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Friday, February 29, 2008


Yeah, its Frrrrriday! And payday..so thats even better!

This week has been good, but very tiring. Work was busy this week, as expected. But then I come home and have my nephews and my sisters nanny to kinda entertain. But its okay...its been a great week. Much better then what I thought it was going to be. They will be staying at my house over spring break too, as my sister and her husband are going to Mexico for a week. I will forsure take off a day then and take the kids somewhere...maybe swimming or something special. We'll see.

This weekend, I am not sure what we will do. My sister is leaving tomorrow, I think. So I will clean up from her. Last night Mack stayed overnight at a friends house...so that was nice for him. Tonight, not sure what we will do. I rented some movies for the daycare, so we can watch them. And who knows what else? Tonight my sister is going out with her friends, and her nanny is staying at one of her frineds houses...so it will be just Tanner and us. I will try to clean what I can tonight...I will hopefully go visit a friend Sunday...as I haven't been to her house for a long time and she is feeling down :o)

Other then that...not sure what else will be up.

Next week I need to get our criminal record checks done...and our CWIS checks done. We are going to foster on the weekends (one weekend a month) only. I always have been in a helping position. I am a 'rescuer' and a helper by heart. So-thats why I took social work. But now, I am not doing social work. So I feel that I am not helping. Then I don't feel like its rewarding...I dunno. I don't think that I want to foster full time right now, but the Y has a weekend respite program and even 1 weekend a month will be good for me...the same child...and hopefully we can make the child feel like a part of our program. So we'll see. I have a feeling that I want to foster, but I am not 100% certain so this is better then jumping right into it...we already did the interview and we are all approved. But we just need to get the checks in place. I look forward to another little one, that we can take to the lake and do family things. With this progam, its giving parents a break and they aren't foster chidlren..its high needs children.

But anyhow, I better go...

Tara :o)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm annoyed.

Narrow minded people drive me BONKERS!!!!!

So what, who cares and WHY is it any of YOUR business?

Does it make you feel better about yourself?

Do you think that your so much better?

Are you jealous of something?

Trashing other people, is just TRASHY...

Grow up.

Go walk in the inner city one day, and see how much worse off life can be.




So things are good. Busy at work this week, as expected. And I hate when it gets near tax season as EVERYONE needs a tax receipt. Anyhow, its rather annoying..but I know its necessary!

So my sister made it down, safe and sound. Her little guy, Matthew is suffering with a double ear infection which made for a grumpy ride down. And he didn't sleep good...but last night he only woke up once, for a drink. So that was good. My sister checked in to a hotel last night, leaving her huge dog, Tanner and her boys with me....and her nanny! Which means, my children get childcare today and tomorrow :o) Kennedy LOVES the boys so really she is more of a helper then anything. Tonight, Mack has his tutor coming..which I am going to try to cancel as the house is just too busy! Maybe I will take the boys to the mall (indoor park) or something for a while...and give the nanny a break from them...tomorrow my sister comes back to my house to join us!

I have been working, coming home eating, going for a walk with the dogs, cleaning up and going to bed. Just living...I'm pretty pooped out. last night I even feel asleep to American Idol...crazzzzy!

Well I better run...


Monday, February 25, 2008

Tara's 30 things!

Seems like everyone else is doing it, so why not me?

1. If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say? Okay, I can deal with it...then go to my car and cry then phone Fabe.

2. Do you trust all of your friends? Nope.

3. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love? Yes.

4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Yes

5. Can you make a dollar in change right now? Yes, we keep a change bucket in the bedroom...has at least 100.00 in coins

6. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor? Carla...because she is gradutating in 3 months as an OB/Gyn!!!!!Way to go!!!

7.What naughty word do you use too often? Shit!Driving, thinking, shopping, etc...I say 'shit!'

8. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times? A few people, some friends and my parents but forsure Fabe.

9. What’s your most favorite scar? Hmmmm, I guess the one on my face where I got a mole cut out (but you cant' really see it anymore) but I was very self-conscious about it as a teen and wouldn't wear my hair in a ponytail because of it....once it got removed and cut out...I wore my hair up with so much happiness!

. 10. When was the last time you flew in a plane? Sept 2007

11. What features do you find most attractive in the preferred sex? physically-teeth. And, personality for the non-physical attributes

12. Fill in the blank. I love finding a bargain!

13. What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future? Getting the house totally organized and LABELLED!!!!

