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Monday, July 31, 2006

wonderful weekend :)

Well we had a wonderful weekend at the cozy cabin. It is so much nicer with the cabin built. Its tiny, but so nice! Its perfect! The bedroom actually looks like a bedroom now. We put some nice white panelling on the walls this weekend in there :) and we finished putting the Poly plastic on the walls. So its all ready for panelling. Then ceiling, then flooring! Then decorating!!!!!!!! THAT I can't wait for! Today, Fabian went to Lisas to do her cable in her basement. The kids had daycamp. After daycamp we met Fabe at Rosies for supper. I went to Sobeys to get food for my diet that starts tomorrow :S and then, Fabe and the kids went to the office to get his work for tomorrow. They still aren't home. He is loving having them back here. The neighbors are outside having a *unofficial block party* (as well call them) but I was over and said my hellos and took Bandit for a walk. Its been hectic. I put a roast in the slowcooker to marinate it and thats what they will eat for supper. I will have a yummy salad (can't you see how excited i am !!!) LMAO! NOT!!!!! Actually, I do look forward to eating better. And, I hope that I stick to it. I can do it!!!! Right?!?!?!?!Today was a good work day. Oh yeah, after supper bu before Sobeys Mack had to go to the dr's office as he got stung 2 days ago by a wasp or hornet and today his hand totally swelled up and its HUGE! And HOT! So she put him on antibiotics and said that if it doesn't look better or gets worse then to take him to the ER...she felt he might then need IV antibiotics! Geesh! So I am hoping it gets better really, really fast :) Poor boy.

I haven't been able to use my camera much. I can't find a filter for the lens to protect it..so I don't really wanna use it until I do. Also, I forgot my camera this weekend! Grrr!!!!!

Well I better go..


Friday, July 28, 2006

My babies...

I have to just say, that I am so happy that they are home :) They have been busy playing with each other. Its so nice to watch them play together and be 'friends'. I have to wonder what life will be like with them when they are older. Will they be friends still? Will Kennedy be after Mack's older friends? Will her friends just wanna come over to see her hot brother? I hope not. OR, will Mack be after her younger friends and will his friends wanna come over to see his hot sister? LMAO. Actually, thats not really what I wonder about..I just hope that they continue to be friends. I just hope that they always respect one another. And remember that they are from the same family...I hope that nothing ever stands in the way of them. As they get older saddness comes over me, as I don't want them to get older. But I guess that I have something for me to look forward too. My awnsers to the above questions. And, time will only tell what will happen to their sister/brother relationship.

Well, they are in the midst of using up all of my toilet paper and masking tape to make themselves some casts...something my sister and I did as children too...too funny. And, WHAT IS WITH KIDS AND WANTING A CAST?????

Bandits wardrobe

The kids were so happy when we told them that we bought Bandit a t-shirt! He looks so cute in it! Getting him into it isn't an easy task tho. I wish that I would have got him use to wearing t-shirts when he was little as he freaks out when I try to get him in it. But once in it, he is fine...he looks so funny :) Mack thought that it was totally cool that he has a jersery that almost matches it...too funny :)

okay some pics :)

The kids put on a show today for me :)

First it started off with Kennedy dressed up in my grandmas stuff...(necklaces, beads, etc) then it turned into Mack even getting in to...I am so happy that they are home :)


I love that it is Friday! Love it! The kids are home now...I missed them. We are going to the lake lot tomorrow. So it will be nice to get away from here for a night. We are going to bring up some wall panelling (yes, the panelling from trailer homes) but its a nice white sheet that we are buying of it :) We need to get it installed this weekend so our builder can go back out there and do the built in bunkbeds. Also, we have to finish the Poly plastic stuff on the walls. Then we can panel the livingroom and storage room of the cabin. It is taking forever. PLUS, it needs to be sided. Also, we just bought a HUGE shed (preassembled, thankfully) and got it delivered there today! Its a huge shed. Wood one, its for the quads and bikes. So now we can call in a guy to side it all one color then it will look so nice :) we also have some furniture to bring out there...well like small stuff. A chest of drawers, a tv stand and a night table. I want it out of here! So yeah :) lots to do. Plus, I see our neighbors ordered the lumber for our fence...so much to do...

So the kids are enjoying their rooms. I told them that we can play the game of Life tonight or we could rent a movie. I am tired of movies. I went to THREE movies this week!!!!!!

1st- you me and dupree-me and Fabian
2nd- United 930-Fabian and I.
3rd- The Devil Wears Proda-Lisa, Meagan, Denise, Cherie, and I.

