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Friday, June 29, 2007

My Friday.

Well today was a really good day! I slept in, had the day off. Woke up had breaky. Read the paper. Tidied up the house. Got ready, went to my work. Went to the bank. Went to drop off my friends son. Wen't downtown...dropped off the kids. Went to RCMP K-Division downtown, got my security clearance (in 2 mins!, for free!) then to Human Resources for Children Services, dropped it off. Went to Good Will. Went to Zellers. Went home. At home, doing laundry. Fabe is working on his truck. I am waiting for the 'big' storm...and starting to get ready for the lake.

Tomorrow we are heading to the lake. Fabe's parents are coming out for the day too. My sister and mom are all there already...tomorrow hoping to getaway by 10...get food and go. Pretty easy since its just Fabe and I.

Anyhow, thats about it :)



Fabe's new baby!

Here's the new truck. Fabe has taken MY spot over in the garage now...yeah right! He only had it in there to change the spark plugs tonight :) Otherwise, its my side!!

Good memories!

My pretty little girl :)

Yes, there is a baby under all of the machines :( My poor little baby girl...this was at about 1 week old...on life support :( NOT Good memories :(

My little boy!!! Awwwww, he was the best big brother!!!!Look how CHUBBY Kennedy was!!!

This pic of Kennedy was taken at Sears and they asked me if I would give permission for them to send it to the main photo place and see about having it for package samples!!!I LOVED that outfit too...awwwwww....

Fabe and I were looking at the kids old scrapbooks..but I wanted to post these pics of the kids. These are from Kennedys album which is up here in her room. But weren't they so super cute!!! I love looking back and remembing back then...

My front door.

Okay, my pretty little car!!!
My rose bush! Its doing very very well!

The flowers that I bought today. I will add them into my new planters PLUS, I have these Ikea bag things that I will be planting some stuff in too :)

Aren't they pretty :) Some look like they are VERY thirsty!!!!

I LOVE this welcome planter! I knew it would be perfect for my front door!

Isn't this the cutest little planter?????

The front door. Its pretty cluttery though as I just bought some new dirt and flowers. But anyhow, this is what I am working on this week is making it all pretty. Once its not suppose to rain, I will paint it again!

I want to creat a colorful and welcoming entrance..and I think that I am almost there! I still need to repaint the porch again this year, as it was left half done. But in the meantime I have been adding tons of flowers to assist me in getting to my goal.


My books for the week:

Kennedys enzymes holder:

A piece

A bowl

another piece

My planters that I spray painted

Does anyone else LOVE Goodwill as much as me? I do, love it. I bought some planters, that were just a terracotta color, but I spray painted them black to match the trim of my house..of course, I bought flowers for them too. It will be nice to have some more black pots to add more detail to my house. They turned out really nice, and I will take a pic once they are display! Also, I bought somethings that I ALWAYS buy when there:

1) Pottery-I am addicted to buying little pieces of pottery. I don't know why. I just think that its so neat and pretty. Everytime that I go there, I walk out with someone's old pottery. But I love displaying them. I washed them all up and will decide what to use them as, the two pieces will display candles..but the bowl, I am not sure yet. The one thing, I added a bottle of Kennedy's pills..looks MUCH better then a big pill bottle.

2) Books- omg. I buy at least 5-7 books. But they aren't novels or anything like that. Just books, like self-help/inspiring ones. I loooove books like that. Lesson-learning books. I don't have the time nor the patience to sit and looks through novels there...ugh. But I LOVE searching for some new ones. I bought some last week and I almost done one called "Clearing the Black Clouds" talks about removing the black clouds from your life....(bad friends, job you don't like, relationship your unhappy in, etc) not everything pertains to me, but I do love reading this like that. The one I am excited to read is called "ways to make your life simplier" (yeah!!)

We use the backyard!!!!

Kennedy and her friends in the backyard eating TimBits. Mack cleaning up for me, all the sod
Mack's friend and Kennedy on the trampoline! Wow, he's high!!!

Fabe, BBQ'ing in the yard.

