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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Entrance Way from 2nd storey...

Well I am *almost* done. It seems the more I get done: the more I have to do.
I have a few small things left to purchase then I will offically done. Its mainly running around to get gift cards for my Uncle and a friend. Some scratch tickets to finish off my dads gift...things like that. I have an order at Sears to pick up. And, thats about it. The trees are done...1 in the kitchen (pictures to come) and the other in the basement (you can see it in the playroom)...
I'm still not feeling "the mood" yet...hopefully soon.
I have yet to arrange the teachers gifts with their cards.
We have Kennedys party on Sunday.
So thats pretty much our Christmas update!

Snow Day!

Today I had big plans to do some deep cleaning around here...

1) Clean/dust the bannisters

2) Wipe down baseboards

3) Spot wipe windows in each room

BUT, I didn't do any of it. I super cleaned the house yesturday and planned to do the deeper cleaning but, I didn't. I did wrap the rest of the gifts, checked my Christmas lists (compiled a new 'to do' list for Christmas)...and I'm still in my jammies. The kids will be home right away (its 3pm)
Oh well, its nice sometimes to do pretty much nothing.


Cafe O Play (above)

Our playroom (below)...

We checked out a new place http://www.cafeoplay.ca/ its the BEST place EVER!

Its a coffee shop...with an indoor playarea! Its so nice to sit and enjoy the kids playing while being able to sip on a latte (which they make the BEST ones ever!)...its so clean! We will be going there often!



I LOVE my friend, Patti's cakes. Its amazing her work...

She is on facebook...at PattyCakes

You should look at her Xbox cake, its awesome!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Back at it again...

I know...bad bad blogger. But I figure I have come 'this' far and now I need to continue blogging. For many reasons, but the one that always strikes me is when I'm out somewhere or something happens in a day I think how much it would be neat to blog about it. My goal for 2011 is to blog on a regular basis again. I enjoy it. And, I LOVE reading other peoples blogs.

As for an update. We are busy around here. We are back on the bed list for another foster daughter. This time, we are interested in a longer term placement. The short lived placement, was too hard on all of us. So we have decided a longer term placement is better for us. We have been on the bedlist for 2 weeks now. Should be anytime now...exciting! We have asked for a little girl (1 this time)...between the ages of 6-9. A little girl because, the room is directly across from Kennedys room and she isn't comfortable with a boy being 'right' there. Plus, Kennedy is the youngest child and her and I hang out more often (since Mack is 14 year old, and well...that explains it all) I vision a girl that we can hang out with too. I pray and cross all crossables that we will find a match. We told them, we are not in a rush...at all, so try to match as best as they can! I'm excited! The room needs MAJOR work for a little girl (being the room is BLUE as it was suppose to be Macks room then he decided to move to the basement last minute) but I'm not going to go crazy or anything...as I want HER to pick out HER bedding. We need a bedroom suite for in there forsure though...

I have added in some extra kids to my daytime...Baby E's mom was quite concerned about her being the only one, she put her into care for the reason of having her socialized and while I did do playgroups,etc..so another young mom has a Baby A (both same names, just spelled differently...SO weird!)...anyhow...she needed care the EXACT same hours but rather then 3 days a week like Baby E its 5 days. Which is fine by me, I was actually spending money all day anyhow. BUT, Baby A has a sister who needs care 1 week one, 1 week at dads (off). Just 2 weeks a month. I figured 'why not'. So I have taken them on. And thats ALL (lol). Its soooo enjoyable the 2 little ones...so cute! The sister, Big Girl C is almost 4. She is at a nice age, plays and watches TV on quiet time. I was worried about naptime as thats 'my' time to clean the kitchen from lunch, throw laundry in, etc,etc..but as it turns out=she still naps :o) Perfect so far.

So, this week is without C. Today was both babies, it was busy but fun! We got a few crafts in, a big walk and lots of play! I love not having to leave the house...not sure I will watch peoples kids forever but right now, its really working for me. I love being able to have supper going, snacks ready for the kids afterschool and having the option to stay home. While Kennedy is 10 years old, she isn't comfortable with staying home alone. So, with a job out of the house...I have to worry about before/afterschool care. I think maybe by September she will be ready to come home alone. And, thats just a good time to go back to work. Mind you, if a position came up and I was really interested in it: I would apply.

The kids are doing good. They had their report cards, they are both doing well. Mack got his learners license for driving (scary!)...so I have been taking him out a few times a week. Kennedy is hosting her first Christmas party on Sunday here for 13 of her closest friends...she is hoping to make it an annual event!

I was done my Christmas shopping early this year: Thank God! It still feels like its a long ways away, but I know its under 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to 10 days off :o) 10 days of sleeping in and spending LOTS of time with my children :o)

Other then that, things are good. I will get some photos going right away!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Well Hello...

Yes, its been a long time. Things have been busy-like everyone else. But I failed and neglected my blog. But I'm back!

So the 2 little girls have come and left. They required someone to take in the infant brother but there was no way that we could-with staying sane at the same time...so they found a home for all of them faster then they thought. It was an interested few weeks with them around, but they will be happy with their baby brother.

We are all packed up from camping, for another year=how depressing.

We went to Vegas at the end of Sept. just Fabe and I (along with 2 other couples). We had an EXCELLENT time..the weather was perfect!

I'm still keenly doing my meal planning, what a life saver it has been for me. So helpful!

The kids are good and healthy.

I'm still at home, watching Baby E 3x's a week...we keep busy on her days here.

My friend had her baby Drayden, I was with her when he was born. Absolutely beautiful baby, our newest Godson...