Last night we had a girls night out! It was so much fun and SO inspiring! Densie was always a bigger girl. But she recently lost 45 pounds and looks AMAZING!!!!! I met her through my friend Lisa years ago (6-7 years ago now) and have only known her here and there..but yeah. She did South Beach started in April and is already down 45 pounds. I am thinking about giving it a try! After all, I only have weight to loose :)

But yeah, it was a very fun night then we went to Bo Diddleys for drinks! And, I was driving the HOT convertable so we looked like some hot mamas!!!!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

another one :)

Can you tell that I am in Camera-love???

Okay..thats enough of meaningless pictures...

oh how about one of Bandit with his new grooming???

some more pics!!!!!

<-----------a hot dog!

Bandit crawled right into the fire pit. THIS is where he has been burying his bones that we give him!!!! The little air hole thingy on the bottom of it is where he crawled in. What a silly dog!

Today I splurged a bit...

I bought myself a brand new digital camera! I loooove it. I soooo looooove it!!!! Its a Nikon D50. And its a beauty! Its one of those big fancy looking ones. Its like my Canon Rebel film one but wow, its so nice!!!!

look at my flower in the back yard! you can even see the little thingy in the middle!

I am sooo in love with it! Its so beautiful :)

So anyhow. I am in glee with it right now!!!!!


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

<----------this was the REAL reason that Fabian loved Cuba! Topless woman everywhere. They were playing Volleyball, swimming, running, up at the bar ordering drinks...I have to admit. If I had their bodies..hell ya! I wouldn't be wearing a top either (or would I???) LoL

ANyhow. Today is Wednesday. Got home from work. Grabbed a slush. Tried to call the kids, its boring without them now. I can't wait to just have them back here. Do things with them. I'm lazy without them here. They are having a blast tho. They love their daycamp and my mom has been busy with them they have been to Capital X a few times...so thats good. Today work was pretty good. I left there at 4:30pm. Thats late for me. Came home, had some pasta from supper that Fabian made me last night and thats my supper. Gave Bandit a steak bone from last night supper (yes, steak for 2 nights in a row) too bad for Fabe as he is working today..and I am not making supper..I am going to attempt to do some housework. And, I bought a magazine so I am going to read that in bed. I get to sleep in tomorrow, but work in the afternoon as I need to go over the staff's schedules for August. This weekend we are going to the lake, it will be fun as my sister, mom and everyone will be there. So thats the plans for the weeknd :)

The kids are in a daycamp for the next 2 weeks over here! Its right close to my work so that good! Well, I should go!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well it was a busy few days! And one of the days I couldn't get on to the internet..so then I had to clean the house (blah). Anyhow. I have a wonderful summer cold. Aren't I lucky? So Sunday I cleaned then went and met my mom and the kids down at her place. She had a mouse in her place and put traps and poison out for him. Well, her place was stinky! So she had the kids looks around the place for the mouse. She knew it was dead. Well, Kennedy spotted it. YUCK! So my mom gave me chop stick (haha) and I tried to get it out from where it was stuck. I thought and HOPED my eyes were playing tricks on me...but the thing was STILL breathing...slowly. It was sad. Then, I could no longer touch it. So, she got a guy in her bulding to come and get it and he just grabbed it by the tail and threw it in a garbage bag. Ugh...yuck!

Monday, I worked. But at work I came down with my cold. It was aLONG day! BUT, I am SO happy as I got my service plan completed and I couriered it to the proper place! Yeah. Last night, Fabe made me a wonderful supper. We had steak and potatoes. Yummy! Then, we went and see "you, me and Dupree" it was SOOOOO funny!

Today, Tuesday. We took the kids to the zoo for a field trip for work. It was so nice! Thank GOD, we missed the rain! Then, we got back and I gave the girls their breaks and I came home. Fabian was off today and took the dog for a grooming appt. He looks so clean now (the dog!) but not as cute as when he is fluffy and messy! But I bet he feels so much more better!

Tonight, I am not sure what the plan is. Fabian went to go get my moms car (that I have for the week, I LOVE that car) and he already has seasoned the meat for tonights supper. We are hoping to have some estimates this week for our work around the house that we want to get done...I can't wait for it to get done...

