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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

okay so I am not the best at this...

who said that I was? Not I.

Well here I am dying of heat exhaustion. But oh well. Today I worked all day. Really, sat at my desk all day :) Hahahaha...but yeah. The kids have band tonight so I am just trying to wake up Fabe (who is sound asleep on the couch) and make us some supper. He's off, he cooks. Thats the deal. Tongiht is treat night after band. Did I mention, that we only have tongiht and Thursday of band and we are D.O.N.E for the year. Well, they have 2 parades on Saturday but other then that...done! Then they head off on tour. I am looking forward to that...the house is clean and it feels so good knowing that doesn't have to get done. Bandit (puppy) played in his pool tongiht for a while, it was so cute! He has his own swimming pool. Lisa (friend) has a wonderful pool at her house. The kids swam in it on the weekend for hours at her place. Did I mention that I LOVE her house? I can't believe it was for sale for 72 days when WE were househunting..its so perfect (for us) and even has a balcony in the masterbedroom. ANYONE who knows me, knows that I have a thing for balconies in the masterbedroom. I love them. But she won't sell it to me for what they paid for it 2 years ago. Their house is worth so much money it isn't even funny :) But it is better for them at their 4 kids! I talked with Ronda last night, for a long time. We don't really get to talk anymore however it is nice when we can. Summer always reminds me of the fun times we shared as best friends in high school. Camping trips. Sleeping in a tent SO friggin cold at night and in the morning you wake up dying of heat. Driving convertable in my jeeps when we were young. Such good times. In the summer, I have so many fond memories come back to me. Even from when I was little-little. Growing up in Sylvan Lake (the best beach town ever!!!) and my childhood friend Kim (who I have PROMISED to go see this summer!) and I would be at the water slides the WHOLE day as children. Best babysitting my mom ever had was buying a season pass and send up 5.00 for lunch and we were happy! I am just trying to get the pics off my camera from Cuba and then I can take recent pics and add them on here...but until then I will leave some older pics for everyone to see. Well I better get Fabe up...and get him to do SOMEthing for supper. Tomorrow I train a new girl at work. And Thursday and Friday I am off to spend so quality time with the kids before they depart for so long. My baby nephew Matthew turns 1 on the 9th so I am going to Fort Mac for a night for his party...I miss them so much. Oh and my sister got the Vice Principal job! :) I am so happy for her...even tho they will be making WAAAAY to much money! Their nanny comes this month from the Phillapenes (sp) she wants me to let her stay here in August while they are in New Foundland. I said she can, but I insist that she isn't going to do any work for us! I am SO not a nanny type. But all of our neighbors around here are Phillapino so she would fit right in here...Anyhow...until tomorrow!






Monday, June 26, 2006

I am new at this...

So today after reading Tasha blog, I decided to start my very own. Seems like it is the 'new' thing to do so hey, why not. Today is hot outside. Yet, I love it. Today I worked and was extremely tired upon waking at 6:30am. Fabian had the kids at the lake lot yesturday to kinda oversee the construction of the new cabin :) However, they didn't get him until 11:30pm. I was sleeping until Mack came in and said "mommy, I am going to bed now" and that was at 12:30am!!!! Needless to say, waking him up at 7am wasn't an easy chore. Tongiht I vowed to have them showered, in bed by 8:30pm. But thanks to Tasha, here I am at 8:03pm on the computer :S OpPs! So work was just work. I hired a new girl who starts on Wednesday. As well, I have an interview for tomorrow at 3pm. I just want some really good staff :) Also, I bought some stuff from Scholars Choice for the bathroom at the daycare and it looks so nice! I spent the afternoon in there. It was funny. The kids got me soaking wet. One of the kids said "tara, Kati needs you" so I thought it was an emergency and ran outside and here was 20 5-6 year old children with sponges and got me soaked. I will get them back! PLUS, I was wearing yellow capris and BLUE AND BLACK striped underwear! omg!!! So the kids leave in 7 days (older 2) for their 12 day trip. Kennedy leaves on Friday for her week long trip to the lake with my mom. No kids for 1 week. Ahhhhh, even though I have to work. I will love coming home from work and just doing absolutely nothing. Actually, there are a few friends that I need to visit (Cynthia and the 'twins') and my frined Lisa and I have some plans for movies and what not. Time will fly and I bet that I won't get half of it done. Oh well. July is pretty busy. The kids will be busy. It will be very nice tho. August is when *R* leaves for good (foster girl) we are just coming to grips with it. We will not foster any more after this. We hope to have her over often and everything. But I also look very forward to having just our 2 again. Speaking of foster chidlren. *A* who is now 17, almost 18 years old. Lived with my mom for 11 years...then with us for 2 years...thinks she might be pregnant! She called me last night asking what the symptoms are! I almost died! She isn't the 'type' to sleep around but she has been dating this 22 year old guy and well, it has been 6 months...but I still had to give her crap for not using anything. I hope she isn't. She has to finish school and said if she is she will *just* have an abortion (like its that easy, from what I have heard...it totally isn't). Well anyhow...enough is enough. I have to get these kids showered and to bed at a decent (or half decent) time. I am so happy I am off on Thursday and Friday! Extra long weekend :) Anyone wanna meet me at 11:30am at the waterpark in Mill Woods or Beaumont?!?! Let me know!

Until tomorrow!