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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gone to Vegas!!!

Bye everyone!!!!

Be good :)



Okay. So, we shopped at Costco today for some last minute clothing shopping for our trip to Vegas tomorrow. Anyhow, dh said "do you want to eat here, or go to McD's or something?" I said "I don't care!" and he said "lets eat here, I know that they are clean and everything" so we found a table. I ordered Kennedy a HUGE piece of pizza, myself a hot dog, and dh a chicken strip combo. So, Kennedy got her pizza and I ripped it in half thinking that she won't eat it all so dh can eat the rest of it. So, she goes "ugh, something MOVED in it!" I said "oh Kennedy, I am so sure!" then she goes "what is that!" and I looked. And I SAID, "what is that" and sure enough a LEG moved!!!!!!!!!!! in her pizza...so I picked it out and put it on the table where it did its last twitch it was an inch big! It had 2 feet. Like, two webbed feet!!! Like a little FROG or SOMETHING uuuuggghhhh!!!!!! I *think* it was a cockroach!!!! anyhow, I gagged and just about puked. I walked up to the customer service and got a manager. He was shocked at seeing it too, and said it must have been in the sauce. I said, NO it was moving!!!! It was like crawling on the pizza and got baked in with the cheese or something...anyhow, we got a refund but omg...it was the grossest thing in my life....I still haven't been able to eat since then...Tara

Thursday, March 29, 2007


When you give your 10 year old son a camera...this is what happens :)



Okay, here my BLONDE hair (by request) I will take a better pic where you can see my face...once I have my hair done...I wear a ponytail pretty much everyday as a way to try to avoid lice! Ewww!!!!

My wonderful son!

My son. Wow, is he growing up before my eyes or what? He is developing in to such a wonderful son :) I don't think that I could have asked for a better son. Kennedy told me today that Mack said that he would run in his snowpants for 3 days to cure CF...and so she then asked me "is CF a disease" and I hate that word. I really, really hate that word. Disease, is soooo overused. Its a scary word. Kids tease other kids "you have a disease" "ewwww, your going to catch a disease" "boys have diseases"...and so anyhow. I told her 'no, its actually a disorder' and told her that a disorder means thats something is different in her body then other peoples body, just like how we have different color of skin, eyes, etc. I still present it as a gentle as possible...I just pray that she believes me and NEVER looks it up on the internet...so anyhow. About 2 mins later she said "well Mack said that he will raise money to find a cure for CF so that I don't have to take pills anymore" and I said "well, pills aren't so bad anyhow" (easy for me to say!) but yeah. He's so sweet. He is the most compassionate guy out there....he truely cares for other people and is so bothered by people who hurt other people. He just doesn't get it.


Thats so FLY!

Kennedy has been LOVING the fly pen. She has figured out how to multiply by counting down a standard graph. Its pretty good, actually. She really seems to love math. Mack has been using it very often too and is trying so hard to beat his score. Its very encouraging for them to want to learn math. You can get a whole bunch of other courses too for it, its very neat :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Good Day, Good News :)

So Fabe got a passport for Friday to pick up!!! YEAH!!!!

I found a dog on the way to work today, and didn't have my cell with me...a lady seen the problem that I was having trying to get his ID # (she had on a collar). Anyhow, she pulled up..and tried calling for me...no response for the PARKLAND animal control. The lady says that I look so familiar....and guess what! Another LP mom!!!! LOL!!!!! How weird is that! Anyhow, I took the dog in my car to work with me as ( I didn't have a phone) but also I had to be at work. So she hopped right in. She was a retreiver. She was SOOOOOO beautiful and well natured. Anyhow, at work I tried calling and nothing was open until 9:30am. Finally I called, got the number of the owner called her...both of her dogs got out of the yard. She was SO thankful ;) Her husband came and got her (she was STILL in my car, just sleeping). Anyhow, so she's home and I just hope that the find the other one. They JUST moved from an acreage into the city last week and said that they are running away whenever possible.

Then, I worked. It was SO easy.

Then I went to my hair appt and Fabe showed up after dropping off Kennedy and paid for my hair :) Then I came home. So I have BLONDE hair now...LOTS of BLONDE highlights....looks good. Fabe thinks I look 'hot'...he asked "is it bedtime yet?" LMAO!

