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Monday, December 31, 2007

So work is hell again.

Ugh, when it gets like this..I could quit. But thats not the 'right' thing to do. I see that about me. When things get tough, I wanna back out. But I don't allow myself too. I think thats normal? Who wants to go through hell if they don't have too.

Anyhow, 1 staff quit before holidays. She was older and done with daycare. We all knew it. Then one of our good staff, went back home to Nova Scotia and is staying there as she missess her family so much...and we never did fill one other position that was open from a long time ago. Plus, in 2 weeks one of our staff is going for surgery and will be out for a while too. Lovely. Thankfully we WILL be okay for a short time. I made it very clear to the owner of the centre that she needs to PAY more to GET more. I think she might have got that...we can't get buy with low rates anymore. We just can't...slowly the dreams of the daycare are going away and I don't like it. Anyhow, not sure what we will do but we have to do something. Its just soooo tempting to move on to another job though when it gets like this...this will be my 2nd year here in January. We have come far, but I don't feel far enough...honestly. I have high expectations for the centre though.

Anyhow gotta run..at work.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm alive.

Sorry for all (and I mean ALL) of my blog fans ;)

I took a blogging break. Sorry. But I do miss it, but with Christmas and the BIG rush to get it all done..its been busy.

The weeks leading up to Christmas are spent rushing here and there finding what the children want. Its a waste. I love Christmas but I truely can't wait to hand my children cash and be done with it.

This was the first year away from my mom :o( It was just not the same. She went up to FortMac to my sisters house for it. We stayed here because my inlaws have never had a Christmas with us. How do you stretch yourselves? How can I make everyone happy? I KNOW!!!! Next year, _uck all of them and go away to a trip somewhere hot and be done with it. Because you CAN NOT make everyone happy! Anyhow, Boxing Day we all met up in Jasper. There were 3 rooms of us again. It was great! We did it last year too and it was the best part of Christmas which makes me think that next year we need to spend actual Christmas there and not here. Thats or, somewhere hot. Seriously. No Christmas tree for me, just go away and come back to normal life. Now I have the dreaded task of taking down the tree....grrrooooannn. UGH!

Jasper was simply wonderful. I feel so relaxed and inspired after being there. The 2nd day there Fabe took the kids to Marmot for the day for skiing and I stayed back. With my book, Eat, Pray and Love. I bought 2 bags of firewood..had them deliver it to my room. Stayed in my jammies...had hot chocolate and layed on the couch....and I used the 2 bags of firewood. It was lovely. We hot tubbed it, the kids swam. We were in bed early....Mack slept in my moms room and Kennedy had the bedroom to herself...and she's an early to bed girl. So we had evenings to ourselves. Slept in until 9am everyday...walked Jasper...it was just SO wonderful. Mack went back with my mom today and is sleeping over there (he's grandmas boy!) and it was so nice driving home as Kennedy watched a DVD and then slept. Fabe and I chatted. We made the house plan...we looked at an acreage house which we FINALLY like...we are putting in an offer as soon as we can (holidays) but the realtor said we should be able to by Tuesday...its a great house! A big house....but a great one. Nice land, with a pond...its very pretty! I will post pics tomorrow. So we'll see. Of course, Mack is dead-set about moving :(

What else? I convinced myself that I have arthritis in my hip. Serioulsy, its very bad. And worse with changes...like in Disneyworld in August omg, one day I thought that I was going to have to go to the hospital there..it was THAT bad....and then again in Jasper yesturday it started to hurt. Unless I get a cold, I don't know. I notice that days before a cold I get a sore back or hip. Only my right hip. When sitting down then getting up it actually takes my breath away...but walking on it is fine...weird.

Last week, I was worried about breast cancer...honeslty...I am NOT a hypercondriac (spelllin???) my doctor told me she found a lump in my breast....okay.....I DID not come up with that one....lol. I NEVER go to the dr's....it was 1.5 years since I have gone...my dr gave me crap too. But I have a good pain tolerance and this hip thing is KILLING me....and for the record I had a mammogram and don't have cancer (in the breast at least!).

Tomorrow I will upload all 300 pics and blog some...

but for now I am taking some pain killer...and going to finish reading that new book (Eat, Pray, Love). Even though Jane says that its not very good :o)


Monday, November 19, 2007


Happy Monday!

Today was a good day. I decided I will be sick on Friday (cough cough!) because...

1) Mom has to be put under Friday morning and I have to drop her off at Grey Nuns in the early morning, then pick her up at noon.

2) I want a day off

3) I need a day off

4) I deserve a day off

5) Mack's party is Friday night (6 boys sleeping over!)

Saturday, Fabe is off. And the boys will head to go Paint Ball-ing. Mack has never been, but has ALWAYS wanted to go. So he is finally going to go. Yeah!!!! Fabe and his friend are taking them...should be fun.

Parents are dropping off their kids at 7pm Friday. They will play video games and what not, go to bed. Wake up, eat food and then head to paint ball. Then noon, parents pick up. THEN, Mack has soccer..(he'll be super tired!) then home...I will be happy to get his party over with and have Saturday and Sunday to just reeeeeelax :O)

I did my walk tonight, Kennedy joined in. She did her scooter and she was complaining about how long it took!

I have the 3 kids in bed (R is here too) and just having some tea. Fabe ran to my friends to drop off money that we owe for the kids ski passes she bought for us! The kids can start skiing on the 23rd it said on the news??? Fabe already took their skiis in for the sizing and they are totally ready to go. As well, we need to get in skating time this year...I don't think that Kennedy knows how!!!! Gotta get that done this year~!!

Can you believe I am already starting to think about summer plans???? Crazzzy I know. But I am PLANNING to only work 2 days a week this summer. So I want to get in as much as possible this year...and I want to take a small chunk of my pay check every check and put aside some summer funds, for little trips and what not. I plan to take them several places this year...every 2nd summer I will like to only work very part time...so we'll see.

And other then that, I think the hamster is sick...or just sleeping a lot....hmmmm? I hope he is okay....

Well, gonna crawl into bed with my tea and look at Whats Cooking magazines and write down some recipe ideas



Thursday someone sick at work.

Friday someone sick at work.

Monday someone sick at work.

Friday Tara will be sick from work :o)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Great weekend

Sorry no pics.

