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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well today was a nice sleep in day. Mack was at another friend sleepover so Kennedy and I went to Micheals afterschool. I had 2 coupons to use up...she bought a whole bunch of stamping stuff to make cards for her friends. I bought some stuff too...including some of the scrapbook page frames...my new love rather then creating albums. So I did that...then we went to the bank...then dropped off movies at BlockBuster then we went to Rosies alone for supper. It was so nice, just her and I. I had fish and chips and she had 3 servings of mashed potatoes and gravy (her love!!!). We came home...Fabe got home. He took Kennedy to the west end with him and I curled up in bed with my book "kids are worth it"...good ole Barbara. They got home late, they shared a pizza (I stayed in bed). And we all went to bed. Today, I have cleaned on and off. The mainfloor is done...Ronda came over (Happy Birthday Ronda!) and visited with her 2 sons. She left her son (Our Godson) here for the night...tonight we are heading to Lisas house for supper. So Braxton will come with us. Right now he is in the bath, and I have a brand new Tommy outfit for him to wear tonight (he's so cute, I will take pics!). Kennedy is in the other bath. Mack on his computer. Fabe is still working, but should return soon. I will pop in the shower and head out.

Tomorrow, I am not sure what to do. Maybe Let's Play or...Fort Edmonton???something for a little while at least.

Oh yeah, because it is Ronda's birthday I got Braxton to paint her 2 canvas pictures....so fun to have a 2 year old around again!!!!

Well, thats about it.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Well it was a pretty good day. I worked until 3 and grabbed the kids from school. A mom came over and made Friday sleepover plans for Mack, last weekend he was at his other's friends house for the whole weekend. I never see him...then Saturday my mom may take them. Thanksgiving weekend they are heading up with my mom to Fort Mac and I plan to use this time to paint. I would love to have Mack's new room all painted that weekend and maybe surprise him with a room set up for him :) We'll see.

Work was lazy today. I honestly got NOTHING done. How bad. I am thinking of taking off Thursdays again. I NEED to get back on track with WW and since the kids are off early that day anyhow, I might take it off. We'll see. I would love it...I know that. I really miss a day off a week. I'm not meant to work full-full time....you see, I am just not that kind of person ;) I really, really need to get back on track with WW and having that day to keep me on track was well worth it. Ideally October would be good to start it.

Tonight we had spaghetti for supper. I cleaned up, threw some laundry in and Kennedy and I headed to the dog park with Bandit. I took some pics of her only (since Mack won't come with us anywhere anymore!). I will upload them soon. I promise. Then, we stopped at Shoppers Drug store picked up some of KEnnedys meds...vitamin K and her liver meds. THEN, while there I forgot the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes and NO soap, so I grabbed some. Plus I bought the wrong scribblers for Kennedy and she needed the full page interlined ones NOT the 1/2 page ones. Grabbed those. AND, Mack needed poster board for his art folder for school. So I got that all done in one place. Finally something to scratch off my 'to do' list.

This weekend, Mack will go to his sleepover. Kennedy and I might find something to do...we'll see. Saturday, cleaning. Maybe they will go with my mom (not sure!) and if not they will come with us as we are invited to my friends house for supper. This is our friends that we went to Vegas with...the other 2 couples. We have not seen them since Vegas! CRAZZY! They want us to go to Cuba with them in the spring. They want to have a trip every year together..I'm not sure tho.

Vegas is terribly cheap to go to in Oct. Very tempting!!!! 947.00 including taxes, air and hotel...can't beat that!

Tomorrow Kennedy has gymnastics so I will hit GoodWill while she is there.

Thursday Fabe is off, fall family pics.

Friday...I already said.

Thats about it


Monday, September 24, 2007


Horrible blogger here.


I've been busy.

We are trying to buy some new furniture here. We NEED (like NEED) a new bedroom suite so we have been trying to buy it. We found one, it is going to be 3 weeks to get it shipped here. As well, the basement has no couch anymore ( we took it to the lake) so we need something down there. But yeah. Just busy with that.

On the weekend we TOTALLY de-cluttered the basement. OMG, it feels just wonderful down there now. Mack is going to be moving down there this winter so we are preparing for that. The room NEEDS to be painted...as it is pink from *R*. So we will start that. Then, I have walls that need painting too. Ugh, I am SO not looking forward to it. I HATE painting. Actually I don't mind painting small rooms (bathrooms) and I like doing feature walls But I hate whole rooms...yuck.

Work has been (work)

Mack started soccer

Kennedy dropped dance (hold me while I cry) and went back into gymnastics

I feel a cold coming on.

We need to take family fall pics...hopefully the weather is good on Thursday as it is Fabe's next day off. We will do it again at the dog park....they were soooo good last year!

And thats about it.

R is here overnight, I will drop her at school in the morning.

