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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well Kennedy's appt was crazzzy long. I hate that, they always take forever! Anyhow, all is good BUT, she has been having lots of tummy pains. Not 'sick' type of pains but hurting-pains. Anyhow, the dr is concerned as she has been having this forever...we had her appendix removed and 3 years ago her gallbladder. Anyhow, she still has the pains which we thought was gallstone attacks. The surgeon on the other hand, said 'no, its not her gallbladder, but since she has gall stones we are going to remove it". So we did so. Every once in a while her tummy still has 'attacks', if you will. They last 15 mins and then she is fine. Doesn't matter before or after eating....sleeping or awake. They just happen. Anyhow, so he checked her tummy over...it was very loud. Something that he said sometimes when you have had tummy surgery, little scar tissues begin to form and increase in size....since she had her small bowel operated on at birth...and she has a HUGE scar from hip to hip...he thinks that she has too much tissue built up in there and that its causing the bowel to actually kink up while 'stuff' is travelling through the bowel. He thinks that its causing a partial obstruction (which we have had before!!!). SO, he is doing an ultrasound to rule out anything else that it could be...but it also could be her liver as her liver enzymes have been elevated in the past (which she takes meds daily for) but he just wants to make sure its not enlarged or anything weird. So she has an ultra sound Oct 29th @ 7:45 am. From there, we will see. He asked Kennedy to leave the room and go get a cookie or chocolate milk (in the little waiting area) and so she did. Then he said the *S* word...surgery. He will wait to see the ultrasound results, which he suspects will be normal then he will talk with her surgeon (Dr. Lees) to see what he thinks...and they might have to go in there and laser some tissue away....greeeeat! The issue he said is, the more we keep going in...the more we are risking it only happening every few years still. She has had SOOOO many surgeries now...lets see...bowel resection, appendix, gall bladder, sinuses, adenoids, PICC line and now possibly this....man oh man. My poor baby. But they know her well there....Kennedy is TOUGH. For this girl to complain to anyone...is telling us that there is something going on. So thankfully I don't have to plead that to them..they just know.

Anyhow, hopefully everything will be fine. They are super happy with her weight gain of 2 pds since June. She is in the 50-75th percentile for height and weight. Good good. Her lungs are/were nice and clear..and I said 'were' because EVERY time we come back from the clinic she ends up with a cold/cough. Yup, today she said she coughed SO much at school and her cough sounds yucky! But, I'm not too worried...we will just increase her treatments and she will be fine. A dr that we use to see, saw us at the hospital yesturday...she is great! She saw Kennedy and was like "omg!!! Kennedy you look SO good...oh wow, you look just great! Oh my gosh, you look wonderful! You are doing so good!" she was so sweet! She said "mom, you are just doing awesome!!!! Look at her! She looks excellent!" I was secretly smiling...someone can appreciate the hard work we do...there was a mom at the CF clinic with 2 GREAT looking CF children. I mean, they both looked AWESOME! They both had just the right amount of fat on them. They were a boy and girl. The mom, came out while they got weighed...wrote down in her little notebooks about their weight gains...she could compare it to their last few visits...she wrote down their height...the one nurse/medical person said "is that their files?" and kinda laughed...jokingly. The mom said "you know, I have every weight and height measurement in here since they were little..." I thought, wow. What a great idea! I mean, I know in my head her weight and height. And I can always tell if Kennedy has lost or gained (always in her bum!!!) if she has a bum..she's gaining good. If not, then I need to fatten her up! She looks good now. A little bit of a reserve on her. Then there is the extreme different...a girl about 12 years was in the waiting room with us...coughing....she just looked sickly...it was so sad. Plus she was kinda 'awkward' looking too...bad teeth, greasy kinda hair, glasses that didn't fit her shape of her face, and very *very* skinny. So skinny that her skinny jeans...were baggy on her :o( It was sad. Anything can happen with Kennedy's weight too. I know that. But I feel sad for her (this girl) its hard enough being not-the-best-looking then being soooo super skinny...and having to battle to breath and cough all day long. I can't imagine what life might be like for her...God bless her...

I'm very happy with Kennedy. I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She is perfect to me...CF or not. I'm lucky to have the most beautiful girl and most handsome boy...how did I ever get so lucky (*smile*). Anyhow...life could be worse...so I am thankful for what I DO have....

Wow, I'm sure typing alot today.

Its 3:35pm. I have a dr's appt for a medical tongiht for the dayhome agency. But today I got offically 'approved' and I'm an offical provider. The little 3 month old is starting next week...yeah!!!! I'm ready for him. Today was Kennedy's early day...so I already picked her up. I have Chicken Supreme in the oven already. Today I cleaned the oven. Tomorrow, I'm very happy as I have NOTHING planned. The last 2 days have been utter rush-days. I hate that....so tomorrow, I will do whatever...the house is clean as I tidied up a bit today...this morning.

