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Thursday, May 31, 2007

hot, hot. hot!!!

I'm loving it!!!!

Worked until 3pm today, it was a nice easy day. And hey, it was payday :) Gotta love that!!!! So I stopped at the bank, came home...got the kids, went to Dollarama then Sobeys for groceries. We got fresh fruite, raspberries, watermelon, strawberries, cherries and pineapple. Love fruit :)
Then we came home, I unloaded it all. Started laundry. Cooked supper (yes, I cooked it then my husband walked in and was just shocked!). Then I sat on the deck for a while with my new magazine. Okay, confession here. I am a magazine=a-holic. This is the SECOND time in the last little while that I have bought the SAME magazine...I know have 2 issues of it. Grrrr. I was getting good and buying a stack of them at Good Will so that I wouldn't have to waste so much money on them. Anyhow, I have a TON of magazines now so if anyone ever needs some reading material...let me know.

Tomorrow, I am working until noon. I will pick up the kids, and then my mom is picking the kids up from here and off to the lake they go. Then I have my clothing club party tomorrow night in Sherwood Park. Finally I can go. Then, Saturday I am SLEEPING in. I will either lay around on my deck or do some more yard work...then when Fabe gets off we will head to the lake for the night and Sunday-day.



Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today was a great day at work. I spent 2500.00 on stuff for the daycare today. Love that. I didnt get back to daycare until about 3pm. Left at 9:30am. So I stayed until 5:30 pm. Came home, Fabe had wonderful burgers made with all the dressings and trimmings. We had corn on the cob, fresh buns and potato salad. We ate out on the deck, the 4 of us and it was so nice. Then we hung out in the back yard for a while. Then a friend and her dog stopped by for a doggie playdate. We sat in the backyard talking for a while. Then, she left. And Fabe and my neighbor were outside talking so I chatted with them for a while too. 10pm came too fast and the kids needed showers so yeah, we got them in. Fabe is fast asleep on the couch and I am just on here, then going to bed. Wednesday already tomorrow. Yeah. Friday night my mom is taking the kids to the lake. I am going to my new clothing club party ( havent' been to my new group yet!) missed the other months! So maybe I will win :) Anyhow, I will sleep in Saturday. Then, Fabe and I will head out to the lake Sat for the night only and come back later Sunday (again!). The following weekend Kennedy has dance year end show. So thats good. I am sooooo super excited for Tim McGraw concert on the 19th of June :) Can't wait!!!!!! And, only 3 months until we leave for Disneyworld. Tonight, I paid for our Villa which we rented...I can't wait for that. A 4-bedroom house and our OWN swimming pool in the back yard. I can't wait!!!!!! Anyhow, I better go. I wanna get a drink and watch the news. I haven't watched it for a while now...


Monday, May 28, 2007

The lake!!!

Come and be my neighbor!!!! This lakefront lot is right next to ours :) Its for sale. But can I brag???? Its 159,000 and guess what? We didn't pay that for ours!!! And now we have 2 cabins and power so I think ours is worth about 200,000 which is simply AMAZING as we paid *only* 24,000 for ours 5 years ago!!! Pretty good deal :) :) :)
So pretty :) Who would think that a dandylion would be so pretty?
The living room of the cabin. We just put up sheets as we were waiting for the guy to mud and tape, but we aren't going to wait anymore. So our little living room. We bought sage green paint to paint it and have navy blue carpet that needs to be put down. We have the bamboo blinds but we won't worry about anything else until Sept when the guy isn't so busy. From the couch, we have a perfect view of the lake...its so peaceful and relaxing sitting out there watching the boaters and the sun setting. God country is right about the north...

Bandit and "Hobo" on our deck. Hobo is the community dog. We are so sure that he has a owner. He sleeps outside on our deck and waits for us in the mornings...we feel so bad for him. We feed him, give him treats, take him on our walks...he loves us. But the neighbors said he does have an owner but they can't keep him at home, he wanders. But I dunno. Anyhow, when we leave he goes to the year rounders...we don't mind him at all being there though. He's a very good dog, and LOVES to swim out and chase the birds.

The kids on the trampoline. Notice the shingles on the shed are all coming off and peeling...yeah thats from the kids jumping off the roof on to the trampoline.

Tanner and Bandit in the weeds of the lakefront.

Down at the lake/boat launch. The kids throwing stones into the lake. My little nephew...

The dogs going for a swim as well

Going back up the road, heading home...

