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Thursday, October 01, 2009


Well I didn't really update yesturday so I will do both days.

WEDNESDAY- I had the day off and so I cleaned the WHOLE day to get it out of the way. I got it all done, even the laundry! Then Kennedy got home about 4pm and we prepared supper for the oven (tater tot casserole, a easy 4-ingredient supper!) So, we did that. Mack went to Taco Bell with his friends afterschool. He got home about 6pm as did Fabian. We had a quick supper, as Macks tutor arrived at 6:30pm for his 1.5 hour lesson in math. We hang out upstairs so we don't distract them. He left about 8pm and we got the kids ready for bed. Kennedy and I are working on reading High School Musical so we read in her bed for 20 mins. Then, I went to Macks room and we read the learners drivers book (hey, at least its reading!). Then finally off to bed I went. Fabe and I watched tv in bed and turned off the lights about 10pm...

THURSDAY- Off again. I got the kids off to school and came home. Tidied from breakfast and had some computer time. I had cash from the daycare that I wanted to bring back there so I went there and dropped it off for the deposit. While there I caught up with the staff for a bit, spoke with the kids too :o) I love hearing "Teeeeeeacher Taraaaaaaa" its so cute :o) Then I went to Goodwill and bought some baskets for storing my scraps of fabric and some (more) pottery. Then finally I went home, put the stuff away and washed stuff. I put the supper in the oven (beef roast, carrots and potatoes). It was early day so Kennedy was home first at 3pm. She began working on a book she is making called 'Gymnastics" and has pictures she drew of kids doing gymnastics. We called the communtiy league to join Girl Power (an all girls group once a week doing crafts, cooking, fashion, etc) for 8 weeks for $20.00! Why do I do this to myself? Now I have to have her there every week...at 3:30pm (pick her up from school instead of bussing now!) Oh well. Mack got home...he had an appt for follow up for his contacts. Because he is so young they make him have frequent check ups since he wears his contacts 100% now and hardly glasses (weekends and evenings he has too). We came home...had supper. The evening was a walk with Bandit and just hanging out.

We are heading to the lake tomorrow for the last camping weekend. Our there we have somethings to do;

*pack up the shed (patio furniture, etc)
*empty all the food from the trailer and bring home
*clear out all paper products (no mice needed!)
*vacuum the trailer completely ensure no crumbs
*wash floors, wipe everything down
*bring home the tv's

We are thinking of only staying Friday night, but we will see. We have Rikki coming with us...it will be nice.

I work Monday and Tuesday next week...

Wanna peak into our bedroom?

Haha- not quite. Okay this is our bedroom. I have to say that I totally love the colors in this room and the painting they did. I love it. I would love to have something like this in our new bedroom, its just so nice and appealing to look at every day. I love the window curtains in this house too, they are all Hunter Douglas and so nice. They aren't anything 'great' but the blinds, curtains and valances are so nice.
As you can see, our room is totally thrown together. Nothing like waiting for your REAL house to be done...I miss our nice bedroom suite and things on the wall. But I know its coming. Until then, I can't complain about this house a whole lot...
Check out the kid's rooms....

Macks world...

Okay, this is actually more his room. He tends to 'live' in the basement these days, as thats where the computer is. His room stays clean for weeks on end as he is never in here. Mind you, this room is also waaaaay too tiny! But he has his queen sized bed which he loves and his fan that he claims he HAS to have on high in order to sleep. Its a pretty boring room. He has his Xbox and tv. Its a pretty basic meet-the-basic-needs-room. But oh well. His REAL room with be much nicer. Such a shame for the bedding that I have bought for the kids and it wont even be their real bedding. Macks new room is a slate blue and Kennedys is purple. Thats the only color changes we have done in the house because I need to live in before I know the colors forsure. Mack has one poster in his room (behind the door) and thats all. Not even a headboard...poor boy. But he totally doesn't care that the furniture is old and fallen apart...he's a good sport as he knows this isn't his real room...mommy would have it much better then this :o))

A glimpse into Kennedys room...

Is that how you spell 'glimpse'????

Anyhow...this is whats going on in Kennedys room....lots and lots of 'things'. This girl plays in her room for HOURS at a time. Most recently has been her easel with playing school with her teddies and other dolls. More recently it was drawing...drawing actually 'sketching' items from her room (her lamp, etc). I love to see her vision of 'play' its neat to see what she comes up with next. Interesting for sure. She is SO opposite from Mack...Mack (you saw his room) is more of a computer/video game kid. He was always like that...never ever played in his room or kept himself busy....he needed something...Kennedy certainly keeps herself busy..with lots of interesting neat things.