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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Well, it was a busy Wednesday! I had our Godson Braxton overnight again, so that kept me busy. Then, the guys for the driveway came and they poured it. Just in time for Braxtons mom to come and pick him up (with her 2 other kids!) so it was stressful ensuring they didn't step on it. Then, my friend Lisa came over. Ronda left (Braxtons mom) and sure enough...a foot print on the fresh new concrete...they had to fix it, they weren't happy! THEN, Lisa and I ran out for a few stores. Came back, the kids were heading home from school (called their cell phones to tell them DO NOT step on the concrete-but Fabe had beat me to it)Then mom came over, she had Kaiya. So we visited. They left...we ate supper and ran to soccer (Kennedy). THEN, soccer played only 1/2 as it was storming. So they called it. We came home. I did the supper dishes. Kennedy is having her treatments (vest and Tobi) and Mack is doing his nightly work out (weights and treadmill). We are hoping to be in bed at a decent time. Busy busy day. I hate those days.

Tomorrow, not really any better. Starts with an appt at my house at 9am. THEN, after that...do my normal stuff (take out supper stuff, laundry, etc) then dentist appt in the afternoon. Early day for school. Thankfully tomorrow night isn't anything major. Next week I have 2 more dentist appts (check up and replacing a filling) then Rikki's grade 9 grad, Macks ortho appt and soccer 2 nights...*sigh* Oh yeah, and a home assessment for fostering (again)...yuck.

Why do I feel SO much more busier then before when I was working????

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Well, I finally updated my blog a bit. I am trying to stay on track with it, I hate to give it up now. So we'll see.

Today I have 3 little boys with me. My 2 nephews are in town so I offered to watch them while they furniture shopped. Plus, last night I ran out to my friends house to drop off her childrens birthday gifts and our Godson, Braxton begged to come home with me. He's too cute, so I couldn't say 'no' so he's here. I don't mind really though. His mom has an ob/gyn appt tomorrow so he is here for another night sleep.

Other then that, I'm gonna start supper. Rikki is staying with us for a few days so at the end of the day...I will have 6 kids. Wow, haha!

Tomorrow, I have a dentist appt. Not sure what time. I really need to do some house-stuff shopping to finish it off. The front foyer is REALLY bothering me (please check the photo below to help me!!!)

Have a great day!

Around the house...

We finally got the basement unpacked. Need to put up artwork and do that last touches in it. Its crazy to have a basement in which we USE. We had a developed basement before but it was small and not good space. This one is so big now and the layout is nice and open. Its weird that Mack sleeps down there now too. But he loves it, and its a GREAT place for his friends.

I'm still stuck on what to do with the front entrance. When we built the house, they gave us a floor mat. We Still have it there. I need to make it cozy but nice. And the ledge that overlooks the front entrance-I don't know what to do with it at all. Suggestions are welcome!

My friend Ronda bought me this lovely purple lily when I moved in, Its still thriving really well. Its a beauty!!!!

And, I finally opened up the new Crockpot! Love it. I made chicken drumsticks (curried) with potatoes in it. Then we also had Singapore noodles (Rikki was over, its her favorite!) and green beans. It was a great supper!

Kennedys chalk board. So funny, she is SO my child. I'm ALL about 'to do lists!" Have to have them, always have one on the go and I do a list pretty much everynight. Of course, I have squares in which I check off (feeling very satisfied) when I have accomplished what I set out to do on my list. Then, I have been noticing Kennedys lists on her chalkboard-its so funny!

Scenes of Camping...

I love camping! Because of the busy city, the sirens I hear, the traffic and the hussle of the city I LOVE to getaway. Its so nice in the evenings having a fire, just under the stars. During the day, the many walks I take; sometimes with or without people. In the morning, making the stovetop coffee (or electric if lazy), waking up in my trailer bed..the blankets are crisp. Its a perfect place for me. Life seems so simple when out there. Mack doesn't enjoy camping with us anymore...but we drag him here and there. Kennedy, well she still loves it. There are many children at the resort, which she has made alot of friends with.


So, May long weekend was full-of-mud! It was horrible! Our driveway at the lake it PURE mud. Thankfully they gravelled it this past weekend so it is much better! Mack had a friend out that weekend and it SNOWED on Saturday morning, so we ran into Barrhead and bought rubber boots for everyone. On Sunday the sun tried to come out and Monday it was much better-so we were left with LOTS of mud!!!! The boys (and Kennedy) had alot of fun in the mud!

Kaiyas 2 now!

We had a small family/close friend party for Kaiya! Cannot believe she is 2 years old now! She is SO cute! I enjoy her so much...my mom has been taking her to the lake on the weekends and she just loves it! She is such a sweetie!!!!