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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I am so envious of Janes blog!

And I would really really really like to make all attempts to try to update with pics often. So I will aim to post pics once a week...but hope for more (okaY!)

almost a week of no updates!!!



Sorry (JANE!)

So this week I have been extremely tired. Was *almost* thinking that I was pregnant. But not so. Anyhow. Lets see. So last weekend Fabe was off. Friday I cleaned the house. Saturday, we went to an acreage to an open house (right by North Bear golf course!) and anyhow, it was SOLD when we walked in the door!!!! GRRRR!!!! So that was pointless. Anyhow, we did that. Drove around out there again. Then, we took Bandit to the dog park for a while (Fabe, Kennedy and I) then I went to Zellers and bought myself an outfit to wear out that night. It so nice :) (regluar size!!!) LMAO! Then went home, showered, left. I went to Bonanza with a large group of ladies. Then we went to Alberts lounge in Capalano mall for Karokee night. It was fun. Fabe went with his friends too, dropped the kids at his moms house. Anyhow, my night out I was speaking with Teresa about her wanting to move to BC. Then Wendy (whose husband works for Shaw as well) said that they were thinking about taking a transfer there. Well, that got me thinking...Shaw...transfer...BC...no winters...perfect :) So on the way home from the north side to the south side I called Fabe and told him my ever-so-smart idea ;) Of course, he was like "move away from my parents!!!" (pleeez!) But yeah. So when we met each other at home, we crawled under the fluffy-crunchy-sounding duvet and got on the laptop for the next 2 hours looking at houses in BC. WOW-the prices of some houses are UNREAL (cheap!) and beautiful houses. So anyhow. Another thing to consider. I would move in a heartbeat. Totally! So he is going to ask his manager how one goes about transferring. We'll see. Sunday, we slept in. Got up and my friend called and wanted to go see "the holiday" movie. So we met up and did that. After the movie, I called Fabe (we talk to each other about 15 times a day!) and he said "meet me for supper" and so we squeezed in a supper before grabbing the kids. Monday, worked. Tuesday, I worked and then my friend called and asked me to go for supper with her...(can you see how many suppers out I have been eating :( ) So, then we went shopping. Bought some capris for my Vegas trip (Old Navy and 2 sizes smaller then usual from there). Then, my sister called and her and her nanny, Annie were at my house! So I grabbed the kids from my friends house where we had a sitter and came home. Annie is staying at my house now until Sunday. My sister is down for teachers convention and staying at a hotel. My nephews are in New Foundland. So Annie and Tanner are here. So tongiht, was hell. I came home from work. Mack was at a friends house from school...so Kennedy took the bus home alone and I met her at her stop. I got her dance bag, dropped her off at dance. Took the dogs to the dog park. Dropped the dogs off. Put supper in the oven. Went and got Mack...got Kennedy then came home and ate supper. Cleaned the kitchen. And finally I am sitting. LONG day, I hate Wednesdays! Tomorrow, Fabe is off. As are the kids. So I don't have to get them ready in the morning (yeah!) Then I he is going to take them to his moms house tomorrow night as we both work Friday. But other then that...Friday I have a dr's appt for the pill (to delay it or else I will have it in Vegas!) then I will come home a bit early. I feel so sorry for Annie, doing nothing all day...I wish I knew someone to occupy her. Friday my sister will be staying at my house. So maybe Friday night we will take Annie out and about in the city :) She just wants to get out of the house.

Today at work...it was sad. We have a little girl who keeps having 'episodes' where she falls and kinda goes unresponsive, but is 'awake'. Anyhow, its very scary. She had 2 of them today and she has been having them everyday. I seen her have 1 on Friday in the bathroom while she was washing her hands. So, I told her mom and she was like "oh I will make her an appt". So today I called dad, as she had 2 of them. And dad sent mom over to take the child to the U of A emerg. I told them, we are very concerned. So I will update...but I have a feeling that it is something important. Her pupils were sooooo extremely large it was just scary when I seen her. Horrible. Ugh. The mom was crying and said that she thought it was for attention. This little girl is only 3 (since Oct) so I don't think that she would come up with that to do for attention. Verrrrry weird. I am so worried about her :(

Well, I am going to pack the kids bags for the night for tomorrow and try to go to bed earlier.