And, thats about it


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well today was my first day back at work and all was well. Actually it was VERY hectic because nothing was the way that I had left it prior to my vacation. I had mountains of work on my desk and it took me all day to catch up but I did it.

I got home from work, thankfully Fabe had supper cooked for when I got home. So we ate. Mack made plans for swimming with the neighbor boy. I offered to drive them then I would take Bandit to the dog park. Fabe and Kennedy offered to come along too. It was kinda cool there was a dog agility course set up. We watched it for a little while....it was neat!

We came home and soon it will be time to get Mack from the rec centre. Kennedy is in the bath. I'm about to do some laundry then go to bed early as I have to work fairly early to cover a morning shift (at 8am).


Monday, September 10, 2007

Congrats Sue!!!!

And Scott on the birth of their newest family member!!!!



So today the kids went to school They are both in the classrooms that they so desperately wanted. It is so hard to believe that it is Macks last year at elm. school. OMG!!!!!

Since we haven't bought groceries yet, I brought them McD's for lunch at school. This was a nice treat for them.

Fabe is off today too. So after taking them to school together, we headed to Sobeys did a big shop there. Then, we went to WalMart and bought stuff there.

Fabe is sound asleep on the couch. I was on the phone for an hour with a friend...I will be leaving soon to pick up the kids from school...

Not too much planned for tonight.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back to blogging.

Okay, back to school. Why do I always feel like the easy life is over with now, and back to the structure of everything. So I am back to blogging.

Florida was simply wonderful! We loved it.

The kids have their school supplies all ready to go for tomorrow (their 2st day!) and their outfits picked out. Kennedy is wearing a high school musical shirt (that she picked out in Disneyworld!) and Mack a new outfit thats spiffy! I will take pics.

Today, I didn't do much. Well I kinda did actually. I cleaned out the school closet (the kids backpack and coat closet). Washed their winter stuff and got rid of the stuff that they won't use this year. I cleaned out the car. Went through ALL of the shoes in the garage...went through Kennedy's clothes and hung up her new ones. We bought ALOT of clothes for them from the states...I LOOOVE their new stuff.

I have tomorrow off, to get them back to school. Fabe is off too, we will grocery shop and start cleaning out the basement. Mack is getting ready to move his room down there, but we use the spare room as a storage room...so we have to go through all of that! It needs to be painted as it is pink from R living here.

So thats the plans.


Fabe's family

Now don't I just fit right in???


Kennedy loved it!

She was totally into everything. Mack not so much...but forsure she is at the right age!!!


It actually wasn't that busy, but I tell ya getting out of the park after the fireworks...was complete and utter hell!!! Took 2 hours!!!!


Simply amazing fireworks at DisneyWorld. We loved them in DisneyLand as well...

Tinkerbell even flew from the castle!!!


It was great!!!!!!!

I can't post all of the pics. But I will do one for each place we visited....(call me lazy but at least you are seeing pics!!!)


The house!

The BEEEEST part of the WHOLE trip!!!! Right in our own backyard!!!!

The main hallway from the front entrance. It was so long and huge!!!!

The living room! It had a big tv, dvd player, playstation, dvd's and games!

Our bathroom it was HUGE and sooooo nice!!!

The hall from our bedroom to the attached bathroom.

So the house was great! It was a HUGE bungalow. About 2300-2500 sq feet. 4 BIG bedrooms. 2 of the bedrooms had 2-twin beds. The other 2 bedrooms were master suites, with their own bathrooms. Plus another main bathroom. A HUGE kitchen and living room. Attached garage converted into a games room. It was just sooo nice! Our master bedroom had sliding doors out to the pool. It was great. It had our DREAM bathroom too!!! Anyhow, it was soooo nice. I couldn't imagine staying in a hotel, all cramped up together. We ALL had our own space and bedrooms. Plus, we had laundry. So we only packed 4 outfits each. Washed and wore again. It was great. We bought lots of clothes there though but we came home to ALL clean laundry and no need to wash a whole bunch of laundry at home. It sure made unpacking so much easier after a long trip away from home! Oh yeah, plus every bedroom had its own tv and dvd player. AS well, unlimited long distance and internet!!!


So our flight was delayed by 5 hours...instead of leaving at 8:30, it was to leave at 2pm. Then we got there and it was delayed by 40 mins. Then another 20 awaiting for the flight attendants. We got to Orlando very very late...1am!!! But we arrived safe. Bad me, didn't get directions from the airport and we drove REALLY REALLY far out of the way. Anyhow, we got to the house at 3am and it was worth it. It was simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We couldn't wait to wake up and swim in the beautiful pool in the backyard. It was lovelY!!!!!!

We will NEVER fly Northwest again tho!!!!To think that we did it for the cheaper fare...cheap was right!!!