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Friday, August 19, 2011

Well hello...(anyone out there?)

I know, your tired of me coming in and out of your blogging life. But, I'm really hoping to stay. I know, I have said it before (more than once!) so I will let actions speak louder then words (thats the saying, right??) Anyhow, I'm back. And here is a short update:

1) Our baby boy went home to his birth family on August 11th. It was a very, very teary day...was it ever. But he's doing well and we just have to deal with it. It was a little shocking. We miss him dearly...

2) The summer has been fairly wet. But we have been camping every weekend still. Its been a very strange last few weekends since baby went home...I have been doing alot of relaxing out there. Our lakelot is really coming along...I must upload photos soon.

3) The kids return back to school very soon...I'm looking forward to routine again but not sure that I'm looking forward to waking up super early and suffering through the morning-maddness. But ohhhh well...such is life.

4) I have accepted a part time position. I even 'just about' took a full time job as well, but can't do it yet. I really missed working but don't want to do it full time (yet!). So, I will be instructing at a local college 2 evenings a week in the Early Childhood Program...I'm pretty excited!

5) We will be taking another placement but not a baby-I have LOVED having a baby again buuuuut it really was quite hard for us as we have had freedom for years but we forsure still want to foster. So we will hear this week about what we might be considered for...

Thats 5 things that really stands out.

Oh yeah, I have been LOVING Pinterest sooooo much since I discovered it. So many wonderful ideas!!!! I have been loving the exra time, and have been doing alot of refinishing of furniture...

Spice rack no more!

<-----It didn't always look THIS pretty!

So I saw this idea on Pinterest.com and absolutely knew that I needed to make it for Kennedy's room! I searched for a few weeks for the 'perfect' spice rack and finally scored it last night for 9.99 at Value Village yesturday! I prepped it and painted it last night. It dried over night and today I purchased a crystal knob for the drawer (Home Depot) and its turned out awesome! I can't lie; when Kennedy first spotted it at the thrift store she complained "I'm NOT putting that into my room!" and sure enough today she is loving it!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Sun, the sign of summer!

My shadow of my bamboo arrangement!

I love waking up at 6am (okay not really!) but I do love waking up to the sun shining in. Its trying to burst through my blinds. It just makes your whole self feel better. I have been snapping some photos of when the sun is lighting up rooms in the house, but you can't really tell in some of these photos. I snapped the shadow of my bambo arrangement on the wall this morning, it was a great sight to see! I love that this house is full of windows and I never have to turn on a light in the house during the day. It makes waking up at 6am alot easier when the sun is there to greet you!

Happy Mothers Day!

Flowers from Fabian, I mean from the kids!

I really love homemade gifts the best of all! Kennedy made this pen holder at school, its SO cute! I love it! It was a good day, I cleaned ! Haha, Fabian said "you shouldn't be doing this today!" I said "Oh, should I do it tomorrow then?" It doesn't bother me, because the house has been so neglected (see below post!) and so having the time to clean makes me feel better. I feel refreshed and happy when the house is clean. Its not 'spotless' but its certainly a step up from where it was :o)


Well the sun is out and I LOVE it! I planted a chair in the backyard and sat and was happy! It feels SO good to be in my yard. My whole yard was replaced when we reuilt this house, except for a flowerbed that I made. I'm happy its still there, its a reminder of our house. Anyhow, the bittersweet part is that with being outside SO much my poor poor house is being neglected. When I complain about it to friends, they don't believe me. Well here's the proof:

My children have been wrting in the dust!

6 ounces!

My little baby boy is now eating SIX ounces every 3 hours. Thankfully at night, he sleeps 10 hours straight (has been since 6 weeks!) but during the day, this little guy knows 3 hours like clockwork! He was weighed on Thursday, at 8 weeks old=he was 13 pds 3.5 ounces! Crazzzzzy, he is SO chubby but SO cute!!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

A little of Spring Cleaning!

Yesturday the living room dust was killing me. I had both kids content and happy so I pulled the chairs our from the wall and (didn't have time to do the couch) but the main thing was to sweep the dust bunnies out and wash the floor behind there. Today it feels refreshing. I will pull the couch out today so it will be done. I am struggling a bit with the state of my house. Its not horrible, but just maintained. I'm use to pretty much spotless, so its been a struggle BUT its also been nice that its no longer my main focus. The best thing I can do is little bits at a time.

