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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rest In Peace Beautiful Eva...


This is the most amazing blog that I have ever read.

She truely inspired me, she was amazing.

She taught me so much.

Never take




If you haven't read it, start from the very start of her blog. You will be amazed too.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jess got a call...not just *A* call...THE call!!!!!!!

Jess, a fellower blogger and reader of mine...got the BIG call she has been waiting for! New lungs! Jess is a young CF lady, she has been waiting for lungs for a while and now she got the call!

They aren't sure about the lungs yet, or as of her last update but it was looking pretty good :o) I'm THRILLED for her and praying these lungs are for HER. She needs them. But if these aren't 'her' lungs then I pray that whoever gets them or any other organs from the unselfish donor will be healthy and live a long life. But I really hope these are the lungs for Jess!

Pray for her...follow her blog!!!!



So moving has been going fairly well. We are finally starting to feel somewhat settled. Its not'just' moving as we have tons of boxes that we got from the old house. Well, they put my sisters wedding VHS in a box with MAJOR paper...JUST the video in the box. It was horrible!!!! So we have all of the packing paper and boxes. PLUS, we are buying everything brand new so all of the boxes from that and HUGE boxes from dressers, coffee tables, etc...its overwhelming. We have been taking loads to the eco-station but wow, we can't keep up with it. Plus, we have the old house to keep up with and get it emptied out (the last little pieces are awful!) then clean and get the carpets done. PLUS, Move. Unpack. Set up. Clean. Parent. Fabe=work. Get ready for Mexico. Ugh!!!!

Finally, I feel like we CAN do this. We WILL get through it. ALL of the boxes stacked up in the garage and basement is stressful but we will get through it...just in time for camping season :o)

But I'm NOT complaining. Its tough, but I'm grateful for my house and my health. I'm happy we had insurance. Thank God.

The kids are doing well. They are very happy. Mack LOVES the basement. I was leary of him being down there, it feels sooooo far away. But its going well. He LOVES it. He's had friends over every weekend and its nice they have a place to hang out.

We leave in a week to Mexico and I cannot wait. I have been so busy packing, then moving, then unpacking...I can't wait to sit down and relax for a week. Enjoy the beach. I bought 2 books to enjoy. They are "The Last Song" the movie comes out in April by Nicholas Sparks. And the other is (don't laugh!) sTORItelling. Its by Tori Spelling. I need a 'no brainer' to read and so I bought that one. So far she is complaining about her life and how amazing her birthday parties were and how her parents bought her love. Boo. Hoo.

Anyhow...thats my update. I miss blogging so I will be getting back into it ASAP!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hey! Well things are going okay! I love the house so far! I walk in and think 'this is MY house, weird!" but I do love it. As well, I had to go to some stores for some of the things that I didn't buy (shower curtains, bath mats, sheets-lol) and while shopping it felt really weird-weird to care about what I was shopping for. My heart is with this house, and its SO nice to care about what I put in here now!

Anyhow, things are going good. It was a rough few days and I was reaaaalllly stressed about the mess in here, but I got over it. Mack is settled in the basement room now, and changed his my mind about his room upstairs so now I have a beautiful painted blue room for a spare room (lol). Oh well, actually the bedding really matches so its fine.

We really need furniture. We have NO couches in this house. None. Kinda funny, we seem to have alot of chairs everywhere but no couches. I'm not worried about the basement as its very full of boxes right not-but I really want the mainfloor done as soon as possible. I will shop this week for something. We did have a beautiful set from 'The Brick' but they called 2 days before it was to be delivered and said it wasn't avail anymore-I wasn't happy. We ordered it months ago with the March date so I was kinda annoyed. I can't set up the living room until I have a couch, so its time to find one. We have end tables and a coffee table but we need couches then we can unpack it. Plus we need barstools. Then, my scrapbook room is next as its on the mainfloor and I want the mainfloor all done. The dining room is easy, we had a set for it. Kennedys room is all done. Macks room is all done. Our room is pretty much all done. The loft, needs a computer room. Other then setting up artwork, decor stuff and other minor things-upstairs is done. The basement is a whole other issue. There are boxes EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I need to repack my Christmas stuff so its more efficient as we have not alot of storage down there (on purpose). Kennedys play/craft room needs to be set up, which requires some storage units. It will come together. PLUS, we have the old house still to deal with. There is a bunch of stupid small things leftover there (annoying!). The more we take, the more there is. But we are aiming to be done with it this week, then arrange the furniture rental guy to pick up his stuff and then hire the cleaner and hand in the keys early and be done with it.

