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Monday, January 29, 2007


Okay. These pics sucks.

Give me more time to get them...lol...they are old...I admit.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

bad blogger!!!

I know. I suck at blogging. Here is Jane enjoying her holiday and STILL blogging!!! And she is newly married, congrats Jane :)

Not much new here. Well, okay a few things. First, I just send out a resume. I know, lol. Its with the school board though as and E.C.D developer. So its not much more paying better then my just...but the other things make it better. I am not 100% sure that I would even take it but you never know...so I just figure well I might as well apply and go from there. So yeah.

Also, last night was a late night. Yesturday was the LP Winter Celebration and it was FUN~ I met soooooo many new and GREAT ladies. Then, I came back to the south side and dropped off Kennedy with Fabe and went to Karokee with about 10 ladies. It was fun. But I ate B-A-D and omg....I was sick. I got home at 2:30 am and finally at 5:30 am I got up and took some gravol and finally felt better and was able to sleep. Ugh, it was bad. I just can't eat like I use too. Thats forsure. Which is good. But ugh.

Mack slept at a friends house last night, he is still there.

Kennedy went with my mom today for the day. So I am here alone. SHOULD be going grocery shopping. With no kids...or cleaning or something.

This weekend, my mommy is taking the kids to Fort Mac!!! Yeah for moi! AND, Fabe is off this weekend so we will get some time alone and sleep in together. Not sure what we will do but go out one night forsure.

We are going to Vegas April 1st...I can't wait :)




Monday, January 22, 2007

My weekend

Well, no pics to report! I am just too busy/lazy to download any! Anyhow, it was a great weekend. Friday Mack's friend came home from school with us and he slept over. In the morning his mom came early and got him. Then, we headed to the ski hill however when we got there Mack said he wasn't feeling well so he layed on the bench for a few hours! Kennedy skiied. Then, he felt better and ate lunch. We came home, got their stuff for a sleep over and Fabe's moms house. I dropped them off there. Came home. Relaxed.

Sunday, I slept in. Got up, showered and headed to the hospital and had a wonderful visit with Tina and Connor (omg, I love him!!!) and held him for a few HOURS (opps!) then, I headed to the west end and picked up the kids. We went to Sobeys so I could stock up on Weight Watchers stuff (gotta get back on track and today I did!) then came home. Mack did homework, they have bathes and bed time. HOWEVER, Fabe decided to pick up the new big screen TV so the kids were excited and well, they didn't get to sleep until after 11pm!!!!!!!

Woke up today, headed to work. Work was great. It was a very good work day :) Then, I left at 3pm. Tomorrow, is busy. I have a meeting with Community Options at 8:30am then another meeting at 9:30 am then work. THEN, a staff meeting at 6pm! Needless to say, I won't be home until LATE. Ugh. But there are ALOT of issues for me to address at the meeting so yeah so it will feel better when its all over with. Fabe is off tomorrow, so thankfully I don't have to worry about the kids.

Wednesday, is simple. dance class, gotta video tape her dance as its for a competition and its pretty hard.

Thursday, day off. Weight watchers...and then, shop for my LP stuff.

Friday, well its Friday.

Saturday, LP Winter Celebration!!!!

Sunday, who knows.

Pedicure Sale!

My friend does Pedicures from her house in Mill Woods. She has a full 'spa' room set up and everything. Anyhow, I go to her now. No more expensive ones! Anyhow, I just got a sale flyer from her and OMG!!! If anyone wants her phone number to book, let me know! She already charges a total cheap price for her pedicures however they are now 50% off for a Valentines Day special! Tell your dh's that you want one! They are soooo good. She will do a full ped. (the works!) for 35.00 that includes feet and leg stuff and paraffin wax treatments! Or just a basic ped is only 20.00! I can't believe it! I am SOOOO booking! Anyhow. Email me if you want her phone number to book! taradee@shaw.ca

Friday, January 19, 2007

My flashback.

Well the last day has been a total flash back of sad feelings.