I got a Wii Fit...yeah!!!! Its sooooo cool! I'm going to TRY to use it daily...its super fun!

Other then that, not too much is new!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I realized how boring my blog is getting...

Sorry...since we reformatted this computer its been crappy trying to get everything back to normal. The printer STILL does NOT work...when I hook up my camera...nothing works. Its crappy! One day...soon ;o)

Today is Wednesday, I'm finished most of the dayhome stuff that I needed to do. I have to run to the store and buy a few more things (more outlet covers and 2 more door know covers). I brought in my sisters old high chair from the garage that she was going to give to Amanda...but Amanda only wants brand new (picky girl!). So I grabbed the opportunity..as its very nice. So I cleaned it all down/up. I *tried* to put together the new bouncy chair I bought from Zellers last night...no such luck!!!Leave it for Fabe. I got rid of the wine that was stored in the wine racks...we can't have it out anymore...into the garage fridge it goes...and arranged the stuff in the new diaper bag....my mom brought over my bassinette. I got it when Mack was born then I used it for Kennedy then my sister used it for both of her boys...then Amanda...its the family one...so I'm using it for only the month...then I will switch over to the playpen...

I'm getting really excited to be over the set up part and just have a couple little ones around here again :o) My nephews are going to be thrilled when they come to aunties house again, since I have TOYS now...poor kids. Aunty just always had a pretty house...now I have bins and tons of toys in the basement and baskets on each level....things will gradually move up and around..I'm not going to worry about toys as they are easy enough to pick up...

Well, I have the chicken marinating in the fridge. Its Chicken Oregeno...you use 1/2 cup melted butter, 1 tbsp oregno and 1 tsp of garlic salt...marinate for 4 hrs then bake for 1 hour at 350. Never tried it....new recipe...from the cookbook. Not sure what kind of side dish yet though (hmmm) maybe rice or a pasta...with brussel sprouts!

Nutrisystem is going really good. I think I'm down about 6 pds...in 1.5 weeks. Its soooooo easy...I love that its all packaged and ready to go. Nothing to think about...nothing to calculate...just easy. And the food....yummmmyyy!!!!! I belong to small facebook group from LPers who are on it...its really suppotive for one another. We are ALL doing good. We check in everyday and share what we ate and what not. Pretty good!

I have to go get ready, Kennedy has a dr's appt at the U of A for 2:30pm but I have some stops to make first...


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I was kinda bored. I thought that I would go to my old work and visit with my old co-workers! I'm so glad that I did! I have missed them so very much! Things are good there tho! I went to Zellers and bought the lock for my med box and they had a Fisher Price bouncy chair on sale for 40.00 so I bought that...and then a diaper bag and other stuff to put in the diaper bag. I'm sure the family has one, but I would prefer to use my own therefore in case I loose it, or whatever...

The lady is coming Thursday morning to offically approve me :o)

Baby starts next week...

What else? Today I didn't do much AT ALL. Kinda a 'do whatever day', it was nice. We ALL need one of those every once in a while...so it was nice...

Tomorrow morning I have stuff to do around here for preparing for the dayhome...and then Kennedy has a CF appt in the afternoon...

Well anyhow, ttyl!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu planning...

So for the past few weeks now I have been doing up a supper menu for the family (I'm on NutriSystem now) but its been going SO good. The BEST thing I bought while Kennedy was in the hospital was a recipe book that has only 4 ingredients. It makes cooking SO much easier on us unskilled chefs. Anyhow its going really really good...

I don't have the menu here but today was BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes and cauliflower. The ribs were SOOOOO good (I am going on word from my ds)..dh isn't home yet. But, all I did was dump a whole bottle of BBQ sauce in, 2 onions and then 2 racks of ribs in the roaster. I cooked at 350 for 1.5 hours then uncovered for 30 more mins. They were SUPER saucy...there was lots of sauce so the kids ate it over their potatoes.

Tomorrow, I'm doing a slowcooker roast with corn on the side.

I will list off the other things but every week I have been able to make new things. In the book has desserts, sides, drinks and then divided by chicken, pork, beef and turkey. Its really good anyhow..

It sure makes cooking MUCH more enjoyable if you know its easy and fast. I went to Sobeys and bought all of the necessary stuff. The scalloped potato recipe is the easiest using a can of cheddar cheese soup....anyhow...

Just wanted to share :o)


Today, I decided to have a coffee. So I ran to Tim Hortons which is right by my house. I get there, order a large black. Then I thought, omg!!! I don't have my purse with me!!!! I was digging around, then finally I drove up and told them "I thought that I had mypurse with me.. I have no way to pay for it" I was soooooooooooooo not impressed with myself!!!! She goes "well then (passing the coffee to me) 'enjoy your coffee and your day" I couldn't say 'thank you' enough!!!!