We actually are using it now. I actually just came inside from laying on the hammock out there. Its so nice to have a yard that we can use. It just seems like every summer we have had to do this, or do that. Don't get me wrong, we need to do things still....but at least we can enjoy it...because of this, I honestly don't think that we will ever build another house again. We 'wasted' 2 years on waiting from final grade, sod, deck, driveway and then a fence...it was truely horrible. Now we can just put the finishing touches on and we are good to go :) Its just nice to have a place to relax. Mind you, we haven't been able to even set up the patio stuff and leave it up as its been so windy everyday. It just feels like a whole other room when its all set up. I love sitting back there with a book and my feet up just kicking back. We haven't entertained (yet) this year, but I think it will be so much better this year. I am dying to use all my patio settings and candles,etc. All the stuff that I visioned using out there to create a perfect patio party for friends..we'll see I guess.


I cut the sod from around the firepit as it was horrible (see pic down below) and now it looks much better!

My dis-organized firepit, but doesn't it look MUCH better with rocks around in. No more grass getting on fire. We just have to fix the bricks as half of them are in the pit

All the flowers are doing super well this year!

Can you see Bandit over there? He is getting some shade!

Everything is blooming :)

My birth bath. The closet thing that I can get to 'wildlife' and nature with NO trees around here. But I bought this bird bath and loooove it. On the top I put the food and the bottom water. Its one busy little bird bath. They hardly use my feeder anymore!

The back of the house....I wish I could leave my patio stuff set up, but the freaking WIND everyday is getting really, really annoying!!!!

See how the firepit use to be???? Just like sitting in the middle of the yard..I hated it like that!!! I loooove it now though!

So I have been really enjoying the backyard this year. I am soooo happy I was able to repair the puppy piss patches. You should have seen the big one...omg. It was about 4 feet x 3 feet in size. Its from where Fabe shovelled the snow so that Bandit could pee in a non-snow covered area. Anyhow, all the pee ruined the grass in one big spot. The grass looks soooo good now. The patches have all pretty much filled in. Now, I am watering the grass every single night, and lots to cut down on the pee soaking in. They say to prevent them, to have a watering can with water and once he pees just grab the can and dilute the pee. We just water lots every night now. Anyhow, the backyard has been really nice this year. We just need to paint the fence and we are good to go..oh and oil/stain the deck. I have to paint the front porch again...we didn't finsih it last year completely...but it looks waaaay better. My flowers are doing so good too. Today I bought more, but I will blog about that later.

My layout thingys I made

So I totallllllly lost interest in scrapbooking. BUT, I found this to do instead. Since my walls are lacking art and pictures...but I do enjoy SOME scrapbooking...so I did these. I loved doing them. Right now I am working on one about Bandit. But we have lots of neat themes to do them on, so this is my new thing. And they look super good on the wall. Its just a scrapbook idea without the obligation to complete the WHOLE book...I love these now...I don't mind doing one a week and plus it kills two birds with one stone :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am so tired and just wanna call the kids in the house and GO TO BED!!!! I am really, really tired. Thankfully I have Friday off to SLEEP in. I took Friday off due to the kids not having school on that day. Their daycamp adventures don't start until next week. So yeah. We have been busy.

So I went for my interview with Alberta Children Services and they called on Monday, said that I was one of the top candidates! I was shocked. So I had to give them my refrences and then a criminal record check. The COOL thing is, there is a *special* place for me to go (lol) and I can get a free check and it will be done in 20mins. So, I am doing that on Friday then I have to drop it off down at the Human Resources place. Pretty cool. So then anyhow. Fabe was off Monday and Tuesday. Monday I came home late from work to an awesome supper...Tuesday we went to my ma's house for supper and Fabe did some little things for her around her place. Today I got home from work, the kitchen was a mess as I left it. Yuck. But I thought 'for get it' and took the kids to the mall...and OMG, have you BEEN to Dollarama lately? they freakin sell pregnancy tests there!!!! AND Mack got a fishing rod thingy!!! How COOL is that. Of course I picked up a preg test, because ya just never know and those things are so expensive. Anyhow. Then, we headed to Pollard Meadows park so the kids could play for a hour. Then we came home, checked out the other neighbors new camper (gave me an idea!!!) and came into my messy kitchen. Cleaned that, its all pretty. Through in a load of laundry...tomorrow is EARLY day as the kids are off at 3:00pm. I really really wanted to do my check thing tomorrow, I wonder what time they are open until??? Because I just want to get it over with and know whats going on....