14. If you were to wake up from being in a coma for an extended time who would you call? Well of course, Fabe and my family....hoping that they would be there but I would call my friends after that.

. 15. Where was your favorite picture taken? Cuba....but I was really, really sunburnt!

16. What’s your middle name? Lee

17. Honestly, what’s on your mind right now? I have so much to do before my company arrives tomorrow night!! Why am I doing this right now??? And the dog needs a walk, Kennedy needs a bath...I need to pack the kids's lunches....etc..etc...

18. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be? Not letting my self get this size :o(

19. Who was or will be the maid of honor/ best man in your wedding? We had 2 friends as witnesses at our wedding...Lisa and Patty.

20. What are you wearing right now? Jeans, red shirt and socks.

21. Ever had a bar fight? Nope.

22. Who knows you the best? Fabe and my mom.

23. Did you buy something today? Yes, I did. I stocked up on ziplock bags, cling wrap, alum foil and a Orlando for Dummies book from Save on Foods :o)

24. Did you get in a fight with someone today? No, wow. Its a true miracle.

25. When is the last time you had a massage? A real one, never. A husband-one...a few nights ago.

26. Last person to see you cry? Fabe

27. Who made you cry? A movie

28. What was the last TV show you watched? Cops-Saturday night....

29. Who was the last person you hung out with? my clothing club ladies on Saturday night.

30. Have you ever taken a peek at someone else’s diary? Yup, my sisters :o) when I was little, of course!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I feel sooo much better. My sinuses are stuffed still...and my voice is still 'off' BUT I feel much better!!! I can at least function...thank you God!!!

Anyhow. Last night I went to Clothing Club...which was my turn to win! So now I getta host it at my house...in March...hmmm not sure what day yet! Anyhow, we had a really fun time. I didn't eating ANYTHING for supper last night so I got there and ordered a veggie platter and a diet Coke...yummy! Ate that...and I was fine!!!!! My goodness, I really hardly eat anymore... and I don't feel hungry! I mean, I am eating...healthy stuff...but wow..for how much I USE to eat to now..its going pretty good. Today I was 9.5 pounds down!!! Thats in 12day. I was hoping to be 13 down by the 2 weeks but I guess not. Anyhow, I am gonna do phase 1 again...your suppose to do it only for 2 weeks but you can do it longer and I am going too. I have lots to loose so why not?

Today I went to Walmart...bought crap...shoes, shoes and more shoes! Crazy! But I LOVE them! Then I went to Staples, bought a new cordless phone set (3 pack one!) we SOOOO need them...ifyou talk to me on the phone you will know that my phones ALWAYS are dying. So it was time. Then I bought, from my clothing club money (lol) a label maker!!! I wanted one for so long but thought 'nah'. So I bought a nice pretty one...I have completely labelled every spot in my pantry where everything belongs "veggie soup" "rice" lol...yeah...like that!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

Then I went to Sobeys..stocked up on everything that I need for the week. Thankfully the house is clean from yesturday with the kids helping. But we have TONS and tons of laudnry to put away...ugh. But if I don't get it done tongiht It will be done tomorrow night. Tuesday my company arrives. So I have food for them...Kennedy will move some of her toys down to the rec room for the kids to play with so her room doesn't get trashed...so thats good. And what else???? hmmmmm....

Fabe went to get the kids from his moms house...they will shower when they get home. Reminds me, I have to go clean the bath tub as I bathed Bandit and its dirty...and well, I don't exactly want them to bath in it!!!

I will take pics of my new pantry..I love it!!! Fabe opened it and said "oh-myyyyy-Gosh...wait until your sister sees this!" because my sister thinks that I am 'anal'...she is just soooo much messier then me. Her house is well, kept. But things are everywhere. I mean, its clean. But she is not a house cleaner..she loves her nanny for that :o)

Anyhow...this is now hours later and I left this on here...just came back to it.

The kids are finally in bed. They each made labels for their rooms "STAY OUT!"

Anyhow, everyone have a great week :o)


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Today I feel a bit better!

Last night I slept like crap. But today I feel a little bit better anyhow. I don't have headache upon wake up, so thats always a good thing :o)

I went with a friend who is trying to buy a house, to look at 'her' house she loves. It was very nice. Then I grabbed the kids McD's and they go the order all wrong..called and complained...refused a free combo (last thing we need!) but wanted to tell them that they should let the kid at the order window know that hotcakes don't come with big breakfast's like he said, nor do hashbrowns...THIS IS WHY I NEVER GO THERE!!!! She's like 'do you want a free combo?" I was very polite and said that is not the reason to me calling...just that he misinformed me (and probably others) and she said "this is his 2nd day on the job" to which I suggested having another person with him as he isn't sure about the products. She thanked me...normally I wouldn't care...but Kennedy doesn't eat eggs from there...she only like pancakes..which he told me comes with a big breakfast...anyhow...I was 'pissed' off but still it was rather annoying getting something else...