Tara :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well I worked in the morning for 3 hours. Then I went to Weight Watchers (see other post). And then, went to Sobeys and bought my food. THEN, came home. Laid on the couch and watched tv and talked on the phone (how productive!). Then the kids came home from school on their bus and Mack studied his math and Kennedy read her books. I cooked supper. We ate drumsticks, baby potatoes and salad for supper. Yummy! Then, I made them home made vanilla pudding for supper (Kitchen Aid, LOVE IT!) and then we went down to the basement and gave Kennedy her machines. She is on Tobi (inhailed antibiotics). Then, once it was done I am on here. The kids are going to bed in the next 15 mins, after I read some stories from Chicken Soup for the Kids soul (they LOVE that book!).

Tomorrow, I work. Mack already asked if Nick could sleep over. I said sure, being he was there 2 nights last weekend.

Fabian is off this weekend. Saturday we both have plans with our friends and we will meet up after at home. Sunday we will sleep in and get the kids from his moms house.

Next week, they only have school Mon-Wed. Thursday and Friday is teachers convention. My sister (a teacher/Vice Principal) will be down here (at our house) and her nanny. Not her kids though, they are in NewFoundLand. So they will be here. Then (ugh) I have first aid on the 3&4th...yuck! I haaaaaaaate taking first aid and really, really wish that I didn't let it expire. So yeah. At least it is in Mill Woods and done by 4:30pm. Its longer then my work day though :(

I start working Thursday with my new salary which comes into effect March 1st. I am trying not to take off any time, as Vegas is April 1st. Its hard to not take any holidays...but I have to think about our big Flordia trip for 2 weeks then 1 week at Christmas (plus Vegas) which is already 4 weeks PLUS, I am taking off a week in July...so 5 weeks :) Good thing my boss loves me :)


Gotta get the kids to bed b 9pm


Don't ask me about my Weigh in..

I am sloooowly falling off the weight loss wagon and I am NOT ready too :(

I *want* to do this more then anything. I really, really do. After watching Oprah today I realize that if I really really wanted this more then anything then I would be doing it. Right! So tomorrow is the day. I mean it. No more of this half on half off. I gained 1.4. I knew that I would gain but I didn't think that much! But its okay. I have gained more then that before. I am still 26.4 pounds down! But still, I was up to 28 pounds and my 30 pounds goal is now more further away. Grrrr! Anyhow, so I went to Sobeys and spend 162.00 on my healthy stuff. I have no excuse. Except Saturday night I am going out and hopefully I make good choices, I never seem to though. But I will try. Also, I am upping the time on the treadmill to 30 mins a day. Or aquasize. Its time to get serious. Like gosh, this is ridicilous! I was doing sooooo good for sooooo long. So anyhow. I am going 'hard' tomorrow until next Thursday night when I weigh in. No more of this.

I exercised alllll last week. Ate pretty decent. I have been super busy at work.

Anyhow, back to 'day 1' tomorrow again!



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My week so far...

Well all is well. Tuesday was a very stressful day at work as I let go 2 staff. They were not working out well so it was time to let them go. We have (actually I have) been 'cleaning' up around there quite a bit. Both staff and children. Sadly, we don't have any help for a few 'high' needs children and have had to give them notice. We can't bring our daycare further with staff and children who are kinda dragging it down. Now, that sounds harsh. But come on, from a business perspective you can't a child who is responsible for hurting other children on a regular basis. We have let go 3 children whom the staff feel that they can't handle any more. Only 1 parent was very upset, as she knows that it will be very difficult for her as her son has been booted out of every daycare in which he has attended. Its really too bad, but life goes on. Maybe now these parents will care to see that their children have issues and need help. So anyhow. Yeah. Today was busy as we were 2 staff down. So I had the lucky job of working soley on ratio and trying to run the preschoool room which was *hell* the staff that I let go had NO routine and ugh, it was just bad. Those kids ran that room. So now we have to go back in there and set up that room. Which won't be too hard. Needless to say, tonight is being spent reading about the preschool age and how to set up an effective room. Fun reading :)

Yesturday, we had pancakes for supper for Shrove Tuesday. They were yummy :) Fabe was off yesturday. I went to aquasize with my friend. Tonight Kennedy had dance class. And she was super happy as she got her magazine in the mail today. Chickadee. She sat and did the activities. She loved it. Mack was grounded off the computer tonight. He usually gets 30mins a night to play on it, but due to forgetting his French at school and not being able to study he was 'banned'. So he was comfy watching a movie on the couch. Kennedy was busy playing with make up (BLUE!!!) and covered her face in eyeshadow and said she looked like Hilary Duff, lol.

