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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sorry its been such a long time. Life has been super busy this past week. And I have actually typed up a few times to update and then Kennedy comes on here and instead of saving it, she goes to another page. So yeah...

the lady that was talking about me, never showed up to work on Monday. It was a blessing because our best old staff came back. She was super awesome but she is only here for the summer. But hey, thats better then nothing. She worked in the exact same room where we had an opening. Perfect!

Fabe quit his job with Shaw. Found himself another position, same pay. No evenings or weekends. How can we loose out from that? He is done May 2nd with Shaw...after 8 years of working there.

I can't wait until the end of June...

Today is Kennedy's birthday and she is now 8 years old. We are heading to a hotel for a party for her, with a pool today. She has close to 20 kids coming.

I lost 4.2 pounds this week and still going strong. Hoping for a nice loss again. I can feel my tummy going down already :o) Always a good thing!

I have been walking 30 mins a day when possible...and I actually 'crave' going for a walk now...yeah!

I love the sunny weather that is forcasted...

Kennedy is having a Hannah Montanna theme party. I bought a ton of stuff off Ebay for her decorations.

Hmmmm, we are looking very forward to weekends with Fabe and evenings...we have NEVER had it. Its going to be such a big change. The only 'poopy' thing is he has to go out of town (Calgary) for training for 2 weeks, home on the weekends. Its crappy because it falls in the same time that Amanda is due...oh oh!

Amanda is due in 3 weeks now. She is on her way over here so I will ask her for another pic. She goes Friday for another ultrasound as the baby is still really little and she is measuring little still..but she is gaining weight. She goes weekly to her appts now...pretty soon!

Mack hasn't had anything written in his agenda all week (lol) normally its "Past Due in Math", etc. He DOES the homework but lacks the skills of bringing them back to hand it...or leaves it in his backpack...silly really.

And yeah, thats about it.

I better go as we are leaving in just over an hour now...

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, April 17, 2008


Its been a hard week for me. First of all, I started WW on Monday but I actually join tonight with a group of ladies...I am really motivated again and anytime I am thinking about cheating I tell myself "I am in control"...thats all I lack. Is self control. Its not like I am a huge eater or eat, eat, eat but I do eat the wrong things when I do eat. It takes some planning and being prepared for situations. Anyhow, I just really wanna do this..(again).

Tuesday, I had a mental breakdown. I overhead 2 staff bashing me...and I confronted them about it...I didn't appreciate it at all. I was really hurt as this is a staff who I have done nothing but advocate for her. I mean, I really have pushed for stuff for her (sick days, mental health days, etc) I was just shocked...hurt. I left work in tears and broke down in my car...then realized that I left my purse in the centre (lol) and had to go back in. I'm not a crier..but I do get hurt feelings especially when I have done nothing but invest tears, blood and sweat into the centre. And to hear how she talked about me, was a real shocker. I told her to talk about me, bitch about me...but just remember what I have done for her...I was So so so upset...I let work early...Then Wednesday, Kennedy had an appt and I didn't want to go to work in the morning for only a few hours...so I told them that I wouldn't be in...I had a nice day off. Her appt was super good. She had a test Pulm Lung Function test done and what the do is get her to breathe fast into the machines and stuff and go from there...then they give them ventolin and see if it improves but the R.T said that because her lungs are already in such good shape (yeah!) there was no difference in the output...he said normally developing lungs for an 8 year old child...wowzers! But she said that she has been having issues with her breathing being tight in gym class and outside runing around...again, I think it is her asthma. Her puffer is low at school so I will be sending new ones there. For pulmacourt she got a turbo inhaler. Its soooo nice not doing the nebulizer every time. The inhalhers have been so much easier and better :o)

Today, I am leaving at 2:30pm. I have a roast and potatoes and veggies all ready to go. I just have to put it in the oven. Love that. I love Thursdays when its early days! Also, Kennedys new Catholic School next year will be getting out at noon on Thursdays so I might just not even bother working Thursdays in the fall.

I keep dreaming about the fun in summer with the kids. I just can't wait! Only 2.5 months left of working...yeah!!!!

Tonight I will weigh in..how depressing is that...I always look back at my old WW book and wow...did I get my wieght down fast...and low...I would be sooo happy to go back to that weight...and pull the tote of small clothes out again...and put the fat ones away (again!)