So he is making supper. I am on here. Kids went swimming today. All is good.

4 more sleeps until Vegas :) :) :) :)


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Some shots that I felt like taking....(lol)

Antler Lake

Gotta head out there in the summer to visit these amazing sunsets that I have heard about..


I LOVE water-places. I loooooved growing up in Sylvan Lake and loved our house on Alberta Beach (I don't like the lake tho) but backing on to water and ponds and stuff I LOVE...

Antler Lake...starting to thaw out abit.


This is a new for sale house...it was actually an open house but I don't like where its located and I don't like a single garage..anyhow. Just showing ya'll...

This is the house that I really like. Its really nice on the inside too (pics are on Comfree!)

This house, has been forsale forever...and had like 10,000 views online so something must be bad about it.

There are 3 houses for sale at Antler Lake. One is VERY nice...539,000 (don't think we wanna spend that much!) the other 2 are in our prices ranges but not really 'my type' of houses. Actually they aren't 'bad' houses but I dunno. Anyhow..the neat thing is that they all somehow back on to the water that surrounds the little town...its very pretty and I cant wait for summer to go check out the sunsets.


Hiting the highway!!!!

BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!!!!! (no, its not for sale...and no, we don't have a million dollars!)

I stopped, and talked to these guys on my journey. I love horses, but would never ride one...but they are so beautiful. I chatted with them and then freaked myself out that they could just the fence and come chasing me...so then I took off :<

Train. I kept running into this train...trying to find Antler Lake...lol. All of the backroads I took.

This is what I love to see...just straight road....I love driving...

Some pics of my Antler Lake journey!

My Roxton....

Can you believe that this was donated to my mom's program!??!?!???! Its an original Roxton set. Its beeeeeautiful!!!!! So we had a nice wooden set at the time and when my mom told me about this I wanted it.

So we donated our set and took this one. It has a matching buffet as well. Its 32 years old!!!! ALL original! I simply LOVE this set!!!!!


Enjoying the sun shine!!!!

This is his baseball glove...he LOVES this thing....

Do you think that he looks annoyed at me????

I love this pic. He looks so happy and content.

Awwwww, he's so cute!!!!

Sprawled out on the floor....what a life he has!

My little love of my life :) Isn't he just sooooo cute! He was dirty though so I bathed him last night. He's so cute.


Monday, March 26, 2007


Well can you tell that all of my free time is now gone :) and that the kids are home. Yup. No more blogging time...lol.

Today was a great day! Work was SOOOOOOO slow. There were like NO kids today! Love those days. The staff are happy to get their rooms organized and ready for the next busy day! Anyhow, so after work. I headed home. To get my doggie and then headed downtown to my moms to get the kids. They had a great trip and were trying to convince me that we 'need' a hottub. Maybe...

They went tubing at the ski resort that my sister lives at. They LOVED that. And they are looking forward to spring break camp tomorrow. Bright and early. Actually its sleeping in a little bit in the morning...they have to be there at 8:45am instead of being out the door for their bus at 7:55am! Nice.

I have a ton of pics to upload from my drive yesturday. Wow, Antler Lake is a beautiful little place. I have never been but have heard so many talk about it. All of the houses are surrounded by water...I have only seen pics of it in the summer (jane) but would love to go there in the summer AND its SOOOO close! There are 3 houses for sale there...but I think its just a little too far outta the way...especially for Fabe to drive all the way to the west end. Too bad. Its a nice little village. So I did that. Stopped at a store out there....bought a juice for the drive. I took a while bunch of back roads along the way. Cranked up my country music and just drove. It was a beautiful day for such a wonderful drive. Then I came home, put way all of the laundry and went to bed pretty early.

Tomorrow the kids have spring break camp. Fabe is off the next 2 days. He is getting a passport pics right now. He will do the online application and go down tomorrow. Our friends all pick theirs up on Friday so hopefully we won't have an issue...and Vegas here we come. We still have decided about getting married there or not. We'll see. I have mixed feelings about it. So it will be a BIG surprise if we do do it. My mom, of course wants to know NOW so she can plan a reception for us this summer. I dunno mom... (eye roll). I am SO not they type to get excited about 'these' types of things....I could live like this forever ;) Why fix something thats not broken...I dunno...