Anyhow, I gotta get my 'homework' done for some sanity tomorrow :)


Monday, February 19, 2007

A very bad eating day!

Oh well.

Today is Family Day (so Happy Family day readers!) and since Mack was over at his friends house last night, we picked him up early today. We woke up and Fabe made Kennedy and I breakfast. Then, we had showers and got ready. We picked up Mack and went to Sobeys. I ran in and bought some 'junk' for the day. Healthier junk. But still, not WW stuff! Anyhow, we decided to go for a drive. To where? We weren't sure. So we jumped on the highway and off we went. The kids had their headphones on and were watching a DVD while Fabe and I just talked. We use to go for drives when we were younger too. It was great. Not knowing where your going, is even better. We ended up in Camrose. Turned around then came back...we checked out acerages around the city (Jane, I wanted to scout out your place but have NO clue where you live around!!!) but yeah. We would love to buy a house out of the city. I told Fabe that be prepared...if we do it has to have a barn/quonset or something..because I would then go to SPCA and adopt like 5 barn cats...and 2 big dogs. But yeah. Anyhow. So, we drove around. Went into South Cooking Lake. Its pretty neat there and I loooove the new houses there and the ones that back/face the lake. Its a pretty cute little 'village'. The school is like built into a hill or something. (Jane, can you please email me I was trying to look on your blog to email you but I cant find your addy so can you please email me, I wanted to ask you something taradee@shaw.ca )

So we drove around for a few hours. Then the kids got fed up. We got fed up. And we headed back home. Kennedy cleaned her room. Mack is working on it. Fabe is cooking supper. I feel yucky from eating bad today...but oh well. I will not stress out about it.

So tomorrow is back to work. I am so happy for the extra day off that I had. It was a great relaxing weekend. I *so* needed it. This week will be stressful at work due to letting someone go. But other then that....thats about it. Tomorrow I will go to aquasize. Kennedy has dance Wednesday. Thursday I may or may not take off, we'll see. And, other then that. Its all good.



Sunday, February 18, 2007


I know, I need to add some pics in soon. I know!

Today was a great day. Relaxed alot. Kennedy is feeling MUCH better today...thankfully and her fever is gone. So she slept for 10 hours and I will put her to bed at a good time tonight as well.

Today I stripped all the bedding off and washed everyones bedding. Did the treadmill for a while again. Tidied up the house...not too much though as it was pretty clean :) Gotta love that. Kennedy and I just hung out. We watched a roller skating movie down in the basement. Talked to Fabe about 5 times. And yeah. Nothing much. Mack called and asked to sleepover again. So he is. Kennedy wanted to go out for supper but I honestly don't have the willpower to eat well out. So, instead I bought her Taco Bell. Oh, that was AFTER I made her help clean out the SUV. Tomorrow, I hope to clean the van out. So we went to Hughes and cleaned it out...it looks so pretty now..and so very bling-blinging! Then, I got her Taco Bell and opened it all up for her and began eating some of her fries...(I could have easily eaten them all up!!!) but I told her not to let me eat anymore :) I only had a few!!!! (lol). There is a taco leftover that I will open up and throw away or else....lol. Gotta love having NO Willpower!!! Anyhow, came home. She began to eat. Fabe walked in. We chatted. I am just on my way down to change the wash again, and to give Kennedy her machines and do some more on the treadmill. I am *trying* to do it when she gets her treatment. I figure, if she can 'sacrifice' 15 mins for machines then I can do it for the treadmill. Sometimes though I just tidy down there and sort laundry. I don't want to get into the habit of leaving her down there while she is getting her treatments as I think thats unfair. I stay down with her while she has them...we moved it all down there once the basement was finished. They are big and take up alot of space and in order for them to be open and ready to go they need room. So she has them all set up down there. We bought a little fireplace as she complains about it being cold and it blows heat so she likes it. Plus she has like 5 blankets! I will have to take a pics!!!!