Well, thats about it in my boring life!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

see it cools off a bit :)

I just got back from a lovely walk with Bandit around the 2 blocks. So nice how the neighbors around here are SO nice. I had several people talk to me, who don't even know me! But anyhow. Its so lovely outside right now...I could have walked forever but my foot is bothering me. I think that I might see the dr to get some Iboprofen for it again...ugh. Last time it was this bad they casted it..I hope it eases off a bit. But anyhow. Fabe and I were going to go to Lisas however her son has a case of (what we think is) heat stroke. Out of no where, he got a high fever (39.something) and started puking. So, we opted to not go. Fabe's schedule has been horrible. So he is on his way home now. He came home for a bit, admired my painting job, changed and got his car to go hand in his paper work) I hate his work schedule. I really, really do. We will have to get some time in for us for a movie or something. It just becomes so easy to sit at home and do nothing. We really enjoy being at home. We really do. But we should try to get out. So, maybe Monday or Tuesday we will go do something together. We haven't been to a movie forever...alone. One of those days we have to go to Lisa's house so Fabe can do her wiring in her basement. I said I would come along for a visit too. Also, she is going on holidays for 2 weeks so before she goes we are going to do a movie night this week too. Exciting week for me!!!!

Well anyhow...


I'm not going to complain, I'm not going to complain!

Nope. Even tho I am DYING in my house of heat..I AM NOT GOING TO COMPLAIN! I would be complaining if it was cold, etc. So I would MUCH rather this...yes, its hot. But thank GOD for my cool basement! Well, today I had a wonderful sleep. I slept until a nice 11:30 am until Fabe called and woke me up! Then, the dog heard me talking to him so he barked to get out of his kennel. I still can't believe that he was in there until that long. Usually he wakes me up by at leat 9:30! Wow. So, last night was a late one as the nieghbors were out again. So we sat out there with them until about 1am. We got to bed about 2am. Fabe was up and out of the door early! I don't even recall hearing him leave. So, I got out of bed. Played with the dog. Took him out for his morning pee. Then, he had his Ceasar (every morning) and I read the paper, ate my toast. Then, got a wonderful idea. I am going to paint the bathroom! I am SO tired of the SAME color throughout the house. So, its just that time. So, off I went to WalMart. On my way in, took down an idiot's license plate that left their DOG IN THE CAR! (why? why would you bring your dog to WALMART on the hottest day of the year?) sure the window was down A BIT...but still. Its hot. Too hot for them. So, why bring them? So, they paged for the person over the intercom (oh well!) so I got my paint. My paint for the bathroom and the front porch as its peeling. So, off to home I went. I painted the one wall in the bathroom (looks so pretty!) Have to take some pics! Its a deep green. Looks SO nice! Especially against the white trim of the window...so then, I decided to touch up our original paint. So I went around the house and touched it up and painted the whole wall of the breakfast bar. Looks so clean now :)

And, here I am. Oh, I bought Bandit and t-shirt today! LMAO! It a jersey one that says "basketball" its sooooooo cute on him..at the moment he is trying to get if off. I probably should take it off as he's already panting in the house...the house is hot. really hot.

Lisa and Vic invited us over for a fire tonight. I hope that Fabe is home in time to go. I want to get out of the house!!!!!

Tomorrow, I am going to clean. Then that leaves me all week to attack room by room to organize and also, I want to scrapbook abit. I should have done that today (basment!!) *R*'s room is needs to be painted as well. I love the green in the bathroom and am tempted to use that down there too....its pretty dark but such a nice color! So we'll see. It needs new bedding and towels down there. The basement will be getting done this month (hopefully) and for the guest room and bathroom I would like towels in baskets folded and ready for company!

Well, anyhow. I better go clean up from my mess.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Well she is gone :(

She is gone. Her social worker came and took her :( and she is gone. Back to just us. Just our family...she is just such a good kid. I can't imagine the life that foster children have to live. Its so sad. Anyhow. Today we all went to my work. We went to the ledgegrounds and it was SO nice out! Then my mom picked up the kids from there and R came back with me to work. I worked until 3pm. Then on the way home I HAD to stop at Childrens Place. And OMG!!! The sales were unreal! I spent 114.00 and got a CRAZY amount of clothing for the kids. R picked out an outfit too. Then we went to McD's for ice cream. Yummy! Came home, packed up all of her stuff and got it ready for her worker. She came and got her. So here I am. All alone. The kids are gone for the weekend. Just me and the dog. Fabe is working. Blah. I don't feel like doing anything. And to make it worse, I just ate a yummp piece of pumpking pie with ice cream (lol) so yeah. There was my supper! I am hoping that a good movie will be on tv late and I will just lie on the couch and veg out. Maybe tomorrow I will do some yard work. We need work around here. OH AND...I hired the girl that I really really really really really really really wanted to hire :) I am SOOOO happy! She is PERFECT for the daycare!!!! She is a level 3, she JUST graduated from Bachelor Of Education! I am so happy! I can't even believe that I found someone so good :) and the guys from the out of school care (mark!) they told me that I HAVE to hire her because *she's hot!* I am like "I only want her because she has good education and she is a level 3!" so yeah :)

Anyhow. I will go make my way to the couch now..lazy night!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Busy Thursday!

