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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Tonight I was thinking. There is so much that I do for others. Yet, seldomly do ppl return favors or do things back. I always just call ppl to 'just call' yet ppl call when they need something. I can always tell that certain ppl need something when they call, because they are doing just that...calling. Its really sad. I am busy too, but I always try to keep in touch with ppl. I believe in working hard for friendships, relationships and even with my staff. I like random things done to me or said to me. Random is nice. Showing appreciation is nice. Showing that person that you care about them, not only when they need to hear...is nice. Whenever someone needs you or when you are feeling down that is when ppl come out with all of these nice things to say to you. But why not just randomly? At work, I give staff little cards and other nice things. I will come in with hot choclates for everyone...just nice things. Not waiting until they are totally stressed out, and on the verge of quitting do I tell them how much I appreciate them. I love when the kids bring me a freshly picked flower, just because or they make me a card...just to say I love you mom. Its so thoughtful. And as adults we appreciate things like that and knowing that we appreciate do we do it??? They say its the ppl who you care about the most, that you treat the worst. I have seen some friends of mine, go far distances for 'friends' that they aquire and yet do nothing for those who have been friends with them forever. "Make new friends, keep the old...the new ones are silver the old ones are gold" sooooo true. I have friends from daycare. Sure, we don't talk daily...but we have worked hard to keep in touch with one another. If you don't work hard, you loose those ties. Anyhow, nothing in particular sparked this. But I just feel like getting it out on 'paper'. I love that I have friends that I can call and that call me just-to-call. I call Lisa every morning on the way to work, to see how her morning is going. She wishes me a happy day and we talk the next day. Its just something neat. Some days that my cell is dead (eye roll) I don't call but call her later or she calls me later and says "why didn't you call!" its just neat. Take Danielle, now we only talk 2 times a year. She has called me EVERY single birthday. We met when I switched schools in grade 8. She was my first friend in Leduc. She has literally called me EVERY birthday since then. I am always amazed when she calls me...expecting one year that she forgets, but hasn't yet. Things like that, wow me. My friend Kim. She emails me, we met in daycare. We were like 4 years old. We graduated kindergarten together. She sends me Christmas cards all of the time. I am bad for cards though :) I vow every year to send them out, even take the time to FILL them out and never send them out..bad.


I can't believe that it is Thursday! Wow. Feels like Monday. Today was a great day at work. It was the last day for 14 of our children as they have 'graduated' and moved to the Out Of School care. So, I planned a wonderful day for them today. The kids went to Let's Play for the morning. I went ahead and paid for them all and drove two of the special needs children as well. While there, I enjoyed some totally unhealthy nachos and cheese. Then, I returned back to daycare and got the room ready for the party. The kids arrived back, had some quiet time and parents began to arrive. They ate wonderful snacks (that parents brought in) then more parents arrived and they had their 'graduation' I made all of the children a diploma and a special paper with their pictures on it and a write up about how special they are. It was eye-watering :) Its funny. I was telling another staff, "its the children who drive you absolutely bonkers that you are going to miss the most!" and its soooo true. There are several children who are 'high' needs. But some sad-sad cases :( and there is one child who has gone through something that is totally heart wrenching and now we can fully understand why this child has been acting out...I just wish that parents would understand that the more info they share with us, the better we can help their child! So, they left. We cleaned up and talked about how wonderful the day went. It was a great day. I came home. My puppy was much delighted to see me. And, its 8:33pm he is sound asleep at my feet and I am on here in my bed. I haven't done anything. But relax. Its great (lol, aren't I lazy) I do have BIG plans this weekend to get some stuff around here done. I phoned the kids tonight and talked with them they are doing great.

I had a bad sleep last night. My tummy was sick. It was horrible. I hate feeling sick in the stomach. Yuck. But today I feel good enough, so thats great. Tomorrow is Friday :) And a long weekend. Yeah :)

Well anyhow.



Can you believe that we booked our Christmas holidays and we couldn't even get the hotel/room/town that we wanted. ITS that busy already. We booked at Jasper but we were hoping for Lake Lousie. The kids are going to be super happy as they will be able to ski the mountains. Speaking of skiing I have yet to buy them their passes..bad. As well, I am going to buy him skis each. They plan to ski 2-3 times a week this year. It will be great for them :)

So, this will be the first year that we don't go to Fort Mac in sooo long. Its kinda going to be sad. Growing up, I loved Christmas up there. All of my family live up there, we would go up there and totally celebrate. I have very fond memories of it up there. Now as a parent when we go up there its such a great feeling. I won't be seeing my dad this year either as he lives up there. We aren't going up there as there isn't room for us anymore. We have been staying at my sisters house. When we first started going up there there was 2 bedrooms for us to stay in. But now that my nephews have been born those 2 rooms are taken now. And, the spare room in the basement is now the nannies room. We have no space. So we decided to go away. My sister and her family will be joining up, as will my mom. We will invite Fabe's parents as well. We booked 3 suites. One for my mom, for us and for my sister. It will be so lovely. The hotel has full kitchens so we will be able to bring our own food, I hate eating fast food all the time. So, it will be great. The days that my children go skiing I will swap with my sister (I don't ski) and watch her kids and they can take mine skiing. I can't wait to just hang out by a pool, fireplace or mountain side. Siiiiiiigh. Only 149 (??) Days until Christmas!!! Due to the cost of the hotel, the kids will have to take a cut in gifts. This is an extra $____.__ amount spent so hopefully they catch on.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back from Calgary!

