopping and bought the staff lunch. It was nice.

Did the deal on the new trailer...hopefully we get it this weekend. We have Rikki this weekend...but thats about it going on. I would have like to get it sooner but they don't even have it in stock and we have to wait for it to come in..annoying! I wanted to camp in it this weekend. Man, its CRAZY how cheap new trailers are...the payments are sooooo low...our trailer is nice. I can't wait to go camping in it...I'm excited!

And what else....the kids are good. Kennedy has a check up appt tomorrow...I'm only working 1/2 the day...

And what else...

Oh I finally uploaded my camera on here! Geesh! Ordered all the pics...all 333 of them. Ugh. So here a few and now I can FINALLY take and add pics...

Monday, June 16, 2008


I am still here. Still planning to keep up with my blog...but we'll see.

Things are really, really good. I love only working 3 hours a day. Although today I worked 6, it was okay. But 3 is nice. Not too much to be stressed out from working all day, and just enough to get me out of the house and feeling busy. I am getting so much stuff done that I haven't had time to do. Today Bandit got his shots, which were due in Nov. Although my vet wasn't worried when I called them in Dec I was stressed out about finding the time to do it...so its done. He is good. Doesn't want him to gain any more weight, said he is at a good weight now..I am shocked because he is a little porker. He is good otherwise. Glad thats done.

We went camping this weekend to Ole MacDonalds resort with our neighbors. It was great fun! Sooooo nice to go somewhere other then the lake lot. It was fun for the kids. So much for them to do there. It really confirmed that we NEED a bigger trailer though it was a little cramped. So we are going to sell our trailer and get a new one this year, more then likely. But yeah, it was great! They have cabins there for rent if anyone is interested its on their website and its only 2 hours away from here...nice shallow beach too.

Today I met the new owners of the daycare where I work at. They are begging me to return in Sept so we will see. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows.

The kids are healing well. Mack has a worse cough then Kennedy. Kennedy wasn't feeling well at school today, they called me but then she rested there and was better..so that was good. They are both outside enjoying the weather. Mack has soccer tonight. I have TONS of planters that I NEED to get filled so maybe I will drop him off and go to Zellers or Canadian Tire and buy stuff to put in them. My grass is filling up really well from the pee spots.

Hmmm, what else. I feel really good. Eating HORRIBLE but I feel good...things are good now. Not stressed from working, working, working...they are SO short staffed but the old owner is now forced to hire more people as you can't sell the daycare without proper staff.

And, what else????

I dunno...still got SO much to do...now the trailer has to be cleaned to sell it...ugh.

Anyhow, I better go.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A catch up post.

Well things have been crazy busy since being home....BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!!

The housework was behind a lot. I mean, it was 'kept' up with a little but the deep-deep cleaning wasn't getting done. So I have been doing a huge 'to do' list this week. With everyday having something major to get done and I have done it. The house is clean!!!! The bathrooms are all clean, floors are done, kitchen done, closets done, winter stuff FINALLY put away, etc..so thats great! Today on my list is the laundry put away ( I have put away 1 basket this far!) and then wash the walls on the mainfloor and hopfully up here too. Tomorrow, I am unsure what we are doing. If we are going camping or not? If not, we need to get some paper stuff sorted out and filed. As well, we need to figure out what we are going to do with our trailer. We might buy a new one...not sure at this point. It would be okay to stay home this weekend...and get this stuff taken care of before the summer arrives. I have worked everyday for 2.5 hours a day trying to get some stuff taken care of at work. I'm not going in tomorrow though.

There is just so much to catch up on...wow. Bandit needs his shots (overdue actually) I need to book an appt with my dr for a mole to be removed (lol, tmi!) and register Kennedy for school and start buying Macks supplies. Phew...plus there are LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of projects to get done around the house...(lots of things!) and I am trying to tackle it now before the kids are out of school. Oh yeah, plus I need to register them in daycamp a few weeks in the summer (their choice!)...

The other day I went to Goodwill and bought ALOT of planters. Some which I need to paint and what not...but I have sooooo many now that I am done. I just need to fill them.

Some how I NEED to go to Superstore (maybe tomororw??) and get ALL of the pics off my camera (tons of daycare ones!) and finally be able to use my camera again...its got hundreds of pics on it...

Well, I better get back to doing my stuff around here...the kids willbe home in less then an hours now....


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ahhhh Home Sweet Home.

I love it.