Finally the kids are in bed. Its 9:37 pm. Agh. What a busy hectic day! First off, I have to admit laundry was all done...but TONS were in baskets to be put away. So, I did that. Once I did that, I had to pack the kids for the lake this weekend, then the week at my moms house. With R leaving, I had to ensure that all her clothing was washed and ready to be gone. As well, we are giving her the duvet, cover and pillow sham that she has had in her room for this time. So, I had to wash all that. PLUS, with doing that. I am trying to gather up and wash all of their band stuff so that I can return that. So much to do! PLUS, tomorrow they are all coming to work with me and we are going on a field trip (I love my job, my kids get to come on field trips too!!) to the Ledge grounds. So, I am packing for them for that as well. So its B-U-S-Y! Needless to say, I am happy that its almost all done. I had to go to the bank today ON THE NORTH SIDE...so I did that. Then, on the way home we stopped at moms house to drop off their clothes (as she is picking them up from the ledge grounds at 12:30) so she now has all of the clothes. Phew. Next focus, is R. She is actually getting very excited about going. I am happy for her and long term she is going to be MUCH better off. I know that. She already has scheduled weekends that she wants to come sleepover and so forth. We haven't been to the lake hardly so far...crazy! So I have to make sure we get out there more often. I still am liking the idea of the 'fall retreat' with me and Fabe. Most ppl would love place like ours to use whenever. But we never use it...oh well. So, the sprinkler is on and I am going to turn it off. I didn't get all of the sections that I wanted to get but oh well. Better then nothing. Our grass is turning so nice and green. Bandit totally had killed it. Oh and my Lilies bloomed. They look so pretty! Gotta get a pic one day...Well. Anyhow...better go. Friday is a busy busy day! Right after work R and I have to rush home. Get her stuff ready and her Social worker will be here to load it up and move her...away :(

Well, I better get off here!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

<--picture from our airplane window...above the clouds! I love it!

So, today I worked. It was hectic at work as one of my staff called in sick today. Ugh. Thankfully, I was able to call in another lady who usually takes Wednesdays off. So it worked out well. I have started the service plan at work. Blah. So thats what I have been working on. I came home today from work to company! They only stayed for a while. Fabe had supper all cooked for us when I got home...he's so sweet! We had chicken breast, potatoes, pasta, corn and mixed veggies. Pretty good supper! Of course, Karen (my company!) was very impressed! Then, I was out on the driveway saying good bye to her our neighbor came over. We chatted for a while. The girls are playing outside (still) and I am ABOUT to clean up from supper. Fabe had some wiring to do for work so he left. I hope he doesn't get home too late as its his last day off until Monday now. Tomorrow will be busy! I have to pack up the kids for my moms house. And, I have to pack up *R*'s stuff as the BIG move is on Friday :( Then she's gone. Then I want to get our work started around here! I need some quotes for the floor and for the basement to get done. I want it done by winter! I can't wait! This weekend will be pretty much just me. Fabe works. No kids. Boring. Maybe I will try to get back into scrapbooking. Also, I want to totally organize the house! Maybe rent some movies...then the next weekend we are going to the lake lot for the weekend as Fabian wants to buy some (nice) wood panneling for the cabin and get that set up. So much to do. But it looks so NICE out there now...I love it! I would like to go there for a nice weekend retreat for just me and fabe in the fall. It would be so nice and relaxing!

Anyhow. I have much to get started on. So I best go now...