What a GREAT few days it was :)

We arrived (late) on Monday night. Got in, got settled and got to bed. In the morning, we went down to the lobby for breakfast and it was wonderful. We ate, then headed to Calaway park for the day. Again, if my computer was up and runnin I would post some pics. But I will soon. I have over 100 on my digital camera! We got Fabe to go on the roller coaster! I couldn't believe that he did it!!!! I was so impressed with him. Its not 'that' great of one, but I like that it is outside. I don't seem to get motion sick from it. It goes upside down 2 times! I use to go on it as a kid but not last year, the year before Mack was big enough to go on it and so he begged me to do it. So I did. It was great. This year, Kennedy is tall enough. she was SOOOO happy! So the two of them went on it several times then all of us did. It was nice. The kids had a great time. Its so wonderful how well they get along when its just the two of them. We got back to the hotel, immediately put our swim suits on and headed down to the pool where we swam for about 2 hours. The hotel was very nice, it had a water slide too. Then we went to the room, ate supper (very late!!!) And we were all crashed. Actually the kids fell asleep super fast and Fabe and I just layed in bed watching TV for a while...then crashed :)

This morning, we woke up about 9am went to the pool. Swam until 11am and went up to the room and got packed up and checked out of the hotel. The drive home was lovely. Kennedy fell asleep right outside of Calgary and slept until outside Leduc and Mack was in the back-back seat watching a DVD movie with headphones on and it was perfectly quiet back there. Fabe and I just talked about everything...it was nice, 3 hours of uninterrupted talk time with each other :) I am so lucky to have him :)

Got home, our stairs aren't done quite yet (carpet is ripped up) OH YEAH, we stopped and picked up the new computer desk first before we came home!!! Fabe is putting it together right now. So yeah, got home...and unpacked everything..and packed the kids up. They are off again. They are going to MIL's house for tonight and tomorrow night then to my moms to go to the lake for the long weekend. So I am without kids again for a while but I have a HUGE to do list so I will get it done. Everything is upside down and I hate that. So, my mission.

Well, I better go see if Fabe needs some help...or something :)


Sunday, August 27, 2006

a sigh.

Well, I am happy to post that my upstairs flooring is DONE...baseboards and all. Fabe and I just finished moving the stuff back into the rooms. The floor looks just wonderful (if you need a good flooring/renovation crew let me know) the only thing that is waiting to be done is the stairs, which I can handle as nothing has to be moved around. It looks just great!

Yesturday, we went to Good Will as ds wanted to find something old, and well he ended up buying a radio. He took it all apart and was amazed by all the stuff inside of it..all the electrical stuff. So cute. Kennedy and I bought our project, a wonderful plant stand. Its just lovely. We are going to paint it and put it in the house. It will look great. I got my new wall-fishbowl off ebay today in the mail. I was so happy! I can't wait to put that up either! I am just letting the floor dry in the kitchen and am going to mop the rest of the mainfloor.

Today, we took the puppy to the dog park. Picked up my mom from the bus and basically not much else.

I booked our puppy into the kennel for tomorrow ( sad) and booked our hotel. We are leaving tomorrow. I have to go into work for a few hours but will leave once Fabe is off as well. He only has 3 jobs! The kids are going to MIL's tonight for one sleep, just while I am at work. Fabe will pick them up after he is done and then we will head out...I can't WAIT to get a way :)

So, anyhow. I better get some of this stuff done


Saturday, August 26, 2006


So Lisa and Vic are going to Vegas in November. Lisa would like us to come. So I have been thinking about it, and asked Fabe today and he said "sure, as long as it isn't an arm and a leg" I remember when it use to be super cheap to go there. Like a few hundred dollars to go. Now, it just seems so much. Really, for a few hundred more you could go to somewhere HOT for a week long, all inclusive. So unless we find a really good deal...
Everyone of course will assume that we are going there to get married...and maybe we will... :)


My Saturday thus far...

I so wish that I could show you before and after pics of my house so far. Ugh. Messy everywhere. The guys are here doing the floor and so far, so good :) I am happ! So the kids, dog and I have been trying to be out of their way as much as possible! They are doing the cuttings outside so they have been leaving the door open (which is fine) but I have to watch the dog. Well, what better timing then to just go down to the basement and close the door. So we were down there for a few hours! And, you should see my scrap booking area! WOW!!!! I went through all of my stuff, got rid of the stuff that I won't want. Went through the kids craft area and cleaned it up and got rid of the stuff that we won't use. Needless to say the daycare now has a nice new selection of stuff coming on Monday. Oh, and speaking of Monday. Shaw wouldn't give Fabe Monday off :( So, to work I go. And we will either leave Monday night or Tueday super early for Calgary. Just sucks. I am hoping to leave Monday night. We haven't even thought about what to do with Bandit as we have been waiting on hearing if he gets Monday off or not. He is going to ask for reduced jobs so that we can leave Monday night. I am going to research a hotel that takes pets. As long as it is decent then I will take him. So, we will see.

Today the kids have been up to a whole lotta stuff. They watched "Holes", did crafts, a glue experiement, made their own lunches, watched Signing Time DVD, etc. They want to go to GOODWILL (of all places) and (in their words) "buy something old and make it new again" hmm, I sense some creativity. So, I am going to get my self somewhat decent looking and take them to find a project.

My Saturday thus far...

I so wish that I could show you before and after pics of my house so far. Ugh. Messy everywhere. The guys are here doing the floor and so far, so good :) I am happ! So the kids, dog and I have been trying to be out of their way as much as possible! They are doing the cuttings outside so they have been leaving the door open (which is fine) but I have to watch the dog. Well, what better timing then to just go down to the basement and close the door. So we were down there for a few hours! And, you should see my scrap booking area! WOW!!!! I went through all of my stuff, got rid of the stuff that I won't want. Went through the kids craft area and cleaned it up and got rid of the stuff that we won't use. Needless to say the daycare now has a nice new selection of stuff coming on Monday. Oh, and speaking of Monday. Shaw wouldn't give Fabe Monday off :( So, to work I go. And we will either leave Monday night or Tueday super early for Calgary. Just sucks. I am hoping to leave Monday night. We haven't even thought about what to do with Bandit as we have been waiting on hearing if he gets Monday off or not. He is going to ask for reduced jobs so that we can leave Monday night. I am going to research a hotel that takes pets. As long as it is decent then I will take him. So, we will see.

Today the kids have been up to a whole lotta stuff. They watched "Holes", did crafts, a glue experiement, made their own lunches, watched Signing Time DVD, etc. They want to go to GOODWILL (of all places) and (in their words) "buy something old and make it new again" hmm, I sense some creativity. So, I am going to get my self somewhat decent looking and take them to find a project.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Yeah...tomorrow is Friday! I love the weekend! Today was pretty good day at work. Nothing major. Picked up the kids from daycamp. They had a great day. We went to the mall, got an orange julius, some books from the library...Kennedy played Arthur on the computer there fora while...Mack and I looked at the DVD's. Kennedy signed out Signing Time with Alex and Leah...they LOOOOVE this sign language series. Its a great one! Mack found a skateboarding book which he signed out and a DVD. Then, we went and picked up my cell phone that was in for servicing. Came home, had a salad for supper. And, I cleaned up the kitchen. Its actually kinda nice having half my house ripped apart because I don't feel the need to clean everything. The kids rooms are not in use, either is the bonus room or the upstairs bathroom...pretty easy. I am laying on my bed on Fabes laptop. I am missing MY computer. Floor guy is coming tomorrow for ripping up the carpet and the wood floors in Saturday. THEN Sunday I can put it all back...but without that computer deck...I am soooo looking forward to having a nice bonus room. It was nice,but blah. I need to paint a wall up here...its really blah (adding to my to do list). Actually my whole house needs some paint. I painted only the one wall in the bathroomm on the mainfloor and it made SUCH a difference. Well, this keyboard is very hard to type on so i BETTER GO...GRRR..sorry!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So today was a good day, mostly!

