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Sunday, August 22, 2010

On a mini-vacation...

I might try to blog, we'll see!

I'm heading on a minivacation with Kennedy and her friend until Wednesday evening.

It will be to an outdoor amuzement park and a wonderful Zoo!

We are looking forward to a hotel, no cleaning and swimming time!

Have a great few days.

I will be back to blogging my Meal planning...so ensure to come back :o)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today I'm very tired. I have been taking Melatonin to help with 'back to school' and getting back into a 'normal' sleep cycle. But I think its cutting into my next day so I'm done taking it now I think. I have been dragging my feet like crazy today, so not like me. Plus not being able to get outside to walk or anything, I'm not use to being stuck in my house all day (the smoke-see below!) So today Baby E and I just hung out in the house, in the basement really. We did lunch and a snack...there was no way she was going down for a nap today as she came late (noon) and left at 3:45pm. Tomorrow she will be here all day (8-4pm) that will be different for me as we don't have long days usually but thats okay. Not too sure what we will do...probably indoor stuff again.

I wish I can say I was productive today. I made beds, put away the clean dishes, prepared for tonights supper, made a loaf of bread and did 2 loads of laundry...but I really wasn't as productive as usual. I'm planning on going to bed early tonight and tomorrow I will have more energy!

Not too much this weekend for plans...

Friday night-not sure yet.
Saturday- 1st Aide (Fabe and I)
evening- BBQ at a friends house
Sunday-Not much...Kennedy comes home :o)
Monday-Kennedy and I are planning a road trip with a friend and her boys...for 2 nights...

I can't believe back to (hell) school is in less then 2 weeks already! I'm so sad...life is so simple with the kids being at home all day no rushing around, no hussle and bussle of activity just calm and simple...

Oh well, such is life.

Smoke in the City!

Sadly, fires in B.C are out of control

(wildfires)...and today the smoke in Alberta is horrible. I can't imagine it in BC...this scares me for Kennedy with her CF. Not a good thing, forsure for her. The worst thing is, she is with my mom up north and outside pretty much all day...thankfully she has her puffers and I have been calling to ensure she takes them. I worry about her lungs...

The sky is just a bright yellow color. No clouds-no nothing. Sun is a big yellow/orange hazey ball in the sky. Its pretty bad. There are air quality warnings issued now...

The photo I posted is in front of our street and usually I can see clearly behind the houses in the end there, there is a road and more houses...I can't see anything past those houses...

Day 2 of Meal Planning: Chicken Hurry!

Chicken Hurry...

My plate of supper...no rice for moi.

I found this recipe online I believe and it turned out excellent. I used brown sugar splenda and it turned out wonderful still...I chose to swap it for 'real' sugar just as a better choice for the family. Fabe was a little hesitant as he isn't a fan of 'sweet' stuff but with the package of Onion Soup mix it turned out soooo yummy! We had it with mixed medley vegetable rice and green salad. Forsure a keeper for a recipe in our house..and sooooo fast and easy!

Good Mail Day!

I absolutely LOVE Better Homes and Gardens magazine! I was thrilled today when I checked the mail and it was in there :o) I look forward tonight to relaxing with a cup of tea and indulging myself in it.


I have been using my bread machine for the past few days, and I'm loving it. Before the fire, we used ours alot. Then, we replaced ours with a new one and we didn't open the box as I didn't feel like doing it in the rental house. Now, I love it again! I plan to make my bread as much as possible now...I did a loaf yesturday and another one today. My little baking section (on my counter top) is filling up quickly with homemade bread and muffins. Too bad I'm eating healthy (this week) and choose not to eat it. Oh well, I love to see the family enjoy it anyhow...and at least I get to enjoy the yummy fresh bread smell :o)))

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today I had Miss E for a whole whopping 2 hours. Still, we managed to meet a friend at McD's for some play time (and a pop/apple juice), changed a poopy diaper and walked out front of the house for a while...yes-all in 2 hours!

I grocery shopped this morning (after my meal planning-see below!)

Fabe got home at 4pm...Mack was at the skate park with friends BMX'ing for the afternoon. We had supper, I washed up and the my boys (Mack and Fabe) headed out for football.

Bandit and I are laying here on the bed...I'm going to take him for a walk...charge my Ipod first!

Tomorrow, Baby E is coming at noon. We will hit the park and do our walk in the afternoon. Friday she is here all day...again, not sure what we will be doing but something to 'kill' the whole day together...we still have to do the library so it might be a good day to go then.