A 'friend' off my site has had a little one who has been very sick since he has been born. He is now 2 months old and only 8 pounds. He is sooo tiny :( Anyhow, he had RSV which played havoc on his little lungs. He has been in PICU on a vent and everything. Anyhow, I went yesturday and she said it was a good day for me to come and visit (and its my day off!) as he was going for a CF test. I tried to re-assure her that because the test is SO simple to test for they always do it first before other more invasive tests. Anyhow. I was at her room until 12:30 pm when he went down for the test. I went down the hall to visit another 'friends' child, who also was in with RSV (he is 4!) so I stayed there until 2pm. Then had to go home and pick up the kids for early day. I got a message from the 1st mom with the 2month old and she said that the test came back as positive :( Her baby tested postive for CF. Immediately I cried for her. I knew what I went through and its SUCH a horrible diagnosis. I hate knowing that she is feeling what I felt and its so sad :( Your baby no longer is a 'baby' they are now a 'baby with a horrible disease'. I can't lie to her and tell her its wonderful, as it is not. But its not terminal. Its not a death sentence. I *just* know how she is feeling. I felt that once too. Anyhow, I felt the need to be there for her. I told Fabe the news and he was shocked too. I went there, and got there and she was walking down the hall (taking her mind off it) and I called her name and we immediately hugged and embraced each other. She cried, and I felt for her. I truely did. I just wanted to tell her its okay...and thats its going to be okay. With tears rolling down my face, we just walked around a few times in a big loop on the 4th floor. We just walked and talked. We went back to the room, and her best friends were there and her husband. They asked me tons of questions. I could just tell that I helped them to feel a bit better. I told them what they needed to know. They have a lifetime to learn all about CF. Its doesn't have to be learnt today or tomorrow or next week. I remember feeling SO overwhelmed that I couldn't think. They are in a state of shock right now. It hasn't 'really' hit. It will. You come down from the high at some time. And when you do, you feel so sad. When you are at home with a child who needs TONS of medical things, you crash. When you feel like your the only person in the world who deals with all of 'this', you burn out. When you just wish that one feed you could skip the enzymes and just feed your child a bottle like other mothers, it hits you again. I feel so sad for this mom. The next few years are so trying. But one thing that she truley has is a whole lunch of ppl who support her, which I never did. She has a friend taking a week off work to help her. I am so happy to see that she has SO much support....it won't take away the pain or cure the CF but it will help. I will help her as much as I possibly can. I just know what it feels like, and its hell.

Anyhow, I need to vent as I would never post this at my site...this time is about her and her beautiful son. Not me. But here, at MY blog I feel okay posting it. This past day has been a total flashback for me. Totally. I am so glad that we are over those sad feelings but honestly, it took a good 3 years :( And knowing that someone else is going to go through this is so sad...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Tomorrow is my day off work. I always pack Thursdays so full. My Weight Watchers and the kids are off school early these days. But the good thing is that Fabian is off tomorrow as well. Normally we sit at home all day together and get NOTHING done. But tomorrow, I am dropping off the kids at school and heading straight to the U of A hospital where I will visit Tina and her little guy, Connor. He has been in the hospital on and off since the birth of her son 2 months ago. He has been pretty sick. Well, a few of us donated 100.00 total to give to her to help her out with parking, food and what not. As I know all to well that it adds up so much. So I will go and see her for a while. Then WW then home. I wanted to shop for a new bedroom suite but we'll see. My spring project is painting some walls in this house...its sooooo boring.

Anyhow, Kennedys at dance class so I have to go and get her!


Guess what?????

Guess what I did today?

Ohhh, (sigh) only booked a trip to Las Vegas for me and Fabe on April 1st-6th!!!! I am super happy!

My friend and her hubby were planning to go with another couple friend of theirs and since we were planning to go anyhow, we decided to go with them. Its funner when there are more. I mean, if it was just me and Fabe it would be more of a relaxing trip and for that I would rather be in Mexico or Cuba. But with 2 other (shoppers!!!) ladies then it will be great! The guys will have a blast too!

So, yes. Time to TOTTTAAALLLLYYYY get back on track. I eat good all day then come home and eat, eat, eat...but yeah. I am NOT goin there FAT! Its 2 months away, so I can loose 20 pounds if I work hard...which I totally want to. Then, only a few months until summer then a few more months until Flordia! So yeah, too many things to be FAT for :)

Plus, if I don't fit into any old summer clothes, well then..that means I just have to buy MORE clothes for me in a smaller size :) Yeah, for shopping!

Well, anyhow!

Just wanted to share!!!!

my weekend....