Work went by fast as I only get there at 9:45am and leave at 3:30pm. Love it :) Today my boss came in, really upset. Her other business is having some big issues and she needs to spend alot more time there. So, she has basically left the daycare in my hands. Great. I mean, I don't really mind. Its just that I made she she knows that my priority is my kids. And, any PD days and what not...they aren't going to other care...I need the day off! So, she got it. She thanked me for all that I have done..and told me in September I get a raise :) Yeah...I think that I already get paid quite well...so this is excellent news. I thought that maybe at my year review that I would get a raise but this is even better :)

So, I broke it to her softly that I am thinking about taking 3 days off next week. I told her that I only need those days off and then the day that school starts or even half the day. As well, Ihave to arrange the bus for the kids so that might take a good week so I will have to leave at 3pm until they get their bus in order. But she is so good, that she doesn't really care. She only really cares that my job gets done. I need to ensure that children's files are all updated in the centre as we have a renewal coming up.

Other then that, today I was all excited as I bought some new cleaner solution (sad, I know!) but it takes me forever to find a good smelling cleaner and I bought it and a lot of groceries and guess what...no cleaner came home in my bag! I was going to wash that floors tonight...oh well...guess that I can't now :)

I sorted through some of Macks pictures and put them into his new photo album...feels good to get that done. I too (jane) have a HUUUUGE 'to do' list and it haunts me. I STILL have to paint that front porch...IF it doesn't rain this weekend...its a MUST do. It has to be done before winter as does the fence...but I go back to 4 days week in Sept...and shorter hours...so I will have more time.

Lisa is happy that I back to 4 days a week. I use to go over to her house and have lunch there on those days off...it was so nice. So I look forward to that again. Mack has a swim set up with a friend...this is scary for me to not go with him. But being that he knows that he isn't the best swimmer, he is very careful and knows his boundaries. He is going tomorrow night. eeeek!

Well, I am sitting here in bed on fabes laptop as my computer is all taken apart. The carpet is getting ripped out tomorrow night and floors done on Friday. I can't WAIT to see how nice it will look. I told Fabe to get rid of the the old computer desk and buy the one that matches our end tables and bookshelf up here...its an armoire one. Soooo much better and won't look so cluttery. I can't wait to have a 'nice' bonus room..the floors will be so nice and clean and look so pretty up there :) I love that!

Then the basement, I can't WAIT to set up my spare room!!!! I have the bedding for it, need to buy towels and have them nicely rolled up in baskets for guests :) And, adding another bathroom down there is insane but will just add to the house :) I am NOT liking the idea of cleaning 4 bathrooms though!

My sisters nanny got here last week. My sister has been LOVING having her here. I dunno. But I know that I would NOT love having a nanny! Not one bit. But whatever works for her, I guess. I am just not a nanny -person. My neighbor had wanted to share a nanny. At one time we thought about it. But nah.

My dad got a puppy! I am so happy for him. He got a little Rotti-german sheppard dog. He has waited for the right time and now he can finally have one. He got her from the SPCA. She is soooo cute. My dad sent me pics of her :)

Well, no pics for a while as my computer is down. But don't worry I will have LOTS to upload as I have like 60 on camera from the weekend and these 2 days so far :)


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

not gonna be a good blog updater...

well the weekend was superb...or wait did I post about that already? I don't know! Anyhow, the weekend was GREAT! I have pics but because I am on Fabe's laptop I can't upload them. I took pics of the cabin, and our view from the deck to the lake (beautiful!) anyhow. I didn't want to leave Sunday but I had too. We are going back in a few weeks anyhow. So, Sunday we got home...late. Monday I had to work, registered the kids at their daycamp. Fabe was off. He did stuff around here and went to pay for our new wood floors. I came home, late from work. On the way home from work I made the mistake of stopping at the Children's Place for clothes for Mack. Well I DID buy him SOME stuff but man, oh man...buying for Kenendy is soooo much easier!!!! $125.00 later and a new C.P credit card (dangerous!!!) I had a lot of new clothes for them. Then, I stopped at Superstore bought Kennedy the cutest little fall coat and Mack a pair of pant and ME some new jammies..I looooooove their jammies there :) Oh and some photo albums to start arranging their photos..no more of this basket and scrapbook later. Today, Tuesday I took off work. Last minute. But anyhow, Lisa and I took the kids to the water park in Beaumont at 10:30 am. Ronda and the kids showed up about noon...and Lisa had to leave at 2pm so it was Ronda and I until close to 5pm! My kids will sleep well tonight!!!! Tomorrow, I have to work...but luckily I have to leave early on these days as I have to pick up the kids by 4pm! Also, I am WORKING on taking off 3 days next week...for Calgary! Then, I will feel better. Tonight our new floor was delivered here!!! Yeah!!!! Thursday it is getting done. I CAN NOT wait! I HAAAAAAATE the carpet!!!! So you can only imagine what living in a renovation house is like. Mack has all of the bonus room stuff in his room, Kennedys room is emptied into our room...stuff even in the bathroom up here...ugh. I HATE messy things like this!!! Hopefully it takes only a day to do it so that Friday we can put it all back together again...Then the basement will be the next hit! THAT will be a pain in the butt as it is SUCH a storage area for junk down there! Ugh! BUT I keep telling myself in the long run it will be worth it...I don't feel like doing anything since everything is such a mess! I hate it. And wasn't THIS the reason WHY I wanted a new house!?!?!?!?!oh well. One day I will have my nice clean organized house back in order! Well, other then that. Nothing else new. Tonight my mom came over with my sisters dog and we took them both to the dog park for an hour. She loved it there! (my mom!) and the dogs...but I think that my mom had the most fun of anyone. (lol) I had promised the kids a flurry so we came home, got the car and my purse and a neighbors kid and headed to mc'd's. Came home...and I plunked my sun burnt body down on my bed...and here I am :) I have to bath the kids and get them ready for their daycamp tomorrow...and work. Not sure what we will do after camp...I would like to stop at the library and get them their cards though! Thursday Mack made swim plans with his friend Taylor. Friday...is Friday so whatever :)

Oh yeah, last night Fabe and I took the kids out for supper and we went to East Side Marios and kids eat free on Mondays :) It was soooo perfect!!!!