Silly me!!!


I'm taking a break :~)

I woke up at 6:30 am,woke up the kids. Turned on their Tv's. 6:45am Mack goes for a shower...Kenndy to my room for manual (I'm too lazy to go down to the basement for her vest!) physio. 7:00am we all head down stairs. Get the kids their breakfasts, make lunches, sign agendas and eat. Upstairs at 7:30am (everyday is like this) then Mack has 10 mins to get dressed and brush teeth. 7:40, Kennedy gets ready. I go drive Mack and Trevor (my driving week) to the ETS bus stop...home at just before 8am. Finsih getting Kennedy ready...then we have a few mins to relax...Fabe drops her at school 8:20am. I usually have my breakfast and read the paper. Afterall, its already been 2 hours of busy! Then I tidy up the kitchen from the morning. Come up, check the computer for a little while. Then start my daily chores (laundry, etc, etc) Today I am doing a complete cleaning of the house. I didn't do ANYthing all weekend. Thats how I like it. Laudnry was all caught up Friday. So really, I don't need to do laundry on the weeknds. Or do anything else. Its my days off. So today, I'm cleaning hard. I have already done 3 loads of bedding (I stripped ALL of our beddings off) and I did the 2 bathrooms up here...tidied the kids' rooms. Dusted the bonus room and our room. Organized our room...I just brought up the vacuum so I'm gonna do that and then its all done up here...until the bedding is all done and then I have to put that on. Then, I just have to sweep and mop and I'm done up here. I decided to start up here today as I usually start on the mainfloor. The mainfloor is usually pretty clean. We don't use it down there, well the kitchen we do but we clean that as we go along. The basement is forsure spotless as I cleaned it last week and its ALWAYS clean down there as we never use it! It up here that is the worst!

Tonight, Im gonna get the kids to wipe down their desks, dressers and put away their own laundry. I'm finding the issue with me being at home is that they think that I will just clean their rooms as I'm home and they know it annoys me..I will do it here and there but I want them to do it themselves.

Anyhow, I better go...the vacuum is staring at me...then sweep and mop then my lunch break!


Sunday, September 21, 2008


Last night we went to the Argyll casino with our neighbors. It was a great time! We got home very late, then hung out in the neighbors garage...I finally came in at close to 4am! Fabe about an hour later. It was a fun night! Yesturday, I went with my friend to pick out the curtains and rods (and a whole whack of other stuff!) for her new house. We got the WHOLE house window-treated...we went to Ikea and Walmart then Zellers. Oh, at Zellers she found livingroom ones. She needed 7 panels. So they were 45.00 EACH panel. She gets up to the till, and they are on for 15.00!!!! 30.00x7=major savings! She was SO happy! I couldn't believe it. Then I went to her house, helped her unpack it all. Then came home. The neighbors were in the garage, partying. So I popped over there, then came home to shower. Fabe was visiting with his mom (who is in hospital but out for a weekend pass) he took Bandit over there to visit and they went for a walk. He got home, and we left.

At the casino it was so much fun! For the first time, I played BlackJack at the table. All of the guys (neighbors, Fabe and his friend John) showed me how to do it. I WAS doing good, but that quickly went down hill....we spent 180.00 last night, that included Fabe's supper there and his beers. I only had diet pepsi. But really, its okay as we rarely go to the Casinos. Now we aren't going until Vegas in Dec.

It was a nice weekend. Great to get out with Fabe. Usually we don't go anywhere and we just like the quiet home alone...but it was great getting out. We slept in until 10am, had breaky and went through all of the mail to sort it all out and file what we needed to keep.

This week, I am going to work on the rest of the dayhome stuff. I have to be completely done this week. The 3 month old IS coming to my house Oct.1st..that will be FUN!!!! I'm not in a rush to get another child fast, if it happens then great..but if not...its okay. It will be fun having a baby all day!

This week, well tomorrow I have a coffee morning planned on the north side but I think that I am going to have to cancel. I have to take the rest of the dayhome stuff in and go buy the rest of what I need (lock for the medicine box, baby gate, etc....). Tuesday, I'm meeting (I think!) an out of town LP'er for coffee. Wednesday is Kennedy's appt. Thursday is early day and then Friday I'm hoping to be 100% done and have the lady from the agency come and do my final walk through...and be offically approved. So I have to get it all done this week...

Life won't change too much with a little 3 monther. I mean, he comes at 7:30 until about 5 pm. But they are fine with me taking him out, so thats great. So I can do what needs to be done still. And he leaves by supper time, so I can still prepare supper. Kennedy is going to be a great helper! She asked if I can pay her to be a helper. I said 'sure!" of course! So once she is home from school and homework done then she can keep him busy while I prepare supper and tidy. Even with a 3-year old she will be GREAT! She is SO good with little kids. Summer too! I will employ her full time! Then he will leave and I have the evenings open. It will be enjoyable as I simply LOVE babies!!!

