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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well Mack is sick...

Honeslty, I am trying to be thankful that ALL happens for us at once...we usually have very good luck and we are blessed in so many ways...
Today Mack's school called my cell at 2:15 (they are out at 2:30) and said he is sick...I talked to him on the phone. He started to cry saying that he feels so bad...then he had to walk home from the bus. I phoned to ask Amanda if she could go walk and meet him at the bus stop...and she wasn't home! I was sooooo mad! I asked her to be home so that he wouldn't be home alone...so my mom (who was looking forward to doing nothing tonight) came from downtown to my house to give him so meds and sit with him for awhile. Amanda came home finally. I was just so mad. Then its all good...now. I am putting Kennedy to bed then I am going home...I can't wait to sleep in my bed. My poor boy. He just wants me and I feel so bad not being there for him...ugh.

I am hoping with meds his head will clear up and settled down. Fabe is going to the lake with Mack and the dog...I will feel MUCH better with him being with them...then we just have a few more days next week...not sure how that will go...but yeah.

Anyhow...just a little update.

The picc line went great..thank God.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

update from Lp

I dont' want to post another whole thing so here my update from LP:

She is doing well. Today was a horrible day for her and I. After 1 week of being here, its just adding up for the both of us...its just so hard to see all of these sick children...everywhere. I'm just so thankful for my children, because of my Gosh...CF is bad but so is cancer, multiple handicaps, huge tumors on the face, etc, etc, etc...I hate it. Everywhere I look there is something so bad. And its soo soo sad Honestly, I know that we all tend to take our healthy kids for granted...but may I please remind you all to consider how lucky we are. Kennedy was/is still feeling sorry for herself (as is I)...but I was telling her today to look around...*yes* we have it bad..yes, its not fair to have cf (her words) and yes, Mack (brother) is so lucky because he doesn't have to 'go through this'. But the fact is that we are in here every few years for 2 weeks. There are children in here since the past 2 months, 2 years...or more....we get to go home. We live a pretty normal life. Today was a very hard day for me, due to a hospital policy I was ticked off. But they figured it out today and it works in our favor now, but before it it was making me so sad. Anyhow, its over with now. Plus its been a week. Mack stayed home from school today because 'his tummy hurt' when I know deep down all my little 11 year old boy wants (and needs) is his mommy. Then I feel horrible for 'leaving' him....I have been going to spend some time with him, as I can...but then I feel horrible leaving Kennedy here..I can't win. My dh switched jobs and can NOT take time off during his training...so I don't have much support. Then, my dog has been getting NO attention..and I am totally into my dog and I feel horrible. He's all depressed and screwed up...I freaking out on my dh today knowing full well there is nothing that he can do...my mom has been helping alot with my son...but she lives downtown and its sooo much for her to pick him up after school, take him (downtown) and then drive him back to Millwoods for school in the mornings...he wants to be home more then anything...so finally after crying like 10 times today, I left. I left Kennedy with a volunteer and went home for a few hours...I NEEDED too. I watered my grass (lol) and took my dog for a big walk...and I feel/felt MUCH better...tomorrow Kennedy has her PICC line...she won't be able to eat/drink and I am going to hear about it (it could be all day, just depends when the operating room has an opening). BUT, it could be worse...much more worse.And, we are done in just over a week.Then our life will go on...We will enjoy summer and our lives...And the unit we are on, will still host many of the 'regulars' who have only known this place as home...So, it could be worse...but it could be better. And I'm trying so hard to not be selfish because Kennedy is suffering more then I (I get to go home and escape this place once in a while!)...Anyhow, thanks again...and thanks for reading this vent...

I'm miserable.

I am so miserable today. I'm just done with this place. Its nice outside and I am feeling sorry for KEnnedy and myself being in here. I am thankful that I was able to go to watch Mack at soccer last night but other then that...I'm just frickin crabby.

I snapped at Fabe...

I needed some time. So I took time to leave Kennedy at the Beach (playroom) and school. It was good there. It is nice being there for the kids here. It takes some time at least...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

more infor


About it...


I just posted another update...but Blogger was unable to do it...blah.

Anyhow, we put the paper work for Kennedy to get a a PICC line inserted. So we are waiting for the operating room to tell us when that will be...hopefully soon...her iv won't last too much longer. And left is her feet and neck...and neither of them are good places for her...

anyhow. I'm home for the night, Fabe is up there putting her to sleep. Mack and I just spent some time together,,,,and I am off to pack lunches and what not...