Friday night was blah. Cleaned and what not.

Slept in Saturday...felt GOOD until 9:30am!!!! Got up, had breaky. Read the Saturday paper. Cleaned, the kids cleaned their rooms. We headed downtown to my moms house. We then went to Light up downtown thingy and City Hall. It was really good...but cold (brrrr!!!). There was free hot chocolate and fireworks and what not. It was good. Free hayrides! The kids had fun. Then we went back to my moms, Kennedy stayed the night. Mack and I headed back...stopped at Sobeys and got lunch stuff for the week. Mack went to his friends at 9pm for a sleepover. Oh before this Mack and I did my 30mins walk. He couldn't believe that I walk that everynight...yup! Still freezing! So I got home, Fabe was here. We got ready and headed to the Moose Factory for a little night out. Did that. Came home...still cold. Went to bed (got warm-lol!) then slept in a little today until 9am. Got up, no kids. Fabe went to work. I enjoyed walking through a clean house...ah....finished laundry. Put some away. Brought up some decorations for Christmas, put them up. Then, I baked some Peanut Butter temptations, whipped shortbread cookies and some peanut butter-marshmellow sqaures. So those are in the freezer now. Yummy! Next I can start on some more elaborate stuff...I love baking! Then, I talked on the phone to my sister for 2 hours!!!! On a cordless of couse, while doing baking, laundry and decorating! Now, I just brought up a load of towels to put away....and then I am going to start supper. We are have those yummy chicken breasts from the neighbor to bake, and not sure with what yet...

Tonight R will be sleeping over, until Tuesday as my mom is in a workshop. And other then that, Fabe and I are deciding a date to have a Christmas party at our house...we will invite all of our friends (we're thinking Dec.14th) if anyone wants to come ?!?!?!

Anyhow, gotta go!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh Friday!!!!

I love Fridays.

Itsn't it sad when you wait all week for Friday....

Today was a pretty stressful day at work. 2 staff were sick. And 1 staff had to leave early today (1:30) it was hard. But we got through it.

Our neighbor just came over a few minutes ago. She works at Lilydale Chicken place. In the summers she brings us over HUGE flats of chicken breasts. Tonight she came over with like 5 packs of it. Its so nice of her! We don't know her very well as they just moved in in the summer. Her husband keeps kinda distant but she comes over for the backyard fires and she seems nice enough...I thought kinda stuck up but she seems really nice and maybe because she is shy she seems snotty?
The kids got their report cards today. Mack did really good, last year was horrible...goes to show with stability with teachers how good he CAN do! Mostly B's with only one A and one C but its pretty good still...Kennedy is almost straight A's but she got 3 B's. So I am happy with them. At least it gives us an idea about what needs to be worked on.
If by spring we haven't moved. Then we aren't moving...unless we buy a bigger house in Mill Woods...but I'm going to switch Mack while he is in Junior high. So, I will register Kennedy (and possible Mack) into Mill Woods Christian school. I looove that school and the tution monthly is so worth it! So thats the plan...I'm tired of looking at houses..none that I really like. Here we have a much smaller morgage then the houses out there so we'll see...who knows!!! If we stay then we need to hire someone to paint the whole house...it needs it soooo badly.

The kids are in Macks room on the computer...I am going to clean up a bit...tomorrow I want to bake. We are meeting my mom later for a winter thingy...then Mack is going to a sleepover and Kennedy to my moms for the night...then a night alone...ahhhh!!!!

Well I should go and get it done!


Thursday, November 15, 2007


So I am behind again. Anyhow. Things have been totally crazzzy around here lately. But I am getting by. The school issues are still on-going and I can't stand it. I just want them out of there.

And, what else....things are good. I am still doing WW and I am down 7.4 pounds in 3 weeks. Yeah! Um, what else.

My sister was down, things were great with her here.

I bought all my baking stuff today...yeah :) I can't wait to start baking!

I am done Christmas shopping for Kennedy and my sister now. Thats great!!!And so I will be moving on to Mack now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well my sister came down on Saturday with the boys. Mack had soccer out in Spruce Grove and so I took him out there. Then we stopped at the MWTC for M&M meatshop for supper. Then came home, my mom, uncle, Amanda, R were all ready here. We threw in supper...visited. Ate, then Fabe's parents and sister came. My sister, Amanda and I ran out to the new Walmart...which I have decided I am NOT shopping at EVER again...45 mins in check out lines. Although we did get a car audio stero for the trailer (its only a tape player currently) so we bought a CD player for it...and bought some other junk. But really, it is NOTHING great at all! Then, we went to Sobeys. My sister and I bought some groceries for the ever-fading away Amanda (who is now close to 90 pounds!!!!!!) She was small before, but 115pds and now is close to 90 pounds! Scary!!! She can't keep ANYTHING down...poor girl...she is getting a tummy. I freaked everyone out with putting an idea in her head that maybe its twins. 3 months pregnant...sooooo soooo sick. And a tummy! Hmmmmm...she would die.

So everything was nice. Visited lots.

Today, Sunday. I made my sister breakfast. Fabe is working today. Made my sister a healthy (ww) breakfast...lol. Then my mom came over with coffee. We hung out (mom, sister and I) in the livingroom. Chatting. Then my mom and sister went and took Braeden to Toys R Us. Matthew is here with me now. Kennedy is in the bath. Mack in his room. We are heading to Chuckie Cheese for my friends sons birthday. I am taking the boys.

I have grocery shopping for lunch stuff tonight. Monday I have a meeting at 9am so I can't even go in late.

Well I gotta go get ready!


Friday, November 09, 2007

Bitch FEST!!!!

The post below are a side of me, who you may not have seen before.

I'm in a veeerrrrrrry bad mood.

Now that thats off my chest...