Well, speaking of supper. I better go think about what we are doing for supper. Its already close to 6pm! Lots to do...

Take care!


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yeah!!!! I love the weekends, the thought of sleeping in is just SO nice!

Today I got the kids off to school, jumped in the shower and then went go Goodwill. Again, bought some really good stuff. I'm very particular about the stuff that I buy from there, and this stuff is ALL really really good. I'm going to fill up the kitchen sinks and get them really clean (a tiny bit of bleach then rinsed really well and then air dry!) Good ole' daycare standards (lol!) Then I went to Walmart, got pics done! Then, I went to Blockbuster to try to find Wii Fit from there, no luck but I returned the movies from the week that we were at the lake (gotta LOVE no late fees!). Then I came home. I was STARVING when I got here..so I ate. Checked in on my emails, etc. I'm going to go wash the toys. This morning I got some cleaning done but not the bathrooms...well the mainfloor one I did. I still have our 2 to do. I will do them tonight. Since I mopped Wed. I'm good until Monday...I like to relax a bit on the weekends. The laundry is COMPLETELY done...I love that. I folded socks and underwear and put them all away.

My house is So quiet! I don't have the tv on during the day, ever. When the dayhome agency lady suggested that kids might want to play video games (!!!) I was shocked. I'm not much a tv'er. I like to lay in bed only to watch it. And when preparing supper I like to 'listen' to Dr.Phil but thats about it. I don't ever watch it during the day, sometimes I think "I should relax today and watch something on the tv" nope. I can't do it....its just me. How I grew up. I am only looking forward to Desperate Housewives and thats it. Its just me, my mom is the same...so I got it from her. I do wish that I 'enjoyed' something on tv...but there isn't really much that I am into..


Hello all :o)

Today was ANOTHER great day! I went to my friend new house once the kids got off to school. We had to measure for her blinds and then wait for the furnace guy (but it was actually a lady-we were waiting for man...how sterotypical!). She got her 20,000.00 quote!!!!! Thats what happens when you buy a house with 2 furnaces (a HUGE house!) Then, I stopped at Sobeys got some food that I needed...then came home. Didn't get too much done, as much as I wanted. But oh well, tomorrow I will. Then I cut up the left over chicken breast and threw it into a frying pan and added some spices, etc and then made some brown rice and veggies on the side. I ate chicken dumplings from Nutrisystem. Saturday will be my weigh in. Its been great so far!

Then, I got Kennedy. Came home. Decided to paint the trim on the shed and the door (that Bandit scratches when he wants to come in) so I did that....knock that one off my 'to do' list.

Kennedy's outside, Mack just came in...Fabe isn't home yet...he's been working later as there is SO much work so he's been taking on more work.

Oh yeah- Kennedy and I took Bandit to the dog park. I brought my camera and got some really nice shots of her with the beautiful fall colors! I need to get Mack done too...and some of them together!

Tomorrow, I wanna get to Goodwill, Micheals and then a good cleaning of the house...

Not sure what we are going to do for the weekend!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hello all :o)

Today was another great day! I enjoyed breakfast with the kids then got them off to school. I came home, showered and made the beds, etc (the usual morning routine). Then, I had a hair appt for 10am, so I went to that. At first, she was going to foil in more blonde and match it with the (bottom) blonde that was in there. Then, she said "well what about a bold darker color to contrast with the blonde?" so she LEFT all of the blonde in there, used chocolate brown foils and mixed it up with a blonde chunk and a brown chunk. It turned out really really good. I love it! Then, she took off a few inches of my long hair. It was WAY to long for me...middle of the back. Long enough, that when seated my hair would come forward and rest on my chest...too long for me. So, its a little shorter then I wanted..but at least the dead split ends are gone and my hair looks healthy. As well, she did long layers. Something that my *old* sylist said I should have because my hair is too fine. But today my *new* sylist said "no no no, you have lots of hair and its fine but thats WHY you need to give it some lift" so lift is has :o) Of course, you know I will never get it to *this* style again though. Oh well...

Then, I went to Canadian Tire and bought some door handle covers/protectors. Couldn't find them ANYwhere the other day but got them today. As well I bought a fire extinguisher too. Almost all ready for the new dayhome. I'm meeting with the family of the *little* baby in 30 mins...I am SO hoping I get him. As well there are 2 other families who are waiting to see if I get him, as they both have 12 months olds...we need more dayhomes for just babies!!!