*** This post disappeared but ta-da its back ***

Some on slap me! I have been eating B-A-D! Its so hard tho. But yeah.Friday after work my mom picked up my kids from school and took them to a 4pm movie. I came home, took Bandit for a walk. Then I headed to my friends house for a sleepover. The kids were at my moms. Fabian was working then came home. There was the 4 of us girls. We did hand treatments and ate some food, played Desperate Housewives game and Mad Gab. We finally rented a movie off Pay Per View (which I managed to watch the first 20 mins of before I crashed!!) then we slept in until 10 am. Got ready, went for breakfast at Rosies (ate bad) then we went shopping to Urban Barn, Stokes, Pier 1, Home sense, etc...home stores. I bought all new bathroom stuff for my main bathrooms (HATED the yellow color in there) and did it now in gold and deep red...looks soooooo much better! Then, we got lattes ( bad) then shopped some more. Our last stop was Superstore where my friend bought coffee tables. My SUV was PACKED full! It was soo funny! But fun! Then, we were headed to her house and we decided to go for supper. Went to Boston Pizza (BAD!) and sat in the lounge for 3 hours just talking. It was so nice. Then, I dropped them off and came home. It was 9pm and the kids were already home. It was such a wonderful 24 hours!We didn't really do much last night. I showed Fabe all of my purchases and what not. Then, we watched a show on A & E on the KKK. How sick are they ?!?!?! Ugh. Then, we went to bed.Today, Sunday. Have done absolutely NOTHING! Fabe is getting ready to go pick up his truck from his friends shop and possibly go buy his 'big screen tv'. (eye roll). So when he leaves I will clean and get it some what decent around here. Fabe already has the meat ready for supper.Today I called like 10 hotels in Camrose to get a room booked for the BIG VALLEY JAMBOREE and they are ALREADY BOOKED!!!!! UGH!Well, gotta go!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Friends and Supper

<----me and Fabe ( and my ring!!!)

Went out for supper with some friends.

Here they are :)

We are a very multicultured group = LOL!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I lost my 2.6 that I gained from Christmas and lost 1 more pound! For a total of 3.8 pds lost last week!!! Yeah!!!!

I am super happy with that and am down 28.8 and ONLY 1.8 pounds away from 30 pounds!!!!




Wednesday, January 10, 2007

things I miss (summer!)

Kennedy booting around on her quad at the cabin

Mack trying out Fabes pocket bike at the cabin

Bright colors of the summer!


not a whole lot new!

Sorry, I have been so horrible with updating lately. But yeah. Things have REAAAALLLLY slowed down since Christmas is over with (thank GOD) and life is back to normal. Its been a great few days. I worked late at work Monday and Tuesday as Fabe was off. And today getting off at 3pm was so nice. We didn't go to dance class tonight. Actually, its GREAT right now as BOTH of the kids are at the neighbors house...so I cleaned and did 2 loads of laundry already. Saves me from having to do it on my DAY OFF TOMORROW!!! I am *so* looking forward to it. Tomorrow, I have no real plans but take the kids to school. Go to WW and shopping then home again. WW should be pretty good actually as I have stuck to it very well. I think that I have already lost the 2.6 pds that I gained over Christmas. Which will make me very happy! I have then 40 pds to aim for. Which actually doesn't seem that bad anymore!!!! And 40 would get me pretty dang small but even 30 pds would be wonderful too :)

We hired an AWESOME lady at my work that started this week. She is excellent. I am *so* thrilled with her :) Sadly, one of my best staff is going back to school Feb 1st and will only beable to work 2 hours a day so we will need to hire AGAIN. Its soooo not early looking for a good staff. But hopefully, filling her spot won't be that bad as its a part time shift and PERFECT for a mom (11:30-4pm) so if anyone knows anyone!!!!!!!!

Fabe is off this weekend. However, I wanted him off Friday as my friend has the whole house to herself. No kids and No hubby! So she wants to have a girls slumber party Friday night with just us girls and food and movies. I would SO love to go, but Fridays are not easy for me to get a sitter. But we will see. Usually I get what I want ;)

My friend and her boyfriend are looking at renting at a house very close to mine, that would be totally cool. They look at it on Friday morning...I think it would be great to live close to her again.