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.



Hey everyone...just a quick update from the hospital. Kennedy is doing good. She is in good spirits despite being here. She has had a few visitors now so that makes her happy. Thankfully mom took Mack and Bandit out to the lake for the weekend. So I haven't had to worry about them and was able to spend my time up here. Thats been good. I am already for-warning Kennedy that I won't be staying here tonight. I pray that her IV doesn't blow. She is on day 3 of her one site.

Anyhow from Thursday morning we waited in the ER at the U of A until 10:30pm It was CRAZZZY! 13 hours in there. Finally we got moved up here. They had a horrible time getting her IV in and sent a big note up on her file to 'gaurd this IV with all of your life"(thats pretty bad) and basically her longest lasting IV has been 3 days...hopefully with being older it will last longer but they blow after a few days in the one spot. We are at the one spot...they have attempted all of the other sites. So we moved up to our own room and it was MUCH MUCH better. Its a nice big room with my bed and her bed....no roommates (hopefully it stays that way!). We slept bad. Morning came too soon...and it was a long day Friday, and we both slept better Friday night but we were woken for blood work (AT 12:30 AM and then 3AM!!!) They pick the *best* times to do it....(grrrr). Today is now Sunday and she ate her breakfast and she is waiting for me so we can go downstairs and I can eat my breakfast too...then will be going to a Cidadel music thingy at the "Beach" (a childrens program...BEST program for sick kids!) then we will eat...seems like thats how we pass time...waiting for her meals....eating my meals...then waiting for the next one...oh well.

Today Fabe is coming back at 5pm and I will take off. He will wait until she is sleeping and leave (she knows this)...and then we will both be at home...I will get Mack off to school and clean up abit at the house and then come back here...its crazy...but I will make it work....and I need to remember that Kennedy suffers too...its not about me...sure it does suck...but she suffers enough.

Anyhow, gotta go.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I feel so sad and depressed. Kennedy has been admitted in to the hospital. She has been balwing non stop that she doesn't want to go...it breaks my heart to see her like this...

Anyhow. There are no beds (as of 5pm today) and they said that it will be a 6 hour wait. The dr just said rather then doing the waiting game tonight to take her home, pack her up and sleep well and we'll wait tomorrow...lovely.

I just want to break down and cry...I have been holding in my tears and I just want to go into bed and cry myself to sleep...its so stressful on the WHOLE family when this happens...

Anyhow, I just wanted to update and I don't think that I will be around a whole lot so I may not update too often (depends if there is internet nearby or not!). So much for her soccer...I have to try to balance Mack's soccer (and seeing him), the house, and the dog. Great...oh yeah and work...ugh.

Anyhow...Fabe can't even take time off as he just started his new job. So its just me, me, me and me...great.

I feel sick so I just wanna go.


Smarty pants me totally missed that Monday was a holiday and I MISSED American Idol last night. I was bummed. First time I missed it...crappy. I will have to watch it tonight but still..just not the same...missing the final performances...ya know.

So, I am not sure if I am going to the job interview. For the future it makes sense but I mean for my children, should I let them down??? I dunno...scary...

Work is welll. Raining still today. I can't complain. People have lost their houses this past week due to NO rain so I'm in no spot to complain today about it...its good for the pee patches on my grass, thats all I know.

Today Kennedy has her follow up CF appt. Not sure what they will do about it, as she is still really sounding bad. In fact, for the first time in her life...running around at soccer last night actually was difficult for her..I don't know...and for the first time she has been complaining that its hard to breath... :o( Breaks my heart. I just wish I knew what it was...

Off that depressing topic.

Amanda is doing good still. She has been carting the baby around to the mall and what not...can't say I am fond of that being baby is only 3 days old But thats what young mommies do...I know that...she is proud of her baby. She's not getting much sleep anymore...baby is up quite a bit now. She is really a sweetie though. I have tons of pics BUT I have at least 150 of daycare pics son I don't want to upload daycare pics onto my computer...just in case I get hacked.

Anyhow, its 3pm and I gotta grab Kennedy from school and get her to the dr's office...

Update later....


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long Weekend.