Tuesday, July 18, 2006

<----------------my sisters dog, Tanner and my puppy Bandit. Tanner is so old now :( Its so sad. I remember when my sister got Tanner. I thought "wow, I am NEVER going to get a lab like him" he was soooo wired as a young pup! But now, I look at him. He has been so loyal to my sister. He was the baby to them for so many years. Life revolved around Tan-Tan. He was pampered and walked daily and loved his acerage living life. My oldest nephew, Braeden was born and life drastically changed. FROM the day he was born. Because he was born 6 weeks early! My sister lives about 20 mins outside of Fort Mac. She was rushed to the hospital. Tanner at home all night and day. Then my BIL rushed home got Tanner and couldn't even fly with my sister in medi-vac to Edmonton because of Tanner. Sure, they could have asked a neighbor to watch him but they wanted to make sure he was with us. So he drove fast to Edmonton with Tanner. Sat in the truck as my sister gave birth to their pre-mature baby...Fabian did come and get the truck a few hours later...it was the best that anyone could have done. But life changed there. But Tanner has never stopped being loyal. They have gone on to have another baby. Thank God, he was born on time...they are both very healthy! But Tanner...Tanner...he remains the same ol'boy. The kids crawl over him. Pull his ears. They poke at his eyes. He in his age, just wants to sleep. But can't find quiet places anymore with a toddler and a baby crawling around. He was at my house for a few days. I took him and Bandit to the dog park several times. I find it so relaxing being there. Thats when I realized how much he has aged. But, walking in those heavily treed pathways Tanner would often come back to 'check' on me. He is so loyal. Even though his life has been drastically changed he still remains so loyal and still looks at you like you are the best thing in the world. I truely love him. Yes, they still baby him alot. But with young children they have other priorities. The van has a seat taken out, a nice soft blankets lays there instead. Yet, Tanner knows that he still has a place in this family and he is just happy for that.

Anyhow. Today I worked. It was a nice day at work. We are hiring a position and I got great response from an online ad. It was great! A few VERY suitable people! One, that I am very interested in :) I just finished flipping through the Avon catalog and can't wait to order some of the stuff in there. I LOVE Avon. How sad is that...thats why I sell it. I am MY ONLY customer...but thats how I like it. Once in a while a friend will ask me to order it for her and I don't mind that. But overall I don't want to sell it-sell it. Just buy it!!!!! Well, I better go. Kennedy was out riding her little pink quad...so I walked beside her. Then, Mack wanted to play basketball so we all played a few games. They showered. They are ready for bed. My mom is taking the kids this weekend to the lake. AND, she will have them all next week for their downtown daycamp. I feel like I haven't had any time with them...there is so much that I want to do with them...at least August won't be so hectic!

Anyhow..until tomorrow!!!


Monday, July 17, 2006


<-------------you can't really see Fabian but anyhow! It goes, from the right side first...Fabe, my dad, my cousin Kim's Dh (Richard) my uncle Mickey and my cousin Tyler. This was at Christmas they were partying!!!!

So my company is gone. Its so nice to have everyone here...but man oh man its nice to see them go too :) My house was immaculate when they arrived and now is brutal. R's laundry is all waiting to be washed (still) so I have that to do. Its so nice to have the kids at home :) They are getting along so well. Today, I don't have to work. Tomorrow I do. But today my goal is to get the house completely done (again) I need to totally vacuum and mop as Tanners hair is everywhere. And, both Fabe and Kennedy are allergic to him. R is gone for a pre-placement visit today. She should be home about 1pm. So I will take advantage of this time to get her laudnry started. I think that we will just kick around home today and possibly go to a movie tonight. I will have to take off Thursday and Friday as well. Which is okay as it is suppose to be HOT so we will take in a waterpark or something...!!!...I hope the weekend is nice too. Maybe a beach for the day! Well, rather then sit here and plan for the next little while I better get my butt in gear! So later


Sunday, July 16, 2006


<----------------Kennedy on her vest and her nebulizer machine. The vest quickly pumps air in and out and inflates and deflates the vest so fast that it shakes the secretions around in her lungs causing her to cough and either spit it out or at least swallow it into her tummy. Pretty cool eh?


Well yesturday was a good day with my sister here. We just hung out at home. They went shopping and I watched the baby (matthew) for them. My mom took Braeden (nephew) and Kennedy to Stettler for the train ride. They ended up staying in Red Deer at a totally good hotel "western budget" I guess that they have a fireplace , kingsized bed, bunkbeds, big screen tv with built in dvd player, etc...REALLY nice my mom said! For 99/night. And, it has a pool so yeah, I know where we are going for a mini-get-a-way! So they left. We sat on the deck having some drinks (I could only have 1 as I had to get R) Thank God, Kerri (clothing club member) called me to get my money or else I would have had to pay a late fee! So I dropped it off for her right away. Then, drove to get R on the north side. My sister came with me. Got R and she was sick! Totally hacking! Gagging. Got her home, kissed her good night and said that she had a fever. Sure enough, 38.5. She said that she had been sick for a while! Nice. No one said anyting to me about it! So I gave her some meds. She slept upstairs in Kennedys bed. She slept through the night, so that was good! We had a fire in the firepit last night. Then it got major windy! So we came in and Fabe and Greg (BIL) stayed up for a while. Woke up this morning to the dog barking. He loves my sisters dog, Tanner. I kept telling him "no barking!" then he would stop for a while. My sister went to let her dog out, however the alarm was set so she opened the door and then the alarm went off! They called, told them a false alarm! So then I decided to just get out of bed. Go up. Ate. Read the paper. Cleaned the house (again!) and thats about it. The kids just had a shower. We are planning a bbq, and a mini b-day party for Fabe and my MIL. So, thats the plans!