Hello :)

Got a call from the VP at Macks school today. His friends were throwing food in the lunch room. They boys said, we're going to throw it into your hair...(hahah) and they (girls) said 'if you do, we will tell on you'...boys kept throwing it and got caught. The lunch room lady gave them all crap, but the girls got their way out of it, because my son told them that if they tell, they will be tattletails. So, they got out of it...and my son gets DT...until HIS behavior stops. Nice.
I hate that fricken school. I hated it last year, and I hate it again this year. I NEED to get my kids out of there...he called my son a bully for calling a girl a tattletail. Do you know HOW many times a day kids call each other that? Sure, he shouldn't say anything to them. I told him, to stay out of it. And to try to stop them...but I'm sorry. No one was getting hurt. He didn't threaten them, he didn't swear to them. He called them a very immature name...so I expect that anytime a child calls him a name...(like the brat that called him a 'fattie') that they will get DT's. Because if you can't call them names, then EVERYONE should get DT's. Had he called the girls ugly or fat or called them a loser...sure I would be pissed off. But a 'tattletail' are you seriously WASTING my time at work calling me on this? Are you for real????? I'm so glad that my son is D.O.N.E there next year (and I made sure to tell the VP that!) and I'm sooooo getting Kennedy the HELL out of there. They are a horrible school. They DO NOTHING for those kids. NO field trips. Nothing. No fun. No playing tag allowed. No running in the sand. If you forget your agenda...a DT. If you do this...you get that. Its like a mini-boot camp. I HAAATE it there. And I will be sooooo happy in June to be sooooooo DONE with that fricken school. All of those old teachers can sit back and do nothing all day long for those kids...but MY kids won't be there anymore after this year......

I NEED TO get out of here!!!!!

I understand that there will be teachers who I don't like. Fine. But a VP who constantly gets my son in crap for this and that...normal things. Last year, Mack was playing soccer. His friends called him over, look what we have. A lighter. He went back to playing soccer (not getting involved...or so he thought!) he gets called down to the office. HE gets 6 DTS (the same as the boys playing with the lighter!!!) because he didn't tell a teacher on them. I dont know about you guys, but I'm sorry....being the 'rat' or 'nark' of the group....there are WAAAAY more implications. He would be ASKING to be bulllied (being called a tattletail!!!) SURE, he *should* have told on them...I agreed. He got in trouble at home too. But my God...he is better off just doing the crime being the punishment is the same.

Even my sister, a VP agrees that it was MUCH to harsh.

This is the SAME (asshole) VP who asked Mack "Does your dad even drive?"

I think he is racist.

Plain and Simple.

It hurts.

It does hurt me when others intentionally try to hurt others. These are mothers for crying outloud. Makes me wonder if they SERIOUSLY have NOTHING else to do with their time all day long..are their lives SERIOUSLY that lame that they have to cause others greif??? They should be ashamed of themselves for acting like immature little brats. GROW THE HELL UP!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Hello! Its 8pm and I just am sitting down to catch up on some pics. Today I worked only until 2pm. Then I went to south common and got some maternity clothes for Amanda (read about her below) must be nice to buy an XS MATERNITY clothes! Wow. Anyhow, their clothes are soooo cute, omg! So I did that. Then, I went to check out the new Walmart however I did a U-turn when I saw the traffic all trying to get into the parking lot...so I went to Zellers at MWTC instead....I bought our bedding!!!! Yeah, here we have a beautiful bedroom suite with horrible bedding...so we did it. We bought some new stuff...and its sooooo nice! Its chocolate brown and white....very very nice! Its Alfred Sung (not that I care about brands) but its pretty stylish!!!! So Fabe and I put that on the bed and it looks so nice. He is out right now to try to find curtains...finally I can add accessories to make it finished in there...I hate things half done. I need it done-done. So I did that...Fabe and I just went for my evening walk...he came with me. We just chatted and talked about houses as we walked. It was nice. Now he is getting curtains I am showering the kids. I'm exicted to get into my new bed...new pillows even!!! OOoooooOOO!

Well, check out the pics I updated....

And I am very happy as its Frrrrriday tomorrow!


I shouldn't even admit this.....

The pile of expired, yukcy, non-liked food that was donated, thrown out or taken to work...

After: The pantry usually is pretty organzied however now everything in here is still that we will eat...its not expired or wasted...

But I cleaned the panty out the other night. And well, it was so sad to see the amount of food we wasted! Horrible. Now I did sort out what I can dump into the foodbank bin. As well, since Amanda is pregnant (my foster sister, she lived with us since she was 4 years old for
12 years!) she is almost 19 and pregnant. She is very broke....so I put aside alot of food for her to take home when she is over on Saturday! But yeah....still lots had expired...just a waste!

Wheres the SNOW????

Not that I really am complaining because I hate winter! But the kids are dying for snow!!!

Ski Season!

We bought the children ski equipment and passes already, so they are ready to go!!!! We just need snow!!!!!They will go into lessons again and then they will be ready for our annual Jasper ski trip!


After having one horrible hamster experience...we have another hamster. Shiloh, was R's hamster. But she didn't like him. She was scared of him. So, I took him for the daycare pet. Well after bringing him home on weekends, I feel in love with him. So he doesn't go to the daycare much anymore, and actually since we had him at the daycare a parent got their daughter a gerbil. But they hated the gerbil. So they brought the gerbil into the daycare for us to keep. So now we keep Shiloh at home. Fabe isn't much into him. But he doesn't complain too much about him. I just make sure that his cage is cleaned a few times a week so that he doesn't smell. There are SO many hamster toys to buy too! We bring him out every night to be held and give him a run in the ball. Bandit goes crazzzzzy but we just make sure that he is out of Bandits reach!!!! Anyhow he is really cute!!!!

Small Reno around home...

The rec room :)

Our little fireplace...this thing totally pumps out good heat!!!!! Its perfect for the basement!

Bandit walking all over the new couch as we were trying to find a place for it, can you spot me in the picture???

The color against white. It is such a nice color. I love it!

Anyhow looking for a nice boys color, this is it!!!!!!

The red chair that I bought from Ikea. It looks really good against the grey walls...I just love the color!!!!

The upstair bathroom. I have since bought a nice thick Ikea red bath mat...but other then that...it goes well. I did leave this wall beige as I didn't want it to be too overwhelming!

Love the color!

So nice!

It was a while ago now, but I painted one weekend when the kids were with my mom. I painted the main bathroom upstairs in a red color. I loooove it. But it was a real pain in the ass to paint! I'm very happy with the end result!