Well it was a great long weekend. Friday-was spent cleaning and trying to determine if Amanda was in labor (lol). Then, Saturday was spent at the hospital in the morning to visit her and baby..then she got discharged. So we went downtown and got her stuff for her apartment...as she didn't bring any baby stuff to my house. Plus in the morning I went and bought her a carseat/stroller combo, its amazing how NICE these things are now a days for babies...wow! She was happy with it as she has a matching diaper bag (I didn't know it) so it worked out perfect. Anyhow, I finally got home at about 4pm from doing all that with her...she asked me to watch Kaiya so she can sleep, so I did that for a few hours. Woke her up at close to 8pm...she was well rested. Her first night went well. Sunday we WERE going to paint the fence but it was really windy and I didn't want 'crap' blowing on to it so we decided at 10am to head to the lake and at least get the trailer. So off to the lake we went. We got there about 4pm after loading the truck up with the kids quads and lots of water and 'stuff'. At least thats all out there...phew! We brought back the trailer...so thats on my 'to do' list now..clean it. Ugh. More work. Monday were painted the fence (A HUGE project off my to do list!) it looks soooo much better now. Now, I just can work on gardening and getting the patch spots to grow in. But I am very glad that its done...also the deck needs to be stained...but it won't take 9 hours like the fence did...my blisters on my hands!!!! Ouch! Then we bbq'd burgers...I ate like CRAP this weekend. And no walking. So tomorrow I am expecting a small gain...crappy! But I will be right back on track today...forsure. I am NO where near ready to resort back to my old eating habits.

Today, I work all day. Tomorrow, I work until 3pm as Kennedy has a follow up appt for her asthma issues from last week. She is still very, very wheezy. But at least we get checked out and I am going to ask for an xray to ensure its not an infection. Thursday I have (another) interview with Children's Services....ugh. I want the job really, really bad. Its the one that I was interviewed for last year BUT now I have plans for the summer off...what to do?!?!?!?!?! The kids will be so sad if I worked this summer now...BUT the job is my 'dream' job AND has a very good future for me...ugh!!!!!!

Anyhow, its 7:10am and I gotta start the morning rush hour.

Have a great day!


ps-thanks for the congrats about Amanda....and she is doing really well thus far.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to the world Kaiya....

Kaiya arrived at 12:30am today...We went to the hospital at 7pm after her contractions really started up. They had tappered off a while then started up at 5:30pm again...

Anyhow she weighs 6 pds 15 ounes She has a little hair, medium brown. Amanda did super well...adorable little girl! I will post a pic soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Who knows.

Amanda tells me that they are increasing but she is doing her make up, on MSN and texting on her phone...she seems and looks fine...so we are still at home....time will only tell I guess....

I'll keep you posted.


Maybe a baby????

We'll see...

Amanda woke me up at 8am saying that she has been having contractions since 4:30am...but very irregular. So she has been writing them down since then, and they are anywhere from 5-12 mins apart...so we are just waiting to see what way it gonna go. We did a big walk last night...so maybe that helped. I made her walk...otherwise she just sits on the couch all day. So we walked for slurpees (I had a Crystal Light one!!)....

Anyhow, we'll see....


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A catch up post.

Well today is Wednesday already. This week is FLYING by. Today Amanda had her check up, she is still here. She is not even dialated (lol) and her cervix is thinning. She gained 1.5 pounds which is good as she lost 2 last week. She is starting to get really uncomfortable, but she is so close so hopefully she uses this time to rest. She just said "I can't believe that I am 117 pds, this is the heaviest I have been in my life" (pllllleeeeeeaase!).

Work is work. Understaffed. As usual. Oh but the gov't DID invest money into daycare!!! Yeah. Actually it increases my pay by 1.54/hour as we are not accredited yet. BUT if we were, it would be like 3/hour more!!!! The level 3 top up from the gov't is now 6.66/hour...on top of the daycare wage...so thats pretty good...I'm happy for the fellow level 3'rs finally hitting the 20/hour-ish mark...yeah!!! I have to figure out mine, with my salary!!!

