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Friday, August 19, 2011

Well hello...(anyone out there?)

I know, your tired of me coming in and out of your blogging life. But, I'm really hoping to stay. I know, I have said it before (more than once!) so I will let actions speak louder then words (thats the saying, right??) Anyhow, I'm back. And here is a short update:

1) Our baby boy went home to his birth family on August 11th. It was a very, very teary day...was it ever. But he's doing well and we just have to deal with it. It was a little shocking. We miss him dearly...

2) The summer has been fairly wet. But we have been camping every weekend still. Its been a very strange last few weekends since baby went home...I have been doing alot of relaxing out there. Our lakelot is really coming along...I must upload photos soon.

3) The kids return back to school very soon...I'm looking forward to routine again but not sure that I'm looking forward to waking up super early and suffering through the morning-maddness. But ohhhh well...such is life.

4) I have accepted a part time position. I even 'just about' took a full time job as well, but can't do it yet. I really missed working but don't want to do it full time (yet!). So, I will be instructing at a local college 2 evenings a week in the Early Childhood Program...I'm pretty excited!

5) We will be taking another placement but not a baby-I have LOVED having a baby again buuuuut it really was quite hard for us as we have had freedom for years but we forsure still want to foster. So we will hear this week about what we might be considered for...

Thats 5 things that really stands out.

Oh yeah, I have been LOVING Pinterest sooooo much since I discovered it. So many wonderful ideas!!!! I have been loving the exra time, and have been doing alot of refinishing of furniture...

Spice rack no more!

<-----It didn't always look THIS pretty!

So I saw this idea on Pinterest.com and absolutely knew that I needed to make it for Kennedy's room! I searched for a few weeks for the 'perfect' spice rack and finally scored it last night for 9.99 at Value Village yesturday! I prepped it and painted it last night. It dried over night and today I purchased a crystal knob for the drawer (Home Depot) and its turned out awesome! I can't lie; when Kennedy first spotted it at the thrift store she complained "I'm NOT putting that into my room!" and sure enough today she is loving it!