Also, I painted Macks new room. Before when R lived here it was a horrible pink color. But I found an industrial grey color...its so nice down there :) I love it! It matches perfectly with his duvet color and accents of red...plus I bought a wonderful red Ikea arm chair for his room. It
looks so nice! I really like it. As of yet, he hasn't moved down there. He wants to (he says) but we haven't had the chance to make the big move yet...then we will be stuck as to what to do with the old room of his....(sigh) one thing to another.

Another thing we did, was get the new basement furniture. Its so nice! It was so cheap! But with a 10 year warranty...we can't complain! The basement is totally different now that we have it. We still don't use the basement either...kinda wasted space. The only thing that we use down there is me, and I use the craft area! But I like it to feel complete tho. I hated having the basement sitting there, being unsed. It kills me not use the space in our house considering there are so many homeless people and people who need homes and here we have a whole basement not being used...horrible.

But our house feels a little better to me. Now we need to work on the painting everywhere else. Ugh. The staircase from jamming our big screen tv up here RUINED the walls in the staircase...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Did I miss updating yesturday (opps!)

Anyhow right now I am at work. I am off in like 20 mins but I am already 'off' in my own mind. Tomorrow the new SuperCentre Walmart opens and I can't wait to see it!!!!Yesturday (monday) I was totally tired after work. And COLD! But I still was able to take Bandit for a nice big walk...I was FREEZING when I got home though! But it was worth it. Today I weighed in, 2 days early. And I was only down .8 but due to the 'time of the month' and not walking all last week I wasn't expecting a big loss! Next Tuesday I expect a bigger amount :) I feel super good eating so well. It is crazy to not stick to it forever, really.

Work has been really well lately. We are nearing our accreditation date fast...we have by Dec.30th to book our 2-day site visit. So we will be having it sometime in January. I pray to God we are approved. Everyone will get rasises and my life will be almost stress free from worrying about it this so much (and ALL of the work going into it). The licensing officers say that we are at the same level, so we will see. They can't see why we wouldn't get approved. Sounds good! Other then that, not too much new. My poor sister's nanny is looking for antoher job. My sister lives on an acreage and the nanny wants to live in the city where she can babysit and houseclean in the evenings and make more money. Sucky for my sister...mid-school year. She is a vice principal so its not like she is able to just not go to work...they will get another foregin nanny hopefully in time. My sister and the kids are coming down this weekend. On Saturday we are having one big family birthday party. Its Amandas (pregnant old foster girl for 11 years) and R's birthday, my uncles birthday and OUR sons 11th party...at my house on Saturday everyone is coming over. Its going to be great! Sunday, we have a b-day party to go to. Then on Monday my sister is leaving and my meeting for accreditation is for Monday morning...crazy! It will be nice, my sis is coming down with just the kids. And Fabe is working, so it will be her and I and our kids. That will be nice :o)

What else? Kennedy has gained a HUGE amount of weight in the past 5-6 months...she gained like 8 pounds! Its GREAT!!!! But the dr's are sure its actual weight or height..that girl is TALL!

Tomorrow is Macks' soccer, Kennedy's gymnastics. Busy! I drop him off, drop her off, go get him, go get her. Blah. But at least its all over with one night during the week rather then two. Soccer games are on Saturdays every week.

Hmmmmm, we had a scare with Bandit. On Sunday he puked up a NASTY blob of 'something'. It looked like worms. Then today we took a stool sample to the vet...it was negative. So it must have been string that he ate...DUMB dog!

Well the boss is here. I better go.



Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hello :o)

Hi! Do I still have readers? Or has everyone given up on me? Heeeellllloooooooooooo?

I know that it has ONLY been for-ever! But what-ever I 'm here. Still.

Whats new with me? Well as you may recall..last year. About this time, I was actively doing WW. And really taking off the weight. Well I joined again! In my first week I lost 6.2 pounds!This week, I weigh in on Tuesday but I am thinking its going to be pretty good! I'm hoping I REALLY stick to it this time (again).

We got our new bedroom suite and its beautiful!!! Our room looks a world of a difference! Finally, its so pretty!

This weekend Fabe and I totally cleaned the bedroom. Got rid of total books, bedframe, etc...just soooooo clean in there. We NEED new bedding now and we are done in there...I'm so happy we got the basement spotless and set up. Now our bedroom. As well, today I organized the kitchen cupboards and everything. Things are looking up in our house!!!!

Work is work.

The kids are doing great! They LOVED Halloween this year. IT was so nice having nice weather. We had our Godson with us, and he loved Trick or Treating!

Anyhow, gotta shower the kids!


I'm still here.

I Tara, (right hand up) swear to be true to blogging from here on in. I swear to update at least 1 in 2 days and post pictures on a more regular basis.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'd be calling in sick tomorrow if it wasn't for my boss right-about-now. One staff is soooooo unhappy. Not with the job, with her whole freakin life. So QUIT then. God, don't keep torturing us all. Anyhow I made a MAJOR change at work today and this one staff was not happy about it. But it had to do with an issue that she kept on complaining about. So I 'fixed' it. Its not even an option anymore. Done. Done. Done....

The day was GREAT until this issue arised. I dealt with it. And done.

So anyhow.

Tonight the kids have the community league thing. I will take Bandit to the dog park while they are there. Tomorrow, I can't wait!!!! Friday! After a week like this, I think about taking the easy way out and quitting. But I'm not like that. I told my boss I will be here to get them accredited then go from there. And from there will either be a reduced week of work or something....next summer I AM only working 2-3 days a week. Thats it! I am NOT wasting the whole summer working. I enjoy working. And I work to enjoy it. I don't want it to become 'work' or stressful. That is why I do not work in the social work field anymore...and my job was doing great for me. I expect some stresses...but not day after day of them...God.

Well I want to turn on Dr. Phil and get the kitchen ready for yummy mushroom soup meatballs and rice :) This is the children's favorite meal :)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday already!!

Yeah and WOW the week is flying by!!! Gotta love short weeks.

Today was kinda stressful at work. The staff are acting worse then the 55 kids we have there! Ugh, some days I picture myself saying "I'm DONE with you all...bye!" and walking out with a BIG smile on my face. But, tomorrow will be a better day and I won't think those nasty thoughts!

Tonight Kennedy had gymnastics. The kids are sleeping down in Macks new room (well he hasn't moved down there yet). So I guess it is still the spare room, really. Mack is trying to get use to it down there before he decides and before we move his stuff down there. I don't care either way. It is kinda scary having him down there though!