And, Kennedy is still hacking along. Today we went to the U of A appt. Her pulm dr was shocked at how tight her chest is. He let all of us (mack, me and Kennedy) listen on the stethescope...sounds horrible. A total wheeze...horrible. So he told me every 4 hours she needs ventolin. And, gave her a prescription for Prednisone. Which will be fun...she was on it once before and it was horrible how HYPER she was..great. But whatever. We go back in a week...its good its NOT an infection tho...thankfully. He said, if she didn't look as good as she looked he would say that she is having an asthma attack...it was THAT bad. So I have to tell school that I will give it at 7, they need to give it at 11 and then 3pm...I'm going to set my alarm clock too...3am, 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am...etc...oh well. He said no soccer, running and campfire smoke...he is actually worried she can have a full blown attack...scary.

Tomorrow is great. Its Thursday...early day...and 'my' Friday as I don't work Friday....yeah!!!!!!Then the long long long weekend...LOVE IT!

Well gotta get Kennedy in...


Monday, May 12, 2008


Got the call from Kennedy's school to pick her up. Her tummy was sore...so I picked her up at 11:30am then came home with her. She ate and felt a bit better but her cough is horrible. So she had her machine and relaxed the rest of the day. Amanda is here now...she is feeling sick today. She came to Macks soccer practice and went on the swings so she might not have been able to stomach that. Anyhow, she is here for a few days at least. We are thinking that if she didn't have baby by the weekend we will chance it and go to the lake (not with her!) but if she goes into labor then worse comes to worse I will have to drive back from Lac La Biche...2.5 hours and I am sure she won't have the baby by then...maybe :o) She's finally looking like she is close to due...although at soccer one of the moms was SHOCKED she was due in a week...it was pretty funny.

Tomorrow, I am going to work. Kennedy has soccer practice however I'm not sure if she will go or not, her cough is really pretty bad. I called the dr's today actually for another reason to find out when her bone densitity test and then I mentioned that she has a cough. So, my only concern is not being on oral antibiotics at least if she was on Biaxin or something then I would feel better. I have a feeling we might need to go see dr on Wednesday so that will be fun getting that off work...then Friday...but I will just say ;o) "well I can take this week off if you would rather" that pretty much shuts them up...lol.

I walked today for 35 mins...it has been hard trying to get them in everyday but I have been doing it...I have walked everyday since last Thursday...pretty good...and even before that every 2nd day forsure...with Fabe away and soccer...it has been hard...but you gotta just make the time..and the rest falls into place...

Kennedy's turn to sleep in my bed tonight..but I can hear her hacking...so I hope that she doesn't cough all night...

Mack had a practice tonight. I was talking to one of the moms there. She is an amazing woman. She told me about the birth of her daughter 2 years ago...she was born at 7.5 months and lived for one month..she sounded beautiful. They only have one child now...just a son. And no more for them. They are from Morroco and I love hearing about her religion (Musluim)...so much 'bad' talk about that religion but ANY religion could be twisted. She didn't preach to me or anything ( I would be uncomfortable with that, with ANY religion) but she just told me about her country...I told her about the movie the Kite Runner and how it has inspired me to see people differently..its so easy to assume about other cultures but you should know where they have come from. On Friday one of my coworkers broke down telling me about her country Kosovo and how much they had back then...and here she lives in low income housing and works for nothing...and how Canada is just work, work, work and stress...its soooooo true. We are 'so' proud of this life though...sad really...

Anyhow, I gotta go to bed...


Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well the weekend was fast and busy. Saturday we headed to Millet for a b-day party. It was good. Then we got home, Fabe had left to one of his friends house (from Shaw) for a 'get together' to say good bye to him. That was nice. So I didn't do much that night. Relaxed...walked for 35mins.

Sunday, slept in until 10:30am. Woke up to NO one home. Remembered after that it was Mothers Day and it all made sense...Fabe was running out to shop now for my gift. They got home, sure enough. Flowers and an Ipod...I have been using Kennedy's Ipod for walking. But its FILLED with Hannah Montanna songs...so a totally thoughtful gift was an Ipod-I am so happy. So Fabe and I downloaded songs (yes, we PAID for them on ITunes) and I have an Ipod all set up now...I even used it tongiht for my walk. Also, I hate the headphones which 'sit' in your ear. So he got me some actual HEAD phones that go over your head. Much better for walking. He cooked a big lunch, chicken, steak, rice, corn, veggies and bought fresh buns and we had his parents over for it. It was early as he had to leave to Calgary again tonight. He just left. I did Kennedy's treatments and set all of her pills out for the week in her pill organizer...the usual Sunday things...prepared a new antibiotics for her for the week. All routine now.