Well Kennedy is begging for a fire tonight but isn't it suppose to storm????

Well later!


Friday, August 18, 2006

yeah, The weekend :)


Today *R* ended up getting dropped off at my work earlier then we planned (but thats prefect) and saved me a trip the west end. She is very happy to be home here....but the kids aren't here so she is bored. But she is out playing with the kids around here. Its great to see her again :)

Work was okay. Kinda some drama with one employee, but OH WELL :S

We came home. I got caught on up here. Had a snack. I am just waiting to listen to the new if anythine new about that Robert that is missing. I TRIED to convince Chrisitie last night for us to go join the search party..but we didn't end up doing it.But after I watch the news we are going to take the puppy to the dog park for a while...(take my camera AND my MEMORY card!!!) Then, I was thinking I will take her out for supper...come home. pack. and get ready to leave tomorrow for the lake.

Well I might come back on later, but if not..have a good weekend all :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Well today work was pretty good. I am kinda dreading next week...because like 3 staff are on holidays...BUT, the GOOD thing (for me) is that the kids daycamp ends at 4pm soooo, that means I have to leave forsure by 3:30pm. So, that can't be 'that' bad...The week after will be much better...and then forsure the next week as the daycare kids are back in school...I don't want my kids to go back to school... :(
So many parents are actually COUNTING the days until they go back to school. I dread it. I don't want them to go back (at all!!!). I can't believe how many ppl look so forward to it...its actually kinda sad. But anyhow. I am looking forward to the daycare kids going back as the numbers will totally drop in that room and it will just be so nice...the summer has been very hard on the staff in that room (kinder-room).

After work, I came home. Got Bandit, took him to the dog park. WAS going to take some shots of him...but I forgot to put my memory card in!!!! So, my camera doesn't work without one..GRRR!!! So I didn't even bother going through the trails. He just played with the other puppies...I seen a little Rotti puppy, I waaaaaaaaant him :)

Then, I stopped by Christies house to drop off some stuff and we sat out front of her house talking for like 30 mins..then all of the sudden she goes "do you wanna go for coffee?" I really shouldn't, I thought. But, heck the laundry can wait! So, we went to my house dropped of Bandit and then we went to Tim Hortons. I had a hot choclate, she a coke. We went for coffee but actually either of us didn't have it...lol.

I am home. Thinking about tomorrow. The kids are now going to the lake with my mom. Uncle Carl is going to drop them off at her house...then she is heading out with them. I am still picking up *R* and she is coming with us to the lake for the weeknd. She is going to be SO happy :) We have to drop her off Sunday at 6pm so it will be a short stay at the lake but we wanna just try to get the cabin wrapped at least before WINTER...(brrrr).

Well, anyhow. I should at least throw A LOAD in...


Wednesday evening...

Lisa and I went out to Bo's for wing night. It was such a nice night out :) She needed it, and well I guess that I did too. It was nice to just 'chat'...


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A nice day at work. We are looking very forward to back to school for the kids..we will have a nice quiet month there and it will allow the staff in the kinder-room to set up the room and work on some programming and etc. I bought a computer for the kinders..they will be thrilled when we get it up and running :) It was a nice day. The kids went late last night to MIL's house. Tonight, I took my sisters dog and Bandit to the doggy park for a nice loooong walk. Phew. My foot was KILLING!!! You can feel where the needle was in there..ouch! Anyhow, the capital health lady called again about Kennedys shots that we are behind on. Nag. Nag.Nag. I will get them, when I feel we are ready to get them. Holy! I have a paint can (honestly) that she is suppose to poop into for 3 day (sick, hey) and I have to STORE IT IN MY FREEZER until the 3rd day (puke). For a test for fat content. So I am putting that off too. They need to get eye and dentist appts. There is so much to worry about...Anyhow. Went to the dog park. Just waiting for mom to come and pick up Tanner (sisters dog) and then I am picking up my friend Lisa for a little night out..I am not sure what we are going to do but we will find something...

Well later



Well, I told myself...that I will NOT venture onto ebay. My cc is paid off..no balance..but I went on it last night. Actually it started off with somene at my site posted about a Beta fish bowl for the wall...well I *needed* it. So I bought it on ebay. Went to CIBC online and paid it immediately from the bank account. Pretty good of me. Then, I thought "well Mack does need some new 'cool' clothes" so I went on there bought some stuff (Roca wear, Sean John, etc)...paid WAY too much for stuff...then got off there. Well, I placed a BUNCH of bids last night..and I won ALL of them :S So, anyhow..I paid them all. Went to CIBC (died) when I transfered the money onto my cc...oooooh well. No more ebay. Like, for real.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Today I had the first treatment of my horribly sore foot. But anyhow, I went to the dr's and from the xray and what not I need to get injections into my HEEL of my foot. The HARD part of my heel and all I can say is OOOMMMGGG!!!! It HURT soooo bad :( I can handle needles, no problem. I am not scared of them and have a pretty good pain tolerance. But, it was just horrible..ugh! Ouch! Anyhow, hopefully it helps and I won't have to get it done again...ooooOOOooooo...

Today, I worked. It was good. Quiet. Got lots done, paper work. Left early. Came home. To a BIRD stuck in the garage this time. Last year, was the gopher. I pulled up and Kennedy said "mommy something is squeaking in the garage" so I listened and sure enough...I heard a tweet. Then, it was flying around. Poor little birdy. But we decided to leave it alone and sure enough it flew out no problem. I sat out in the garage while Fabe cleaned it out. Now, I came in. Kennedy is playing in the bathroom sink with a doll. Mack is out with the kids on the block. I have to work tomorrow, hopefully come home earlier. My mom is going to drop off Tanner (sisters dog) while she gets her hair done. So I will take both the dogs to the dog park. Then Bo's for wings.

I better run and get the kids ready to go to Fabes moms house (MIL) for a few days.