Anyhow, Desperate Housewives tongiht :) :) I have 4 points for popcorn and a diet Pepsi!!!


Saturday, February 17, 2007


Wow, I have blogged for like 3 days in a row!

Anyhow. Its 10:39 pm and Today I laid on the couch for most of the day! (lol, its true) well until about 2pm I did. I had a HORRIBLE sleep last night. I ended up falling asleep at 8:30pm. Ugh, I so did not feel good! Then woke up at 10pm when Fabe got home. He brought home pizza for the kids. He put them to bed. I crashed again. Then, today I woke up about 9am. Ate and fed the kids. They hung out in their rooms and with each other...they built a super fort. Then, Mack had to be at his friends house at 2pm so he showered and got ready. Me and Kennedy drove him. Kennedy wasn't/isn't feeling very well. We got back and she slept for 2 hours (SO not her!!) I hope she isn't catching what I have been battling (sinus pain, sore body, aches) so I had a shower and got ready and woke her up and we went to a movie. We seen Flushed Away. It was so cute. Then, we came home. She was coughing quite a bit. Her head hurts. Gave her some Tylenol and gave her her machines..I did the treadmill while she had her treatmemts. Now we are all up here in the bonus room. Her and Fabe are cuddling on the couch. She has a slight fever that he just detected. Might need to go the dr's tomorrow for some stronger antiobiotics...of course the CF clinic is closed until Tuesday...she can't wait until then...we'll see. Anything over 38 on my ear temp. requires a dr's visit. Her normal temp in the ear is low about 36.2 and tongiht its 37.4 she feels hot though. And its scary, as she is only on Keflex. Anyhow, we will see tomorrow. She NEVER complains about not feeling well...she just doesn't look well though either. I am hoping with a good nights sleep she will be okay.

Anyhow...I cheated today! Damnit!!!! I had some movie theatre popcorn and licorice (shit!) but oh well....Felx Points are the best things ever :) But I did do 25-30 mins of walking today! Tomorrow will be absolutely NO cheating!!! Vegas is sooner then I think!!!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Frrrrrrrriday :)

Gotta love Fridays especially when Monday is a long weekend too :)

Today I worked. Came home, the kids beat me home (opps!!!) they were just taking their boots off. I got them snacks and what not and went with Bandit for a huge walk...I timed it...30 mins of fast paced walking. So did that. Came home, was frreeeeeezing from the open field part and froze my face :( Ouch. Came home, got my jammies on laid in bed (kids came for a cuddle to tell me about their days!) then I watched the news. Now I am out of bed, feel so tired. Ugh. All day my nose was stuffy...I can feel 'something' coming on. Great. Mack was trying to arrange a sleepover tonight however it can't happen until tomorrow night...he is sleeping over at his friends house tomorrow. So it will be me and Kennedy tomorrow. Maybe we will have a girls night and hit a girls movie! I am in my jammies in my nice clean house. Feels great! I am not going to do anything/much tonight. Lay in bed, watch a movie or read or something. Fabe is working.

I ate SO good all day until (sad) I had a HUGE piece of birthday cake at the daycare...it was a little girls b-day and I had to have a piece :( BUT I did a walk. And tonight I will ensure that I don't go over. This weekend will prove to be hard...but I HAVE to have a good loss on Thursday!



Thursday, February 15, 2007

Clean house!

