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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In Class...

Well, tonight my students have the whole 3 hour class to work on assignments and their research papers...so this leaves me a whole lotta nothing to do! I'm wishing I had my next course materials so that I could at least work on that...but I could jump ahead and read the chapter in the text book that I need to know about. My next class is "Health Safety and Nutrition"...I'm not sure how it will be as its a new class for me. I'm loving the class that I'm teaching right now, Children with Challenges...my passion!

Not too much is new, today I had a very relaxed day at home. I did my housework nice and early on in the day therefore it made for a good afternoon. I was really hoping to hop onto the treadmill but I didn't...crap!

Today was "Taco Tuesday" the kids were happy to hear that! Every so often we have a taco Tuesday...they love it! Since I'm on south beach (still) I scooped some meat aside (for lunch tomorrow) and will enjoy a lettuce wrap taco tomorrow! Tonight I brought spaghetti squash and steak, that was for supper last night but I went with friends to a pedicure so I missed out!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I can stay at home tomorrow night...I teach again on Thursday.

Today I started my "Body Restoration" course through Bravegirlsclub.com and I'm SO excited to do it. I'm going to go tomorrow to purchase the supplies I need and get started...its a 6 week online course. And, I AM going to finish it :)

Well, I should 'hit the book'..

Monday, January 09, 2012

Back to School Day.

Well, its offical-the kids are back to school today from their Christmas holidays. They were off on December 23rd-Januray 9th. It was a great holiday, but did feel a little bit longer. I'm happy to get back into routine and get back to regular life. I haven't been sleeping in last week, as Miss E was coming everyday still so it didn't really benefit me much. But, we were able to take in some activities around Edmonton (Telus World of Science, Chuckie Cheese, etc). Today Miss E and I have been hanging out in the basement for a little bit. I slept really really bad last night. I have been having sleep issues since I started back on South Beach diet last Monday (todays a week, -8 pds!) Which I looked it up today, and its common...due to the lack of carbs so your body is in ketosis. I have been sleep deprived for a week so far, so I need to add in milk or some kind of healthy carb. I"ve never had sleeping issues so this is killing me!!!! I have been taking Melatonin even, and its not helping either!

Today, I'm meeting up with a friend and her son for a playdate with Miss E. I don't even feel like doing that, even though I am doing it...I'm just exhausted! Thankfully, I don't work tonight...tomorrow I do.

Fabe and I cleaned the house yesturday, so at least thats done. One less thing to worry about...but this week is bedding week so I will start with Kennedy's this week.

I will add photos...my tablet is charging so I will add photos later :)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Whats New.

1) My new job (see below)

2) Kids are doing great. Mack turned 15 in November and has only a year until he can drive a car...without us. Yikes. So, we have alot of practice to cram in this next year.

3) Christmas was wonderful! Kids return to school on Monday, I'm ready as they are too.

4) Kennedys been doing great. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks in October, it was hard with working as well.

5) I still watch Miss E everyday, but mommy is pregnant so I'm thinking we will agree that July 1st will be the end of that...I will miss her alot...2 years that I have been watching her.

6) We are thinking of giving up fostering as we have NOT had good luck in it...BUT we have applied for an ADOPTION (Shhhh, if your on my facebook-its a special blog secret!) We *hope* we will get the little one we applied for! SHE is going to be 1 year old in February...and we love the idea of not having to deal with the loss of her leaving...she is in a foster home right now but we had her for a 2 week respite and loved her! So we certainly hope we get her. They figure 2-3 months until we know. We have submitted all of the work necessary but now need to go to our first meeting with our adoptions worker on the 16th!!!!

7) We spent a day at the lake a few weeks ago, it was lovely with this BEAUTIFUL Dec-Jan weather it makes me wish that we had gone winter camping!

8) I'm on the diet wagon (again...siiigh). South beaching it, day 6 so far and -7 pds down!

9) My car is a horrible mess...as is my house...been so busy with working and stuff.

10) Happy New year...I have a feeling 2012 will be a wonderful year and we will all still be around in 2012 :)

New Job!

So, back in August I took a part time position. I was SO thrilled to be offered a wonderful position when I was really looking. I had applied way back year, and then I saw the same job posting..I emailed to ask to reapply and it turned out to be someone who I had known many years ago through the child care field, she did workshops for my daycare when I owned it so I was thrilled when she showed so much interest in me! I went for an interview and it went so good-its easy when you are so passionate about the work you do!

I am now an instructor at a local college that offers Early Childhood Development training. I have been doing classes now since the end of August and its been AWESOME! I challenged myself taking a 2 year course, as I have been teaching only the 1st year students...I am currently teaching "Children with Challenges" which again is very easy and natural for me as I have experience both personally and professionally. Its amazing to actually have a job that I absolutely love...I don't know that I have ever had that before! I'm loving it...not feeling that dread of going to work, and each class is expanding on my skills as well. Its been alot of work as its all new content to me and when I took my education many of the research and trends have changed so with each new class that I teach I have to be a student first (do all of the readings, prep, etc) then also be an instructor (marking, lectures, etc). Its very neat. From not wanting to speaking in front of people to speaking and teaching for 3-8 hours at a time is sure new to me...but again, I really do LOVE it :)

Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year...good time to start again...?

I know, I admit it I have been saying forever 'I am going to blog again' and its getting old...well I really AM going to start again...so Happy New Year...you will be seeing me around again!!!