I have been walking every night too. It has been helping me...when I get stressed out or 'down' I just make sure to get out and walk....makes a world of difference...

Well I better go...only 25mins more of work!!!!


Monday, April 14, 2008


It was H-A-R-D for me to wake up today. After all of the sun and beautiful weekend weather. Ugh. Mack wasn't feeling well at school so fabe (who is off) went and got him. Today I bought a bunch of Hannah Montanna Stuff for Kennedy for her b-day party which is at the end of the month. She will be 8 years old! Just crazy! I bought alot of stuff...plates, napkins, cupcake stakes, compact mirrors for loot bags, balloons, banners, etc...pretty cool stuff. And really, where her party is at it will be like 100.00 then plus the stuff maybe 200.00 so that not bad. I owe her good as the one year she had gallbladder surgery she didn't have a party. Anyhow, its all such cute things and its not often that she is 'into' things.

Anyhow...work is boring. I am wearing flip flops and capris thinking it was going to be NICE out...now I look really, really dumb.

Today I started eating and couting ww points. There is a small group of us joining on Thursday (again). But I really need to loose some weight before summer. My neighbor lost 35 pds and she looks great! She looks soooo tiny now...and she still said she has 30 more to go...but still...what a difference. Even when I lost it, I was in pretty small pants...those are ALL in tubs in the basement now...its nice to know there are there when I can get back into them. Even Capris that I bought last year, in April for Vegas...they were nice size from Costco and I can't imagine getting into them now...I am wearing the capris from the summer last year...big sizes :o( But I am inspired and I know one person who I am joining with will be of great inspirtation because she did super good on it last time...but stopped to have a baby. We are going to go shopping afterwards too. Hopefully I will have as good as luck as last time and drop 30 pds in 3 months...it would be great....the summer is a little easier and especially if I am not working...I can walk alot and gets lots of fruits in. When it is nice out and I am busy, I tend to not eat so bad...but I do drink a little more in the summer (coolers, etc)...

Anyhow, better work.


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last night I totally slept like crap. I woke up at 2am. Dog barking, going crazy. Fabe got out of bed to go look. Weird and I hate when Bandit does that. Then, I woke up at 4am..feeling kinda sick to my stomach. Then, 6:37am woke up. Fabe woke up. Then at 7:30am woke up to him getting ready. Bad sleep. Ugh. But I feel okay. I am all showered and house is clean so life is good. Fabe went and picked up Mack from Nicks house at 9am. Came back, Mack ate breakfast. I packed up their lunches for quadding today and put it into a cooler. I made some muffins for them to take along. They left. Kennedy was watching tv in Mack bed. I enjoyed a muffin and the newspaper. Kennedy's friend Kaylie came over at 11am. She is here until 4pm. They are outside skipping right now. I told them I will take them to McD's for lunch and to play at the playland. I'm hoping the sun comes out soon. I was talking to my friend Ronda on the phone last night, we were talking about how great the days feel when its sunny out. It makes a world of difference. I'm happy that I shovelled the snow yesturday as its almost all gone in the back yard...yeah!!!!!

Not much else planned today...laundry while at home. Then McD's then we will wait for Kaylie to leave and then go buy the groceries for the week.

The week is pretty good. It looks like Fabe is going to take the other job...it will be SO weird having him home by supper every night...no excuse for me not to take huge long walks now...also weekends off....its going to be great!!!! He's nervous. He will be talking/meeting with the office manager of the business who did the interview and confirm some details and decide tomorrow...scary! Its a totally new job for him (a trade) but same money (or more!) and less working time...why not?

I found a trailer that I am interested in...hoping it turns out to be nice. Hoping to get ours this weekend and bring it home...get it spring cleaned and sell it :o( I'm gonna miss it. If only it had ONE more bed...

Staff meeting tomorrow night...its going to be a long long day...

But the rest of the week is not much else planned.

Better run along!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beautiful Day!

Today was a great day, in terms of weather. Well, because the weather was so nice...I had a great day. Its just a cycle.

One day, I will get some pics up here. Right now my camera is also mixed with TONS of daycare pics so I don't want to download them ALL on here...