We aren't heading to the lake this weekend...Fabe and I both need to take First Aid for our foster care preparation. Our 'checks' (Criminal record and Child Welfare) have expired so we had to get new ones, so we are awaiting that and our 1st Aide then we will get licensed. We have too really start thinking of an age...just not sure still.

I spoke with Kennedy a few times so far, she is doing good.

Thats about it :o)

My BIG project..

So, many months ago I did meal planning. It made my life WAY easier when I had it actively going. Then I stopped. Why. I don't know...but since then its the SAME battle 'what to make for supper'...its very annoying and just adds additional worry to all of the things that needs to be accomplished. Today I did it. I took a pile of my favorite books (traditional cooking with oven and slowcooker recipes) and I headed up to the loft by the printer/copier and I picked out family friendly recipes and photo copied them...
This is how I did it:
1) Gather your favorite recipe books.
2) Find a comfy spot, by a printer/copier
3) Find recipes that you know your family will enjoy (and you know its an recipe you will actually do!)
4) Copy them out of the recipe book
5) Write out a week of recipes (Meat, side dish and a veggie) (day 1, 2, 3,etc up to day 7-or more!)
6) Write down the groceries you will need (forsure pantry stuff, frozen items, etc)
7) Go shopping.
8) Be prepared to look at whats for supper VS. WORRY about whats for supper...
I left the parishables (fresh buns, fresh veggies, etc) for a shop before the recipe...since we have to do the usual grocery shop for bread, milks, etc.
I look forward to being able to LOOK at my sheet each day/night and preparing what I can the night before (slowcooker stuff) so that come supper times, its a smooth transition rather then how its been: stressful.
So I have Week 1 complete. My groceries are bought, pantry is stocked and my recipes are posted in the pantry on the bulletion boards. I'm ready...
Today, since feeling so inspired I made a new recipe. It turned out really good. It was a perfect day since Mack has football tonight so it was a simple yet filling supper. I made corn for the side dish along with a fresh salad.
I have taken a photo of the recipe just in case anyone out there wants it...it got great reviews from Fabe and Mack. We added a blob of Sour Cream on the top to finish it off.

Cute Bubbles!

I found these bubbles at Winners

for Kennedys room. They dont't really 'match' her room colors but they definetely work in her room. Above her desk is where I decided to stick them...hopefully they last longer then her butterflies from Avon that I bought for her walls. I have stuck those silly butterflies on her walls numerous times now, its been pretty annoying...even double sided tape a few times...I hope these last. I also stuck some to her white full length mirror for an extra touch...as it was pretty 'boring' before...

Kitchen Happenings...

I made some yummy carrot muffins for Fabe and Mack. Fabe is able to eat these as they don't contain any nut products. He likes to take them to work in his lunches. I like that Mack enjoys them as he is not a 'veggie' lover at all. Its perfect for him...
I like this muffin tin that is square along with the square liners-kinda makes them a little more fun to eat :o)
We had spaghetti (before my meal planning) as I was struggling 'what to make' it was a simple and quick fixing but it worked...but I look forward to my meal planning again..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Tuesday.

Today was a busy day so far. Yesturday was *very* busy spending 8 hours cleaning. I didn't have Miss E and Kennedy is away with my mom for the week so I have been taking the opportunity to clean and just do the things we normally don't get to do. It was crazy spending that amount of time cleaning, but it had to be done. And now, I can enjoy the benefit of a clean house this week. Plus, we had brought back all of our trailer bedding this weekend so I had all of that to wash on top of all of our camping laundry PLUS the regular laundry so it was a complete laundry day...it was all done and now it feels so good. I did all of the bathrooms (4) and even managed to vacuum the whole house. Anyhow, you got the point; it was busy.

Rikki has been with us for a few days while my mom is at the cabin so I have to drive her to her camp, about 45 mins from here. Mack has an ortho appt this evening so Fabe will go one way and I will go another...

Tomorrow, I have Baby E for a few hours. We will go to the library and take back our books and get some new ones. We have been doing some good crafts and neat things together.

Last night, I took Mack out for supper. We rarely get any 'mom and son' time as he is so much older now and its not too cool to hang with your mom at his age-so I made him come. And we had a really good time. It was so nice for us...I missed him-as funny as that sounds. We will have to do it way more often...him and I.
The kids are getting ready for back to school. Kennedy has her supplies all ready to go, her clothes purchased and her supplies labelled. Mack has his supplies, runners, some clothing but he still needs some new clothes. We are hoping to get them this week.
I'm thinking of taking the kids to Calgary next week for a few days to do the Zoo and Calaway Park...not sure yet. I don't have Baby E Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so we will see.