Anyhow..thats about it...I will update in a few days with photos...I can't wait to begin blogging in my new house :o)))

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We haven't even moved yet, and I'm sooooo tired!!!! Its brutal!

Tomorrow morning the movers will be here. We are ALMOST done packing, but not 100%. I don't want to have to do loads of furniture from here to the new house for weeks to come. I want to try to get as much over there as possible. Then, clean this house and be DONE with it. Hand in the keys. Done. I'm worried we will have lots leftover...I really hope not!

I'm feeling pretty nervous now about being back at the old house. I wonder, 'what if it wasn't the power cable?" I fear something might be wrong with the power line and not the metre. Its been pretty stressful and scary. Siiiigh, and tomorrow I have to sleep there. Ugh.

I LOVE the new house. I'm so proud of it. I'm loving showing it off to people. Even Kennedy has been giving the neighbor kids tours. Its been pretty funny!

Anyhow, I still have about 45 mins of work to do tongiht before bed...so I can't chat long. Hope your well out there..

Monday, March 08, 2010

photos of new house...and house burning...

Wow, tomorrow is a big day for me!

Tomorrow we get the keys for our BRAND new house! It has been the longest 16 months in my life, waiting for it to be built. Since our fire (and losing our home) on Nov 2, 2008 I have been waiting for tomorrow to come for a very long time...I have driven by the house everyday to see the new progress. I have parked for many minutes, crying and greiving the loss of our home. Now, tomorrow we get a new house instead but it will be OUR home. I don't know if people understand it completely, but its huge for us. We have lived in a rental home for the past 16 months and with rental furniture, nothing being ours. We came from a beautiful home of our own, to this. I am thankful everyday that we were lucky enough to even have insurance and find a nice house to rent in our area, but still. Not. The. Same.

I'm thrilled that tomorrow, I will have a sense of peace when they finally give us the keys. I cannot believe it...this day is almost here. I have longed for 16 months over the things we have lost, the comfort of home and the feeling of being in a safe neighborhood. Now, we will be back in our neighborhood. Might not be the same house. But its our house. We watched the 'birth' of it...we have spent many hours planning what will go where, etc.

Its one step closer to being back to 'me'. Back to my real life. A life where I'm happier and content. My new house doens't make it all better, but it certainly does help...

Here's to new beginnings...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Long time no see!

You know whats coming...

"I've been SO busy"

Well I have.

Hello-we get our keys to our BRAND new house on TUESDAY!!!!! I cannot be more thrilled about it!

I cannot believe its going to be OUR house again, in ONE week! Amazing!

My sister left today after being here for 1 week. It was busy with them here, so I didn't get much done at all. I'm trying to pack as much as I can but I really don't know 'how' to pack. I know, it sound stupid but I really don't! And for people who lost absolutely everything only a year and a bit ago-we have So so so much stuff again. We have duplicates of things now. Its going to be a long time unpacking because I honeslty don't even know anymore what we bought. It will all need to be organized as there is SO much out of place. I just cannot believe it is so mixed up like it is. But thankfully I will have alot of time to get it done. The rest of March will be spent unpacking, then a nice break in Mexico in April then back to it. I want to be 100% done by May 1st. Then, landscaping will be getting redone as well (the grass that was there was burnt badly) then when they demo'd the old house they damaged everything that was left in the yard. But this summer, I want trees...I want to be DONE with "oh, we need to...." No. I. Want. It. Done. Its been over a year of just 'we have to do this, we have to do that, when this gets done we need to do that' too much I tell ya. I want to be done with the house this summer and just live again. No more wasting time in my life on things like that anymore. Since the fire, it feels like I have been living someone elses life...not mine. I want to live my life, I'm still living!