Tuesday Fabe was gone all day to the lake. Trailer is out there. He brought back the kid's quads for tune up and oil changes. So thats good. He is thinking about taking them out to Bruiderheim on the weekend for quadding for the day. That will be nice for them. I had supper waiting for him when he got home..we had yummy BBQ'd chicken, french bread and spinach dip, pasta and veggies. While doing that, I put my roast and potatoes and carrots in to the slow cooker pot and put it in the fridge for the morning to turn on. This morning I turned it on and when we got home...the house smelled so good. Tomorrow we have cream of mushroom soup meatballs and rice for supper. I love when its pretty much prepared. Makes it SO much easier! Tomorrow is early day...yeah for me :) The kids are going to the community league once-a-month club. They play games and whatever for 1.5 hours. And its only 1.00! I will drop them off then run to Micheals...I dont know what for exactly...but I have 2 40% off coupons that I NEED to use!!!!I hate scrapbooking now...so we'll see ;)

Friday, no plans thus far. And Fabe is off this weekend...so we shall see what comes of it.

Have a great day!

Monday, October 08, 2007


Today was another great day! I finished up the house with a final cleaning...it looks very nice. Perfect timing as my mom came here with the kids...Mack checked out the house and said "Is this the same house?" LMAO!

We have to start working on our room now as the bedroom suite will be here soon...tomorrow Fabe and his brother are taking the trailer out to the lake. Gonna be weird not having it on the driveway. We NEED to find a place close to Edmonton to camp it for the summer so that we can commute back and forth to work while enjoying camping afterwork. The trailer looks great now that I did my own mini-version of 'flip this trailer'. Its an old Award trailer. Nothing special thats forsure. Its a great set up and it was a upper-model trailer. Well built and everything. We can't justify paying for a brand new one (200.00 a month) when Fabians work schedule is sucky and we don't use our existing paid off trailer enough now. Plus, with the cabin we won't really need a trailer too much. But it is nice to have anyhow. So thats what he is doing tomorrow, while I am working. We don't have much plans for this week. Nothing exciting anyhow. Kennedy has gymnastics and thats about it on Wednesday. Mack starts soccer next week.

Tomororw I will have to go grocery shopping as lunches tomorrow will be not prepared. I usually buy all of my fruits and veggies for the week. Then I prepare it in ziplocks for the week so the children can grab a bag after school and in the mornings for lunches its very easy to prepare.

Well, I should go. The children are going their homework. They both needs baths and showers. I have to wash their clothing from Fort Mac. And prepare for the upcoming week.

Have a great week everyone :)


Sunday, October 07, 2007

A wonderful Sunday!!!

Yeah, no work tomorrow!

Today was a great day! I didn't sleep in very late (8:30am) the Brick called to tell me they will be here between noon and 2pm. I took off the tape from painting in the bathroom and Macks new room. Looks lovely! Then I did the finishing touches and cleaned the bathroom (Painting is SUCH a mess!). Then, I went to vote. My boss, who is east Indian had asked me to vote for this lady. So I told her fine, every vote counts. But today the time came to vote, I went to the Acca Centre on 91street and immediately seen that this is clearly an ALL East Indian event! Omg, so I called her on her cell and we laughed about me being the only white person..haha. But I did it. And I was the ONLY white person. LMAO!!!!! I was about to have an anxiety attack and run out of the emergency door exit. It was soooooo traumatic..seriously! I told her she owes me BIG!!!! Then, I went to Ikea to find some red accessories for the newly painted red bathroom. I found a nice bathmat, big red flowers and some other stuff. But my BEST find was a red chair. ( I will add pics tomorrow!) Its a comfy adult chair. Its soooo modern and contemporary. So nice. It will be a great contrast to the dark grey in Macks new room. His room will be dark grey, suttle black hues and a bright red for contrast. It will look great! I love the chair!!!

Oh yeah, my furniture came. Wow, its a great deal!!!!! So I bought an area rug (already!) for it down there, some lamps, candles, more accessories, comfy toss blankets and some other little things. I hung up the pictures down there. Its so comfy now! Pics will be here tomorrow! So thats all done. We need to get Macks new room in order before starting to move anyting down there. Thankfully his bed is down there already and one dresser but we will move the other down there...it will be an easy move.

Then, I went to Micheals as I had a 50% coupon to use up...can't let it go without using it! So I bought a (excuse my horrible spelling)...decoupage (?) set. And some plates, little cardboard stuff. I want to make a place for the kitchen with our family pic in it, for displaying up high on top of the cupboards. Also, I bought some canvas sheets. For Macks new room I used the dark grey paint and my red bathroom paint and didn't big lines on the canvas to hang up on his wall...to 'blend' the colors together.

I was busy this weekend, huh?

Macks soccer coach called. He made tier 2-3 for soccer...1 being the best and 7 the worst. So he didn't do bad at all. He will be pleased. I don't care what he makes, as long as he is having fun. Soccer is the same night as gymnastics. So I will drop him off, drop Kennedy off pick him up, pick kennedy up. Good by to my Goodwill shopping days while she is at gymnastics. BUT you know what? I am happy they are both on the same night...means more home time during the week. He has soccer games every Saturday tho...oh well.

We just watched Desperate Housewives on the tv in the basement. Fabe is still down there enjoying the new couches..they are just so comfy!

Well I am going to read in bed, not sure what book. But, I will find something....God knows I only have 50 to pick from :)


Dinner Party!

This is what we walked into....isn't it beautiful :)

A little bit of Lisa there, but wow...fancy serving dishes and everything!

My friend Lisa invited us over for supper. We didn't think it would be anything fancy. Were we mistaken or what! We had Braxton our Godson with us for the night and brought him along. Thankfully he fell asleep after watching tv...so we didn't have to worry too much about him...

Its our turn to host next time...how can I possibly meet these expectations ???

Family Fall Pics!

The kids and mommy
The kids and daddy

Do I LOOK uncomfortable? Bccause I was...lol!

I like this laying down one. This is the one that I will blow up and frame for the wall. The first one, my boobs were practially falling out!!!