Yeah, today I opened up the windows a crack and let the FRESH air flow in. It was a nice cold breeze but felt so crisp and clean. I cleaned. The kids got home from school and immediately went outside to play. Mack hasnt' come home yet (its 6:37pm) but called and said he was eating over there. Kennedy and I had an easy supper. She didn't want spaghetti (Fabe made it yesturday) so she ate leftover rice from supper last night with maple syrup (gross, hey?) and I ate a lean cuisine and then a Smart One cake for dessert. I ate soooo well all day and I am *so* proud of myself. With the nice weather I feel motivated again to stay on track as summer is coming up...already all of my summer clothing is to big for this summer. So the more that I loose, the more that I have to buy :) :) :) So yeah. I have 3 points leftover but I am going to save them for later and have a mini bag of popcorn and a diet Pepsi for a treat...thats only 1 point total. Because of HOW bad I ate yesturday at work I am not going to eat all of my points everyday this week. I will leave out 2 a day. Tomorrow after work I will go for a nice long walk with Bandit again, I love walking. And I have a trail that I take and its a few Km's long so total it must be 4 km's or so...I need a pedometer I have CHEAP ones that suck. I need a good one. Anyhow. Tomorrow at work will be STRESSFUL. I am letting go one staff. I hate that. Its been stressing me out tho and she is just NOT working out...and she is a level 3...ugh. I hate the 'levels'.

Then its a nice loooong weekend...I just want to get through it without cheating!!!!! (food wise, lol) I need to get to next Thursday and I know that I will be so happy with another few pounds! I am STILL 2.something pounds away from 30 pounds!!!!!! ONLY 2 point something!!!!!!! I NEED to hit that mark!!!!!


My day off :)

LOVE my day off. Today was nice, I woke up (didn' have to get myself ready!) and in my jammies I took the kids to school. Came home. Crawled back into bed for an hour...tried to sleep by work called and then Fabe was talking to me...lol. At 11 I got ready and stopped at McD's for the kids for school-lunch. They LOVE when I bring them something special. So I did that...stayed and visited in Kennedys class for a while with her then found Mack and his table of boys and talked with them for a while. Mr. Cool. Lmao.

Then, I went to WW. Which went REALLY good :) I don't know how..but it did! I lost 2.2 pounds from last week! lol. So I think/hope that I am re-motivated again. We will see, I guess. I really want to be. Then, I came home.

I took Bandit for a HUGE walk (35-45mins fast paced!) then came home and ate a Smart One. So here I am. The kids are taking the bus home, and will arrive in about 1 hour. Fabe made supper yesturday for me to serve tonight...I love that!!!!! So supper is 'made'. I plan on really cleaning tonight and putting away the HUGE pile of clean laundry that I have.

I did my exercise for the day (yeah!)

And, I feel GREAT that it is nice outside. WHAT a difference it makes on your day with nicer weather!

So thats my day so far!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Horrible blogger!

No excuse, but honestly I have been soooo super busy lately!

Anyhow, the weekend. It was great. Mack had his best friend Nick sleep over Friday right from school. They played on the computer and video games. Then, Saturday morning we dropped Nick off as he had hockey. We went to WalMart and I bought some stuff that I/We needed...boring stuff really. Then, we went to the Space and Science centre. The kids were begging me to see the Hurrican Katrina Imaz movie. So we did that. Then we took a few hours and checked out the other stuff...we were there for a few hours (I will post pics hoepfully tomorrow) and then we came home. Actually no we didn't-we picked up Fabe and went to Millhurst Pizza (they have the BEST buffet there!) we ate. Then we came home..bed by 11pm. Sunday, cleaned up mostly. Then we headed down to my moms house for her foster son's birthday (21!!! he came to live with us when he was only 7!!) amazing. He is off to England for a month to hostel and explore! Good for him :) So, we went there...I at HORRIBLE there :(

Monday was back to work. Staff issues again (yes, AGAIN!) ugh. Came home, Kennedy was twisting around and all of the sudden SCREAMED in pain!!! Her leg!!! She said "I broke my leg!!!" we iced it and everything and Fabe insisted she go to the hospital for an xray..so we spent 3 hours there...she pulled a muscle. She is still limping slightly. So yeah that sucked. Took up my whole night, but she is okay.

Tuesday- Worked late. Like 6pm late. ( i hate that!) came home. Ate. Went to aquasize.

Wednesday- Worked late again. 6pm, to see the parents. Came home, ate. Went to aquasize.

Thank GOD, that I am off tomorrow...plan to do nothing much really...relax maybe clean. But just relax. I need some down time. Big time. Plus, WW tomorrow (yikes!)

This weekend, we don't have much planned at all. I am not sure what we will do. The kids will want to ski I know that. So they can do that a few times.