Anyhow, today I slept in until about 10am. Amanda phoned me and woke me up. Her ultrasound went well, baby is still a girl. Head down. Thats all they told her. She sees her dr. on Wednesday so we will see from there. I can't go, which is too bad as I think that someone should go to see what they say about the size of babe. But kennedy has a CF appt that I CAN NOT cancel.

Mom came and got Kennedy and took her to Chuckie Cheese's for a while. While they were gone (Mack still at his sleepover) I decided to go in the backyard...ugh. Picked up most of the poop again...2nd Safeway grocery bag FULL of crap (lovely!)Then I picked up garbage and a broken candle holder, etc...just tidied up and put away the snowboards and sleds that were thrown back there. We still had ice and snow back there so I shovelled that up to the dry parts of the yard. Then all of the sudden (literally!) the sun came shining out. It was lovely!!!!!! So it melted the shovelled snow...there is only a tiny patch now back there and with tomorrow's weather hopefully it will be ALL gone!!!!! I laid on the trampoline absorbing the sun/heat and talked on the phone with my sister for like 45mins. Bandit was curled up on there with me. It was JUST like summer....

Then I went around front, where my neighbor Rachel was sitting watching her girls playing. So she pulled up a chair on my driveway and we chatted for a long while..Kennedy came home. Her daughter, Mackenzie and Kennedy are only 1 year apart. They played together the WHOLE day! Rachel and I chatted the WHOLE day together too. Then, our friends (neighbors) James and Tammy came over...for a few hours. We stayed out from about 1pm-8:30pm. It was great! I just love my neighborhood somedays!!!!!

I order chineese food for us. I just couldn't sit inside and cook today...I just wanted to enjoy every second of our sunny day! Mack called and asked to sleep over again.

Fabe came home. James and Fabe are taking the boys quadding for the day to Bruiderheim. Kennedy has her friend from school coming over for a few hours tomorrow. She is excited about that, she passed on going quadding.

I just packed them lunches and snacks for their quad trip. Fabe and James are out loading up the quads onto the trailers and strapping them down.

After Kennedy's friend leaves, we will go to Sobeys and get some food for the week. Fabe is off Monday and Tuesday then works Wednesday and Thursday then he is off for a week. I will be leaving him a 'to do' note (haha) like "take down the Christmas lights!" and "clean the garage" all of the stuff that he complains that he never has a chance to do! Next weekend we may go to the lake and get the trailer...so we'll see.

Anyhow, I better go.

Oh yeah, and I am lobster red!!! I have a fricking SUN BURN!!! YEAHHHHH SUMMER!!!!!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Here I sit.

I'm thinking about that little girl at my daycare. After speaking to my sister (she is a VP at an elm school) she was telling me some cases. And I just hurt for these children. Which I guess is why I can't work that field anymore. It was too 'at home'. Too hurtful. I dwell on things. I really, really do. Sometimes I wish that I was cold and didn't care about stuff. I wish that I didn't care that children get treated like crap, daily from their own parents who brought them into this life. I wish that I didn't care about the animals who get abused, daily. I just wish that for one day, I didn't care about people/things. Honestly. It sounds horrible. But I take stuff with me. I think and think about it. How they must be feeling. How sad they must be. How horrible their lives are. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Anyhow, I can't change the fact that I do care. I just want to rescue those who are being mistreated...it just is so sad that this happens. Such beautiful children out there...and animals...

*sigh* well...hopefully that helps getting it out and I can stop thinking about her...


So happy its Friday.

This week just seemed soooooo long. I'm so very happy that it is now over. My boss is back from Mexico now so I don't have to be so worried about work. This week we got so much done at work. I bought a drill and we fixed the gate, we hung all of the hooks in the cubbies. Plus we painted the toddler and preschool rooms gate and the preschool room decoated theirs and its just beautiful. The daycare is finally starting to look 'nice'. It was such a dive when I started there 2 years ago. Since then we have replaced the floor (UGLY old carpets!) with nice laminate....we have gotten rid of SO much junk and old toys. The hallway was CLUTTERED with junk and old tables and stuff before...now its nice and clean...it just looks so much better. The only thing that I hate is the old ugly carpet in the hallway...which we have to ask the OSC (out of school care owners) to split the cost and do laminate too. It would be so nice then. The todders room at my daycare is the nicest room...then the kindergarten room then the preschool room. The preschool room staff are working hard...but for some reason theirs just seems darker and smaller...but its the exact same layout and windows as the other rooms. Who knows...but I do love the changes...