Todays to do list:

Clean upstairs completely (both bathrooms) wash the floors in baby's room, laundry room and bathrooms up there...vaccuum.

Dust the mainfloor (built ins by fire place and dining room) Do a quick tidy of the mainfloor (its pretty much clean)

Vaccuum the basement (I cleaned it yesturday)

Grocery shopping, I joined Weight Watchers last night so I need to fill my cupboards with healthy food choices.

In between the every 3 hour of feeds and cuddles I have until 4pm to get this done (its 9am) then tonight is busy! I have to buy Kennedy her soccer cleats for her first game tonight...then we have to go to the trailer dealership and sign our papers for our new trailer...then rush to Kennedy's soccer game...busy night!!!!!

Soul Restoration.

I'm taking a course through The Brave Girls. Its a series of 6 weeks, and so far its been So good for me! I am behind a week but I'm going to try to catch up on it today since its just baby and I! This class has really opened up a new way of seeing things and people in my life. I have made some changes in my life because of it and have decided to question alot of 'friendships' and other type of things in my life. Its a great class!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A yucky morning!

Today was a yucky start to the day. Thankfully as I type this, I see the sun attempting to peek out from behind the clouds! Today was one of those days that you could have stayed in bed for a long time. Even Kennedy was hard to wake up! From out the back window, the neighbors tree was hardly visible as it was so rainy and windy! The wind was howling last night like crazy!

Even Bandit was sleepy, on his pillow.

Even baby was still sleepy in the morning!

What our life has come too...



My 'use to be scrapbook room' is now baby central.

Poor Bandit...life has sure changed!

But this little guy is SO worth it!!!!

These days our house is SURE looking differently! I use to pride myself on my 'near-spotless' house and felt it was decorated beautifully. WELL, thats really changed! Now, our house is crying to be cleaned and this little baby has invaded our house! There is baby stuff everywhere!!!!! And poor Bandit, is no longer 'our baby'...lmao!

But you know? It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. When the asked us to take baby, I was really worried and stressed about it. I needed a few hours (and was secretly hoping by then someone else would have taken him) but when I called back, they said he was still needing a home. The first night, I was SICK to my stomach "what the hell am I doing?" and "Who am I kidding, I can't do this!" but guess what? Its been sooooo easy. The lack of sleep at the start, when he was a few weeks old was really hard (its been 11 years!!!!) but now, he sleeps 10 hrs a night, and I'm no longer sleep deprived...Its going good! And life just seems to include him. Its not awkward. Its SO strange how easily (after 11 years!!!) he just fits.

We 'sent' him for respite care this weekend, not because we felt we needed it...but because we wanted to connect with our kids, make sure they were doing okay. It was a tough weekend, we missed him alot. Kennedy had her party (11!!!) and sleepover-it went really well. Mack, was so sick with a flu. He had a high fever, body aches, pains, sinus issues and cough. He is back to school today, since Thursday he has been knocked out.

I can't show photos of babies face, but parts of him or photos of him without his face showing are allowed, just in case you are wondering...I would LOVE to show him off...

Spring has Sprung!

Yesturday was summer like weather +21! It was beautiful out! I spent the day with Miss E (yes, I still watch her) and baby outside. We enjoyed a nice walk, park and backyard fun! Naptime was smooth after so much outside time, it was great! I just LOVE the sun. Its NEVER too hot for me, I can live in heat no problem. I'm so happy that the sun has decided to come out, no more snow (longest winter EVER!) and no more cold~

Last night, we enjoyed BBQ'd chicken breasts, baby potatoes and salad for supper. I also love that in the summer, you can BBQ and there is WAY less clean up from supper. Lifes good :o)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Going to try to return...

I miss blogging. I'm hoping that THIS time I will be back. I enjoy reading blogs alot...and have taken time to read my favorite blogs...but I have been missing blogging myself. I love looking back on my old blog posts and reading 'what was I doing this day, last year? 2 years ago?, etc?"...so I'm hoping to be back! And we have news...a NEW baby boy! So, I will be blogging about him (because he is in the foster care system, I won't post photos...but I can share glimpses of him). Other then that...you will catch up soon enough :o))) Hope I still have blogger friends!!!