Today, I will be getting the kids to help me tidy what we can. I don't want to use too much energy as I want to save it for tonight....its clothing club and my 2 frineds are coming too. So thats nice.

So I have to muster up enough energy to tidy a little bit...then I will go drop off the kids at my Mil's house for the night...come back...rest a little. Then I will get ready. I have to be there at 8pm...not sure how late I will beable to make it too. I will try.

Tomorrow, again...try to tidy what I can. I will be pretty stuck though if I don't get lots done...as my sister and her nanny and the kids come down on Tuesday...and I want the house clean-clean. So I will have to force myself tomorrow...Monday..work...then clean. Tuesday they will all be here. The week will be busy at work and at home...they are all here until Saturday. My sisters nanny is gonna watch the kids (ours) for teachers convention...so thats good. Then next Sunday will be spent...cleaning from them being here (it really never ends does it..) thankfully we have a spare room and a basement which we NEVER use so it can sit...without bothering me too much.

Anyhow, I better go start something...so I can rest later.

Have a great Saturday!


thanks for the well wishes!

Thank so much for those who posted 'get well' comments...

I do appreciate it.


Friday, February 22, 2008

A little spurt of energy....

Omg. I have been sick. I sound like crap, my throat is sore! But I won't complain as my last post summed it up. But I am sick. Pretty sick.

Today I HAD to go to work, so I went there in the afternoon for a meeting..that I couldn't miss. Did that, came home. It killed me getting up, showering and going out. Ugh...so I have been on the couch since 5:15 now. Its 3 hours later and I am here. I am taking some old antibiotics left over (lol)...so hopefully that helps. I have a slight fever now...which is weird for me. So I thought that I better take something. Tomorrow, I am sleeping in. And I have to go to clothing club...so I will do nothing all day and then save my energy for tomorrow night...even if I go for a little while. The kids are going to Joans house (MIL'S) for the night..so I can relax Sunday too. Work this week will be hard, but I have to be there...so I have to be better by Monday....or at least be able to function.

I don't do well sick. There is just too much to get done..and I don't have time to be sick. I wanna clean my house. I have so much stuff that I wanna do. Kennedy's room needs to be revamped...totally. She has had the same bedding since she was 2 years old. I would rather not buy a new bedroom suite until she is 10...so I need to find a canopy bedding set that is a bit older of age. I mean her current one is nice...nothing baby-ish...but she wants something older. Some things I am not ready to part with...but why hold onto it :o(

Anyhow...getting dizzy...


Thursday, February 21, 2008

omg, I'm dying....slowly...

Here I am at home...sun shining through the windows and I 'm sick. Like pretty sick!

I'm a baby when I get sick, I know that. But its not that often....for 1 week now I have been thinking "okay its coming" then I felt fine. We have 2 kids in the hospital with this. Obviously something from daycare...ugh!!!

I can't swallow, I can hardly talk, I cough, my nose it totally plugged, my head is pounding...

I dropped the kids are the bus at 8:05, crawled back into bed...and slept until 1:30....could've slept lonoger...but thought I won't be able to sleep tonight...


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back at work!

Well today I feel like crap. My throat is killing, when I sneeze it really hurts...my nose is getting plugged up..ugh.

Anyhow, I don't really feel like being here today. Also, right after school (4:30) Kennedy has gymnastics, which I have to run too. Then mack has soccer...crazzy day! Tomorrow is good, but the new tutor is coming...so still. Thankfully the weekend is almost here already! Yeah me! No plans yet for the weekend...so we'll see. Actually THIS weekend IS clothing club. My friend is gonna join us at the lounge. I'm almost done CC...its been fun. I just wish that I could have gone more...with Fabe's hours is been hard.

Today I wore a black velour track suit to work (I know, lazzzy) but when I got here my boss said "you have a meeting today to go to" I was like 'no I'm not!" look at what I am wearing....!!!!...so I didn't go.

I will work until about 3:30pm. 5 more hours!

Ouch- just sneezed...owie!!!!!