What else?

Kennedy and Mack are serving their 6 detentions...and so is Tyler...the other kid involved...so hahah to his mom....

And, Rikki is here for the night. Mack is gone for a sleepover to his friends...so just Kennedy and Rikki and me tonight.

Ummmm, Fabe has a job opportunity...and I think that he is going to take it..its a trade position. He has been offered it. Same pay...company truck, tools and expenses. No weekends! And home at a decent time...so why not???? He is going to talk to the lady on Monday and decide then.

Vegas. Well our deal that we were going to go on is gone now...its still not much more but I don't know. He is going to keep his holidays....he has a week off. So if we are at home, then we will go to the lake.

Thursday night I am joining Weight Watchers again. With a few ppl off LP. Anyone else wanna join us?!?!?! I HAVE got to get on track...I would like to drop 20 pds by summer...and now I can walk long walks again with the nice weather.

Tonight I am going to clean the house so I have the weekend free.

Today I wore capris to work and sandals....it was great!!!!

Hmmmmmmm, I had a dream last night that Bandit was hit by a semi...I woke up soooo sad. In my dream, I took him to the vet. It was 1100.00 to get him seen. When I went to visit him he was doing the doggy paddle in a physio-therapy pool...they said "we have great news...he is fully recovered from being hit" and I was soo happy....then they said "but did you know he is full of cancer???" it was horrible. And I decided to take time off work to spend everyday with him until he was going to die...I didn't get that far...but I just felt sad all day thinking about it...

Thankfully it was JUST a dream.

Well anyhow...better get cleaning!


Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sooooooo tired!

Today was a brutal.

1 staff down. Really, one of the most important staff as she works 12-6pm. She closes the daycare so if she isn't there, then someone has to stay longer. Acutally ALL of the staff have to stay longer. It just screws it ALL up..like today it did.

Anyhow, I got home waaaay later then I was suppose too. But I wanted to make sure the staff got home first...as they are the ones who work way harder then I during the day...so I got off at 5pm. Stopped and got McD's for the kids, as Mack has his tutor Thursdays at 6pm. Then I had to get gas, then money to pay the tutor so I got home at 5:45pm and she was already there!!!!! She's done now...ugh. Busy!

The house is a total mess! Thank God the weekend but if its nice out then I am sure the heck not gonna wanna clean all weekend...which I WILL not be doing...so I will try to get some of the cleaning done tongiht and tomorrow night...

Today I bought grass seed and potting soil to start the repairing of the dog pee spots...

At work, I bought a drill and fixed the gate which has been broken forever in the preschool room...thats done now...and I even put a fresh coat of green on it...done...

We are thinking about escaping the city (lol, made you think about Jane!???!) and hitting Vegas next week...we'll see.

Have you ever seen a child who actually made your heart hurt? Well thats what happened today...there is a little girl at our centre. She comes from a very, very poor home. She is usually pretty dirty. Her lunch today was a mayo and bread mixture....that she half ate while away at school...then it was tossed into her lunch kit. she had a pure black banana (cut in half) for snack. Thankfully I checked her lunch (to see if anything needed to be heated up) and I found that...so I made her a lunch and made sure she got a good snack....I look at her and I see a very hurting child...she breaks my heart...we wash her jacket every week and hang it to dry outside...not only is there a smell to it...its suppose to be pink but its actually grey/brown...from being so dirty. I thought about her again while doing Kennedys laundry. Here my child, 2 years older...has so many clothes and this little girl at my work...comes in wearing dirty, dirty clothes...she *never* looks like a pretty little girl that I know she is...she breaks my heart...

To make me feel better, and hopefully her...I'm going through Kennedy's clothing. Which I have done recently...and gave to a single mom friend...but this time I won't have much to give to her...but I'm hoping to find a few things...even if they haven't outgrown Kennedy we will give them. My child has a closet full of new and beautiful clothing...this little girl has only dirty and unfitting clothing (either waaaaay to big, falling down...or very very short pants!). She is a happy little girl...a beautiful smile...



Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Busy busy busy...

The last few days have been really busy. I don't even know where the time has gone. Crazy!

Monday-I worked. I don't know how I got through it as a staff (who closes the daycare!) was sick. So we did it though! Tuesday, I had an appt at the bank at 9:30 with Fabe...again, ALL the way to the north side. We did that. Then I got to work at 11:30am and worked until 5. I was kinda annoyed when I got home, there was a letter from our neighbors mom. He and Kennedy have lots of issues and don't get along to well. Kennedy doens't take to it lightly when he teases her (about specific stuff-her hair, called her a nigger before, etc) Anyhow...he hit her on the bus yesturday...well actually he pushed her head into the seat and held her. She hit him, but Mack (who shouldn't have gotten into it) pushed him into the seat and he cried. He is in grade 4 Mack grade 6 but Kennedy grade 2. Anyhow, the bus driver talked to them. Said the same as I, Mack shouldn't have gotten into it but had Tyler not did it first to Kennedy it wouldn't have happened at all. Anyhow, a note from Tylers mom when I got home. I called her, she was okay but mad. And her dh was in the background 'blah blah blah'...didn't help. Anyhow. So I told her I will deal with it at home (which I did, I got mad at them and then I sent them to bed 1/2 hour early each). But she continued that Mack is 2 years old then Tyler, he shouldn't have done it. He's stronger, etc. But Tyler is also 2 years older then Kennedy....and stronger then her....same thing! Anyhow, she said that she is going to call the principal...which means they will all get 6 Dt's so whatever...whatever....whatever...

Anyhow. I'm at work right now. Its pretty good so far. We have had an awful sewer smell in here...thankfully its not us....even the health inspector confirmed it but still its gross! I have bought every possible air freshner. Right now, I have a candle burning...its called Glazed Pears and its soooooo yummy! Smells so good. We aren't actually suppose to have a candle burning in the centre but oh well...parents and everyone was complaining about the smell so whatever.

We are forsure buying a trailer this year. But we have decided to save some money and buy like a 2003-2007 instead of brand new...at least thats what we think today (lol!) So our little trailer will be for sale...if you know of anyone...it will be undr 5000 forsure! And last summer I did a 'pimp this trailer' overhaul on it!!! Its pretty :o)

Well, I better work.



Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm going to win the full house lottery house!!!

I bought 3 tickets today for the Full House Lottery...and don't bother buying any...because I just bought the winning ticket(s)....I will post pics of my new house in the summer!!! Stay tuned!



All showered...gettin dressed...

I'm really going to do it...



So today I will shower. (lol)

I am on the phone with my mom right now, 11:30am and they are just leaving Fort Mac...so they will be home around 5pm. So I better go have a shower and get my running around done. Yesturday I napped for 2.5 hours, I woke up at almost 11am yesturday then cleaned and then was asleep at 3pm again...until 5pm. Then, went to bed at 1am. Woke up today at 9:30am...so needless to say I have gotten LOTS of sleep this weekend. Which I *so* needed...

Anyhow, now I am just going to have a shower...go to Sobeys and get the food for the week...prepare lunches and think about suppers for the week...

Well I better go get it all done...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Even Lazier then before...

Ahhhh, I feel sooooo refreshed!
I just had a 2.5 hour nap!!!




So, last night I spend hours at the Royal Alex with Amanda. She was cramping alot last night. They checked her cervix and its already shortening and babies head is down, they are worried that her body is getting ready for labor. She measures 29 weeks and she is almost 34 weeks (Tuesday she will be 34 weeks). So she is measuring really, really little. The doctors said they would be checking her for IGR (Interuterine Growth Restriction) so hopefully HER doctor looks for it...every nurse was like "oh my goodness, you are so tiny!". But anyhow...she goes for her other ultrasound on the 11th. I sure do hope that her dr looks for this. The nurse said measuring 2 weeks up or down is 'normal' but 4-41/2 weeks off isn't okay. But because she is a tiny person anyhow, I hope/am sure that everything is fine...

Anyhow. I got home to chineese food...(Fabe was working anyhow!) and we ate it in bed...then watched tv. Fabe got up bright and early for work...I slept in until 11am~~~~ Needless to say, to find SNOW!!!!!! Yuck!

