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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday night.

Well, today is going better. My hurt feelings are mending.

Tonight I opted for an easy supper. We had tomato soup and grilled cheeses. I didn't feel like doing much of anything else.

I helped Mack with long division (he needed a refresher) and Kennedy wanted to do 'extra' math questions so I wrote some out for her. The kitchen is tidy now. I am going to find an article for my assignment due on Friday...and because I JUST got my textbooks and only finsished the readings last night I am thinking about taking Friday off to get it done, typed and faxed on the due date. Next assignment is a BIG one...its reading a novel about Natives...I'm excited to read it. Some of the readings have been soooo interesting and sad to read how the world was just 30-40 years ago...my how far we have come. Besides the 'policy' part I am enjoying the class. I write an exam in April and will be done...then off to the next class...this will be my life for the next while...some friends have asked "why are you doing this now?" well because. A diploma in social work only gets you to entry level positions, nothing major. But with a BSW I will have great opportunities. I will try to get on with Capital Health at the Stollery. I would like to be a Social Worker in a hospital setting. But not in an 'emergency' setting...but like a NICU or something. Our social worker was excellent when Kennedy was born. We didn't see her too much but after any 'major' diagnosis you see one. So she kinda insipred me...so we'll see. Plus if I then want, I can go on to a masters....just many more opportunities. By the way, my sister graduates in May with her Masters of Education. She gets a HUGE pay raise...and within a few years she will bump up to principal...she makes me proud!

Well, I am off to find a social issue. So many to choose from (sad, but true).


Thankfully its Thursday tomorrow!

And Yeah, I think Friday I will take off :o)



last night we did absolutley nothing. I baked another loaf of bread to share with my co-workers! They totally enjoyed it today at work...yummy :o)

Today work is much busier...people are coming to grips with the weather I am guessing..its still freeeeeezing cold out there though!

And well, thats about it.

Working on a new parent handbook at work

And thats about it....

Anyhow...will update later.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Tuesday!

Today was a great day at work! Again a very dead day at work. Not sure when the kids are going to come back (lol) but from what I am reading on LP the census is that they are starting to return slowly...so we'll see how it goes by tomorrow!

We used this time to totally clean toys and re-arrange everything! Wasn't it fun???? (my coworker!)

So we cleaned and had a very lazy day...did things that we don't normally do (lol) and took it easy. The kids bus was running today, so they took it in the morning. I picked them up after work at the bus stop, they had a good day at school. We just finished Kennedys homework and Mack is doing his now. Busy!

Tonight there is nothing to do. I will get the laundry done and start organzing the basement. The crappy thing about the basement is that we got it finished and we use it as one big storage room.

I did all of the required readings for my first assignment, due Friday. Just gotta type it up and fax it to my teacher...hopefully she is in (lol!!!!, anyhow!!!!)

No real plans for the weekend. Mom is flying up to Fort Mac with R. R is totally scared of airplanes so she is taking a test flight to Fort Mac (45 mins) to see. Hopefully it goes well as we would like her to come with us at Christmas for Disneyland. Fabe and I are not sure about Vegas or Dominican now...I would rather somewhere hot....but I really really wanted to shop in Vegas!!! Hmmmm, all the hard decisions.

Last night I used my bread machine for the first time, the bread was soooo easy to make and SO yummy! I shared it at work and promised a certain someone a loaf of their own :o) So I will be baking more tonight..pretty good.

Well I am off to get my stuff done and get into my jammies.


Obvioulsy a need to clarify????

I dunno, but maybe I was misunderstood by my post about 'winter stopping' and the whole school thing but let me say something here. I don't really 'care' if people take THEIR children to school or not. Honestly, I don't. I don't care what they do with their children or whatever. For me, I made the choice to send my children to school, as I said below. And so many others made the choice to keep their children home from school. My way is not right, their way is not wrong. Anyhow who knows me, knows me well enough to say that I am not one to force my thoughts down anyones throats. I don't like when people view me this way, because it is SO not me.

I stated that I was glad that I sent my children to school because my son had a new science lesson introduced. 2nd day of homework in math again. But *he* needs to go to school. Its not all-natural for him, I guess. Kennedy, grade 2 nots AS important to me (TO ME!) but she came home with graphs to do. Simply stating that school is going on still (and not cleaning desk, or whatever) is not pushing my thoughts...I am telling the facts.