Well I am happy to say that I lost 6 pounds in one week on the South Beach! I'm sticking to this! I can't believe that Val (she commented!) lost 40 pounds from April-June!!! Omg!!!!Wow!!! I'm thinking that I will try to do phase 1 for one extra week then start with phase 2. With me being sick, and not liking swallowing...I'm only eating about 2 meals a day..so we'll see. A friend lost 50 pounds in 4 months...and she has kept it off over a year. I like that I don't have to count everything and that I'm never hungry!!!

Well, I better go...why does my ear hurt when I swallow?? ugh!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Family Day!

Enjoy the day with your family...(although we should try to everyday and not need a day to tell us to do so!) *lol*

Have a great Family Day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yeah for me, I STILL have Monday and Tuesday off!

Today was another great day! I woke up at 9:30am and had some breaky. We were out of eggs (I wanted scrambled ones, my staple for the South Beach!) so I had some pieces of turkey breast, v-8 and thankfully there were 2 hard boiled ones from yesturday so I had them! Yummy! Then I mopped the main floor (was pretty sticky from something in the kitchen so I just did it all). Then I jumped in the shower. Kennedy has been BEGGING me for a chalkboard for sooo long. She loves to play 'school' so we made plans to go to Ikea. Which we needed to go there anyhow for Mack's new bed. So Kennedy and I went. Got her an easel (one side chalk board and the other dry erase), Bandit a new dog bed and Mack a new bed. I couldn't get the one piece into my car and so I called Fabe but he was already in the parking lot..he knew it wouldn't fit! So we loaded that up. Then Kennedy needed chalk and dry erase markers so we went to the new Staples on 17th street. Then while there I figured I should ask Mack (who was with Fabe) if he needs any school supplies..sure enough. And so did Kennedy. THEN, we went to Sobeys got (eggs) and some grocereis. Then, Blockbuster...2 movies. Then home, where I talked with my neighbor for 1 hour while our girls played together. My mom came to pick up Mack as they have a thing at the Jubillee tonight together. She brought Pizza over...we fed everyone (Mack had a friend over here too!) so everyone ate. Mack and mom left. Rikki stayed here. And I still have 3 little girls in here! (Kennedy and 2 friends). They have been busy playing in her room..really well together..which is amazing as usually the 3 of them fight while all together.

Fabe and I had chicken breast, which I cut up and added it to my salad, feta cheese and some dressing. Its was yummy!

Today I had to break and weigh my self...(wasn't going to until Tuesday, 1 week on it) but I did today and I have lost 5 pounds!!!!! Yeah!!!!6 days done...I'm planning to stay on the phase 1 for more then 2 weeks...hopefully 3-4 weeks. As soon as I feel that I am 'bored' then I will change it up. But phase 1 is the most loss. SO many people have lost big amounts of weight...(thanks Val for commenting about it too, its inspiring! How long did it take???) the more I read about carbs the more I think 'wow, they aren't good for me...I have been eating waaaaay to much of them'.

Well, anyhow. Gotta do the bed while Mack is out with my mom. I'm looking forward to my moving "The Ex"

Not sure whats up for tomorrow but we will see :o)


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Busy but GREAT day!!!

Today was a great day!

I took Kennedy to her party at the Ramada Inn waterpark. Then, to kill time while waiting to pick her up Fabe and I ventured across the street to the new development where there is a lake going in..and new houses and we talked to them about the new plans...I like to be updated with what is up in the neighborhood...then I went and picked up Kennedy. Mack had soccer on the east side at 3 so he took him there (and Mack's friend). Kennedy and I meanwhile met up with my friend and her kids at Chucky Cheese's for a while. THEN, we met up with Fabe and Mack and friend at Pizza Hut where mack's soccer wind up was being held. Talked with the moms there for a while. Then, (stupid me) thinking that tonight was clothing club...I came home and got ready to go out. Then I spoke on the phone to someone else in clothing club and she told me it was not tonight....DUUUH! SO, I went BACK to Pizza Hut and visited with the parents again. Now Fabe ran to Canadian Tire and I'm here with the kids. I still have the movie Nanny Diaries to watch so I will do that...the kids have to go to bed early tonight as Mack's friends mom said if he is going to stay overnight again then he has to go to bed at 10:00. And since they were up until close to 4am, this isn't going to hurt them!!!!