Today I did laundry and am just tidying up...guess I *will* be cleaning afterall...I will work on my assignment tomorrow....and type it up at work next week.

Well, I will report back tomorrow...or later!


No More Snow!

Should I TELL the staff to stop the spring theme and go back to winter????


And, by the way Jane! At Dollarama they have fly swatters...with bees stuck to them...so I bought a whole bunch of them so that the staff can pick the bees off and add them to the rooms...they hung them from the ceiling and now they have bees hanging around the room...So we didn't forget the bees!!!!


Friday, April 04, 2008


Love Fridays!

Today I went shopping for work and managed to spend 130.00 on Dollarama stuff....they are learning about Spring and their theme is Spring has Sprung! So I grabbed every possible butterfly and flower thing possible!

Still not sure what I am doing this weekend...

Today is my anniversary for marriage...how lovely!

Work is going by slowly now that I am back here...ugh. I should go finish my shopping!



4 things!

Tagged from Jane...

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Home Visitor
2. Foster parent
3. Waitress at a strip club in the Cromdale!!!! (HONESTLY LMAO!!!!)
4. Movie theatre

I have lived:
1. Sylvan Lake
2. Spruce Grove
3. Leduc
4. Rollyview (lol)

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Florida
2. Vegas
3. Oaklaholma (okay, Cuba... but I have been to Oaklaholma!)
4. California

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Mushroom soup meatballs
2. Rice Pudding
3. Butter Chicken
4. Spring rolls

Four friends or relatives I think will respond first: (And I will be over to check and threaten!!!! lol)
1. Monica
2. Susan
3. Dad
4. Amanda

(sending this via email too!)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Good Sleep!

Last night I finally slept good.

I was talking to Amanda for a while, she had an appt yesturday. She is now at 115 pounds! Good job Amanda! She started off at 91 pounds so she is gaining...her measurements are very little though. So she is going back for another ultrasound next week as the doctor wants to ensure that the baby is growing. Must be, if she is gaining like crazy now...(5 pounds in 2 weeks!) I think that she is just going to have a small baby and thats that. She is a very little person herself so to me, it only makes sense. But its good that her doctor is on top of things...every Tuesday she is 1 more week pregnant. So yesturday she was 33 weeks! Crazy! Why does it feel that her pregnancy has gone by faster then any of mine??????


I'm going to be calling the kids down for breakfast. Then we will leave at 8am. Spring break is really a break for parents too. Normally at this time we're madly rushing to get everything done...and leaving in like 10 mins from now, instead we are leaving in 45 mins...feels pretty good. Next week, my weeks of additional children doesn't stop. My neighbors (James and Tammy) are gone to the Dominican for a week. Every morning I will be taking their son, Austin to school with my children as he attends the same one...since they don't have a way to get him there...so they asked me. When Tammy goes out of town for work, (often) I take him as James has to work at 5:30am!

Well, I better go...eat and read the paper!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wed. night

Well I picked up the kids from daycamp. They had a great time swimming today. Got them and decided that I am not making supper. My house is clean, and I don't feel like making it. So, I took them to Mc D's. Darius and Kennedy played only a short while in the playland...then we left. We got home, they all went off their own places...then I decided that I should take Bandit to the dog park. So I hauled Kennedy and Darius with me. They loved running around and chasing the dogs. Bandit had a great time. We came home....the younger ones are playing Twister now. Mack just got on the computer and Rikki is outside on the scooter. I am washing the bedding again. I have a huge pile of clothes to put away...but I will save it for Friday night. Friday is our 1st anniversary...wow...fast year! Fabe is working...

I still haven't decided what I will do this weekend...who knows.

I'm so happy licensing went so good today...phew! We had an amazing report again...!!!!

Tomorrow I gotta go the newsletter for April...

The owner is out of the country now so we will be having a 'easy' week at the daycare...they love when I am totally in charge..but we do have some stuff to work on...

Well anyhow,



oh my goodness, is it really ONLY Wednesday? This week seems to be taking FOREVER to get by....