I know, pictures...but honestly I have been dragging my feet everyday...I have them on my camera but just don't have the time to do it


Sunday, June 24, 2007

10 years ago today.

I was a young almost 22 year old mother, with a 7 month old son. Really, sleep deprived. Mack was the type of baby who was VERY needy...I made him that way tho. I tended to his every single need, before he needed it. Fabe and I were no where near serious in our relationship. I mean, this was an unplanned pregnancy. My mom was loving the fact of being a grandma and had Mack all of the time. I had a cool condo downtown and was attending Alberta College for upgrading...but in a few more months I would be leaving this city to attend College in Fort McMurray. Fabe decided not to come with me, so I went alone. I got into student family housing for college students, had a 3 bedroom place with a bedroom for Mack and me to share and 2 empty ones left over. I hated being up there. But I stuck it through. Mack celebrated his first B-day up there and as soon as school was done, I was back to Edm. Fabe came up to see us and we came down often too...it was this year that we both soon realized that we needed more of a commitment to each other. We hated being apart. That year, no matter how much I hated living up there taught me so much. I relied on my mom to help me parent my young son, but after that year I knew that I could do it alone. Fabe realized he needed to settle down with us and be more in tune with me.

Some times its the most hardest times, that teach us the best lessons.

Anyhow, just wanted to share :)

And did I mention my son wants to move his room down to the BASEMENT to have his 'own space'.....


Don't worry, I did take pics...

I will upload them later.

Today is Sunday..already. Yesturday the kids came back early as it was raining out there. So they came home and played outside for the night until I had to call them in. Mack had the neighbor boy sleep over. Kennedy went to bed early..and Fabe and I watched TV in bed. Fabe BBQ'd chicken for us. Yesturday, I am so proud of myself I cut the sod out around the fireplace, put in edger stuff and then filled it with rocks. It now looks so clean and tidy! Yeah. It was HARD but looks great, I have a pic later to show. The birds LOVE my birdbath. Its so cute. I am going to cut all along the fence line, and add more stuff to it because my raspberries are totalllllly taking my bed over. So I will make a longer bed. I picked out the tree that I want, a lialic tree for the corner of the yard. With some cinder blocks or something...a bench thingy, I don't know. I can't wait to have a tree! My little birdies will be so happy. There are a few bird feeders hanging from the shed and now my bird bath. I love birds, its just feels BETTER when they are around...except Bandit chases and barks at them....So yeah. Today I plan to get all of the laundry done and put away...re-tidy what needs to be done. Wash the fruit for their lunches this week, maybe pre-bag them too. And, both the kids need baths tonight...not showers...Kennedy's hair needs to be done. I will lay out their clothes for the week in their clothing organizers and maybe hit a movie or something tonight....we'll see.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thank GAWD its Friday!

What a horrible, long day. Today I slept in until 7am, which normally wouldn't be an issue however I had to shower, Mack had to shower and both the kids had to eat, get dressed, brush their teeth and get to the bus all by 7:50 am! Plus, in between there I had to get myself normal looking, hot roll my hair, look good for my interview...and make sure that I have all of their stuff ready to take to the lake. So, I got to work...worked until 10, left got to my HORRIBLE scary interview...(1.5 hours long!) and then rush back to work for lunch breaks....then work until 3, leave and get the kids from school..pick up my friends son from his school (way deep down in Mill Woods) and then rush downtown to drop them off at my moms....THEN, I had to rush back to work...as I had to work late. Then, I had to get my glasses. Then finally home...H.O.M.E. And it feels soooooooooo good. My mom had a hamster to get rid of, so I took him to my daycare. My mom said that he needed more food so I stopped at WalMart on my way home and holy crap! They have SO much stuff for HAMSTERS! I bought like 40.00 of treats, nibbling things, fluff to make beds, food, chewing sticks, wood shavings and etc...oh and of course one of those little balls. Jane, a hamster would be a wonderful preschool pet. This is what we will use to calm the children at the daycare when they are being very loud! Also, for science we are going to have a chart (math too) to see how much food he eats in a week and a chart for cleaning water container out...etc. Also, we will ask which parents would be okay with him going home for a weekend to hamster-sit then the children can discuss how the weekend went with the hamster...as well I will be buying a hamster pet book to see the kind of care it requires. This is SUCH a great learning opportunity for the kids!!! And, an active science lesson! Anyhow, so that was that. I came home, to a very quiet house. I made myself 2 potatoes in the microwave (lol) and enjoyed them. Then went in the back yard and filled up the birdfeeder...I bought a birdbath the other day so I set that up....I hope that they use it! I checked out my plants and flowers...holy my raspberries are consuming my whole flower bed...grrrr! Then, I came in the house. Made some popcorn...wore my new glasses (lol) and watched my Tara Road. Now, I loooooved this book. I read it years ago when I was preg with Kennedy but I loved it. So when I saw the movie at Blockbuster I had to iget it. It was good...but as usual the movie was better.