So my mom came out with us. My sister and her husband were already there, my poor husband (still getting use to the word!!) had to work. He was going to call in sick to come out with us. But I would rather him come out when its just us. Anyhow, we left my house at 9:15 am stopped for breakfast at McD's. Headed out and stopped 2 times. Once at Grasslands for a pee, and then Plamondon for food at the Co-Op. We got to the lake nice and early. We were sad to see the guy didn't tape or mud at all. It was a mess in there. The stuff all piled up in the middle, ugh. So anyow we decided then and there, we are setting up the cabin and enough was enough. No more waitng for him. He told us by May long weekend. So forget it, we set it all up. And now its comfy. It was sooo nice having the couch there. We relaxed in the evening and watched a movie and the kids loved it.
We left Sunday fairly late, well later then what we had wanted to leave. We left about 4:30 got home about 7. It rained pretty much the whole time home. But it was nice. I didn't have to drive, normally I drive on the long highway trips as Fabe says "I drive all day, I don't feel like it" so then I do it. But my mom drove so it was super nice.

Playing on the stairs...

Bandit trying to get up the stairs...he wasn't liking it at all.

Macks crash landing...Kennedy giggling at him.

Mack coming back for more, Kennedy still laughing at him.

Kennedys turn, and Mack waiting to nicely to run up after she was done.

Kennedy JUMPING from there to the pillows

So safe, I know ;) The kids have been sleeping on the big couch cushions from the basement couch since last week. Well last the couch part went out to the lake for the cabin. And, the cushions didn't fit in the back of the truck and I didn't want to loose just one...so I kept them here. I got the kids to take them out of Mack's room and pile them by the door so they would be ready to go out to the lake...this weekend. So OF COURSE, they had to find another way to get them down the stairs....they played on the stairs for a good hour. Sliding down on them, putting them all the way up the stairs and trying to 'rock climb' up the stairs. They are so funny, but I have to say...I absolutely LOVE it when they get along so well together, it warms my heart :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Great week.

This was a great week. I feel so much better. Last week, I was honestly going to call it quits. Anyhow, this week was pretty good :)

Anyhow, it was a nice short work week. Love that. Didn't really do much. Last night I worked until 6pm to make me seen to the parents. And Fabe cleaned the garage perfectly. Other then that, we haven't done much.

Today is Friday. We were going to head to the lake tonight but decided to go out tomorrow morning instead. So, we are going to do that. Just the kids, the dog and I. Fabe has to work. Too bad for him ;) My sister and her hubby are there at their cabin so we thought we will go out there too.

Tonight, I am just getting our clothing ready for the day. The kids and I are doing a 'power hour' which is we ALL clean together for one hour to get it all done fast. They love this, as they don't think that an hour is that bad. So we got done the main floor. The floors are just drying. The kids are working on their rooms, and we just came up here to finish it off. Thankfully, there isn't much laundry to do or anything major. A quick cleaning and mopping and its pretty good. I can't bear the thought of coming home to a messy house...as Fabe will be working all weekend and won't be home too much.

Anyhow, I better go finish...

Tara :)

Sister in town pics.

Kennedy on her scooter.

My nephews, Braeden and Matthew. They so cute, too bad you can't see their faces!


Checking out my moms tattoo.

My mom (in the green shirt), sister in track suit and my nephew in the red shirt. they are checking out my moms tattoo.

All the kids, hanging out.

These pics are from when my sister was in town.

Dog park :)

The bridge that went under from all of the water...

bandit taking a swim.

So pretty...

Bandit checking it out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So our dr. for Kennedy FINALLY signed the disability tax credit form and he said that they will go back to birth :) :) :) :) It works out to 2500.00 more this year on our return. We just did out taxes last night, and we will be getting back a decent chunk. I am so happy!!!!!!!! I can't WAIT for that check...its going to be pretty fat!!!!

:) :) :)

I will buy a truck load of Boost and store it in the shed and Kennedy can drink her little heart away when ever she wants it....no more 'only 2 a day!'


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday holiday!

Monday was good. Fabe was off this weekend, which made it even better :) We got LOTS of time in together.It was super nice.

Our day began with Fabe making everyone Omlettes for breakfast. Yummy :) Then we got ready and headed out for a day of driving. We went to Antler Lake and checked it out there. We let the kids play at the park there for a while. Fabe and I sat on the swings, just chatting about everything and everyone. Then, we drove around for an hour no place in particular just drove around.