Monday, August 14, 2006

My Birthday Day...

so we got a big order of firewood from Rod (Karens, JQ's dh) and it was so great! We are SOO happy that firewoods isn't an issue anymore. We can burn fire whenever we want too! We have had lots of fires but we haven't been able to actually cook on them as it has been pressure treated scraps and what not. BUT, we have REAL wood :) Tonight, we had a wonderful fire (Monday) and the kids and I roasted weiners and made ourselves hot dogs...then marshmellows :) So they were happy! I told Fabe that now in the winters too we can have fires. On a cool winters night, we can head out back and have a nice warm fire and do marshmellows. The kids can't wait for that. I can't wait to have my nice warm fire place going in the house either. Thats the ONLY one thing that I miss about winter...I loooove having it going :) It feels just so toasty!

My Birthday day:

We drove convertiable to John Janzen centre (Jane, what pic was yours?????) and it was very cool! I have NEVER been there, so I am SO glad that we went. We spent forever 'fishing' for water creatures, in the pond. It was sooo cool :) The kids caught numerous things and we were able to identify most of them. Then, we headed over to Fort Edmonton park for the day. It was really good. We had a great time. Although we missed the mid-way and the kids didn't get to use their tokens. But, since it is FREE after 4:45 to get in, and its open until 6pm then we will go one night and just do the midway there :) After that, we went and test drove a car that Fabe is interested in. Its pretty nice...we are going to sell him little mid-life crisis car (lol) and buy a real (family) car...anyone wanna buy an imported from Japan 300ZX with the steering on the WRONG side of the car???? LMAO!!!! Then, we came home. We roasted the hot dogs and hung out in the backyard. Kennedy is sleeping so far (it was a very late night for them last night as they were out with Fabe at the neighbors until 1am) and Mack is just getting settled for bed. I have to work tomorrow. I just made a batch of muffins. And, I am going to read in bed for a while...and get a good nights rest. Hopefully I don't have to work late tomorrow...And, I am going to pack the kids for Grandmas Joans house tomorrow after work. Fabe will drive them tomorrow evening later...then I will pick them up Friday. Saturday we head to the lake for the weekend (yeah!!) and back Sunday...So, I will take this week to get ready...but I did hear that the girls are meeting for wing night Wednesday so I might just take in on that :)



<-----our fire! We had a fire in the pit last night, as I mentioned. But I wanted to try and get a nice pic of the coals. But it didnt go so well :) Opps! Anyhow... It was worth a try!


<-----Natasha. This is my 'sil' I guess :) She just turned 18 this past few months. She is SUCH a beautiful girl. There is a long (compicated) story behind her but regardless, she is totally welcome into our home. It was so neat having her over last night. I made her a monkeys lunch. We just chatted for hours. She is SO sweet :) The kids still aren't really into calling her Auntie Natasha (yet) but I sure hope that she will be around alot more...she has a boyfriend for almost a year now..I told her that we will have them over for supper one night. It must be so hard for her to expain to ppl the situation and what not :( But anyhow...

fire pit party :)

Dh planned a little surprise party for me last night. It was only my family and his family. And so thoughtful of him :) Today I am 31 years old :)

The 2 little girls are the neighbor girls right next door. They are so sweet, and they all play so nicely together :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I did it!!!!

<------ Today I got the kids everything that they need for school! Its all in those 2 backpacks. It took me THREE stores, but I did it. And, its done :) Its a grrrrreat feeling too! I started off at Superstore, dropped off some films and jumped right into the school isle. Got 3/4 of the stuff there...$150.00!!!! Then, I went to Wal-Mart got some there...and Mack 4 shirts ...$150.00! Got it almost all done was only missing reinforcements, 12 duotangs (certain colors!) and 'a paint box'. WTF, is a PAINT BOX???? But anyhow, went to Staples..should have gone THERE in the first place. Holy ORGANIZED there!!! Got my stuff, $12.00 and DONE :)

I was unloading it all, my neighbor comes out for a chat with me. She buys this all through her daughters school. For 67.00 she gets everything that she needs...even the Kleenex!!! Not fair. In the end it costed me about $300.00 for JUST supplies, shoes and backpacks. I haven't even gotten Macks clothes yet either!!!!! Well, he has some new outfits...but we'll see.

I am soooo happy to be D.O.N.E. So I did all that today. Came home, filled up the bird feeder again (they eat it all everyday so far this summer!) bought another feeder thing at WalMart so hung that up. Immediately the birds came over to see what it was...too funny. Have to get a pic. Then, I tidied up the house. Went down to DO LAUNDRY..got wrapped up in ALL of my pictures. I use to put them into photo albums as soon as I got them home from the store. But, since I got into scrapbooking I don't do that anymore. I use baskets but I can't enjoy them in there. So, my newest *to do* is buy a whole bunch of photoalbums and at least get them in there...I use to be so good at that :( So, I have to work on that again...and not depend on getting scrapbooking caught up with anytime soon. I am only at Kennedy's 3rd b-day... lol. So, anyhow. thats my newest (only to add onto my list, and I really do have a list ya know!!!)

Well, I came up here. Waiting to Fabe to get home with Chinese food...and we will lay in bed eating...(no wonder I am just SO skinny!!) *lol* anyhow. Later!!!

okay I am going...


I had a nice shower. Got my hair done. Was all ready to go, waiting for the mini-storm to pass. But here I am again. But I am really ready now! I'm just so laaazy. I could nothing today. But I have to use my time well. When I get back, I am going to tidy up the house...and TRY to get SOMETHING accomplished tomorrow (like paint the front porch). I am so awful saying these things that need to get done and I don't do them! Grrr!


well on with my day...

I just came in the house. I went outside to fill up the birdfeeder...I can't believe that they ate it all already!!! But, while outthere, the hammock was calling my name :) So I grabbed my ds's favorite blanket (its our old one, its yellow with pink flowers but SO cozy!!! Ds and I fight over it) but anyhow, I laid on the hammock. It was a kinda cool breeze...but I was all wrapped up in the blanket and it felt soooo nice. I watched the big fluffy white clouds moving...so I was out there for a while. A bird came and ate some seed. Then, I decided to get on with my day. So, I am heading into the shower and going school shopping. Tonight there is a block party (unsure if we will go or not forsure, its not *our* block but the one behond us but we all get invited every year). I talked to my mom. Kennedy has been coughing alot. But, I think it is the dog (my sisters Lab) which Kennedy typically reacts too. So, she gave her some allergy meds. She said its beautiful out there!!! So, I am going to go shopping. I can't find my visa ANYWHERE!!!! Grrrr! I NEVER use it, but today I wanted too as I want to start getting some areoplan points. I wanna go to Disneyworld next year (IF I can hold out that long!!). Oh well. Cash it is then. My m/c is a waste as it gets nothing. So I don't even bother. I only use my m/card for online things as the limit is very low on it. Enough ramblings. I am outta here!