Around the house...

< Loft area...

(below) Kennedys room...

< Laundry room...

our bath-
Around our house...trying to include more photos of the house. I'm still very much in love with our house.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well my sister and her family got in last night fairly late. We chatted for a while then went off to bed. Well, Kennedy slept with us..and it was a horrible horrible sleep. Today, I got Kennedy off to daycamp...tidied up the kitchen and mainfloor. My sister and the kids left for their journey home. I tried to work in my craft room a but to organize it...its scary in there. Today was a really dreary day. Raining, cloudy and dark. It really does affect your mood because I felt like doing nothing. But I knew the bedding had to be washed from our guests. Plus, we are heading to the lake tomrorrow for the weekend so that requires someone (aka-me!) packing everyone up. On top of that, Kennedy is leaving for a week so I really had to pack her up as well. Miss E was here today until almost 4 from noon, so she kept me busy. Then she left, I grabbed Kennedy from daycamp and came home to my mom visiting. We visited. My friend stopped by with her 4 children..(her new 4 month old foster baby girl!) so we all visited then everyone left. We ate. Cleaned up. Fabe and Kennedy ran out. Mack and his friend came home. House is pretty tidy...

Tomorrow should look like this:

*Get Kennedy off to camp
*make beds, clean upstairs
*wipe down bathrooms
*make sure Kennedy is completely packed (bags ready to go)
*pack our bags for camping, put in van/truck/whatever

Miss E arrives at noon:

*run to groceries
*play in basement with E for the rest of the afternoon...do our craft for the week.

She leaves. Fabe's home. We leave.

Hopefully it all goes as planned :o)

Some things from around the house...

My craft room...this is a 'before' shot...and the 'after' one will come soon...I hope (**Sigh**)

Laundry room, top shelf!

Old lovely dresser from Goodwil

The blue room is our spare room..but soon it will be a new member of our family's room. It was Macks room originally but then he changed his mind last minute and went to the spare room downstairs and left us with this lovely BLUE room. We aren't sure what age/sex of a child we will 'get' so once we know...it will be made accordingly so. For now its Miss E's sleeping area...spare room...Kennedys extra closet space...etc...

Time for a rug!

The dark floors in the house are super beautiful (when clean!) however I have been struggling with that. To be honest, had I know how HORRIBLE they would be to keep looking even half-decent I would have NOT gone so dark. Between the dust and footprints (pawprints too!) they are next to impossible to keep looking nice. When they are clean: WOW. But thats not too often.

So while at Costco last night, I picked up a nice shag off white rug. Its actually the same carpet as the house but our carpet is beige and not off white. I'm hoping it will help to keep it looking better...and less spaces to clean :o)

Plus, in the winter it will feel cozier...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today I don't have little E until 2:30-3:45pm so I have taken up the opportunity to get everything done that I needed to get done...today I did:

*Got Kennedy off to camp
*Went to childrens services to drop off our CWIS checks
*Went to police station to get a Crim-check form
*Went to the bank to get a 50.00 draft for the Crim-Check
*Went to Dollarama to buy stuff (off my list)...including Kennedys activity bags (post about it tomorrow)
*Went home, unpacked everything...did a quick clean of the house...turned dishwasher on, etc...
*Met my old business partner at the bank to close our daycare account and close the visas..
*Carwash-outside wash
*Home-totally cleaned inside of van and (finally) vacuumed it.
*Cleaned the garage up a bit, organized it out there...
*Put away the contents in the house from the van and garage (eye roll) Some items including (DS games, sweaters, socks, dog bone, books, numerous coins, etc)
*Updated facebook and blog (hehe!)

In 15 mins little E will arrive, we will pack up and head to a walk, feed the ducks at the ravine and play at the park...she will leave 1.5 hours later and I will begin supper and Mack has football. My sister and her family will stop over on their way back up north...for a night.

Busy but I really do love being at home and able to get the stuff done...


I use to buy myself flowers all of the time, but haven't since we have been so busy with moving and what not. I spotted these beautiful sunflowers at the grocery store-and HAD to buy them. They were a great steal at 5 stems for 3.99! Love them..they brighten up the whole kitchen...feels so lovely with flowers in the home!

Some house shots!

Living Room...


dining room...