I didn't end up getting the pics developed like I had wanted to do. Instead I came home and finsihed the last of the laundry and then did a quick sweep and mop of the floors. Fresh feeling. As well, I tried out a new recipe tonight for 'their' supper (remember I am on NutriSystem!) it was Soy Sauce chicken...I did sneak in a tidy piece. Omg, it was SO good. You mix sour cream (1 cup)and 1/4 cup of soy sauce and pour it over the breasts and bake it covered for 1.5 hours. It was really soft..and yummy. If Kennedy eats it, you know it is 'that' good. I made mashed potatoes with it and a side of mixed veggies.

I love making supper, with no rushes. I love being at home to do these things. Life is just easier...

Tomorrow, I might go for coffee to a fellow Lp'ers in the morning. If not, I will forsure be hitting up Goodwill. Tomorrow is early day for Kennedy. And I was thinking about taking the kids to do something afterschool. We'll see..not sure what to do...but we'll find something. Of course, they are totally enjoying the new park (JUST opened!!) so they are out until close to bedtime each night...they might not even wanna do anything...who knows?

If I don't 'do' coffee, then my plan is to get the summer pics developed. Then this weekend I can get some scrapbooking time in...I can't justify doing it during the day when there is a million other things to do..and I don't know if I could do it. I should try...

Friday, will be a good cleaning of the house (bathrooms, dusting and floors again) then we can relax on the weekend.

have a good night!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Today was a good day. Wasn't up to doing too much this morning, just threw in some laundry and made beds...the normal stuff. But then in the afternoon I decided there is just too much to do...so I tackled the trailer. It was messy from my week at the lake with my mom, but also we need to winterize it and store it. I was pissed off at Fabian as he unplugged the trailer to use his compressor for the kids bike and didn't plug it back in!!!! We had TONS of meat and food wasted. Now, I know it was a mistake...but this is the SECOND time!!!!!! At least 100.00 in food gone today...and last time was more like 50-75.00! What a friggin waste! So needless to say, it was smelling 'foody' in there today. YUCK! So I flipped on the air and began to haul our things into the house. What a chore. I just love the trailer though, I know that I have said it 1000 times this summer...but the feeling that I get while in there...is just so great. Best thing we bought! Anyhow, back on topic. I cleaned it all spotless. Vacuumed everything...put all the bedding away. Got a tote to fill up with the supplies (wash clothes, towels, toilet paper, etc) just in case of mice getting in. Wiped out all of the cupboards,etc. Its clean. I just need to mop and wax the floor (once Fabe decides which clothes he is leaving in/taking out). Next summer, we are planning to take off 2 weeks..and just 'go' somewhere. Being that I will have the dayhome, I plan to take off 2 weeks in August and Fabe too and we will go. Not sure where...but just drive and live in the trailer for 2 weeks. PLUS all the weekend camping. The best thing is, with being at home working...I will still be able to load it up and what not for Friday's to head out!!! Yeah!!!!

Tomorrow I'm meeting with a dayhome mom and her family in the evening. It will be 'weird' but I think it will be fine. The baby is super little, so I'm really looking forward to that!!!!

Also tomorrow, I'm going to go get the last of our summer pics developed and work on getting some fall ones of the kids and us...maybe this weekend (???). Nothing else to do tomorrow, I will check out Goodwill again...I still can't believe HOW much awesome things I got from there for the dayhome...awesome stuff!!!!

And, thats about it. Suppers ready.

Last night I went to the movie "The Woman" it was okay. Not as good as I thought it would be...but it was good. I got home late...woke up early. Not a good combo! It was a great movie about friendships...it was good.

Fabe's aunt called from the states today. She's a nice lady. I am told to send updated pics of the kids. She said she has pics from when they were babies....how horrible am I! Plus she wants a wedding pic! Opps, gotta get that going!!!! How much are stamps even?? LMAO!

Well gotta go!!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008


Today felt like a long day...it was a good day though. At 9:30am the lady from the dayhome agency came, and we did the walk through of the house. Everything was good, some minor 'safety' things to do, but nothing major (put the wine away, door handle thingy's,etc). So it was good. I was really, really excited when she left. The whole idea of doing something that I love (working with kids) and also being able to be at home for my children afterschool is just great! She was thinking how many children I can take with my children being school aged...I was like 'oh no no no, I'm going to take 2 and go from there'. It doesn't matter the amount of money that I could earn. I'm not doing this for the money...well I mean, sure for somewhat of an income but it certainly isn't going to get me rich. I do love children...and I love the combination that this will offer me :o) I went shopping after she left. I bought tons of toys at Goodwill (awesome ones!) and then went to Walmart to try to find those door knob thingys, Canadian Tire, Zellers and then Ikea. I can't find those door knob thingys ANYwhere!!!! I'm needing to buy one more baby gate, for my own comfort...one for top and bottoms of stairs.

Update-the mom with the 3 month old called!!!!! She is coming Wednesday!!! I'm excited!!!!