Have a great day :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

more books

Just ordered my 4th shipment from Book Closeouts I loooove their books (prices) and the shipping is soooo super cheap :)

Tara (off to ebay now)


Yeah :)
Another Friday! Well work has still be busy! The sick staff, is STILL sick. The one I just hired is taking 2.5 weeks off for a trip...she is going to be let go when she gets back. She has been totally unrelaible...so sorry for her! Anyhow. Licensing came yesturday. I called in the morning and made sure that everyone who was suppose to be there was there...they were. So, I said...I am going to be in around 10am. I was going to read the newspaper and just relax. Well, the phone rings, its the daycare. What now?!?!?! Our licensing officer just walked in. I rushed to get ready and off I went. The review was really good. She is happy with everything. So I am happy :) Today, I let 2 staff go home early. We all deserve a break after our last few weeks have been hell. I left work at 1pm. Nice! Got the kids from daycamp and went to my moms. My mom is dog-sitting my sisters lab. Well, my mom lives on the river valley...and there are always homeless ppl around where she lives (a field that she walks the dog too) well last night, he was rolling around in the grass in the trees down there and ROLLED INTO HUMAN FECES!!!! YUCK!!!!!! *gag* so she tried the best that she could to get it off with the garden hose. But today, I couldn't even pet him without thinking about it...so I got some disposiable gloves and got him to get into the bathtub and shampooed him like 5 times! And conditioner..so he was MUCH better. My mom was so happy! Anyhow, she loaded up the van and off they went for the weekend. The kids LOVE going to the lake. I was thinking, I really should have gone with my mom for the weekend...just her and I and the kids. But, I didn't. We have SO much going on right now with the house. One of the moms that I have become friends with, her hubby is going to do our floors for us. So, I have to call my flooring sales guy and order the laminate for the top floor and the basement. I can't wait to get it all done. *IF* it is nice tomorrow, I am painting the front porch. Next weekend, Fabe is off and we are going to the lake :) I am HOPING to take Monday off and then we can stay longer. Fabes mom has been begging for the kids. So, they are going there on Tuesday night until Friday night. Then I will pick them up Friday night and Saturday head to the lake. I took Monday off work! I had to. I NEED to do something with my kids...I have been working waaaay to much! So we will do something fun Monday, Fabe is off too :) I am hoping to take off a day a week now again. We have Calgary planned for a few nights...I can't wait :) I have to buy the kids their season ski passes by Aug. 31st for a reduced rate. And I have to get them in lessons again this year. We are going away for Christmas this year...to the mountains so I want them skiing really, really good.

I can't believe that Kennedy will be in school all day now...wow. Time has gone by soooo fast for her...Mack in grade 5! Wow. Today I was looking through the flyers in the morning with the kids. Asking what kinds of backpacks they want. Kennedy said a Bratz one or Hello Kitty. Mack said anything name brand...omg!!!!! As if! He seen a Airwalks on that he wants so I will try to go get it tomorrow. I am planning to do some back to school shopping tomorrow. But today, I was waiting until 5pm to pick up something and had to kill time. So, I went to Shoppers. They had a Bratz pink backpack there!!!! PLUS, a matching pencil case! ANNNNNDDDD, the matching lunch kit! So, I HAD to buy it. She will LOVE it :) She has TONS of back to school clothes..Mack needs more tho. So, I might head to the mall tomorrow (OH DARN, I have to shop!!!) and get him some stuff...So yeah. They need their supplies bought too! I don't know when Kennedy starts dance. Or even what night she is registered for. Nothing. This year, its an hour and a half long! She needs new tap shoes and jazz slippers. No more ballet for her now for a few years! Holy, this is going to add up! Today, I spent 70 on FRUIT snacks and JUNK for lunches. I thought that I better start buying it now...so then I have a good supply. Kennedy eating lunch at school is going to be SUCH an issue! No one will be there to force her to eat...(great!) Mack is going to invite his best friend, Nick to the lake with him this weekend. Kennedy cried, she wanted to bring someone too...thats just work tho. Maybe next year. We have been reading a new novel. Its Called "Bud, not Buddy" the kids thought that it was going to be 'boring' because of the cover. Well, they are SO into it now. And last night, Mack said "I guess its true, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover" cute :) Anyhow, its about a little black boy who is in foster care. Its pretty sad, some of the homes that he has been in. When we end a chapter they are so eager to hear more the next night. No reading to them tonight! I got a few black character novels from Scholastic, they love them. Well, anyhow. Tonight I came home from dropping them off. Put away my groceries. Grabbed my newest book, "breathing for a living" which I bought off Book Closeouts. Well, I stopped reading it. I can't anymore. It is about a young girl with CF. She is 21 and tells her life story and journal enteries about how she is feeling everyday and after the transplant how sick she is...and it didn't really help her...and yeah. I just stopped. Too close to home. I like to remain POSTIVE about her disease...not read it like that...ugh. So, I have to go to my box in the basement, lay that one to rest and find another one. There is one in mind..Tonight, Fabe is working. I am snuggled up in Mack's favorite blanket and going to do absolutely nothing (prepare for my shopping day tomorrow!!!!!!) anyhow. Take care

Thursday, August 10, 2006

<----just a beautiful night sky pic.

Loving where I live...

<---- this is what I love about my street is all of the the neighbors...all of the kids. We always sit outside each others houses and talk and what not. If you ever need help you can ask anyone on the street and the would help. Recently, my sisters dog set off our alarm system. When we got home, a few of the neighbors asked if everything was okay. Told us that they walked around the house seeing if it was okay. I use to HATE being home alone at night but now I totally don't care because I know that if any issues happened then I would just call one of them and they will come over. We babysit for each other and help build decks, sheds and fences. We have bbq's at each others houses...parties in garages...and we are even all planning on going to Big Valley Jamboree next year together. We have invited several neighbors to our lake lot in Sept...its so wonderful having wonderful neighbors...

A wet night of fun...