Thats my Monday!


Sunday, March 25, 2007

10 worst websites...

Everyone knows that if you are going to operate a business in today’s world you need a domain name. It is advisable to look at the domain name selected as other see it and not just as you think it looks. Failure to do this may result in situations such as the following (legitimate) companies who deal in everyday humdrum products and services but clearly didn’t give their domain names enough consideration:1. A site called ‘Who Represents‘ where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name… wait for it…is www.whorepresents.com2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at www.expertsexchange.com3. Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island at www.penisland.net4. Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder at www.therapistfinder.com5. Then of course, there’s the Italian Power Generator company… www.powergenitalia.com6. And now, we have the Mole Station Native Nursery, based in New South Wales: www.molestationnursery.com7. If you’re looking for computer software, there’s always www.ipanywhere.com8. Welcome to the First Cumming Methodist Church. Their website is www.cummingfirst.com9. Then, of course, there’s these brainless art designers, and their whacky website: www.speedofart.com10. Want to holiday in Lake Tahoe? Try their brochure website at www.gotahoe.com


The house is offically Spot less! I looooove the feeling!

Anyhow. I am going to eat some lunch, and go for a drive. I am not sure where to go...I was thinking about Antler Lake. I will take my camera and see what I come up with along the way....

Last night, we didn't end up going out. I had a shower and then Fabe ordered us Boston Pizza and they forgot my salad...I ordered a sandwitch and a salad...oh well. He called, and they gave us a 12.00 credit! Sweet!!!!

We went to bed about 2am. Woke up about 9. He went to work. I cleaned the mainfloor and did the last of the laundry. I just have TONS to put away though (tonight). I should shop for Vegas but I just don't feel like it at all...




My cut was all yucky and red today...lol. Fabe out some polyspori

n on it for me...but then....while I was cleaning the kitchen I sliced my other finger (on the other hand) on a piece of glass that Fabe broke last week...it was under the toster oven...so anyhow. I called him and told him "see, cleaning the house is a health hazard!"



So this guy in the pic, (lol) he is the neighbor behind us. And he is a real JERK! When we have our sprinkler on...he comes over and complains that it is getting water on his grass. He has come over so many times...he annoys me.

Macks room!

So it took me about 1 hour to clean his room. His room isn't as bad as Kennedys room. He is messy too, but not as junky as she is. I mainly tidy his room, wipe everything down. Kennedy plays toys in her room where as Mack isn't really in there alot. He will go on the computer in there for 30mins a day but other then that he is out with the neighbors boys. He 'invents' things in there though. He has TONS of science, chemistry and other like things in there. I pretty much can't do much with his room. Gone are all his 'little boy' items :( down to his memory box. But I just wipe it down and thats about it...pretty simple.

The Final product!

Kennedys room. Fabe and I hung out in there last night while deciding what to do for supper. We bought her a new tv stand and flat screen tv for her room but I need him to assemble it. He got comfy in her bed, I on the window seat and we sat and ENJOYED her super CLEAN room. Its NEVER this clean...sadly it won't stay like this long either! Oh well, its her room. He, of course (is anal) and is like "can't we make her keep it like this!!?" ummm...NO!

The Fly!

So Mack has been having difficulty learning his multiplications...the way that I taught him was (wrong) but counting. He doesn't know the factors off the top of his head...like the actual questions like 4x8= he doesn't know them..but he can count up by 4's and get to 8 and get it. But his teacher wants him to actually memorize the facts...great. But I picked him up the Fly pen! AND its a perfect alternative to flash cards! This is GREAT!!!!! They have TONS of math games and what not on there. If you need help, you just draw a calculator on a paper and it will help you out. Its VERY cool! This is what he will be mastering spring break!


I love these!

My face....weird hey!!!!!???

I bought the kids each one of these things...they are so cool from WalMart. The impressions that they make from the little pin things are so cool. I always leave them funny impressions.... Lmao!