Tonight I am going to see the movie "the women" with my friend. So that will be nice. Tomorrow, I'm going to be meeting with the 11month old mommy. Now I feel bad...as I would rather the 3 month old. But oh well, we'll see!!!Then I only wanna take 1 more child...3-4 year old. Then I am set !!!!

Well anyhow, I gotta go clean up from Supper

Did I tell ya that my newest diet...is Nutrisystem?? Yup...day 3 now...and the food IS SO good!!!! So far, I have not eaten anything that I hated...thats good :o)

Well Gotta run!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Last night I decided to take up Tina on her offer of me coming to her scrapbook night at her house...I was so glad that I did. It was really nice to get out of the house, but also to visit!!! It was nice. I got my 'baby fix' from Karen's beautiful little girl, Briar. And Connor was SUCH a funny little guy! He's so cute! I just laugh at him!

I got home around midnight. Fabe and Kennedy were at the neighbors house.

Yesturday, I relaxed. My back was really really sore from all of the painting...so I relaxed for most of the day. I finished my book "Fridays Night Knitting Club" was disappointed with the ending..it was unexpected! Then Fabe, Kennedy, Abby (neighbors daughter) and I went to Costco. Didn't buy much, but still spent waaay too much there (as usual!). Then, we got home in time for a late supper and I took off.

Today, I'm going to clean the house...the dayhome agency lady is coming tomorrow...and I am meeting on Tuesday with another mom (she has an 11 month old daughter). I would LOVE that age!!!! I have to get all of my forms, ECD diploma, 1st aide, crim checks, child welfare checks, etc....all ready for tomorrow. Later tonight, we are heading to Fabe's parents new house. They just moved into a brand new house in Twerrliger (sp?) and so we are going there for supper. Fabe's mom is out on a daypass today!

So I best be going....


Friday, September 12, 2008

Painting, painting and more painting!

Well day 4 here;

I have finally finished the mainfloor of the house. I did it ALL on my own! During the day, I have been working hard...all the way until the night time. Then I would crawl into bed, totally exhausted from painting all day long. But it looks sooooo good! I'm so happy that I did it. Today, I finished the last of it in the kitchen...I did a few little accent features with a goldy-brown. Anyhow, it looks REALLY good. Last night Fabe and I did the stairwell and one of the hallway walls up here. Today I have to do the other wall and then I'm leaving the rest until later. I'm painted out. Totally....every ounce of my body hurts. So yeah, I'm DONE. I need to do the kids rooms, but after all of this painting their rooms will be easier. Kennedy needs new bedding and a new room makeover...but at this point..I just can't think about it. Maybe the weekend Fabe and I will do the bonus room...and then we are DONE...until the bedrooms, but they can wait.

Other then that, thats all I have been doing. Mack is going to the lake with my mom this weekend, Kennedy doesn't want to go. So, it will just be the 3 of us.

Well I gotta run to Home Depot and get more tape and tray liners..so I will talk to you guys later.

I need to get my camera software installed, then I will show off the new paint job!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Hello all :o)

Today was a great day! Didn't do too much UNTIL 2:00 when I ran to Home Depot and picked out some great paint! Excited to start, I ran home (2:30pm) and began with the front entrance. And the color is simply great! I love it. Its Ralp Lauren, I don't know the name off hand but its a nice browny color. When we built this house, we built it with Sawyers Fence color. It was darker on paper and once we moved in here, it looked almost peachy. It was just so light. Anyhow, this color is great. Then I picked a deep and dark sage green color for the kitchen, Plus I have a really good goldy-brown color for a feature wall. Its pretty :o) I can't wait until its done though, as I am NOT a good painter. But I'm trying my hardest to make it look good.

So, I offered help on my parenting board yesturday for anyone who needs it. There was a few 'urgent' needs but I think that some have too much pride...hell I would take up an offer for painting about now :o) Hehe!

Anyhow, so I have decided to go meet someone. Well actually 2 people from LP. We are meeting (all) for the first time. None of us know one another...its pretty cool! I'm excited. Another of my plans, is to meet more new people and befriend them. I'm pretty lonely, as the friends I do have are pretty busy with their own lives or we have drifted apart. I turn down alot of offers for stuff, but I'm going to attempt to make new friends. As part of that, is joining a scrapbook class in my community. Its once a month for 3 months. 25.00 a class, and that includes a 2 page layout with all of the supplies. Then you bring your own stuff too...so that will be neat. Usually I don't do things like that, so if anyone wants to join me...its over here in Millwoods.

I think I have found 2 dayhome children already!!!!!! And the mom is great so far. She is fine with outings, dr's appts and everything that I want to offer! She has 2 boys...one is really little (6 months) and the other is 2years. A little younger then I wanted, but young has good benefits too :o) Like, nap time (j/k)!!!!!