My very wet and rained on family :)

Bumper Boats

<--------brrrrrr, it was really rainy by this time...

father and daughter

<----- they look sooooo dorky with those helmets on!!!!!



<----Go Karting!!!!

I love this pic. It looks so neat how its all blurred and only Mack is kinda focused on. I love it. Anyhow, last night (Wednesday) we went to take the kids go-karting. It was great. Until it rained. But still at least we got ONE ride in...then Fabe took the kids on the bumper boats. It was a fun night out!

Monday, August 07, 2006


You can't really see all of the ppl in the top pic but there are ALWAYS TONS of ppl and their dogs at the park. I love seeing them all there. Bandit has his regular friends that he plays wih. Usually we do the big walk then let him go and wrestle with other dogs. He much prefers the big dogs over the smaller ones. I love how (mostly) everyone picks up after their dogs too. You would think that a dog park would be dirtier then a school field, but nope. The school field has WAY more doggi-do-do then the dog park. Anyhow...it was a lovely day :)


Some shots...of whatever!!!!


Water!!!!! Bandit taking a dip. He lays RIGHT in the yucky dirty water!!!!



Puppy Park Pleasure

Dog Park Pleasure:

As you will be able to see, my dog park is a beautiful place to go. I literally go there when I need some down time or to bring my self to the sanity level again. Or, just to go. Yesturday I went. Just to have a nice walk and relax. It was such a beautiful day that I truely wanted to get outside and take in the sun. Plus, I have been dying to get some practice with my new digital camera. Which, I am still loving very much :)

Anyhow, this is the bridge that you enter when you want to head into the ravine area. Under the bridge is everydog's glory..a little creek. It is truely wonderful there.My dog loves going into the ravine. We walk for a good 20 mins. There are 2 ways to go after you cross over the bridge..well actually 3. To the left is a looong trail, forward is to the most beautiful houses in Mill Woods that back on the golf course and to the right is another trail but it isn't as long. We did the long one first then the shorter one after...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A GREAT Saturday and a wonderful Sunday :)

No more complaining over here :)

Yesturday, I literally stayed in bed the WHOLE day. Like, seriously! I got out of bed at 4pm ONLY because my dh's friend walked in the house (he was doing the fence) and called for me. So I quickly threw myself together. Went out and chatted with the neighbors for a while. Then dh came home. We have 1 side of the yard fenced!!!! Today the other side will get done! I am SOOOOOOO happy!!!!! Bandit is a free puppy now :) Dh and I ordered pizza and did nothing. Today, we slept in until 10am.I read the paper. He got ready with the neighbors and started the fence. I have a nice shower. Have my hot rollers in the hair. And, I am going to take Bandit to the mall with me (he will have to be in the car for 15 mins!!!) but its not hot! But I have to get something for my camera! Then, we will go to the duck pond over here, take some pics of them. THEN, we will go to the doggie park and take some wilderness shots of the trees and what not. So, it will be a nice relaxing day :) Today dh and I planned for the few days to go to Calgary and in 2 weeks back to the lake lot. The kids are going with my mom again next weekend to the lake lot...wow, I never have them...anyhow. They are in a daycamp this week again. They loved it last week. Then, at Grandmas (MIL) for a few days the next week then anothe daycamp the week after and then the last week of August I am hoping to take the week off and go to Calgary, and do some stuff in Edmonton here...keep very busy! Then school. *sigh* But I am going to cut my hours down during school and only work until 3:30pm so I am home when they get home :)

Anyhow, going to make my self ready and take Bandit for our day together :)


Saturday, August 05, 2006

not a good sleep :(

Ugh. I didn't sleep good at all. I think it was bcuz I didn't have the fan on in the room. Usually we sleep with our fan on and we didn't last night. Oh well, I can nap today :) Dh left at like 7am to Totem to meet the fence guy! So, he is still there and they should be back here any minute and do our fence on the one side. The other side the neighboirs are insisting to do their own..I just hope it doesn't take forever. I can't wait to have our yard complete then :) Yeah!!!!!!! Finally bandit can run free!!!! LOL!!!

Anyhow. later.

Friday, August 04, 2006

I deserve a Friday...

Today. Woke up to the same call. She's sick again. Got there at 8 am. Then at 9:30am another staff said "Tara, I don't think I can do this all day" she was sick. So I sent her home...2 staff down. Thankfully the numbers weren't too bad...but still. So yeah. I worked from 8am-6pm. **sigh**
But I can sleep in tomorrow. Fabe has to work, but I will beg him to tip-toe...kids are gone with my mom for the weeknd. So, I plan to just relax. Hope 'my' staff all rest and are back next week for a smoooother week. Friday will be hairy next week again, 2 staff down...but I won't worry about that until Thursday night...

Anyhoo. Fabe just got home. I'm tiiiiired...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

my Thursday rant....

Thank God its almost Friday :)

So today I was woken up at 6:20am. One of the staff. "Tara, its me......XXXXX, XXXXX isn't going to be in today and she starts at 7am" ohhhh great. Lovely. So the kids have a field trip to the zoo. So, anyhow I asked her to call in another staff and I woud come in at 8am (usually in at 9) so up I got. Showered. Woke up the kids, made lunches, got them ready and out the door. I braved it in the van only because they had all of their stuff in there still from the day before. So got to work (with them) it was hectic. Once all the staff came in, I drove the kids to their daycamp. At least they are taken care of. Worked. Just at break time, as I am covering a break in a toddler room with 9 sleeping babies...Kennedys daycamp called. She's sick. I can't leave. But she's sick. So I called in a staff who has a split shift and already left and wasn't due back for a few hours...she came in (love her!!!) THEN, her daycamp called back. She's fine now :) thankfully. So, we got through. But the sick-staff was suppose to work a split shift until 6pm...but another staff said that she woudl stay instead of me (as I had picked up the kids again and they were playing at the park) came home. Had a crappy supper. And, just packing up for the kids as they are going to the lake with my mom for the weekend...feels like I never get to see them anymore :( but they choose to go...*sigh*
But TGIF!!!!!!
And a long weekend. I plan to do nothing but clean my house...which is badly neglected. And do some scrapbooking...finally...


the kids are going to bed for 9pm tonight.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


<--------My kids in somewhat matching outfits. It was so funny. They literally came out of their rooms wearing the exact same sets! Kennedys is a jersey dress and Mack's is a 2 piece short set. Pretty funny! And I didn't plan it!