As for fostering, we will plunge back into it in the new year we are hoping/thinking.

Nothing much else to report, really.


YES, it IS snow...

And lots of it.


So I stayed in HERE alllllll day long today :o)

Kennedy was happy with the snowfall. Mack, not so much...

The Lake...

So, my favorite place to hang is put to rest until the spring! We moved lots this September after an incident with the campground...they 'accidently' rented out our lot but all is good. We got a HUGE lot with WAY more privacy and 900.00 cheaper a year (score) so we happily moved. While we aren't overlooking the lake anymore (and 5 other people) we have an older mature lot with TONS of huge trees...I can't wait to set it all up next year! This really is my favorite place to be. The first photo is of the crest that we take off the highway and 'bam' we are offically 'there'. Its so beautiful in the summer..the boats in the way. Its instantly relaxing when you arrive here...

Our road...
Our new lot

looks bare now, but in the summer its full of trees

The back of the lot

Cattle Drive...

It was really neat seeing this going down the highway. Things like this is what makes me appreicate being in the middle of nowhere...it was quite cool!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sorry no blog updates..life is busy busy busy then EVER.

We have 2 new littles ones in our home.

Yes, 2!


A 2 year old and a 5 year (girls!).

They are a delight but wow, I`m adjusting to it, well-lets just say I`m really struggling with my new life.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

Welcome Home, Neighbors...Welcome Home!

Since our devastating fire (see Nov. 2008) our neighbors have been out of them home as well. Like us, their home was completely destroyed too. Well today, like hours away they get the keys to their brand new beautiful home! I'm so happy for them...the workers have been out doing the last minute things like power washing their house, etc and they are ready. I'm so thrilled to have our neighbors back...afterall they were our neighbors for 4 years before the fire. Their daughter is so excited to be home too. I just remember the day (See March 2010) when we got our keys to this house...it was amazing. We are blessed to live in an amazing neighborhood with amazing neighbors and being back here has been the best feeling. I am happy that they will be feeling that way too...they deserve this after a very long road of rebuilding their lives after a major loss...

My Thursday.

Wow, clean house :o)

Today and yesturday I have been cleaning like a madwoman. Its done now, and its noon! Plus I hung photos (see below) have supper thawing, bread baking and Kennedys bedding washed. Todays a good day! This allows me to go to the grocery store and get what I need and *maybe* enjoy a movie all alone while the kids are in school-oh wait, its early day (scratch that!). Tomorrow, I have a busy day. Baby E is here bright and early at 8am until 4pm. I will have a quick tidy in the morning then at 10am an offical from Children's Services will be coming to hopefully approve my house for fostering. Then, we will head out as its suppose to be a beautiful day...all the while while trying to prepare for heading to the lake for the long weekend! I hope the weather holds up for us, or it might be the last weekend of camping for us!

The kids are settling back to school great!

Nothing much new...meal planning is still awesome and making my life easier!

Hanging artwork!

Today I took the plunge (and marked it off my 'to do' list) and hung some artwork in the basement. We have had a pile of photos sitting for the past 6 months in the basement and since Fabian FINALLY dealt with the 'pile' of stuff in the basement (marked that off the list too!) I decided to do it today. I'm so happy with the pictures so far. We need a few more for down there (living area, Macks room and his bathroom) but so far=so good! It sure makes a house feeling lived in when the walls have stuff on it. Fabian will be impressed that I did it too...I *tried* to hang up the mirror for the front entrance with no such luck though, I will have to wait for Fabian for that one...otherwise, the house is really coming together!!!!


I have been LOVING my bread machine lately. Maybe because its been fall-ish outside or something but I have been loving it. I bake a loaf a day, I try to have it so its done when the supper is done so my family can enjoy it with their dinner. Today, my mom and uncle are stopping by therefore I'm baking 2 loafs today-one for each of them. I really do love the smell of the homemade bread in the house, sure makes a home feel homey :o)

Lists lists lists...

I have tried to figure out ways to keep track of the groceries we need; but its been a great challenge for me. I bought the Smart Shopper, which is awesome you record what you need and the items comes up...its itemizes into categories of a grocery store (Dairy, dry goods, produce, meats, etc) and you press print and it prints off a list for you to take to the store. Its good because you can add things and record new things. But I still to my old ways; good ole paper and pen...and a dry erase board...we have 3 lists going at a time...crazy!
What do YOU do?

some photos of the pantry...

Pantry...This is the MOST favorite part of the house for me still! I absolutley LOVE my panrty...its so huge and perfect for us. I worried when we built this house that I would regret taking space from my scrapbooking room to make the pantry bigger-but I have not wished for my scrapbooking room to be bigger or my pantry smaller...its just right for us!

Sights of My Mornings...

Tv on, country music

My calendar and 'organization' station-but not very organized at all!

Chicken thawing for tonights (meal planning) supper...

Kennedys lunch kit, all packed up ...

My coffee maker...ready to go!

Bandit enjoying the sun peering through the windows...

Sun sun sun...oh how I love thee!

Bandit still enjoying the morning...

My scrapbooking room, cleaned and cheery to look at!

Canadian Family!

This magazine is a great one-I love that its Canadian and the resources and ads actually pertain to us :o)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tonights supper...

Yummy meatloaf!

I took a slice of it, considering its not 'that' bad-the 'worst' part of it is the tomato soup for me and the bread crumbs. But 1 slice isn't going to kill me-I had it with cauliflower. It was a great supper! Kennedy took the photos for me today..it was a nice recipe and very very simple!

Beautiful moon!

The moon was just beautiful on our way back from Calgary! I had to shoot it, even though the car was moving (My friend was driving!)...