Tomorrow I don't work :) R goes for her first visit before moving. And, yeah.



Saturday, July 15, 2006


<---------my handsome son!!!!

Well today it is Saturday! yeah! Tonight *R* comes home from her band tour. So, get this. I posted on LP a QUESTION. "what do you think" and then I added a poll onto it. I don't feel that calling home once in 12 days is acceptable. These are young children. They are teenagers. But still. So 31 people said that they should have to call home more then once. 6 people said that they feel that once is fine (wait until their kids are gone in a different county then tell me that they think that hearing from them once in 2 weeks is okay with them!) BUT anyhow...this lady on Lp says to me, after I said that I was told that the kids phone home every couple nights. She said, "I was in this band and I know that they don't call home every couple nights. I don't think that they would have told you that" Okay. So I am lying???? All I asked was if they felt that that was enough. I didn't say that I was mad. Wasn't worried. Just was asking. So, anyhow. She then calls someone that she knows FROM THE BAND who is on tour...and left her a message for me?!?!?!?! Ummmm, hello! If I had posted that I had bad serivce at WalMart is she going to call for me, if she knows someone who works there?!?!??! So anyhow. I said "I don't need you to call for me,thanks" and I was told to take my rudeness and JUMP OFF A BRIDGE!!!!! LMAO!!!! NOW, that about the MOST mature thing that I have heard !!!!! From a PARENTING SITE!!! LMAO!!!!!! Anyhow!!!! Yesturday, I got home from work. My nephews were here. My sister had already left for the concert. Fabe was here with them. So we went to Chuckie Cheese's (Braedens FAVORITE place in the world!!!) So we were there. We had tokens left over from last time. So, it didn't cost me one penny! We stopped for ice cream on the way home :) Fabe was outside with the neighbors for a while. So I was in with 2 dogs, no fenced yard! And, 4 kids. It was hellish. So, anyhow. I managed to get them to bed and I was So tired!

Today, I phoned my mom and woke her up! I thought that she was leaving early today for Stettler but the train isn't actually until tomorrow! Today, she wants to stay in Red Deer for a hotel to take the kids swimming! So, I put Mattew to bed (baby nephew) for a nap and and sitting and relaxing. Mack rented a movie off Pay per View and is relaxing in our bed. Kennedy, is so excited about her new Kim Possible outfit and is bathed, dressed and writing on paper at the moment. And, Braeden is watching the (most horrible kids show ever!) Daniel Cook. Ugh. I have to wash the bedding downstairs and tidy the basement as my sister and her dh are sleeping here for the next 2 nights. So, I better take advantage of this no-baby time. Gosh, its tiring having a baby around. Or, maybe its just the 2 dogs ?????


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can't seem to get anything done.

<------------isn't that a lovely pic of us ? Awwwwwwww.... Anyhow. Here I am. Bored. I SHOULD be cleaning. But, I just can't seem to get anything done that needs to be done. The whole house needs a GOOD cleaning and I am not really going to have any time to do it this weekend with my sister in and everything. Today is my day to get it all done. And yet, I know that I will love it when it is all done. I know that I will get it done, its just a matter of kicking my ass to force myself. So yeah. I did however, get Kennedy's done. I bought some new pillows for her window seat so I cleaned her room. I like cleaning her room though, its so pretty when it is done. I should have taken a pics of it! I did one of the three bathrooms. Even the tub, I HATE cleaning a tub! And I mopped her room and the bathroom. The dishwasher is doing it's job. And, yeah. Thats about it. So much more to do, plus go buy a whole load of groceries. *sigh* Last night I slept really good. I was so cold, as we had the fan on. But then I snuggled into Fabe and he was so warm! It was so nice. I slept in until (only) 8:30am. But oh well. Other then that, I have done nothing. Laundry is all done, just needs to be put all away.