Some updated shots of the house...I haven't posted any for so long as...well, I haven't blogged forever. I will post more but don't want to do it all now...have to keep something to blog about :o)

New things/Old things...

< Rose balls brand new in package (originally from Linens and Things) 1.99 from Goodwill. Placed in this cute little red bowl (Goodwill 0.99!)

(Below) the red children's wicker chair from Goodwill-3.99

The chair at my front entrance...cute little black crow pillow from eBay!
I bought this cute little wicker chair for children...it was 3.99 (a great steal!) so I grabbed it. I didn't like the reddish color it came in so I visioned it at the front entrance in off white. I'm really loving the crispness of off white in contrast with my dark floors/accents. I do have to switch to another color...just have to find it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well today was a longer then usual day as Miss E (Baby E) arrived earlier then normal (at 8:30am) but that didn't stop us! We hit Goodwill at 9am and bought some things (the CUTEST little wicker chair that I will be refinishing!)...then we were going to meet a friend at Let's Play for a playdate but busses with children (and lots of them!) arrived so we decided to do a park instead. I grabbed us coffees and we were there for a a few hours...came home, did lunch put her to nap for 2 hours and cleaned. She woke up, we painted sun, birds and just a piece of paper-cleaned up and headed downstairs to play until dad came at 3:30pm. Pretty easy day. Kennedy is in daycamp this week. Mack was at his friends house but Fabe took him to his dentist appt. He got a procedure today where they laser off the skin between his 2 front teeth. That tissue stopped his teeth from growing together, and should have been snipped as a young(er) child...needless to say (and thousands later) he has braces on and coming off soon..so they wanted it snipped first. He's fine though..a little sore.

Mack has football tonight. Kennedys packing up for her field trip tomorrow. I have baby E at noon tomorrow. Not sure what we will do, maybe a different park but something outside forsure.

Tomorrow my sister and her family are having a stop over at my house as they make their way up to Fort Mac from Calgary.

Fabe is starting a new contract (not new job, same place but new job) and its pretty neat as I never even knew Edmonton was building a new one!!!!! Its a 3 year project!

And thats about it...

Stormy skies!

This year has had its fair share of storms, but it doesn't feel like its been 'really' bad or anything...these photos were taken a while back. Now with the balcony over the garage (off our room) I LOVE watching the skies out there now...on my sitting chair. I just noticed the lightening in the photo, neat!

This is what your TV could look like!

Not even a year old-our living room tv is already going...wow!
We are NOT a tv-watching-kind-of-family-at-all and its rarely even on..and its going going going...almost gone. Thankfully Samsung will fix it but its quite the hassle...

Some things from around the house...

The desk getting ready for delivery...check out the before shots of it...


Well this summer I have taken a very keen liking to altering some 'things'. Now when I go second-hand shopping I see things that are filled of potential. But I knew that I had things hanging around this house that have potential as well. And really, why buy more things when I already have stuff around here?

I bought an awesome painted photo from Goodwill a year ago with a yucky colored frame. I simply sprayed it down to another color more suitable and its perfect now. You will see the green crib. Well that was mine from when I was a little girl, actually it started off as my sisters play crib when I was a baby but I have actually slept in it when I was a baby...it was in the garage when our fire happened and luckily it wasn't too badly burnt, it was covered it smoke and showed signs of being in a housefire but didn't actually 'burn'. Anyhow, I sanded it and painted it with this LOVELY green of Martha Stewart paint and it looks brand new, it now is in my basement for Baby E to play with with her dollies. It will be passed along to Kennedy next...

Then the pine table I bought, which has a matching sofa table (not done it yet)..I LOVE love love the look of the off white-so shabby chic! Sadly, I have NO place for these in my house so I will have to get rid of them but I simply LOVE them...

But by far, my most time consuming task has been a desk that I got off Kijiji for 20.00. It was a white old (yucky) desk. It had shelf liner on the top of it so when I peeled it off I was greeted with a horrible top...it required ALOT of sanding..finally I finished it off with the same Martha paint as the green crib and sprayed the hardware with purple glitter spray...check out the photos! I was very proud of this desk. I didn't have anything to do with it, so I gifted my friend's daughter with it for her new room along with new bedding and decals for the wall to match...

I'm looking forward to doing some chairs (again, not sure where they will go) but I bought myself a purple Debbie Travis staple gun and I look forward to doing some chairs with funky materials. I may even get brave enough and do my own dining chairs as the WHITE (who puts WHILE material on chairs anyhow!?) is very worn...we'll see!