Also, I got through half of my new book now but I cheated and looked ahead to the last page of the book and disappointed myself. I ALWAYS do this...I hate that!!!!!! Anyhow, if anyone is looking for a good read "My sisters Keeper" is very very good. Its a moral-challenging book...kinda...LMAO!

Well anyhow, I am going to lay in bed and read now. Tomorrow I am hoping to do some yard stuff....maybe the rock around the firepit...and also...buy another birdbath for the front yard. I need somethin out there. The backyard is soooooo plain. Tomorrow I will take pics of the yard and tell you my plans for it...but ask for suggestions on what to do....The grass is great and I am very happy to say that I have fixed almost ALL of the puppy-piss spots with just grass seed and topsoil. No more puppy patch repair crap...it DOES NOT work...other then that I'm not sure whatelse to do...I cleaned so much that I don't need too. Maybe I will clean my car this weekend and the kids rooms...we'll see. I should get done what I need to as next weekend we are at the lake...and the weekend after is Fort Mac. So I won't be home-home for a weekend for a while again....I just hate the thought of that!




Thursday, June 21, 2007

got fed up!

So I got fed up with my house and was SOOOO happy to come home early day and clean, clean and clean. Ahhh, feels SOOOO much better :) Anyhow, the house is nice and clean. The laundry is getting all put away. Man, am I busy tomorrow! I have to go to work, then leave at 10 am go downtown for a job interview that I am not sure that I *want* but its SUCH a good opportunity and the future is awesome (its with the Gov't, Children Services)...but anyhow then back to work after it....THEN, leave work at 3pm, go get the kids from school drive them downtown then GO BACK to work until LATE...yuck!!!! But when I come home, I just can relax...I even rented a movie for me at BlockBuster (Tara Road, its called. I read the book by Maive Binchy) and was so happy to see the movie! Then, with the cleaning done I will be able to relax. Saturday I will spend in the yard, if nice and if not then just re-organizing closets and the panrty...the little things that you never have time to do. So yeah. Nothing else really to report. The blue truck is gone. Fabians car will be back from the shop Monday, so then thats the next car to sell...(ugh!) and then we are done with ALL of these cars and BIG insurance payments...down to 3 cars...my SUV, his work van and his truck. He LOOVES his truck. Today at work, I cleaned the hallway and tidied it up. It had so much junk from cleaning out the rooms (old shelves, toys, etc) so thats done. Finally. Since i have worked there its UNreal the stuff that we have gotten rid of. Seriously. I did a proposition for an out of school care and we got it. So I did up the letter of intent for work and called my courier and its gone. We sign the lease in the next few days...how exciting..but I might not be there. I love my job (most days!) and loooove the flexabilty but this other job doens't come often and the pay is still the same (maybe a BIT more) but thinking furture, and pensions...its better. So who knows. If I get it, then I will think about it...honestly at this point...I don't care. But it would be nice to get my foot in the door with them....ya know?

Well anyhow, I am going to make some popcorn, read my good book and have a diet Pepsi and relax and prepare for my horrid day tomorrow...