Speaking of Kennedy, oh my! She has a horrible=horrible cough. She had an appt a few weeks ago. All was really well. But from her throat swab she cultured pseudomonas (which is common in CF, we are all exposed to it daily but our bodies fight it and our lungs are not in a favorable condition to 'breed' it) anyhow, she has cultured it alot before so it was no big surprise, just means we need to ensure she gets her treatments (we have skipped them here and there when she is healthy if we are super busy)....thats just life and thats just the way it goes sometimes. BUT, I have a feeling her cough is due to this...she just has a horrible nasty cough also though a bronchitis type cough...started today. I will see how it goes and maybe call the clinic in a few days if it isn't showing signs of improving. Back of my mind is thinking her treatment for it (inhaled Tobramycin) might not be doing its full job...the only other alternative is IV treatments which we prefer not to do...because it takes 2 weeks for the antibiotic to kick in...by the way, thank GOD for Alberta Health because her inhaled stuff is over 3000/month of it...yikes!

Anyhow, off the depressing topic of her health...

Today I worked on the yard work, the pee patches were watered very well. I bought some more grass seed so I will be throwing it down onto the spots as well (again). I WILL get this done.

This week, goes like this:

Monday-Eye appts for Macks contact check up and my contact fittings. Then Soccer at 7pm for him.

Tuesday-NO SOCCER, yard work.

Wednesday- weight watchers then pig out after the meeting (lol)

Thursday- Off early, soccer for only Mack @ 6:15pm

Friday- OFF work, kids have a PD day and it is suppose to be 23!!!! Either prepare for camping at the lake OR yard work...

Amanda is coming tomorrow for the week...she has an appt on Wednesday. I can't decide if we should go to the lake as I am going in with her...but I also don't want to wait around all weekend either...its a long weekend and suppose to be a beauty!!!!! Fabe comes home Friday...yeah!!!

I'm happy to be off Friday...extra time with the kids is always a huge bonus.

Anyhow, gotta get the kids to bed...


Friday, May 09, 2008


Uh, what a long long week. By yesturday I was totally tired and worn down. Its not so hard doing it alone, actually that was the EASY part. But soccer was brutal rushing here and there. Thankfully on Tuesday there is NO soccer for Mack and Kennedy. Rikki is staying here with us for a while now until my mom comes back from PEI, Monday night. So she has a practice Sunday night, as well as Macks tutor come. Then Monday is Mack's practice then absolutely NOTHING Tuesday then Weight Watchers Wednesday...then Thursday Mack has soccer...then Friday Fabe home!!!! He's on his way home right now...he said the traffic is HORRIBLE on the DeerFoot. He's happy to be heading home. He had a good week. So thats good.

Work is work. And I can't wait until the end of next month...ahhhhh, I JUST can not wait!!!!

Today I have cleaned the house pretty good already...all week with us being so busy it managed to stay pretty clean...so I did a mop job and tidied and dusted. I had the laundry all caught up pretty much. I'm going to head to Zellers when the girls get back from the store. Kennedy has a birthday party tomorrow 1-4pm in Millet so I need to ensure that all the gifts are bought (its 3 kids in one party!!!! yuck!!!) I have some stuff but I am trying to find some Webkins...I know Toys R Us has them and if I have too I will run over there in the morning...

I would RATHER do yard work. Bandits piss spots are all over the frickin yard (AGAIN!) after I mended them all up last year...so thats my top project right now...lots of grass seed.

Today I bought some choclate brown canvas pics with a huge cream flower, it will be perfect in our room with the cream and chocolate brown bedding...I can't wait to put them up.

I have 300 pics on my camera...I need to take the card in though as some are daycares...so I can't put up any pics right now... sorry! I plan to blog next week though!

Actually I want to take before and after pics of the yard (pee spots) because last year it was UNreal how good I got them...you wouldn't believe how bad it was before...so yeah.

Weight Watchers is doing good. I lost 1.6 on Wednesday so I am down 7.8 pds after 2 weeks on it...pretty good!!!!

Anyhow, I will update more.

No, Amanda hasn't had her baby yet. She is almost 39 weeks....and I really, really need her to have it BEFORE May long weekend as I really, really wanted to go to the lake...selfish me!

Oh and I have Friday off....kids have a PD day so I can't work...too bad.

Well anyhow....

Hope everyone is doing well.!