We got home about 4pm yesturday...it took me FOREVER to unpack. I did the laundry from the hospital and unpacked the majority of stuff. Took FOREVER. We ordered Pizza last night and ate and relaxed. Kennedy played at the neighbors house for hours and came home when the pizza came. We did her treatment (which she MUCH prefers doing at home now and didn't even complain!) we ate. It was raining on and off last night. Put Kennedy to bed at 11pm and I feel asleep shortly after. Slept in until 8:30am today. Felt great...no worries upon waking. Read the paper, ate breaky...ahhhh. Its not as sunny as I would have like it to be today..but oh well. I am home and I am NOT going to complain about anything else...We did Kennedy's treatment this morning already, she is due again in 1/2 hour...Fabe is in the shower..going to take my car for a differential fluid something....change? I guess. I have a few errands to run like return movies, Dollarama for flower pots to decorate...then Zellers for some more plants and stuff...on the daypasses that Kennedy I had we wanted to spend the time outside so we have been doing yard work. Thankfully its helped me too. We extended the flower bed we had to a much bigger one and filled it with some flowers. Also, I pulled up and got rid of some raspberries as they were taking over my whole garden. Today I would like to buy a few more rose bushes and some little spruce shrubs. All of my planting containers are filled already...but I need to buy some more! I love yardwork...love it. Never use to love it..but I am really really enjoying it more with each year that goes by!

Fabe is loving being off on the weekends.

I figured out why things are hectic and stressful for me lately...

Fabe worked in Calgary for 2 weeks
The DAY he got home, 3 weeks ago Amanda was in labor.
Amanda stayed with us for 2 weeks, 1 weeks which Kennedy was in the hospital
1 more week with her in PLUS Mack sick...

So for the past month and abit I have been really overdoing alot of stuff...and doing everything for everyone else...thats why...

BUT, she is out. Amanda is home. Fabe is home (for now, he does have a week in Calgary coming up)...and I don't have work to worry about so much anymore...

This week I am going to work the mornings...not sure about everyday tho.

I have a few more errands to get done so I will have to see how much I actually work...

I don't plan on working everyday though, I know that..nor do I plan to work everyday until the end of the month...a few days here and there and thats about it...

I want to use up this time while the kids are in school and get done my major stuff...(kitchen needs total organizing!) plus the kids rooms, garage, etc...lots of miniprojects.

Anyhow, I want to go shopping...since I missed it for 2 weeks!!!!


Thursday, June 05, 2008


Today is Thursday and we are still here. It is our 2-week anniversary for being here but we are STILL here. The dr's said 'we should be going home' tommorrow. SHOULD????? Yeah no. I NEED to go home tomorrow. Totally.

Kennedy is doing good. Still now 100%. She had a PFT (Pulm Function Test) done a few days ago which showed that she is down 17% from her last PFT in the middle of April. Just confirms that she had something bad on her lung. They said she should be back to where she was, in about 2 more months...we did a big walk today and she said she couldn't breath :o(

Mack is doing better. We were thinking he was going to have to go back to the dr's but he is much better now..still hasn't been to school all week...Monday he will hopefully better. Monday they will both go to school...and I to work for ONLY 2hours or so. I have a dr's note for missing work for a few weeks AND for modified hours for June..then I am DONE at the end of June... (lol)...


Take care!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Update on Mack..

Fabe took him to the dr's and he has a pneumonia...he is on antibiotics. They sent him for a chest xray and sure enough...crazy. He has a fever and he is super achy..poor boy.

He is staying at home tonight..I am at the hospital waiting for Kennedy to go to sleep right now...then I am heading home...he needs me too..then I will drop him off at grandmas (MIL) tomorrow and he will stay there until he is better.

Poor kid...

Kennedy and I ventured to Walmart tonight for a little while..it was nice. Felt SO normal :o)


One of the baby's on Kennedys floor

Has this...


"SMA" and its not good :( A normal healthy baby...little girl..and now with a life expendancy of 4 years old :o( I see mom every day a few times a day, and I just want to hug her...I can't imagine...

To think that CF'ers use to live to be only preschooled age...how far we have come..

I feel so so sad for this mom...

Day pass!


I am at home right now with Kennedy on a DAY pass..well a four hour pass. It feels SO good to be home..but no one is here.

Mack is really sick now, I'm sure with bronchitis or something...I feel so bad for him...my poor boy...he is going to stay at Grandma Joans (Fabes moms) for a few nights and she will baby him and get him feeling all better. My poor son...So he will miss a few more days of school...oh well.

I'm not sure if I am going to stay home tonight...I was thinking that I will stay at the hospital then come home in the morning for a few hours and spend time with Bandit then see about bringing Kennedy home again for a few hours...it just feels so so so good being home with her...