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So this week has been pretty busy but not crazy busy like the past few weeks. At work, staff are starting to take their holidays so we are running one staff down for now on. And, at home. Well Mack has been studying lots for his end of the year tests. That gets busy! Dance is done, (yeah!) So now we are just waiting for the school year to be over and then it will be daycamps. Even tho they are still getting up and out of the house it just seems easier. I still have lunches to pack and I will have to pick up the kids from daycamp everyday now (they bus home now)...but still, its just feels better.I have paid for all of their camps now, every week is covered with daycamps and between Fabe and I we have time off with them...its going to be a good summer :) I will feel much better about it this year. Lots of time off with them :) We are down to 2 months until our big trip, yeah!!!! I can't wait. Have to start buying some U.S money now tho. We have paid for everything else (villa and air) just have to buy passes. And, other then that just spending money!

Tomorrow I have to go register Kennedy into dance class. She is taking on another day this year (oh gosh) as she is taking hip hop and tap/jazz combo. And, then Mack will be in indoor soccer...its going to be busy in the fall. But its okay, its important to keep kids busy and out of trouble. (right?)

Tonight we have to run out to Devon as we sold the truck and the person who bought it is meeting up there...that will be done.

And, other then that...the house should have been cleaned because it just feels messier now. This weekend, mom is taking the kids to the lake so no more lazy-Tara...its cleaning time.

Well, anyhow.

We have to head to Devon.


Faith Hill and Tim McGraw!!!

So I went to the concert last night and MAN it was AAAWWWWESOME!!!! I *love* those two! Anyhow, it was a great night out and I had so much fun...


Monday, June 18, 2007

so as I was saying about Vegas.

The neighbors and us have been talking to an travel agency about booking Vegas for new years. Nikki, I seen that you are wanting to go too...who are you going with? Because we are going to book a group booking...like 10 of us. So yeah. the more people then the cheaper it will be. So let me know.



I am at work. Today a old old friend from school emailed me, well she has emailed me several times now but anyhow. I asked how her brother and sister were doing. She said, please don't feel bad...but my brother was killed in a car accident last year at thanksgiving...ugh. How horrible, I tried to call my sister and tell her that because he was her age. Anyhow, how sad. Thats the thing with facebook, you might not want to see/hear what has changed for so many people. Its kinda sad actually.


Sunday, June 17, 2007


The camera battery is dead and I haven't charged it yet.

Today I cleaned the bathrooms, dusted, swept and moppped. Have I said lately HOW much I LOOOOVE having wood floors throughout the house? Love them. I am regretting not doing our bedroom in them too. Kennedy's room is done in them but not Macks or our room. We have to buy a new bedroom set for us soon (really really soon) so maybe when we take out all of our old stuff we might get it done...I really really want them wood in there too. Carpet just seems sooooo dirty! Ugh, yucky!

Well I just about to the bath the kids. We need some groceries but I'm not sure when we will get them...




Can you believe that *I* slept in until 11am today. Last night was a late night with the neighbors. We were outside with them from 7pm until 2am. It was cold outside too. We are planning a trip with 4 sets of our neighbors to LaVegas for New Years. So we were chatting about that. What will be great is that for a wedding gift, my mom is paying for us to take a trip...plus I wanna go to Dominican or Cuba again in the spring. So thats good she is paying for it. I think it will be a BLAST going with everyone. I can't wait! Fabian got his new truck, and is it nice. I didn't know it was going to be so nice. He is so happy with it. Its fully loaded, with leather and everything. Its pretty :) Its not brand new, but only a couple years old. I will take a pic later. Today I slept in, then made myself an pancake for breakfast and some coffee. Then, I cleaned up the spare room in the basement and started some laundy. I'm going to do my quick cleaning of the house, I just can't do a deep one. I mean, it will be clean...just not spotless-immaculate...I have no desire to do it today. But since I did NOTHING yesturday I need to do something at least. So, I will clean the bathrooms and floors and all of that. Next weekend, I have my clothing club party again on Friday...then invited to a b-day party on Sat. But the kids won't be here so I might not go. My mom is taking the kids to the lake again next weekend. I'm not going to go (I don't think anyhow, maybe) but the long weekend we are all going to go up with my mom and my sister and her husband are going to be there too. The kids are just about done school. Yeah. I paid for all of their daycamps, Mack is in soccer camp for a week too so Kenendy will go to a daycamp alone that week without him. Nothing too much this week to get done.