I am starting to think about paint colors. This house needs paint. I am just not sure what colors tho. Still more thinking needed. As well, I can't wait to start on the basement. Actually, I can't wait to get the fence done and the wood floors...AND the basement. The basement will be SO nice to have fully developed tho. I can't wiat. We will try to use the rec room down there more too since the family room won't really feel too comfy after the floors are all cold and hard. Well...time to go. I am going to work on Macks room. Which is not fun to clean. He is messy. Then onto my room. Usually I start with the main floor but today I wanted to start up here, as its waaaay harder to clean up here then the main floor. The mainfloor is always clean...so its easy. At least, Fabe did the grass and basement is clean. But I do need to clean *r*'s room as my sister is coming to sleep here Saturday night.



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

yeah :)

I have gotten so much accomplished lately! FINALLY I have taken in my Cuba pics and got them off my digital card. As well, I have taken in some films and bought some more. I plan to get my scrapbooking up to date! I was down in my scrapbook room last night, organizing it and excited to start it up again. I talked to my sister last night, she said that Mack has cried 2 nights now before bed. I don't get it. I seriously think that he got THAT traumatized and now knows what homesick feels like after the whole band experience. 2 more sleeps until he is home :) My babe. Kennedy, well she doesn't really care where she is. Today is Fabians 31st birthday! We didn't really do too much. His gift was a deepfryer! Aren't I sweet :) And I went out with some friend...to Bo's for the wing night and some drinks. It was SO nice to get out of the house! Tomorrow, I don't have to work. So, its my weekend tomorrow. I will have my nephews overnight on Friday and my sister at my house Saturday night. So, my weekend will be shot. I have to tell my boss, that I am not working next week. Well, I will work 2 days. But thats it. I plan to take the kids to Fort Edm. and the zoo and other fun stuff. They need some time with me. And, I need some time with them. I am looking very forward to it! Well, I bettr run along. Fabian will be home and we will spend some time together before bed time. So, anyhow...take care!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I am outta here! Just waiting for Fabe to get out of the shower, my bus leaves at 9am. And so he is driving me to the bus stop! Ahhhh, 5 hours to sit and do absolutely nothing :)

Have a good weekend :)


Friday, July 07, 2006


Well okay, Really the week wasn't bad. How can I complain...I didn'thave any kids all week :) Life was good! Actually I am missing them now! I am leaving for Fort Mac in the morning. There is a party tomorrow night for my nephew, Matthew who is now 1 years old. How cute. Then Sunday I will head back home again. Fabian is off this weekend. Lucky him, no me and no kids. Hahaha! He's going to a BBQ moving party tomorrow night. He still will have the dog so I have made sure he will take good care of him too. Monday he is off and will have the kids all day. Then he will drop them off at his moms house for a few days. I hardly will see them. But then I work all week. Then, Friday (he is off again) then he will pick them up. Maybe we will go to a movie or something as a family. *R* called, crying SHE is homesick :( I felt so bad for her. But she said she only started to cry when she called me. I tried to make her feel better. They were in Utah last night. She gets home next Saturday. She will only have a few days at home...like really Sunday all day as they get home late on Saturday. Sunday will be spent washing all of her laundry and packing her up-again. Monday I am taking off work. I will drive her out to camp, and pick her up the following Saturday. She LOVES camp. So I don't feel bad for her. She is looking very forward to it. Then, she will be home for only a day and a half then its off to my moms...for they week. All 3 of them will be there for the week as they are in a daycamp close to my moms house! Phew...busy! I will hardly be seeing the kids...August they aren't so booked. I will look VERY forward to spending some time with them...(I am taking off a week in July when they are home tho). So yeah. Tonight, I am just getting my stuff ready for the trip up there tomorrow. And, I am leaving about 8:30am. Today I worked. It was pretty boring. But busy. Then I stopped at Wal-Mart bought an outfit for me....and my puppy some new toys and yeah...thats it. I only bought my nephew a gift card (as suggested by my sister) as he literally has EVERYTHING...and anything. So this way, she can buy him whatever SHE feels that he needs. Its a good amount so whatever! Well, Fabe just got home. I want to take the puppy for a good walk again tongiht..so I better be going! I will write after my weekend. Oh crap~ I totally forgot! I have muffins in the oven! SHOOT!



Tuesday, July 04, 2006

didn't make him go...