I take my children out of school for vacations, and as I said below my sister is taking them in Feb for the waterpark and they will be missing school...others schedule things like that around their children's schooling...we choose not too. Again...I am not right. They are not wrong....or vice versa.

I don't like being portrayed as a one-sided person....because I am soooo not that....

Anyhow, thanks for the message from my blog reader who thought that I should clarify this...thank you :o) I am glad that you do know me and know good enough the kind of person that I am...



Monday, January 28, 2008


It is COLD outside!

Yes, it IS cold. We live in Alberta. We have brutal winters, I know this.

But come on...people calling in sick, people not sending their kids to school (bussed rural kids, I totally understand), but I mean...really. Its going to be cold all week. Should we all stay home and hibernate in our houses because of a few days of freezing temps? I know it would great if we all could but we really can't....

Anyhow, today was crazy. The kids bus wasn't running so I dropped them at school. A coworker's car was stuck so she asked me to pick her up..I did that.

Got to work. We have hardly any heat...brrrrrr....we will have to see about what to do..

The kids wanted to stay at home as Fabe is off today. I was like "nope!" especially my ds he doesn't need an excuse to not go to school...so off they went.

Work is dead. So funny how much the world stops because its cold....lol.

Anyhow. Gotta go!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Missed Thursday!

But mostly importantly Friday is here! This weekend we don't have too much going on. Mack doesn't have soccer (or does he??? shoot!) tonight (Friday) I will go home from work. Have an easy supper as I don't cook on Fridays (I love that rule!) then I will clean the house up. I love to clean on Fridays a week/work day so that Saturday and Sunday is just devoted to the kids. Saturday we are going to the winter celebration for LP. I'm not sure if my husband is coming or not...but hopefully. Mack already said that he isn't going to it. He hates events where its mostly little kids. He came one year...Kennedy loved it and he hated it. Oh well! I am debating about taking our Godson for the night...I bought him 2 outfits from Children's Place and some jammies so we'll see. We haven't had him for a while. Sunday we will do 'something' but Mack has tutoring at 1:30pm-3:00pm. Then we will see what to do after that. Fabe is off this weekend so thats good. But I am happy that it is Friday...the kids are super happy.

Thursday was good. I got off work early. Went to Children's Place did some spring and summer shopping for Kennedy....LOVE the stuff that I got there! Then, I went to Dollarama. Then had to go back and pick up R from school as she spent the night at our house as my mom was working the 'van'. The van is a van, which goes around in the inner city handing out condoms and providing support to street workers (hookers, sex trade workse, whateveryouwannacallit) she has been doing this since she graduated from the social work program in the year 2000. What a difference, my mom from CIBC Branch Manager to a social worker...lower pay but she LOVES what she does!!!! I'm proud of her!!!!

Anyhow, better get off here...I am sure someone will notice.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Wow, this week is flying by!

Today was a good day, I got lots done at work..which is always a plus! After work I got home and got Kennedy ready for gymnastics. Mack stayed home while I dropped her off. I ran to Goodwill on a bookhunt! Got some neat books-one that I can't wait to read its about woman years ago until now and it has a break down of articles from magazines (what is expected of a good wife, etc) and lessons on being a good wife (back then, not these days!) and so yeah, it was kinda cool. Then I got a family manager book (I love those!) and I bought Amanda a What to Expect When You are Expecting. Amanda grew up in our home (my moms!) from the age of 4 she was living with us. I still remember going to visit her and her brother Neal when they were in a group home. My mom and I went there to visit them and see if we thought that they would be a good mix for us. Immediately I loved them. Neal was 7 and Amanda 4. I LOVED getting our house ready for them and setting up their own rooms. I am the youngest so this was a dream come true, to haveyounger siblings! Plus I have always LOVED kids so this was great. I was 16 then...?...anyhow they moved in. Life was different but good. When Amanda was 15 she came to live with Fabe and I as mom and her were fighting so much. But they kept good. She lived with us when we built this house even...thats why we built a bedroom in the basement for her. She moved from here to go live with her older sister, in Hinton but it didn't work out. When she came back, R was living with us and we couldn't take her. But she was ready to go out on her own, with the help of the Boys and Girls Club. She lived there only for a short time. Now she lives on her own, she is 19 (as of Nov!)...but she isn't in a good spot now. She is pregnant and not doing too well. She is 5.5 months, she is due in May (long weekend!) When she lived with us, she was 114 pounds. At her 1st dr's appt she was 90 pounds! She is soooooooooo skinny! Like VERY skinny! They gave her Ensure and Boost to drink. It did help a little but this week (she goes every 2 weeks) she is down to 96 pounds agian...as she was at 100 2-weeks ago. Now back down. Grrrrrr! Of course, the dr is concerned about her weight. She has BARELY a tummy...like seriously! I don't know....anyhow. She goes on the 29th for an ultrasound and hopefully everything will be okay with the baby. Plus, she is going to find out if it a boy or girl so she can start to buy stuff. She has nothing yet....which is a shame. Hard to believe that she will be a mother...