The kids are good. Kennedy has developed a horrible cough. So we are doing treatments like crazy right now. But yeah, she has a yucky cough and OMG (stop reading if you get grossed out) but oooommmgggg, she blew her nose last night and the HUGEST (like I mean HUGE!) hard green snot came flying out...she called it a piece of spinach. LOL!!!Gross. I had to tell her to show Fabe as that thing was UNreal. I should have sold it on eBay! LOL!

I want to go on a trip, somewhere really really hot.

Which reminds me, the beautiful house we want to rent for our trip to Disneyland I have to book asap before it gets taken...its BEAUTIFUL with our OWN pool :)

Well, omg. I just looked outside and the nieghbors did our huge driveway!!!! omg!!!! Thats so nice. I just called Fabe and told him!




Saturday, January 06, 2007


My thoughts at 12:37am!

Do I wanna go to Mexico on Friday with my mom and the kids for a super freakin cheap price!?!??!?!??!!

Should I get a different job?????

Go back to my old Social Work field?!?!?!???!

Why can't I sleep while the rest of the house is????

Why did my neighbors get a dog for Christmas and now they hate it and wanna get rid of it!!!???

How much weight will I loose by Thursday???? Will it at least be my 2.6 that I gained???

How is my co-worker who was sooo sick on Friday?????

I am so happy Kennedy has been so healthy this year since so many ppls children are sick!

And Mack, has been healthy as ever!!!

When will my period end? *and when it does, will I drop a pound*

Did I do okay on my points today and is 15 points enough to count as a childrens nugget combo and some of Kennedys fries???? (should be hey?)

Why is my right hand so freaking cold?????

Should I go wake up Fabe and tease him (knowing we can't do anything because of my period ANYHOW???) Yeah, I should



Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well I decided to not work today. The last 2 days have been hard for me to adjust back to work (lol) and well, I worked later then normal as the kids aren't in school this week. And so my boss said its not a problem for me to take the day off. I am usually off Thursdays anyhow, but was going to work today for the morning as the kids aren't here. Last night they went to MIL's house for the night, actually 2 as I have to work tomorrow. Today I slept in until 9:30am. Got up, read the paper, had tea and cereal and then got ready for my WW. Well, I allowed myself a small gain of 2 pounds and went over. I gained 2.6 pounds in 2 weeks. Which I guess isn't 'that' bad but still a minor set back. But the only thing that matters is that I started back on WW on Tuesday and am right back on track! I have come to far to go backwards now! I bought 8 weeks of coupons today so I am set. Its been easy getting back on track. There is still SO much junk food in the cupboards but I am not tempted! I went out and bought all of my WW stuff I need to suceed and I am set! No cheat days anytime soon for me. Anyhow. After WW I went to Hughes to wash the SUV. Got it nice and pretty looking and cleaned out the junk and vaccuumed the interior and so on. I still have to give it a quick wipe down on the inside but its pretty much spotless! Then, I came home. AND AMLOST killed my friggin dog! He got into the bag of garbage...stupid us for leaving it out...but GRRRRRR!!!! ALL of the kitchen floor. So, I had to clean that all up and MOP the floor (again! Already did in on Monday!!!) then decided to clean the whole main floor...then, got ready. Got my camera and went for a HUGE walk...3rd day in a row of meeting my 20mins of walking a day goal...today was at least a 45 mins walk. Got some pics of 'stuff' too. Will post them later. Then, came home. Had some rice cakes and crystal light. And here I am. I will go change up the laundry and find my way into Kennedys horrible little room. Its sooooo messy!!!! And since they aren't here, I am cleaning it and making them spotless! I hate when their rooms are 'that' bad. So thats my plan. I have to go mail a parcel and get gas and Diet Pepsi. I will rent a moive later tonight and enjoy my quiet time before the weekend...and thats about it. After work, I will pick up the kids. And I told them we will go skiing on Saturday. Sunday will be spent preparing for back to school...and Monday is back to school and work. So thats about it :)


Monday, January 01, 2007

Fabe tired.

Fabian was so tired tongiht after our New Years night...he crashed on the couch for a few hours! I will have to get the New Years pics off the other camera that
we had with us last night...


Opps, the next pics should be here instead. But anyhow. This cabin I found nesstled up in a mountain...I had to switch my lens to get a better up close shot of it.

This hidden little cabin up in the mountain...had to switch lenes to get a better view of it...its so nice!