Mackenzie cried the night before he was to leave to band tour. But still said that he would be fine. I told him he would do great and we planned for him and prepared him to be a little homesick and what not. I packed him until 2a.m. then up at 5 a.m (3 hours of sleep!) It was so tiring! So we drove them to the bus pick up site at M.E Lazerte. for 6:30 a.m. Then, he got on the bus and everything...then 5 mins after he came back off and was crying :( I knew right there that I wasn't going to send him. He said "I can't do it" :( So we told him (as I have been telling him the WHOLE time...) "you don't have to go" and he decided not too. I really didn't care if he went or not. So this is better for me too. I would have been really stressed! So, we came back home. We packed up for the lake. Took him to lake with my mom. He had such a hard day that he was even crying about staying there with my mom!!!!!! He was so tired. Kennedy had already been out there with my mom for a few days. The cabin looks so awesome out there! I will totally get use of it. So Fabe and I insulated it and put the plastic up for hours. Then, we made the big ride home. Just me and Fabe. We were so tired. We got home, and went straight to bed. *R* went on tour anyhow, so that is who we really needed a break from anyhow.

Today, I peeled myself out of bed for work at 7:45a.m. It was SO nice not having to get anyone else ready, pack lunches or anything. I worked. It was hell as there was a ton of new kids at daycare. Got off at 4p.m, washed my moms car and made my way home. Fabe was out still. Had the house to myself and my puppy. I fell asleep on the couch for a while, until my sister called and woke me up. Then Fabe got home. We cleaned the driveway and watered the heck outta the grass. I took the puppy for a big walk. And, its now 10:30p.m and we are gonna get chinese food and lay in bed and eat it. Fabe goes back to work tomorrow. So, I guess I will have to clean or something. I might see if anyone wants to do 'something'...anyhow.



Sunday, July 02, 2006

much better day thus far!

Thankfully, I am having a much better day! Lat night we went to Lisa's house for a BBQ. We brought the dog with us. He was pretty much back to his old self. It was a alot of fun! Daina bought us all glow necklaces and Lisa bought the kids sparklers..and I bought cupcakes :) We had a big meal. Full tummies. It was fun. Then we headed over to the Mill Woods park for the fireworks. They were spectacular! Then, we battled in the parking lot trying to back out of the stall for like 30mins. Oh well. The top was down on the car, it was a BEAUTIFUL night :) Then we headed home. Our neighbors were outside partying! So we went over and joined them. We stayed out (and the kids!!) until 3A.M! I finally got the kids in and me and went to bed! It was so much fun! Our neighbors were LOADED!!!! Racheal and Gregor leave today for 2 weeks so our dog will miss playing with their big black poodle, Ryley. It will be quiet around here with them gone. Kennedy will miss their daughters to play with when she gets back! Today, well I slept in unitl 11am. Made the kids some muffins. Fabe left for work about 9am. I have been doing their laundry and trying to figure out any last minute things that they will need. They leave tomorrow at 6:30am! The house is a total mess with me being sick, and packing up Kennedy and now the kids..the house is getting NO lovin! Oh well, maybe tomorrow...So I have *R* bag completely packed up. She has so many clothes, it was so easy! Mack will be the harder one, although he has lots of clothes he is so picky about what to wear! The dog is laying on the couch enjoying the ceiling fan. Fabe and I were going to take the kids out for a going away supper...but he is still working. So it might be a late one. I am working on packing up Mack now. Then I have to pack their bus bags. and so forth. oh, I have to go get *R* her pills from the drug store yet. Ahhh, will it ever end!!!! I ALMOST forgot to pack her a towel! Can you imagine. Plus, I have a pile of stuff for their chaperones...calling cards, U.S money, medications...Macks allergies are horrible right now.

Well, I better get doing all of this...


Saturday, July 01, 2006

sick me and now sick dog.

I have been battling a horrible cold. Now a brutal cough. I even had a fever. Poor me. But then I realized. THIS is how Kennedy feels every single day..cough...cough...cough...cough... So I shouldnt' complain. THIS will pass. Went to the dr's today. Sure enough need antibiotics. Got them. Thank God. Came home to a very sick dog. Now anyone who knows me...knows that I am a huge dog lover. LOVE my dog. As I type this he is shaking and laying in the same spot that he has been laying in for a few hours :( He's pretty ill. I was suppose to go with my family to Lisa and Vic's house for a Canada Day B.B.Q but I can't leave my dog...I told Fabe to take the kids and go. They too, will be very disappointed. I am so scared for the dog.

Kennedy left yesturday to the lake. The kids had 2 parades today. I was REALLY looking forward to go to their house. Things just never seem to work out when they are planned. Well anyhow. The kids leave (older 2) for California for 2 weeks. So no kids until Sunday...(kennedy) then she goes to Fabe's moms house for the rest of the week. Yeah...anyhow. Gotta check on the dog...Please pray for him :(