Got Kennedy from gymnastics. Came home. Cleaned the kitchen. Ate. Now I am up here and waiting for the kid's bedtimes so I can take in a new book. I have to work on my assignment as well....eeeeeeekk!

Well until tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Phew-what a LONG day today!

Work was busy. My boss had a semi-breakdown which led me to send her home early, lol!

Worked until 4:15 came home, jumped right into cleaning macks room. We got rid of his loft bed and wow, his room looks sooooo much better since it is gone. MUCH cleaner looking.

So we just got done that, I am washing his bedding. We still need to eat and then relax...I have 1 magazine to still read. I am just pooped out...



Monday, January 21, 2008


3 days a row of updating, Thank you very much :o)

Today was a BUSY day at work. Wow...I was out getting stuff for the daycare in the morning (library stuff) a new vacuum, etc....then I just got back to the centre. Put the vacuum together and was ready to make my lunch at 1pm when a lady for a meeting walked in...omg!!! So I had to meet with her for 2 hours, for accreditation...finally at 3:30pm I ate my lunch while staff needed me, parents began to arrive...ugh!!!!!! A new staff that (I can't wait to start!!!) came in for forms, and ugh...it was CRAZZZZY! Anyhow, got home at 5:30, well actully Sobeys at that time...needed shampoo and a couple things. Got home, Fabe wanted to go out for supper. We went to the New Asain Village (YUMMY...totally totally suggest going there!) the buffet is sooooo good :o) Its East Indian cuisine. After we were soooo impressed with Kennedy eating so much we walked outside and she began to puke (lol)...totallllllllllly puked up her food. Then Mack ran over with his cell and took PICTURES of her puke...she was fine. Thats just her. She was laughing and having a great ole time after....too funny.

We came home. Going to get the kids to bed and read my 2 magazines that I picked up from Sobeys. I have soooooo much to do at work tomorrow. NOTHING about our offer, obviously its dead??!??!?! How rude that the realtor doesn't even CALL ours back...rude. Which is WHY we arent dealing with him in the first place...we tried. He was a jerk!

So yeah...tomororw will be less crazy. Which will be nice. My to do list at work is just brutal. But I want to get as much done as possible. I finished a HUGE piece of work my Quality Enhancement Plan last week...feels so good. Now I have a portfolio which is going to be a huge amount of work. Plus, in here I have my assignment to send away before Feb1st..thank GOD for email :o)

I bought some boutique clothes off ebay for Kennedy and an outfit for my friends daughter. He clothes were so pretty! I HAD to do it.

Well, gotta run!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday night update!

Wow, I am on a roll!

Today I totally cleaned the house. I just felt like it...and it felt soooo good to have it spotless! The bathrooms smelled of bleach (yummy!). Anyhow, cleaned and did laundry (bedding too!) all day. Then at about 3pm my friend Ronda came over with her 3 kids (messed it up!!! KIDDING!!!) and we visited while the kids played (and fought!) then we ate lunch...kids played outside a while more....it was nice. We played the Wii, I love that thing!!!! Then I put my ribs (well not mine!) in the oven...and did potatoes and yummy! They were perfect!!!My mom came over with coffee for Ronda and I. Fabe came home...it was pretty busy at the time! Mom left. Ronda left. We ate and ENJOYED the yummy ribs!!!! Now I am just putting away laudry and got the kids to bed.And I am ready to relax....Fabe is on dish duty since I cooked, he cleans...and I normally and nagging him by now but I just told him "as long as it is done by the time I wake up for getting the kids ready for breakfast!"

Oh yeah, and Fabe talked to a guy in another position at work and he is going to see about transferring over there. More time off, and 8-10 hours day only!!! (he works 12+ a day!) so yeah...MUCH better. He will have to drive a blue Shaw van tho...lol! But then we can get rid of our van that he uses for work right now...so that would be cool...so we will see!!!!