A while back I bought some scrapbook page frames. Instead of scrapbooking albums I have decided that I am just going to scrapbook pictures of events and what not, and put them in the frame for artwork on my wall. Well I did 2 today, just simple ones and they look great. I already hammered them into the wall and they look so nice on display. I did one of our Cuba trip and the other one of married in Vegas one. I have a long hallway up here from the bonus room and Macks bedroom going down to ours and Kennedy's room and its just a 'blah' hallway so I am going to put a few of them going down there...I looooove displaying pics of our family and events...I just love family pictures. I will take a pic of them too...later.

Well I should go and CLEAN up...my mom is leaving the lake in 30mins she said so I have 3 hours to get stuff done...



Saturday, June 16, 2007

New book.

Today I bought a new book, "My sisters keeper". It was a toss up between that one criminal (lullabies) ugh, I can't remember it. But everyone said that it was SO good. But this kind lady at the store said that the 1st one is unreal and just sooooo good. So I bought that one. I will let ya know. I can't wait to start reading it.

Elk Island.

My handsome husband...isn't he a hottie ;)

Fabe and Mack on the floating thingy..trying to make it move...

Yeah, we seen one!

Then a few more :)

Its been years since we have been to Elk Island. Actually a funny thing was Fabe and I were young and didn't know how to get to Fort Mac, we knew that it was 'north' so we followed every highway that said North. and low and behold we ended up having to go through Elk Island...that was the LONGEST trip ever!!!!

The kids loved going though. We were happy to see some bison too. It was a good little drive through there. The park is reallly very beautiful. Something like this is *so* close to Edm. its a shame that we didn't do it more often.

Anyhow, the kids enjoyed it. There were tons of mosquitos though. But other then that, it was great.

not much blogging...

Our little Hobo and the lake in the cabin, last weekend. We let him sleep in there again.

Fabe preparing breakfast for us..
Hobo, relaxing in the cabin.

Kennedy FINALLY gets to drive her quad...tire is all fixed.

Hobo and Badit eating. Hobo is very protective of his food, but Bandit knows to back off, so thats good.

Awwwwwww....and when we left Sunday I left his a big bowl of food and a sleeping back in the new part of the cabin being built (it has a roof and everything) so I felt better knowing he had food and shelter and a cozy sleeping bag. My mom is out there this weekend...and the food bowl was empty...

So sorry. This week was hectic. I sold my uncles truck. And now, Fabian bought another one for us...a new(er) one. So, we put ours up for sale. And, I sold it too. That was good. Both went to people that I know. Work was really good this week. But I didn't get much done as much as I should have. The next 2 weeks will be a little stressful as I have a new staff starting on Monday, plus another staff on holidays. I have a job interview with Alberta Children's Service on Friday...

Monday I have an appt with a school in the area about setting up an out of school care program. Phew, so much. I bought the kids a small trampoline on Thursday, which they absolutely love! Its only a 8x8 one but soooo perfect for my tiny backyard. It came with an enclosure but they didnt' want it on...its NOT high off the ground like our big one at the lake. They were happy with it. Friday, I took them down to my moms house. Then I had to drive my aunt to the airport. I had an eye appt and got my prescription for my new glasses, my other ones are SO so very old. I only use/need them for far distances. So today I went and picked out my new ones. They are Point Zero and they are *nice* glasses, I can't wait to get them. They look pretty good on me too. Also, I went to Walmart today got some new garden things. Some stuff to pretty up the front porch. Then I went to Superstore and picked up my 100 cards pictures. I got them made to announce our wedding to friends and family Even though they already know, these cards are something at least. It has a nice pic of Fabe and I and it says "we finally did it! Married Aprial 4, 2007 in Las Vegas Tara and Fabian". So now I have the fun job of getting addresses of ALL of our family and mailing them out (fun!).

I am still sitting in a house, that I feel needs to be totally cleaned..but I just can't. Maybe tomorrow. I bought floor wax and everything in all intentions to make my house so pretty...but I can't.

Last night, Fabe and I went out for supper and a couple drinks together. Its been forever...I didn't feel much like it, but I am very happy that he 'made' me.