The kids are good. Kennedy goes to the CF clinic tomorrow for a check up. First, she has a bone density test downtown then to the University for the clinic. She isn't going to school tomorrow. Thursday, I have to go to the house builder and give them our big check for our upgrades that we have to pay for (uuuggghh!) then sign the New Home Warranty stuff...Fabe is off Thursday and Friday so we will be packing like crazy those days...movers come on Thursday I believe. We have some furniture coming the 10th and the stuff from the Brick is on back-order (of course!) thats our living room stuff and Macks bedroom suite.

I just can't believe in 2 weeks from now...we will be living in OUR house. OUR house. Wow...it will be so nice to be back in the neighborhood-you have NO idea!

And, thats about it. I will try to update...but I might be behind again...but I'm going to try hard!!!!

Hope your well....


We were super excited to enjoy the Canada Vs. U.S.A hockey game! I prepared with wings, mozza sticks and mini-quiches! The kids decorated posters and got dressed up in their Canadian gear! They went out before the game with their posters to collect 'honks'..it was So cute! ONE good thing about living on a main road :o) They counted 100-and-something honks! They went out on intermissions and then after the game! It was so fun for them! Even Rikki enjoyed it (love her face!)

My nephews!

My sister was down for teachers convention. She brought 'the boys' with her. They were down for 1 week, it was busy with them here with trying to pack but it was SO nice having them around! Lou (my sister) was not home often at all so between my mom and I we watched them. My mom left for Vegas on Saturday night so I had them that night, Sunday and all day Monday. It was a good visit! I always have so much fun with them around-I have always enjoyed my time with my little nephews! They are getting so big now! We enjoyed Mc's playdates, 2 trips to the awesome Silverberry Park (down from my new-old house and the rental house!) and lots of play!


As you may recall back in May 2008, Amanda had her baby (Kaiya) born. Amanda stayed at my house for a few weeks after Kaiya was born. Amanda and Kaiya have began to come around again. I picked Kaiya up from daycare last week..and then this past Sunday Amanda and Kaiya came over to see us...Kaiya is So big and cute now! I look forward to spending ALOT more time with her now. I plan on taking her camping with us this summer too...she is SO cute!!!!!

Edmonton Journal Indoor Games.

Kennedy belongs to the running club at school-they had a big race at the Butterdome. They did a relay race, they didn't qualify for more races but they did pretty good and she had fun! I am always SO proud watching her sprint and keep up with all of her friends...I hope her healthy lungs stay 'healthy' for a long long while. I feel so happy watching her running..thinking of so many other CF children who didn't even make it to go to school. Its so sad knowing that not really THAT long ago-children didn't even make it to grade 1! And then I look at my daughter and her she is in grade 4, just like a regular child.

She makes me so very proud!

Valentines Day!

Fabe and I had agreed a card would be the extent of our Valentines Day gifts for one another. I'm not all into Valentines Day. Fabe ended up bringing me home an arrangement of flowers...I was shocked but was very happy! I ended up feeling bad that I didn't get him anything! Then my mom stopped by later with flowers for me. It was nice!

RV Show...

We really enjoyed the RV show when we went and we are considering buying a new trailer. Not because of the show, actually we had considered that a while before the RV show. Our trailer is PERFECT for us-BUT it doesn't fit us well. We should have bought a model with a double over single. Mack is a big kid, and he doesn't sleep on the single bunk anymore so its just Kennedy. The WHOLE reason we bought a trailer with a bunk area was so that we didn't have to fold a couch out or anything like that to let the kids sleep...and we are doing that already! We didn't pay alot for our trailer so it shouldn't be too hard to sell it. We will start the RV shopping after we move and after Vegas but hopefully have it before May 1st! Camping season kick off! I looooove camping! With not working this summer-its gonna be great :o) I plan to spend ALOT of time with the kids out there so we forsure need a better suited trailer...

Also, the new trailers come with there outdoor kitchens...how smart is that???