Other then that, I'm happy! I have a HUGE pile of Macks clothes...like I mean over 15 pairs of name brand jeans and what not...25 shirts...yah...a HUGE pile. 10 items have tags still on. It kills me to give it away, so I called an inner city school today and they will gladly take them :o) Yeah!!!!!! I will feel fine knowing it will go to a child in need. I bought some more dayhome toys...working on getting that set up.

Well, I'm going to do a little more painting and get my children ready for bedtime...

Have a good nights sleep and a great day :o)


Monday, September 08, 2008

A new leaf.

So, this weekend was really enlightening to me. Really, really enlightening to me.

Fabians family's friend (Jannette) passed away 2 weeks ago. She was an excellent person all over. She was kind and always SO nice to me. We met several years ago when Fabe and I started to become more serious. Then, more recently she would 'nag' us about not being married and she went as far to offer to do us a wedding reception at the Jamiacian Association in Edmonton. Anyhow, she was also a nurse at the hospital close to my house. When I went with clients (previous job) or more recently with Amanda she was there. I just saw her in May. She found out she had cancer in middle of July and she died the end of August. She was in her 50's and leaves her husband of many many years as well as her 2 adult boys. She was a very classy lady. Beautiful too! We found out she passed away the day we got back from the lake. Fabe's dad came over to tell him/us. Fabian's family immigrated to Canada with them from England. They have been very close, she was Aunty Jannette. Anyhow, we attended her BEAUTIFUL service Saturday. Then went to the graveside. Then they had an amazing reception for her...sit down dinner and everything. I saw several of the Ob/Gyn's and nurses from her hospital there. It was just lovely to see how many people attended her service ( a few hundred). Anyhow. THIS was a wake up call for Fabe and I. We have not been involved with 'those' people like we use too. We use to go there for Mother's Day dinners, Christmas, Easter's,etc. Our children have been missing out on their culture. We have missed them all so very much. It was heartbreaking when her husband pulled Fabe and I aside and said that Jannette told him in August that she hadn't seen us for years and she wondered why...we felt like utter shit. No one knew Kennedy was recently in the hospital. If they had, they would have come. Due to Fabe's dad screwing stuff up in the family we hadn't wanted to partake in those events because Fabe was uncomfortable. People didn't recognize him, yet they knew his brother perfectly well. Some of his 'extended' family knew that we had a boy, but never even knew Kennedy was born. NO ONE knew of her CF. Its just horrible. I feel like a piece of shit. Fabe cried so so so much Saturday, he wishes he would have been around more. I told him we don't know who is going to die...but we need to make an effort to be around more now...so we don't ever feel like this again. So we told everyone and anyone there, ANY celebrations, events, etc...we want to be invited and we WILL come. No more not being around. Its just crazy. We missed out on so much...everyone treats me so good (I was one of the few white people) but they don't care about my color...

After her reception, we went to another couples house for a block party they had already had planned before her death. Everyone was going over there after, so we went...we haven't seen this couple for years either...they live 8 mins from us :o(

Sunday, I was so happy! My dad called...he was in town. Sadly, Fabe's mom is in the hospital for 'trauma' related stuff...(they moved, the dealth, etc, etc, things not dealt with) and so we took the kids to go see her for a few hours. Then we dropped the kids off at my dad's hotel...they swam and hung out with grandpa for a few hours...we had told everyone we would go to another ladies house for a slideshow on Jannettes life...and supper. We visited for many hours, didn't get the see the slideshow...or eat supper..as I told dad we would be back by 6 pm to visit with him and then get them home for bed (school next morning) but we just had time to reconnect with everyone. It was SO nice. Fabe was super happy, he was telling me 'this is how it was in the old days' everyone sitting in someones house, making food, the kids running around, visiting, happy and just relaxed. He was so happy. Then we got back to dads hotel, chatted with him for a long time. It was just SUCH a nice weekend.

I have a prespective on things. I get all worked up in people who feel they can say/do things to me, but it really hurts when they do it. Yet, they don't care. I KNOW that I am nice person. I know I am more caring then many others. I know I am quiet and often come across as stuck up/snotty but if people would take the time to get to know me before assuming what I am...then they would see. I didn't put alot of time aside for many others, but I am going to now. I'm going to do more to be a better person. I'm tired of caring what others think of me, everything I do is going to benefit me. I want to die, knowing I was the BEST person that I could be. Everyone who spoke up at Jannette's funeral said one common thing...she was a caring person. Not a 'nice' person, not a hard worker, not a great mothers (all of these she was) but in the end...that doesn't matter. It only matters that you cared about others. I am use to being a helper. Fostering, social worker, etc...I'm not doing that anymore. Sure, I am caring for my children. And a caring wife to my husband, but there are people who need help out there. I'm going to get to them...I'm not sure yet...but I WILL.