Fabe is ACTUALLY off Family Day so I am unsure what we will do together, but obviously something :)

I have been a little stressed from work. We have a dead line to become accrediated and I need to see improvements. I have one staff who doesn't listen to me, she doesn't 'hear' me or something. She is soooooo resistent to me. I hate it. So, I will have to deal with that on Friday and have a new staff starting on March 1st to replace her. I haaaaate letting anyone go. But I need likeminded people on board. We NEED to get this done by Sept. 2007. HAVE too.

Other then that I am okay. The eating thing is not going good :( I was doing so well Mon, Tues and then today I ate cupcake, cookies, etc at work for the Valentines Day party :( but at least I went to aquasize.

I am sooooo unmotivated. I hate it. Hopefully tomorrow will be a wake up call. I am still carrying around 2 pounds that I gained so yeah. My goal was to be down 20 pds by Vegas (April 1st) however the further it gets the more unlikey it becomes :( sad. I looooved loosing every week. It was such a great feeling...maybe the meeting I can re-motivate my self :)

Anyhow. Thats about it. I have TONS of pics to upload. But I am off to bed...

Happy Valentines Day!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Staying where I am

Well I told my current owner about my job offer and she pretty much matched it...considering it would be more time driving and gas I think its a really good offer! I am so happy, I have never made this much money per a year in my life :) Feels great!

Fabe and I am actively looking for a daycare. We will work on the finiancial stuff later...but the main thing is having 20% down for a business loan, so thats good :) I just really more then ever wanna buy a daycare. I am SO confident in my self now :)

Anyhoo, I am where I was...


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Job offer.


So the job that I met the lady for, called. She offered me the job. She wants me soooo badly. But I am scared to leave my comfy job. I dunno what to do. I am going to check out the daycare tomorrow night at 5pm to meet with her. The pay is REALLY good. I am getting paid now really well, but this is *really* good. Like per year, 15,000 MORE a year..like it means 1200.00 more a month...bring home :) So yeah. Hours aren't an issue she said. She understands that I have kids and what not. So yeah. Scary! So I am going to talk to my boss tomorrow. And tell her the bad news. But money is money. And I want to make lots of it (who doesn't!) and its work that I love. So yeah. My boss won't match this huge increase...I know that. But I still feel so bad. But like I said, money is money. And SHE is making tons of it with her business so I can't feel bad for her. I just am not a person to be like that tho, so I would be willing to take a pay loss (as the other centre is on the west end...) but it would have to be a pretty big increase for me to stay there and other things would have to change...

Anyhow wish me luck tomorrow!



Well the kids left to my moms house Thursday night. Friday I worked until 6pm. Came home, relaxed. Saturday, I slept in. Fabe was off, but went in to work. I went to the liberal MLA meeting at a church here to discuss the new child care plans (they reveal it Monday) but I already know all about it and it looks GOOD :) Then, I went to Southgate to shop for a while, bought myself 2 new pairs of shoes :) Love shoes! Then, I met a lady who wants me to work for her. She just bought a daycare and realllllly wants me. She is willing to pay me a VERY (very) good wage..but its on the west end...ugh. I would work 8-4 8:30-4:30 whatever I want. Such good pay, but I hate being all the way on the west end...so far from the kids. Where I am at now, is sooooo flexiable. But I don't know! Its so hard to know what to do. I think I will talk to my boss tomorrow and tell her about my new propect and see about a raise. I dunno. So we'll see.
Last night, we HAD plans for a dinner and a movie night...but we went to dinner and the food took waaaaaay too long. So we ate slowly and just chatted. Then we drove around and got some ideas for a daycare location. We are going to talk to our banker and see what he can do for us. All of these jobs want me, so that they don't have to be there. I can't do it all. I do, do it all. But I am not the owner and feel restrained. I have a vision for a child care centre. Above and beyond a 'normal' place. So I dunno. We'll see. Then we came home. Watched tv in bed.

Today we woke up about 8:30am (early!) then ate cereal (lol) and began cleaning. I love when Fabe is off to help clean. LOVE it. So he did a bathroom, I did one. So we are done the upstairs and he is working on the main floor while I let the floors dry (lol, what? They are drying!!!) Then we are going to get ready and go out somewhere for a while.