You can't even see where the pic
Just a mountain

I love this one too, how the ice looks.

Its amazing HOW far away these mountains are and my new lens caputured such a close up of them!
Love how the sky
Looks like a tornado...thingy!
I love this pic! I was trying to get the roads out them but then then they looked to pointed up. But I love the dark sky effect...

The day that they were all skiing to took to the highways and played around with my new lens that I got for Christmas from Fabe...it took close ups shots from sooo far away! Its a 50-200mm lens and I love it!
Bandit checking out the room...wondering where he is.

The livingroom which had patio doors out to our own little grassy area, it was perfect for letting the dog out to pee! The fireplace was a great touch and the smell of it was lovely!

The room had a full kitchen which was great! We prepared our own food everynight except 2 meals. It was so nice. It had everything that we needed.

On Boxing Day we headed off to Jasper! It was perfect roads! Our rooms was great! It had a bedrooms for the kids and we slept out in the living room on the fold out bed and fell asleep to the fire everynight. The kids and Fabe went skiing two days. It was a greeeat trip!

Tanner and Bandit

Handsome Tanner...just resting!

Bandit won't let him rest tho! He crawls all over Tanner.
Tanner just gives up and lets him bite his ears...
Fianlly he gives up as Tanner isn't bothering with him.
Tanner, I love this shot of him...

Several times throughout my blog you will read about Tanner. Bandit and Tanner love each other and were super happy to see that Santa had not forgot about them! They each got about 5 gifts !! They were happy to see each other and played together so much! Their tails go wagging when they see each other. Tanner is much older but Bandit really bring outs the 'puppy' in him. He's such a handsome doggie...

Christmas Morning!

Good Morning!!!!
Everyone checking their stuff out!

My Bil (Greg) and Kennedy coming up the stairs
My sister, Mack and Amanda
My mom and Braeden making their way up here!

Santa came!!! I called everyone upstairs to see what Santa had brought for them all! Had to get a few shots in too!

It took about 1.5 hours for everyone to open up their gifts but everyone was so happy with what they got! It was a great morning. We ate, then started to prepare for our big supper!
We had 15 ppl here for supper! And 11 on Christmas morning at our house! (they stayed over!!) it was pretty crazy! We need a bigger house!!!

My ring!

Fabian bought me a lovely ring and asked for my hand in marriage on Christmas
Eve! It was a lovely surprise! Its a beautiful ring! White gold, and a lovely princess cut setting!! I loooooooove it!!!!!

Our Christmas Eve!

Santa came!!!!

Santa came!!!!!!!! This was a early morning shot after I heard 'something' in the family room and I came out and there was little piles of stuff everywhere!!!

A treat for Santa! The kids collected items for Santa and his reindeers!

Mack opening his Christmas Eve gift. A rocket launcher!

Kennedy opening a gift! It was a Hello Kitty alarm clock!

We went on a rented wagon horse ride. It was great. We had 20 family/friends that we rented it with. It was great! We went down Candy Cane Lane on it and took in the lovely houses! We didn't end up taking a camera as I was so scared to loose it or make it freeze and our little one didn't have batteries but oh well! It was great! Then we came back, had some food and hot choclate and the kids all opened a gift and headed off to bed!

Christmas Eve!

This was what our tree looked like Christmas eve! This is Mack getting a gift. We open one gift

on Christmas eve! Thats my sister in the green sweater taking a pic of her boys!

My nephews!

This is Matthew! The blonde of the family! For those who know my sister, she is dark. Her hubby is lighter then her but still we have no idea where this blonde haired-blue-eyed-baby came from! But he is soooooo cute! The way that he says "no" is to die for! He is 16 months old and talks like unbelieveable! He says "don't do that!" and "sad" and things like that! My sister has read to them from day one and being a teacher, she believes strongly in early literacy. Its obviously has paid off!

This is Braeden. He is 3.5 years old. He is so cute and so smart! He was born 7 weeks early and my sisters pregnancy with him was so stressful as he was in the NICU for weeks and she had to be flown down here and it was just a stress. But he is very healthy and happy :)

Well thankfully Christmas is over! I am sooooo happy that it is. I can finally get back on track, get the kids back on a routine and just focus on what needs to be done. Yeah!

These are my 2 nephews.It was lovely having them here and spending lots of time with them!

I love them!