Saturday, May 03, 2008


I have a few mins so I thought that I would update a little.

Friday, I was utterly tired. I crawled into bed at 9:30pm and was fast asleep by 11pm. At 10pm I watch Cops everynight now then Beach Patrol after it...then the 1st few mins of the news...Kenendy got into bed with me. Fabe was at the neighbors garage celebrating his last day of Shaw...and no more working weekends...he got in late. He moved Kennedy into her own bed, Mack is gone for a sleepover (again). I slept in only until 9am. I cleaned the mainfloor, mopped, etc laundry...blah blah blah. But I knew that I should get it done before the day turned nice so I could be outside...

I went out about noon..picked up Mack from sleepover and took him downtown to a birthday party...drove back home. Put grass seed on the bad spots in the yard...watered it...etc. Then Fabe went down and picked up Mack...who made plans for another sleepover...Fabe dropped him off. Kennedy has been outside the WHOLE day as well. They dragged out the blow up trampoline bouncy thing and they have been playing on that and the trampoline. I ran out at 6pm to pick up Macks soccer jersey from his coach, who was VERY disorganized...so I offered my services to him (lol!) and said that I will take on arranging practices and calling and emailing people AKA "team manager" but I call myself a 'helper'. So I set up practice dates of Mondays at the field near my house (of course) because thats what happens when you are a VOLUNTEER. I followed him to his house (which is near my house) and got the team names and so on. I am going to photocopy stuff on Monday (at work) and organize a binder for him and I. Then I came home...went for a 50 mins walk (again)...and now the neighbors are waiting for us well Fabe to BBQ some steaks to go with their beer. Its gonna be a party around her tongiht...yeah! I told Kennedy we will have a fire...and roast marshmallows.

So busy...so now we have soccer Monday and tutor, Tuesday soccer for both kids, Wed nights is Weight Watchers, Thursdays soccer for both kids...then Friday is nothing...thankfully. I'm trying to keep my weekends open and get some lake time in..my mom is there this weeeknd and said it is beautiful there...I wish I was there.

Weight Watchers is going really good, I lost another 2.6 so I am down over 6 pds in 2 weeks :o) Today I ate well...but I am going to use some of my flex points tongiht and have a drink. Plus I have been walking everynight and not using my activity points so I'm sure its okay...I weigh in 1 day earlier this week as I had to switch over from Thursday (soccer) to Wed's. As long as I loose something, then I am okay.

Work is crazy. Some changes going on...but good ones :o)

Can't wait until the end of June...pure summer fun with the kids...I can't wait to spend the WHOLE summer with them :o)

Anyhow, better go...everyone is outside...and I look snobby sitting in.

No longer a "Shaw guy"

Fabe is done with Shaw now. On his exit interview they offered him another position, Friday...his last day..a little too late. But they did say he has a few weeks to think about it. On our journey it is good to have a back up plan.

Happily, he is done working weekends :o)

I'm just thrilled....


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another 'sorry'

Sorry for not updating. Things are just busier and busier..its really crazy now.

Anyhow, things are going really good. Soccer is starting for the kids next week...that will occupy Tues and Thurs nights and then weekend practicies. Let the stress begin...

Tomorrow is Fabes last day as a Shaw employee. I can't believe it. He heads to Calgary Sunday night for a week then home for the weekend then back to Calgary again...crazzzzy. Its going to be weird without him...I won't like it. I already told the kids they can sleep with me in our bed...both of them. I don't like staying alone at all...even with the kids there and not him...its going to be weird. I don't know how people can have husbands who work out of town, I am not one of those people at all. Due to a traumatic experience...in a house in the middle of the night.

Work is okay. Today I am off at noon as Mack has a Spring concert today at 1pm that I need to go to. It will be nice to be gone early...then tomorrow I won't be in until noon (?) as I am going with Amanda to her ultrasound...but I only work until 3:30pm anyhow. We were going to go to the lake, but not sure with Fabe leaving for Calgary. Mack has a b-day party on Saturday. Then Sunday he will leave. Next week will be interesting running to and from soccer for both kids on the same nights. Then Rikki will be over Wed night as my mom is going to the grad for my sister for her Masters and her grad is in Nova Scotia. So Rikki will be with us for the weekend too. Hopefully Amanda won't go into labor while mom is away as Amanda is really counting on me being there...

Well anyhow...I better run...