So for anyone who has formed opinions about me, yet you haven't met me...then I challenge you to get to know the real me. I'm up to meeting anyone. If you need help with anything (during school hours) let me know. I will help you clean, watch your kids, be a shoulder to cry on, come hang out for the day, etc....

And if you have already decided that you think you know me, and you have chosen to 'knock me off the list' then I'm really sorry for the person you never took the time to get to know. Its usually the people who you think that you will not connect with, are the ones who you connect the most with...

And if you have met me, and have decided to not bothering to get to know me more...then I hope whatever impression I may left you isn't one thats a negative one...I can only strive to be the best person I can be.

With ALL of this said, you will be hearing about the ways that I'm trying to reconnect to the world again...as I was a MUCH happier person when I was the helper and connected...it will be ways that I haven't helped before...(maybe) but whatever it is..as long as its helping somoene...I am willing to try it.

Anyhow, I hope I don't sound like a person who has completely lost it...


Thursday, September 04, 2008

School's in.

And I am getting alot of stuff done around here. While I am missing the kids, I love being able to clean the house without feeling guilty that I should be done something with them.

Yesturday, I completely cleaned the basement. Like COMPLETELY! Its soooo organized and clean down there now...Love it! Then I went to Micheals and bought some scrapbooking stuff and FINALLY remembered to take in my 5 Native Art prints to be framed! I can't wait to get them back! Yeah!!!! Then I picked up Kennedy and we stopped for slushies and came home to supper. We ate turkey meatballs, cream of mushroom soup and rice. We have began switching to red-meats to more white meats and hopefully we will only eat red meats once a week. We'll see.

Today, I have washed our bedding so far. Cleaned all bathrooms, cleaned Kennedy's room, hauled up HUGE piles of laundry (still needs to be put away!) and then I am going to do do the floors up here and be done with up here. Maybe, I will do the mainfloor mind you I have running around to do so maybe later tonight I will do the mainfloor...its easy down there as its kepts pretty clean.

Next week;

*trailer needs to be cleaned and ready for winter storage
* car needs to be completely cleaned out and (ready for winter)
*take the steam cleaner to the warranty place get repaired
*pick out paint and start painting!!!!

Then on the 15th I have a lady from a dayhome agency coming, to (hopefully) approve me. I am starting a (small) dayhome with only 2 children. I thought about this for so many years now, and with my job being 'done' and gone I thought that this is a great time to do it! So I am going too! Plus, with an agency and being a level 3 there is a (very good) amount of money each month for JUST having chidlren in my care and being with them...so I only want to take 2 chidlren to be able to offer really, good quality care. I'm excited about this new adventure. I thought about going out of the home to work, but I really want to be there for my kids afterschool and yet, keep my foot in the door in the child care field. So this is it! So that will be really new for me!!! But I'm really, really looking forward to it...so if you know anyone looking for children (wink wink!)


Monday, September 01, 2008

Back to school tomorrow...

You know I am sad about it.

And with Mack going to junior high *sigh* I am feeling really, really nervous about it too. You see, his school (elm. one that Kennedy attends) is a Frech school (but they are in the English program)...but the feeder school USE to be ________ school. But still all of the kids go to that school anyhow, and its 20 mins from home. Its pretty far...so far that he needs to take an ETS bus to get there. Our neighbors child goes there as well, and at least he is in grade 8 this year so he already knows a bit about the school. But I'm not so sure that he will talk to Mack much (is it uncool to talk to a grade 7'er?) so they will ride the bus together, and thats probably about it. So tomorrow I'm talking Mack's best friend and Mack extra early to school to map out their classes and ensure they are able to do their locks for their lockers (provided by the school) so we couldn't have even practiced at home!!!! And then, I will disappear (aka-pay the fees) when the kids all start to arrive...crazy...I wish that I could walk him to class, help him organize his locker to ensure its done in a good fashion to be prepared for class, and I wish that I could help him when he needs it. I feel like I am losing a part of him...which I guess I am. He will no longer 'need' me to come to school (or WANT me too!) anymore....a few years of junior high...then off to high school (insert anxiety attack here!). Plus, him and Kennedy have been at the same school all of these years (3) and now they will never, ever be at the same school ever again...Kennedy will be taking the bus all alone to/from school...he won't be able to watch out for her...no more Christmas concerts of them together....



This is tearing me up...

So anyhow.

Tomorrow will be a GREAT day where Mack will start on a brand new ADVENTURE of adolescence and he will embark on a new journey to becoming an independent youth...

And I will miss his 'child' like features from being in elementary school...but there will be new and exciting opportunities from him!

Kennedy will do great, she is hoping to be in a certain teachers class (hopefully! mack had her and she was FANTASTIC!)...

Happy back to school day tomorrow !!!!