Last year we did family fall pics at the dog park. They turned out so well that I got them blow up and framed for the wall. The pic is by the front entrance of our home. So many have said "who did those?" and when I tell them it was me and just with the timer they are shocked! But this year, didn't turn out as well. I will still get it blown up to a 8x10 and frame it. We never go for family pics, something that we just never seem to have time for. But at least, these are memories! I add them to the kids photo albums as well. Mack didn't want to come but we made him! As my mom use to tell me "sometimes in life there are things that you won't want to do, but you just do them anyhow". He's getting to a very tough age where he likes to hang out with friends (lots of sleepovers!) and while thats all fine with us, he needs to understand that family

comes first and foremost :)

More fall pics.

Can you tell that I love fall???

Although I am not looking very forward to the winter. I am enjoying fall. I have been getting stuff done around the house, preparing for winter. There is something about winter tho. I guess its just those cold mornings where you wake up and dread going outside. The crisp air, steals your breath at times. The part that I am truely dreading for winter is the fact that I can't have a car starter in my car. If you are a long time reader of my blog you may recall last year. My car was at the place for 2 weeks while I tried to get a car starter in it...they couldn't. So last year I hated it. Leather seats=cold butt! But last year I at least could use the van, but since we sold it I am stuck using the SUV. Brrrrrr! The truck has a starter, but its also pretty big to drive around. Hopefully, it won't get stolen with the key in it running (outside my work is my main concern) The mornings are fine because I park in the garage. I'm sure I will manage, but just be prepared for the big complaints from me ;)

Other then that, winter isn't too bad. The kids can sled. Skate. The house will be toasty and warm. Preparing for Christmas. Fire place on. Its kinda cozy in the winter...

Fall Pics...

Kennedy was only with me this time at the dog park so she is in the pics. Mack doesn't like to come anymore here, since his dog attack on our street. If only those people knew how much they affected him and maybe sending him home by himself bleeding and in pain with soaked pants (he peed his pants during the attack) MAYBE they might have taken more serious...oh and of course the handwritten note "Sorry- my dog bit your son and it broke skin and its bleeding. My husband isn't home and I can't leave my baby here alone. Please call us, we're very sorry!" and Kennedy came home flying in the door "Mack got bit by Jordans dog!!" and I ran outside and sure enough...grrrr...I still do NOT like those neighbors!!!! (VENT OVER!)

I love fall and taking pics in the fall. They are so beautiful. Anyone can capture natures beauties in the fall. Kennedy takes her digital camera with her to the places I go for pics and she captures some great pics too.

Even tho it is the season before the COLD bitter winter its so nice to know that you get one last taste of beautiful season.

Dr. Laura...

Okay call me stupid.

But I do like her.

I listen to her on the radio all of the time.

I confess, I bought the book "Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" and it has some very valid points (especially the chapter on nagging!!!)

Anyone else crazy?

Our 6 month anniversary!

Already been that long (lol). Its been great. Not one thing has changed for us. We just each wear rings. Thats all :)

Oct.4th was 6 months :)

but this summer was 16 years together :) (holy CRAP!!!!!) We were 17 when we met

Dog park!

It was pretty cool. One day we went to the dog park and they had an agility course set up with trainers and their dogs. It was very cool to watch them. The trainers were getting all pissy about their dogs being distracted by the other dogs and loose dogs running up to them and their dogs..they were shooing them away and stuff..but Fabe and I said to each other what more do they expect being set up in a dog park and all ??? It IS an off-leash area.

Anyhow it was really neat to watch the dogs...very cool :)

Kennedy was with us, and she didn't want to leave. But it started to rain so we took off.

1st day of school.

Okay so what, I am REALLY behind on some pics...but whatever :)

Anyhow here are the children on their first day back at school. Both were semi-matching with brown tones. They looked adorable, as usual :)

Mack is in grade 6 and so far doing really well. Last year was a very hard school year for him. Many times I was so upset last year. His teacher suffered from Parkinsons and well, missed many days. Leaving the children with several subs and each one had their own view on what they should learning. Needless to say, his marks suffered greatly. Then the teacher went half time (in Feb!!!) and then the children were going to this class and that class...it was horrible. This year he is MUCH happier with school being settled in to a regular teaching pattern.
Kennedy is in grade 2. Her teacher is wonderful, Mack had her for grade 2 as well. Kennedy is really enjoying school and seems to be doing well so far.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


So Fabe re-formatted the computer and now I can't seem to find my Picture Project for uploading my pics...I have some recent onces. I DO want to start blogging on a more regular basis..but yeah. I was going to start again today, but now I can't (lol).

So yesturday the kids went to Fort Mac with my mom for Christmas pictures. Every year my mom get a Christmas picture with her 4 granchildren. So they are up there this weekend. But they are heading home tomorrow and we will go to Fabe's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner (yummy). Last night I got into bed at 8pm watched a movie "Beautiful"...a pretty low budget) movie but it was good. I read over my decorating magazines. Then at 11:30pm we got out of bed and got dressed. The Brick had a midnight maddness sale. Normally, we would NEVER go to something like this. But the price of a couch set was realllly good. We had no kids, so why not.

So we got there and there was some people out there waiting. When the doors opened everyone was normal and not running or anything stupid. We got a sales lady and she quickly took us to the couch set, we were the first people to it (lol) and we told her "we will take all 3-pieces in beige" and she got on a computer and reserved one for us...done. So we now have a set for the basement...a couch, loveseat, chair in microfiber...with a 5 year warranty against stains, rips, etc...for 750.00!!!! It was well worth it :) Its perfect for down there. We are leather lovers and have 2 sets up stairs but down there its colder and I felt leather would be too chilly. Plus, Macks friends will be sleeping on it for sleepovers so I want something comfy. They will be delivered tomorrow. Then we need a media tower for it and get rid of the entertainment centre (cabin)...finally the stuff that we NEED is coming. We got a console table the other day for the front entrance. I just need to find a mirror for it and it will look great. And I am MOST happy about our bedroom suite. We got given to us our current bedroom suite. We said that we will use it short term until we could afford the set we wanted....well that was.....our old house....4-5 year ago. We have never had a 'nice' bedroom. Its been just yucky. Not comfy. Not nice. Just BLAH. We will get that anytime. We are donating the old one to my moms program. This week we will pick out bedding, duvet cover, sheets, nice pillows, bedskirt and curtains. I am sooo happy. We have needed this for SO long. Its actually pretty bad, I never show anyone our room because I hate it. Now I can paint a wall. Buy matching bathroom stuff so it flows nicely. It will be great.