Last night was really nice. It was just Kennedy and Darius and they played so well. They both showered and were in bed by 9pm. I think Darius might have been feeling alittle homesick, he didn't say anything but he asked to watch tv in bed for a little while...until he fell asleep. So I left it on for him. Then, he was watching tv for so long and didn't fall asleep. Then he asked fo the bathroom light to stay on...so we kept that on all night for him. They both slept well. Kennedy was pretty cranky yesturday so I am very happy that she had a good night's rest. They got ready really, really easy and we met my mom (with the older 2) at the church for the daycamp. They are swimming today...(watch out Jane...!!!) so yeah. Tonight I am planning to wash the bedding again...(just in case...from bandit!) the house is clean. Not sure whats up for supper...hmmmmm....

Oh lovely..while I was in the midst of typing this....licensing came in (Child Care Licensing) and then 5 mins after the health inspector...anyhow...they weren't planning to be here the same day (It would have been bad if it was for a complaint) anyhow it was good. He (health inspector) is gone and the licesning officer is still here....she is telling me that they are hiring 2 more licensing officers (I SO WANT THAT JOB!) so she will get the info for me....we'll see!!!!!

Well anyhow...gotta go.

I have my assignment sprawled out and ready to work on it...but I will have to wait until after lunch...


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Just cleaned the mainfloor...have the hockey game on! Go Oilers!!!!!!!

The kids went with my mom (Mack and Rikki)

Darius and Kennedy are playing the Wii Sports.

Kennedy had a shower...

Darius is next to go in...

Hopefully bed early. Kennedy was really cranky today...lovely.

Have some laundry to do...fun.

Well anyhow....

Later, oh yeah and American Idol tongiht!!! Yipppeeee!!!


Well work has been work. Busy and since I have just met a huge deadline for my funding for the year, I have still been dealing with that. Crazy. But its good that its done. Phew. I need to work on my (neglected) assignment for my course. I can't believe that my final is in 3 weeks...and I have not completed HALF of the readings that are required. I need to really, really focus on it. Fabe went and seen trailers yesturday and feels that the first one that we feel in love with is 'the one' so we'll see. Then I think, maybe we should make due with our trailer for one more year...I dunno.

The kids went to bed late last night. First Kennedy and Darius were going to sleep in the basement, then they came up 1/2 hour later saying they didn't want too. So Kennedy crawled in with Mack and Darius slept in Kennedy's bed. This morning was really, really easy getting the 4 kids up and out of the house. Bandit isn't scratching anymore...and the place said that they haven't had any other concerns...well yah, if you don't LOOK for it you won't see it. The first time I thought it was my dog just being itchy from getting his hair cut. But because this time he was soooo itchy and scratchy then I checked and sure enough. Just weird. Then they had the nerve to ask Fabe "are you sure its not from your house?" like hellooooo. As if. Our floors are wood, our couches are leather...where the heck would it live?????? Nice. I told Fabe give them until tomorrow to have more people calling to freak out...

Tonight we were hoping to get the Oiler tickets for tonights game...but its completely sold out. Crappy. So not sure what else we will do, if anything.

What else? Hmmmmm, my friends son is enjoying himself at the daycamp. Its been nice for Kennedy having him over as Mack always has people over. We will have to take him more often...

Things that I need to get done this week are:

*book Kennedys PFT and Cf appt (did it while typing this!)
*finisih my assignment
*find my baptism certificate or Kennedy's to register Kennedy for her new Catholic School
*download pics and order prints

My mom is taking the older two for the night tonight for a break for them. Maybe I will take Kennedy and Darius to a movie or something. I just don't know what to do...tomorrow will be easier dropping them off. Wednesday Rikki has a dentist appt so my mom will take her to that...leave her overnight at my house that night...then Thursday they all go with my mom to her house for the night then leave to Fort Mac. Darius's mom will pick him up Thursday after work...I wish that I had Friday off..but instead I will be working. I have NO clue what I will do this weekend...not sure. Just me, as Fabe is working. I don't really feel like cleaning...all weekend. Maybe I will get some crafty stuff out of the way (scrapbook frames from trips and what not). It will be a pretty long weekend. Maybe (well actually I should, have too!) get my overdue assignment done...its already 1-2 weeks late...but I did talk to the instructor and she is fine...then I need to totally study!

But anyhow, better go...