I finally mailed his passort renewal last night. It will be there tomorrow. As long as its here by April 1st then its all good. I am getting really excited for Vegas...everyone is assuming that we are going there to get married...but we aren't. Its not planned that way. If it happens that way then we'll go from there. Honestly, we are planning to rent a hall this summer and do something VERY simple (no gift, donations to CF foundation) and thats it, just party. But if we get married there then we will still do a reception thingy. We'll see!!!!!

Well I think the floors are dry. So better go :)


Thursday, February 01, 2007

School Skipping...

Today I decided to keep the kids home from school. They both have been battling colds. Kennedy went to the dr's yesturday as she was up the night before coughing and puking. Total asthma attack :( Anyhow, the dr's put her on Prednisone and a new nebulizer treatment and wow, what a difference. So anyhow, I slept in (knew we were going to school today) and we got up and relaxed. Kennedy had her treatments. Mack enjoyed tv in the am, all of the shows he misses while he is at school. The livingroom is horrible right now, as you can see (lol) I have spent waaaay too much time of the computer. BUT, as you can see from the clothing pictures I purged a little today and got rid of those clothes that Mack has been keeping in his closet. I am so happy that I have sold all of it, as of now :) Yeah! Now I have to go through Kennedys stuff. Its crazy! My kids have waaaaaaaaay too many clothes!
But yeah. It was a great day. Tongiht the kids are going to sleep at my mommy's house and they are heading to Fort Mac (on the bus, the roads are too bad!) with my mom tomorrow. Fabe is off this weekend, and it will be great to have it all alone. Mack is unsure if he is going, Kennedy is looking so forward to it...she can't wait and has been counting down the day until she leaves. I was worried that she was going to be so sick and not beable to go..but the meds have calmed her asthma sooooo much I can't get over it :)

My girls night...

At my friend, Lisa house. This is who I am going to Vegas with and Patty (red shirt) the 3 couples, we are all going together. I am super excited.

Lisa does pedicures and we did hand treatments at her house, us girls. Perrafin wax treatments. It was super fun :)

My ring!

Ok yucky pinky paint, but I loooooove my ring so much !


So since I have been missing summer so much I have been buying flowers, weekly for myself...to brighten up my kitchen...I love flowers. I never really loved them all of the time tho. In the past few years, is when I have really taken a liking to them. They DO make a difference having them around. In a perfect world, I will have flowers in each bathroom, bedrooms and throughout the house. I really, love them. Its been a while since Fabe has bought me some...I just buy them for myself. When the same ppl come over they are like "these are still alive?" I say "no these are new ones!" ppl think that I am crazy. But oh well. And they are super cheap and brighten me up so ohhh well. I love waking up to them in the early morning when I go down to prepare for my day...they are there and so lovely!

Messing around with my camera...

I take pretty basic pics with my camera and surely am unaware of all of its capabilities. So, once in a while I feel so inspired to read about it. This is the box from my camera. Decided to play around with it. I have so much to learn about it. But I am not really in a rush to do so. I was reading in my bedroom in bed one night and felt the need to take some pics around my room of things...lol. weird, I know. I need to go to the free 1 hour session that I get, when I bought my camera. I know NOTHING about it...except Auto mode and what button to press. I love my camera tho. And the new lens that Fabe bought me is UNreal :)

My walk...

I was so inspired to go for a walk with Bandit the other day. So I did so with my camera as well. I miss taking pics, which I do more so in the summer. But I walked right down 23 ave to the newest phase which is opened. I can't wait for summer, we will have endless biking places to choose from. I miss summer so much. I can't wait to take the dog to the dog park, the kids on adventures around the city. I plan to take off more time this year, the poor kids were everywhere last summer, so busy. I felt like I hardly had them. SO, my plan so far is to work hard while there are in school,
plus I registered them for the bus (they have been bugging me forever to take it) but as of Feb 1st they start the bus now. Which adds 30 mins to school and back from school...so I can work a little longer. We will see how long they want to ride the bus for. In July I plan to work either half days or 2-3 days a week. Thats it. That WAS our original agreement. Plus in August we will be in Flordia for almost 2 weeks. So yeah.