Today, I was VERY busy! I painted Macks new room. Its a beautiful color! Its a smokey-grey color. Just so warm, but netural. Its like a steel grey. Its crisp and clean. Anyhow, compared to the HORRIBLE pink that was down there, its just so nice. But it makes it reallllly stand out that the closet and doors aren't yet painted (gotta get on that!). With white contrast (the trim) its just stunning the color. I bought him a dark grey and black striped duvet cover...it will look so nice. Once we move him down there, then we have to figure out his old room. Move the computer in there, I guess? It needs to be painted and I was thinking the same grey (its a light light grey now) but I am so in love with the dark grey. So I will do that. We need to get rid of his double loft bed (what a shame!)...and we will need to buy a futon or something so when guests are here...mind you we will more then likely give them the basement anyhow (Macks room will act as the spare room). He can sleep up here when guest are here.

Then, inspired by my friends Lisas dining room last weekend...I painted the bathroom upstairs a deep red color. I have primed it PLUS put on 4 (5??) Coats of paint...but its just amazing! I did only 2 walls in there. And the bathroom feels so big now. It will contrast so nicely with the gold-brown-beige fabric shower curtain....now I need new bath mats in there (does it end???) Plus, I need an area rug for the basment.

Anyhow, today at Home Depot I found the curtains that I want for the mainfloor. The patio and livingroom need to get rid of those STUPID plastic blinds (the long ones!) Again, another 'short-term' idea gone 3 years. Anyhow, the ones that I want are a burnt-orangey color. They have a pattern in velet on them...they are sooo nice. Then I can paint my orange color that I want so badly...it will blend so nicely with the sage green accessories and the cream couch set and dark wood....I can't wait :)

Anyhow. Today I am feeling Martha Stewart like...


Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, today I worked and it was a good day actually :)

The kids started the bus today. Hopefully it will be okay for them the stop is further away then what I would like but I will meet them at it. I don't like the idea of getting them from school as it is sooooo busy and never any parking. So they started it today. They are only on it for like 20 mins or so then they are home. Mack has a friend that he has been riding the bus with since he started it 2 years ago. Its pretty good tho.

Tonight, we had a very lazy supper...(English muffins and jam, lol) and then we made up some smoothies....yummy :) they were strawberry and banana smoothies. So good.

I just cut up their fruit for the week, all in ziplock bags now. Ready to go...

Yesturday we went and looked at an acreage. It was 20,000 over our budget....but still worth looking at...OR SO WE THOUGHT!!!! Omg....can you say D>I>V>E!!!! It was HORRIBLE. And, its really sad because at one time it was beautiful. It was a 2100 sq foot bungalow. HUGE house...walkout basement on 3 acres. It on time had an inground pool off the huge deck (notice how I said, one time) the hole was still there with a structure around it...ugh. It was just BAD. I can't believe that they even are showing it like that! Omg!!!!! Needless to say, if the house was about 200,000 LESS then we would have considered it. Ugh, shivers!!!

Then, on the way back to Edm. We seen an open house sign. So we went with it. It was a nice house. A little small though. But still a BEAITIFUL set up and land was SOOOO well taken care of. LOTS and LOTS of trees. I want LOTS of trees, and this was it. But the house is too small for us. Its about 1700 sq feet 2story..well acutally a 1.5 storey. A nice house tho. So we came home and checked out MLS and Comfree. But nothing much out there right now.

I'm going to tidy the bathrooms and start ordering my Disneyworld pics....

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well today was a nice sleep in day. Mack was at another friend sleepover so Kennedy and I went to Micheals afterschool. I had 2 coupons to use up...she bought a whole bunch of stamping stuff to make cards for her friends. I bought some stuff too...including some of the scrapbook page frames...my new love rather then creating albums. So I did that...then we went to the bank...then dropped off movies at BlockBuster then we went to Rosies alone for supper. It was so nice, just her and I. I had fish and chips and she had 3 servings of mashed potatoes and gravy (her love!!!). We came home...Fabe got home. He took Kennedy to the west end with him and I curled up in bed with my book "kids are worth it"...good ole Barbara. They got home late, they shared a pizza (I stayed in bed). And we all went to bed. Today, I have cleaned on and off. The mainfloor is done...Ronda came over (Happy Birthday Ronda!) and visited with her 2 sons. She left her son (Our Godson) here for the night...tonight we are heading to Lisas house for supper. So Braxton will come with us. Right now he is in the bath, and I have a brand new Tommy outfit for him to wear tonight (he's so cute, I will take pics!). Kennedy is in the other bath. Mack on his computer. Fabe is still working, but should return soon. I will pop in the shower and head out.

Tomorrow, I am not sure what to do. Maybe Let's Play or...Fort Edmonton???something for a little while at least.

Oh yeah, because it is Ronda's birthday I got Braxton to paint her 2 canvas pictures....so fun to have a 2 year old around again!!!!

Well, thats about it.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Well it was a pretty good day. I worked until 3 and grabbed the kids from school. A mom came over and made Friday sleepover plans for Mack, last weekend he was at his other's friends house for the whole weekend. I never see him...then Saturday my mom may take them. Thanksgiving weekend they are heading up with my mom to Fort Mac and I plan to use this time to paint. I would love to have Mack's new room all painted that weekend and maybe surprise him with a room set up for him :) We'll see.

Work was lazy today. I honestly got NOTHING done. How bad. I am thinking of taking off Thursdays again. I NEED to get back on track with WW and since the kids are off early that day anyhow, I might take it off. We'll see. I would love it...I know that. I really miss a day off a week. I'm not meant to work full-full time....you see, I am just not that kind of person ;) I really, really need to get back on track with WW and having that day to keep me on track was well worth it. Ideally October would be good to start it.

Tonight we had spaghetti for supper. I cleaned up, threw some laundry in and Kennedy and I headed to the dog park with Bandit. I took some pics of her only (since Mack won't come with us anywhere anymore!). I will upload them soon. I promise. Then, we stopped at Shoppers Drug store picked up some of KEnnedys meds...vitamin K and her liver meds. THEN, while there I forgot the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes and NO soap, so I grabbed some. Plus I bought the wrong scribblers for Kennedy and she needed the full page interlined ones NOT the 1/2 page ones. Grabbed those. AND, Mack needed poster board for his art folder for school. So I got that all done in one place. Finally something to scratch off my 'to do' list.