Friday, June 15, 2007


Okay here it is. 1200 and it can be yours. A GREAT running truck...my dh wanted a truck for full time use, thats newer. Can't beat this price for a FULL size truck...it is a '93 Chev Silvarado. Runs awesome...we have put some minor work into it, but it runs great. We take it to the lake all of the time...very dependable. Its a great truck. Seats 6. 350L engine. 1500 series. Good shape interior. The only thing that doesn't work on it, is the air conditioning. But it wasn't bad without it. We never have had it looked at so I have no clue whats wrong with it. We bought it off a friend and so we know it has been well maintained.

It has command start, an alarm and a really awesome stereo with removable face plate. It was used by a Shaw tech before, thats why the KMS are high (380) but for the price and the condition it still has LOTS of life left..these trucks last forever...my dh just bought a newer one today of this kind.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This week.

So this week has been good. The kids are going to the lake with mom this weekend, which is REALLY good as I am going to clean clean clean this house! Its horrible (for me) so yeah. Other then that, registered the kids in daycamps and what not. And thats about it...


Friday, June 08, 2007

So today was sad.

Today was the memorial for the children who were killed at that horrible car accident by Drumheller...Kyle and Sara attended the school that my daycare is in. We seen Kyle daily as our daycare kinders went to school with him. Anyhow, he was a cutie as was his sister. The memorial was heart-wrenching...I cried the whole time. Seeing 'my' kids sooooo upset, it was heartbreaking. Seeing the teachers, ugh. Horrible. The fathers of the children attended, and that was horrible to watch them break down. As a mother, feeling those feeling...I just can not imagine. It was so sad...anyhow the ceremony was lovely though. The grade 2's (Saras class) did a lovely poem with actions about Sara being like a butterfly...once she was a caccoon on this earth then one day she left and had wings and flew away to a better place and 'we will miss Sara here with us, but one day we will see her again" and yeah, SAD. The kinders, they were upset too. They spelled out LOVE and the kinder-teacher was a wreck! Its her first year of teaching. And she said that she had to tell Kyle all of the time, "Don't go anywhere without asking me first" she said that Friday he spoke of them going 'as a family' to see their baby brothers daddy in Drumheller. Sara told her later that day, "Kyle thinks you are the best teacher" she laughed "I was his only teacher!" she said that Kyle always needed to be reminded to let a teacher know that he was going somewhere, and she cried "and he didn't tell us this time that he was going anywhere..." she said how he always had the most sparkly eyes... :( Anyhow...yeah. Afterwards, so many children had to go to the office for greif councelling...some to call parents to pick them up, others went home with their parents. I just wanted to go home and hugs my kids and tell them that I love them so much...I went to the kinders after (they spotted me and another staff) crying and wiping our tears and they were so concerned...after we went up to them and they said "today was sad teacher Tara, I saw you" and I just hugged them all...I just wanted to tell them (each and everyone of them) that they are so special to me. I honestly don't know how I would deal with loosing one of my daycare kids...anyhow. It was a hard hard day.

After that, I went and picked up Kenendy from my MIL's house and then brought her back to work with me for a few hours. Then we headed home, and I got her ready for dance. It was a busy, straining day and I am looking really forward to tomorrow to get out of the city and head to the lake for a weekend. My friend and her kids are coming out with us too. Fabe is off, so thats nice.



Kennedys dance, in her jazz set. She danced to "Boogie Shoes"...

With her most favorite thing ever, BOOST :) After hard work like, whats better then a nice warm boost (yuck!) Yes, warm...

Kennedy with flowers from my mom...Fabe bought her some too but I didn't give them to her until AFTER the show...This is her tap outfit to "Zipidee-do-da"

My pretty little girl :)

Being silly!

Kennedy had her year end show today...meaning dance class is NOW over !!! Yeah!!!! Next year, I think that I am going to put her into jazz and hip hop. They have to be 7 to be in hip hop, so she
can do it. I know she will LOVE it...there is SUCH a difference between her tap show and her jazz one. The jazz one so much more her! She had a huge smile on the stage and was just so good. She loves the up beat things. Thats like me, watching the ballet part...ugh, makes me tired. But as soon as the up beat stuff comes on, I looooove watching it. The hip hop was really good this year too. But yeah, I am going to put her in to that too. Anyhow, dance is over! I just have to go this week and register her for next year and thats done.