Tomorrow, is LESS busy :o)

I would like to drive out to 'our acreage' and look at the condition of it since its not dark out. We will decide if we will offer more then the last offer that was refused...depends on how bad we want it...so we will do that...maybe go for a drive (the kids hate it, but oh well). Maybe go skiing....not sure!

I love that I am STILL off for 3 more days!!!

I have completed 5 days of the south beach diet and I FEEL SOOO GREAT!!!!! No carbs (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc) and wow-I really do feel good. I don't think that I have lost anything but I was such a carb-o-holic and I tend to gain weight in the tummy area (high carbs!) so this is good for me...I will try to stick to it....I feel really really good and not the least bit hungry!

Well, anyhow.

Off to watch a movie.

I have taken NO pics lately! My camera battery is still dead so I will be charging it tomorrow and hopefully get some uploaded.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Lovely Day!!!

Today was just beautiful outside!

Right from the time we got home, we were busy! Today when I pulled up my neighbor was outside shovelling the sidewalk in front of our house (he is from across the street!) he always shovels our driveway with his quad...we love it! We treated him to a heating bar for his quad, and he was very happy! I spoke to him...they want us to do Vegas with them in March..I dunno. Then, the kids played out in the slush. I made supper...ate. Cleaned the main floor. Then, I met up with a friend. We went to Costco together...bought some summer clothes for the kids. Then, we hit Dollarama and inspired each other with 'you know what you can do with this?' and then we bought the stuff and later laughed that we won't even remember WHAT we SAID we would do with it. Then, I dropped her off. Oh and we grabbed a green tea each from Tim Hortons. I came home. Mack has a friend over night tonight. Kennedy and Fabe ran out...to his work. She loves going there with him. I took Bandit for a much needed walk today (he went yesturday but usually he goes when we get home). Now I am up here. Going to get my jammies on.

I am soooo thankful that I am off for 4 more days!!!!! Yeah for me!!!!

Tomorrow is a busy day...but still enjoyable.

Anyhow...until tomorrow!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Long weekend!

I'm super happy that we have a long weekend this weekend. Plus, I took off Tuesday to have an exra-extra long weekend :o)

Our plans so far look like this;

Friday- I will clean the house and do laundry so that I don't have to do it on the weekend.

Saturday- Kennedy has a b-day at 12-3 Mack has soccer at 3:00. 4:30 we have a wind up party for his soccer at Pizza Hut. Then at night I'm going to clothing club, which will be at a lounge for karokee.

Sunday-sleep in!!!! Not sure what else...shop. Skiing, more then likely.

Monday- Not sure yet...skating maybe???

Tuesday- Kids have no school, so we may hit the space and science centre as they have been 'dying' to see the Imax.

Then it will be a short week :o)

We are closer and closer to spring!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

I don't really like Valentines day. Honestly, you should celebrate love all year round. Thats how I view it. Plus, I feel sorry for those who don't have a 'valentine'. And I don't like the whole candy-grams/Valentines...I feel sorry for the less popular kids who don't get anything...Thankfully in school I was popular enough to have gotten stuff (Candy-grams) but I still secretly stressed that I wouldn't get one...but there WERE people who ended up not getting any :( I hated that. I mean, okay so your not popular. But your okay with that. And you don't have alot of friends, kids know you don't. Do you REALLY need to confirm it with not getting any Candy-grams? Sooooo, anyhow. I told Mack about it, and he was like "I would just send myself some then" but thats not the point. Its not a matter of what everyone else sees, its a matter of your feelings. You would be sad. So many kids use to skip Valentines Day because the thought of them not getting anything was too much for them :o( how sad. So next year, in junior high Mack will be not just sending friends candy-grams he will send every single person in his class one...just to make sure that EVERYone gets one..all or none for us.

Anyhow, I bought the kids a card and Mack some choclate and Kennedy a little puppy (she hates choclate!) and Fabe a card. Fabe was sleeping when I left for work today...but a very teary eyed him called later...the phrase of "I know you sacrafice your time with us for work, to provide a good life for us...and I thank you" he was so happy/sad/emotional about it..but its true. he works LONG days...where SO many other men wouldn't keep that job...he does. And has done it for so long now...because he knows it takes care of us...but he misses out on us so much...we won't gift each other because I already spent 30.00 on cards and crap for the kids...I refuse to 'waste' more on Valentines Day.

Here's to a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Looking back.

Does anyone else ever look back on their blog and think about the 'good' summer days? I look back on last summer and it makes me want summer to come sooooo much faster!!!! I also like to look back and see what I was up to 'back then'.