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Okay so far...

Well Kennedys room is perfect :) If only it would stay that way!!!! Macks' room is perfect, our room is a perfect as it can get (I HATE our bedroom furniture!) But refuse to pay 5000.00 + for the set that *I* want! And the upstairs bathrooms are spotless...now I am going to work on the bonus room. I am not nearly as done as I should be..I should have been done up here at least and working on the main floor. But the mainfloor is soooo easy that I suppose it can wait for tomorrow :) Fabe called. this is how our converstation went (he's such a goof!)


him-hi, you gave me your number at Sobeys last week.

me-oh is this that black guy?

him- yes. Do you remember me?

me- yeah, you asked if I was married and I said 'no' right?

him- oh so you aren't married, so your available then?

me- well I have a 'boyfriend' (lol)

him- oh you didn't tell me that!

me- yes, you only asked if I was married, and I said no. And I am not lying...I am not married ;)

him-well, do you want to go on a date tonight?

me- how about you come over to my house, clean a bathroom and then we will talk about tonight????

him- nah. Its okay!

We both broke out laughing...it was funny! He's a dork-but thats what keeps up happy I guess...I tend to get 'too' serious and he keeps is real for us....

Anyhow. He went to the shop to grab him work for tomorrow (to buy him more time in the morning) and then he wants to go out...I really don't though...ugh.

Off to do the bonus room!


And for the record....

The following pic is from today (MY CLEANING DAY) I don't look very nice....no shower (lol) but whatever :)


Okay for those who asked....an updated me pic...

Me now....30 pounds gone :)

Before....30 pounds ago :)

Mc D's.

Okay I really don't like Mcd's but I admit that it was sooooo yummy last night :)



I totally HATE when children add stickers to furniture. To me, its such a shame. It looks horrible. I just really dislike it. Anyhow, I was sad to see that Kenendy added some stickers to her dresser drawers in the last few days. There were only 2 but still. I find it disrespectful. I don't mind the stickers that she has placed on her lightswitch plate...but her dresser! Come on!!!! Her bedroom set it very old...20 years forsure. And while it needs a paint job, I don't want her to wreck it. But anyhow...my gripe!
I did get them off, but I wanted to post a pic to show how horrible it looks!

Kennedys portraits.

Done by her grade 1 classmates!!!!

I especially love this one for all of the details. I know what outfit she was wearing and socks just from this picture...what GREAT details!!!

Do they view her as Skinny?

Or fat????

Awwwwwww :)

I absolutely love childrens drawings. I am over analazying all of the little lines and what not that they make. These pics are from Kennedys grade 1 class. They drew how they feel that Kennedy looks. And the details in their drawings helped me to guess what oufits she was wearing....I simply love things like this...I love how she is brown in them ;) And her hair...LMAO!. Some of the pics are sooo good. The things that we oversee (flowers on the shirt) and the matching yellow hair things...how the shirt ends on her arms and then it goes back to brown...I think that is just SO cute! It made me laugh to myself when I look at how they view her hair!

Grrrr, I have no clue why I can't roate pictures today...how ANNOYING!

Anyhow, I wanted to post these as I love them :)



Today I was working on the last patch of ice infront of the house with a shovel. And my hand slid and took a chunk of my skin off...it bled sooo much for just a little thing...anyhow.


This from Kennedys room only...plus a bag of stuff for my daycare. I hated when my mom would do this. We would go away to summer camp and come back to everything arranged in our room and everything gone. She is a little junk collecter though..oh my!


Kennedys room before and after!!!

Sorry for the side-ways one...thats the before pic. For some reason BLOGGER won't let me rotate it, and I always do...so whatever. But yeah, you get the idea...nasty messy :(

Her room was LONG overdue for a major overhaul. Going through some of her things either brought back some memories for me, or they made me laugh...and somethings even annoyed me!!! (stickers on her dresser!!!) But going through her room took me forsure an hour. Her bedding is all in the wash right now, just drying and the floors are done. I will post a picture when her bedding is on and it is totally clean and complete. Lots of work, but thankfully I don't have to do 'this' that often. It gets messy, which is fine with me but I don't like DIRTY!