So today was utter hell at work. I got a call from one of the staff saying that her toilet over flowed and she can't come until the plumber gets there. Okay. So I think a few hours at the most. Well, I got to work at 9am. The time that she is suppose to be there at. One of the OTHER staff is complaining about being sick. She is NEVER sick. So I have to let her leave. So, I tell her to go. Which leaves only me to be on ratio. So, I work the kinder room all morning. Wasn't bad. Actually missed working with the kids :) So, anyhow. Break time. I am worrying as Kennedy has the appt that I can't just cancel. Its with GI. So, she still wasn't there. Breaks were impossible to get done. It was complete hell. Got through it. JUST about to leave for the appt and call the sick staff back (she was going home for a few hours to sleep) but then the other staff walked in. She smelled like TANNING LOTION! I swear!!!!!!! But it all worked out. It always does. So I went and got Kennedy. Went to the U of A. I will tell more about her appt after. So, meanwhile I HAVE to get Mack by 5pm from daycamp. I have to be there by 5! They CLOSE at 5! Well, after the lab did their explanation and what not...I fianlly raced out there at 4:40!!!!!!!! 20 mins to get out of the horrible traffic by the U Of A. So I did it. I walked in to daycamp. At EXACTLY 5pm on the nose :) Phew. So, driving along home...the car STALLS at a red light. Okay. Weird. Just sunk massive money in it LAST WEEK! So I start it up and it goes. Driving along. Its fine. Another red lights. Stops. WTF! Driving along, its fine. Stop at a red light. This time is DOESN"T start! I was sooooooo stressed by this time. AND, MY CELL WAS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, thankfully we were right across from 7-11. I use the pay phone. Call dh. Who just got to the west end. My neighbor seen me there, and asked if I need help. But I told him Fabe was on the way. That was nice of them to stop tho! So Fabe comes. The van starts. Drives home perfectly fine. Lovely! So, its like 6 pm by this time. Dog has been home alone way to long. He's wired! The ground beef wasn't about to cook itself. Days like this, I just wanna get back into bed. BUT, I survived it. I'm okay. Have the kids in the bath right now with their new Avon roller soap. And, they are going to bed by 10 tongiht...its been late nights and early mornings :S

So, Kennedys appt. Well GI wanted to see her regarding her liver. Sure enough its showing signs of liver damage (sigh) so she put her on some huge long-named liver medicaitons...add THAT to the list. They don't like that she hasn't gained weight in forever. They said to give her MORE BOOST. She then never eats. Her A,D,E and K levels are still low...so yeah...its not always the happy appts that I am use too. But her lungs are clear :)

So she will start that med now. On it for 1 year forsure. Will re-assess in a year. Possible biopsy then. Which pisses me off, considering in MAY when she had surgery the suregon said that he was going to do a livery biopsy but didn't...so who knows. Another surgery again...annoying. Anyhow...thats what new with her Cystic Fibrosis...never a dull moment with that disease :(


Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Kennedy playing in the neighbors yard. They are doing their deck and we are TRYING to get the fence started..which will be so nice to have it done..but yeah...

Tomorrow is her dr's appt that I have been putting off. But, they called and said that GI wants to see her so I have to go. I am assuming her results are fine from the test that she had done a few weeks ago...but we will see. She still has those *attacks* that didn't resolve after the gallbladder surgery. So we will see. They don't seem as bad tho. So I dunno. Also, her dr last time talked about her coming in to the hospital due to her lung function test, but I am like "no..." so I am hoping that he doesn't pop that into the appt. tomorrow. She is due for a 'tune up' but I hate when they do it during the summer. I would honestly rather her miss school. Two weeks from the summer just isn't fun. Also, I have to talk to them about her eating. Which has totally decreased again. grrrr...she literally eats a few bites here and there and that about it. No breakfast anymore. Small lunch (snack things) and then a tiny serving of supper...But yet, she only wants Boost. I had her down to only 2 a day then because of her weight loss they wanted her to have them 4 times a day but my thinking is that THAT is why she isn't eating then. However, they just want her to have weight gain. Also, taking her vitamins is an issue. A real issue. She hardly takes them. She gags on them...she ends up spitting them out. She is up to 4 multi-vitamins a day now...thats a lot. Those are ADULT ones. So I have been letting her eat some of those gummi bear vitamins...to hopefully suppliment. She just seems like she is healthy in so many ways but not healthly with the whole digestive stuff....gr. Her fingernails are horrible looking right now...so anyhow. Needless to say, its good that we are going in to see him :)


LOOK at this deal :)

<------ ALL of those are shampoo's and conditioners! Can you believe it...like 25 bottles of it!!!! AND, see those big paddle hair brushes..well I got 13 (yes, thirteen) of them! For 40.00! You get 13 bottles of shampoo and conditiner and 6 paddle brushes for 20.00! Like, HELLO! I am SO ordering them! They are all different! And they are ACTUAL sizes (like, normal sizes) of them! I am so happy! I won't be buying shampoo or conditioner for a LONG time :) what a good deal! Usually I pay like at least 5.00 a bottle! Thats such a good deal!

But 13 hair brushes.. don't need! Anyone want one? *lol* I was thinking about donating them to a womans shelter...I think I will do that, unless any of you want one!!!!

So yeah. Good Avon day!!!!

I love Avon!

I am going to save 15 mins before bed to flip through the NEXT catalog. Oh oh oh oh, also I got a Campbells recipe book! Called "Four ingredients" and its a whole book that has fast and easy meal ideas :)

Its a good Avon day :)

<---------have I EVER happened to mention that I LOVE Avon? Well, just in case I haven't...I need to say it now. I LOOOOVE Avon! I sell Avon. But only to me. Okay, if any of you *really* need something that fine..I will order it for you. But otherwise, I don't wanna. I am not a pesky Avon lady. By far. But seriously, I love when I am expecting it. Even though I know what I am ordering. I just can't wait for it to come. I am worse then a child waiting to open a gift! So, the last campain was a good one. LOTS of good things! So, I ordered a *few* must have items. Well, today when I arrived from work. 2 big boxes of Avon stuff :) that sure made my day :) Anyhow. I got on some slippers that are flip flops and they exfoliate your feet while you just walk around, now how cool is that? Ok, sad I know. But I got some good things. Lots of necklace and earring sets...anklets and toe rings, lipsticks, etc...but my BEST deal...of all....