This weekend, Mack will go to his sleepover. Kennedy and I might find something to do...we'll see. Saturday, cleaning. Maybe they will go with my mom (not sure!) and if not they will come with us as we are invited to my friends house for supper. This is our friends that we went to Vegas with...the other 2 couples. We have not seen them since Vegas! CRAZZY! They want us to go to Cuba with them in the spring. They want to have a trip every year together..I'm not sure tho.

Vegas is terribly cheap to go to in Oct. Very tempting!!!! 947.00 including taxes, air and hotel...can't beat that!

Tomorrow Kennedy has gymnastics so I will hit GoodWill while she is there.

Thursday Fabe is off, fall family pics.

Friday...I already said.

Thats about it


Monday, September 24, 2007


Horrible blogger here.


I've been busy.

We are trying to buy some new furniture here. We NEED (like NEED) a new bedroom suite so we have been trying to buy it. We found one, it is going to be 3 weeks to get it shipped here. As well, the basement has no couch anymore ( we took it to the lake) so we need something down there. But yeah. Just busy with that.

On the weekend we TOTALLY de-cluttered the basement. OMG, it feels just wonderful down there now. Mack is going to be moving down there this winter so we are preparing for that. The room NEEDS to be painted...as it is pink from *R*. So we will start that. Then, I have walls that need painting too. Ugh, I am SO not looking forward to it. I HATE painting. Actually I don't mind painting small rooms (bathrooms) and I like doing feature walls But I hate whole rooms...yuck.

Work has been (work)

Mack started soccer

Kennedy dropped dance (hold me while I cry) and went back into gymnastics

I feel a cold coming on.

We need to take family fall pics...hopefully the weather is good on Thursday as it is Fabe's next day off. We will do it again at the dog park....they were soooo good last year!

And thats about it.

R is here overnight, I will drop her at school in the morning.

And, thats about it


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well today was my first day back at work and all was well. Actually it was VERY hectic because nothing was the way that I had left it prior to my vacation. I had mountains of work on my desk and it took me all day to catch up but I did it.

I got home from work, thankfully Fabe had supper cooked for when I got home. So we ate. Mack made plans for swimming with the neighbor boy. I offered to drive them then I would take Bandit to the dog park. Fabe and Kennedy offered to come along too. It was kinda cool there was a dog agility course set up. We watched it for a little while....it was neat!

We came home and soon it will be time to get Mack from the rec centre. Kennedy is in the bath. I'm about to do some laundry then go to bed early as I have to work fairly early to cover a morning shift (at 8am).


Monday, September 10, 2007

Congrats Sue!!!!

And Scott on the birth of their newest family member!!!!



So today the kids went to school They are both in the classrooms that they so desperately wanted. It is so hard to believe that it is Macks last year at elm. school. OMG!!!!!

Since we haven't bought groceries yet, I brought them McD's for lunch at school. This was a nice treat for them.

Fabe is off today too. So after taking them to school together, we headed to Sobeys did a big shop there. Then, we went to WalMart and bought stuff there.

Fabe is sound asleep on the couch. I was on the phone for an hour with a friend...I will be leaving soon to pick up the kids from school...

Not too much planned for tonight.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back to blogging.

Okay, back to school. Why do I always feel like the easy life is over with now, and back to the structure of everything. So I am back to blogging.

Florida was simply wonderful! We loved it.

The kids have their school supplies all ready to go for tomorrow (their 2st day!) and their outfits picked out. Kennedy is wearing a high school musical shirt (that she picked out in Disneyworld!) and Mack a new outfit thats spiffy! I will take pics.

Today, I didn't do much. Well I kinda did actually. I cleaned out the school closet (the kids backpack and coat closet). Washed their winter stuff and got rid of the stuff that they won't use this year. I cleaned out the car. Went through ALL of the shoes in the garage...went through Kennedy's clothes and hung up her new ones. We bought ALOT of clothes for them from the states...I LOOOVE their new stuff.

I have tomorrow off, to get them back to school. Fabe is off too, we will grocery shop and start cleaning out the basement. Mack is getting ready to move his room down there, but we use the spare room as a storage room...so we have to go through all of that! It needs to be painted as it is pink from R living here.

So thats the plans.


Fabe's family

Now don't I just fit right in???


Kennedy loved it!

She was totally into everything. Mack not so much...but forsure she is at the right age!!!


It actually wasn't that busy, but I tell ya getting out of the park after the fireworks...was complete and utter hell!!! Took 2 hours!!!!


Simply amazing fireworks at DisneyWorld. We loved them in DisneyLand as well...

Tinkerbell even flew from the castle!!!


It was great!!!!!!!

I can't post all of the pics. But I will do one for each place we visited....(call me lazy but at least you are seeing pics!!!)


The house!

The BEEEEST part of the WHOLE trip!!!! Right in our own backyard!!!!

The main hallway from the front entrance. It was so long and huge!!!!

The living room! It had a big tv, dvd player, playstation, dvd's and games!

Our bathroom it was HUGE and sooooo nice!!!

The hall from our bedroom to the attached bathroom.

So the house was great! It was a HUGE bungalow. About 2300-2500 sq feet. 4 BIG bedrooms. 2 of the bedrooms had 2-twin beds. The other 2 bedrooms were master suites, with their own bathrooms. Plus another main bathroom. A HUGE kitchen and living room. Attached garage converted into a games room. It was just sooo nice! Our master bedroom had sliding doors out to the pool. It was great. It had our DREAM bathroom too!!! Anyhow, it was soooo nice. I couldn't imagine staying in a hotel, all cramped up together. We ALL had our own space and bedrooms. Plus, we had laundry. So we only packed 4 outfits each. Washed and wore again. It was great. We bought lots of clothes there though but we came home to ALL clean laundry and no need to wash a whole bunch of laundry at home. It sure made unpacking so much easier after a long trip away from home! Oh yeah, plus every bedroom had its own tv and dvd player. AS well, unlimited long distance and internet!!!