Well anyhow...gotta get to bed. Read and relax for a while.

Tara :o)

Have a good week y'all

Sunday so far.

See, I am TRYING to update often!!!!

Well last night, the kids were SUPPOSE to go to my moms for the night. But Miss Kennedy who was extremely tired....began to cry saying she wants me to drive here there(downtown, and my mom was already at my house...so I don't think so!) So I told her to just stay home (Fabe and I were planning too anyhow) and she started to really cry "I don't want toooooo" anyhow, we made her stay home as I know she would cry at bedtime anyhow so finally I just told my mom to leave her. So we cleaned her room and she went to bed at 10pm. Fabe and I watched TV in bed until about 1am. Fabe left about 8:30 am for work and I woke up as I heard Kennedy awake too. We watched tv in my bed for about 20mins and then went downstairs. I made us breakfast. Read the paper. Cleaned up the kitchen. She is on Mack's computer. And we are either going to go get groceries for the week or I will clean the bathrooms today...no plans for today. Just getting prepared for the week ahead.

Nothing from the listing realtor about our 2nd offer. Fabe and I set our price last night...the 'most' that we are willing to go...so there is room for one more offer and thats is.

Fabe is keeping his eyes open for another job. The pay with Shaw isn't worth never having family time.

If he is still with Shaw then he is booking off lots of weekends in this next year.....summer is well on its way and we plan to use the trailer and lake alot more then last year :o)

I will update later!


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today was a nice day. I slept in a bit. Woke up, the kids were up already. Fabe went to work (poor him!). Got up, made pancakes. Read the paper. Tidied up a bit...nothing major. Mack had soccer, their tied 2-2. We haven't heard anything from the realtor who we put the 2nd offer in. They people want a stupid possession date...Feb 15th. Like D-U-M-B! Like we can sell our house, move and everything UNDER 1 month. Yeah, right. Good luck. They aren't moving on their price..so I don't think that we are going anywhere. I refuse to pay what they want for a house that needs to be completely painted and flooring...nope. Won't do it. So anyhow. I think we will have to see, but I don't think that we are going anywhere. I refuse to move once Mack starts school (sept) junior high so we have a time line. I dunno..we'll see. Its a toss up. We would love to be out there for the quads, and the overall life. But will we be in the city so much anyhow? I dunno....I mean right now I REALLY want the house...but if it doesn't go through then I will be okay too. I 'want' to move but I don't want too. I hope that they come down a bit too...they should look around and see that their house needs some cosmetic work too.

Anyhow, the kids are going to my mom's house for a sleep over. Fabe and I may just relax at home and watch a movie...I dunno. Kennedy is cleaning her room. She is such a little mess...everywhere that Kennedy's goes the mess gets left behind. Its sooooo annoying! Mack is messy but at least in his own room. We sold Mack's loft bed..he is just getting too big for it...it has served us well. But is he ever going to loose space in his room with a regular double bed in there...yikes! He said he isn't ready to move downstairs to 'his' new room yet. I rushed to paint it and make is 'cool' for him for nothing. Oh well, I prefer him up here anyhow but his room will be pretty tight. So we have to bed shop for him now. Ikea, here we come! His loft bed has been wonderful for him!!!!

Well, gotta go get some stuff done around here...


Friday, January 18, 2008


An idelolgy is an organized collection of ideas. The word Ideology was coined by Count Antoine Destutt de Tracy in the late 18th century to define a 'science of ideas'.....




Welcome to my couse....SWK 1350....Introduction to Social Welfare and Policies...

I HATE policies.....

and proedures

and ideologies

and Federalism

and Bureaucracy

and Feminism

THIS is what I have been doing with my blogging time!!!!!!!


The WORSE possible course for me...ever!

Wish me luck. Why didn't I take like.....a child course? Poverty course? Aboriginal course....noooooooo, I had to take THIS one....

Yes, I have started the Bachelor of Social Work program....

so pretty pics from the train!!!!

Cariboo...Caribou? Whatever (lol)

Ice wall....

Ice wall..

So pretty!

Beautiful!!! Looks like a postcard to me!

WHILE the train was moving....

Via Rail!

Fabe took us on a Via Rail tour for a day in Jasper! It was soooooo neat!!!! It was great! I wanted to go on one for a long time, so I was really happy when he said that he got the tickets! Mom and R came with us!!!! We were able to go sit up in the dome. About 45mins into it I was feeling motion sick...I am horrible with motion sickness. As long as I am driving, I am fine...I can be in the car for HOURS...but once I am a passenger...ugh. So I had a ginger ale...I think it was because I was reading...ugh!!!!

(late) Christmas Pictures!

Kennedy gots LOTS of Hannah Montanna stuff!!!

Oh, what a mess!!!!!! The family room covered in the aftermath of Christmas!!!

Fabe checking out the Wii that santa brought Mack!!! Its a pretty cool system!!!

Kennedy was pretty happy that Santa brought her an Ipod!!!!

Santa came!!!!! The stockings and such ready to be revealed!!!!

Our Christmas was lovely. We stayed home and celebrated alone. This was my first Christmas ever without my mommy. It was weird, to say the least. I am not sure that I like that. My mom went to Fort Mac to my sisters house. We have my inlaws here and I see my mom all of the time. So my went up there...as their inlaws (sis) lives in NewFoundland. Anyhow, thankfully we ALL met up in Jasper on Boxing Day...still. It was so nice going to Jasper! Soooo
nice. There aren't many pics of Mack on here as he was wearing his boxers only....so I don't really want to exploit him like that!!!!! We are thinking that we would like to go away next year. We were thinking of Disneyland for Christmas...so we will see. But Jasper was beautiful!

Neals good bye supper!

Neal has moved to England to be with a lovely girl whom he met while she was down in Edmonton. I chat with him on MSN here and there and on Facebook...he seems very happy! Hopefully they can make it down to Edmonton! Better yet, hopefully they can meet up with us in

Disneyland for Christmas...

Flowers from Fabe

Mack and Fabe came home with flowers for me!!! My nice boys!!!

Bandit on the new bed!!!

bandit has been doing super well. He is getting so calm now. We call him the old man now. He just is happy sleeping. Its so hard to believe that 2 years ago I was ready to give him away! (remember that!!!) awwwww...he's a good boy. Some days I feel horrible when we have something to do in the evenings and we just get home from work and then off we go again. I usually take him with me, but sometimes I just can't...thankfully Fabe leaves later in the day then I do...he's a cutie.

Oh and I have discovered he is scared of my coughing!!!! Some times I wake up with a

dry cough and I hack and off he jumps off the bed and he either goes on to Kennedys bed with her or off into the family room....every time....weird!!!

Our new bed!

Our new bedroom suite has been lovely! Its sooooo nice to have a 'nice' bed to get into everynight. I splurged and bought new bedding and everything. It looks so pretty! As you can see from the BLUE lamps...we now need to jazz our room up a bit...but the furniture looks nice now. We went SOOOOOOO long with UGLY stuff!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to reality...

So New Years was great. We were going to go out to my friends house but we changed our minds. Usually the chidlren go to my moms house for the night and we go out together. But we wanted to spend it with them this year. So we rented trivia games for the Wii (they are a GREAT family educational game!) and we rented movies and went to M&M's and bought some snack food. It was really great! We had R over for a couple nights for a break for my mom. At midnight we watched the fireworks on TV they were super good. I couldn't bear the cold and watch them though!

We woke up on Tuesday (1st day of the new year!) and watched another movie. It was very relaxing day. After that we cleaned up the house a bit, did some laundry and showered and everything. We didn't leave the house...crazy!

Today I am work. We aren't very bsuy today..thankfully as we are very understaffed. But thankfully offering good wages we were able to hire 2 staff...whom both start tomorrow. The one girl use to work at the Out Of School care so I do know her..but the other is a friend of a friend. Then we are going to hire 1 more person just to have full staffing again...I miss that. We have been 1 staff down for a long time...so it will be nice to not have to worry about people calling in sick anymore!!!!

Today I thought that Fabe was off, so I wasn't worried about child care for the children. However, I miscounted his days off and in fact he works today. So I wasn't sure what to do, normally I would have taken the day off but due to low staffing I couldn't. So Kennedy went to my Mil's for the day and Mack is at home...alone...ah!!!! He's 11 and VERY responsible so I'm not too worried as he has stayed home alone before...but usually only when I run to the mall (5 mins away). I called our neighbor last night and she said she will be home with her school children and that he could go over there but he doesn't want too (2 young girls). So he is going to stay home and she took his cell number and said she will call him and he can call if they need too. I have lunch in the fridge for him that he needs to warm up. I told him not to answer the house phone only his cell phone so that works out good!!!!! I'm leaving at 1pm.

Well I better get to work.