Then, we went to my moms house. She ordered us chineese food. It was so good. Fabe did some stuff around her house which was taking a while, so my mom drove the kids and I home. We got home late, Fabe stayed down there with my mom. I gave the kids a shower and Kennedy did her treatments and stuff. They got to bed very late, at 10:30 Pm!

Today we woke up, the sun was waiting to burst through the blinds in the livingroom. I love opening them and letting it burst through. It was so nice...I stand there for a moment just absorbing the sun. I love the sun.

Today, its a nice day. Work so far is pretty smooth, thankfully. All the kids and staff are heading out to the park so it will be just me to enjoy the peacefulness of the centre.

I work until 4pm, then I will do some work in the yard again. I still have various bedding plants to put in the ground. Other then that, no plans. We washed the bedding on the weekend. Last night, I put pictures in the photo albums and got up to date with those. Feels like I am getting somewhat organized.

Well I better go.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday over

Well its 9pm and we just got home. The kids have the dog for a quick run around the block and we are going to get ready for Desperate Housewives. It was a nice day. We met my mom at 1pm at the dealership and my uncle was with her. Well, not only did she buy her car he ended up buying a brand new car too :) Lucky sales guy! Then, we went to Ikea...bought some crap. Then my mom and uncle wanted to meet us for supper but they were going to WalMArt so knowing that we were going to meet up at Rosies we took the kids to Lakewood Park to kill some time. Well, what a shock. We pulled into the parking lot, and there was a litte (little) boy leaving the park alone. I was like "oh no, I hope his mom sees him leaving" and then nothing. He went right to the road, trying to cross it. Its not a main road, but it IS a busy road. So anyhow, Fabe was like 'call the cops!" as we watched him for like 10 mins. So we called, and he told me to go and talk to him. I got out, tried to talk to him, get his name and what not. Nothing. He didn't even talk, he was THAT young. Fabe and I guessed 3 at the very oldest but up close, I knew he was not near 3 years old!!!! So anyhow, on the phone with the cops for like 15 mins....waiting waiting. Then, this girl comes around calling him "Mason, Mason GET OVER HERE NOW!" So I said "is this your brother?" She goes "yah" I said "how old is he?" she said "I dont' know!" so I tried to talk to her, telling her how unsafe it was for him, etc, etc,etc. Then the cop said tell her I want to talk to her and find out whats going on and where mom is. So she refused to talk. I said "its the Edmonton City Police, you need to talk them" and she said "I don't have to do anything" kicking her dog to "move" so anyhow. The cop on the phone told me to stay there, a car was only 5 mins away. Then, across the SAME street from the SAME housing complex a little tiny boy comes running to the park, goes to the same 13 year old girl...so I walk to the park, keeping my distance from her but just ensuring she doesn't leave. Well, here she has guinea pigs, a dog that she mistreats, 4 children and a whole load of crap to haul around. The cops come, talk to her. The last little kid gets taken home, he's almost 2 another person said who knows him...yet he is ALONE at the park...across a street. We aren't talking in the same complex, is a park (which would still be bad!) but across a street...So the cop packs them ALL up and walks to the housing complex...we get outta there....but we were all in utter shock. I could have SOOOO easily taken that little boy...for 20 mins I stood with him...no one knew where he was. No one. Ugh. And so many people can't have children yet there are sooooo many children who just exist in thier parents eyes. Its so sad. Really, its sad.

Anyhow, we are home. And going to relax now.




I love that tomorrow there is still no work. I hate this feeling of not enjoying my job anymore. And taking time off, is not an option as we are SO close to our deadline and from here on in, requires MAJOR work. Anyhow, Its Sunday. The sun is finally out.

Yesturday Fabe and I sorted all of our tax stuff, we still haven't filed as we had to total up all of his receipts for work (gas, meals, etc) so we did all that. We are going to have a BIG HUGE chunk of write offs :) Yeah!!!!!

Then, we began to head to my moms house, in my moms car. She can't take her car (a very beautiful brand new convertiable) out to the lake as its a gravol road for about 10 mins. When it rains out there, the road is horrible. So she ALWAYS takes one of our cars. She took the truck...as she drove our couch out there. Anyhow, she wants to get a vechicle more practical for her. So, she has been looking with Fabe. Anyhow, on the way downtown I asked her if she wanted us to stop and see about a van. She LOVES vans. So, she wanted us too. So we did, and we did up a deal and everything...they gave us a really good price for her car and yeah, just a really good feeling. Fabe is a DEAL maker..and he made a good one. SO, we went to her house she fed us supper...and she said 'yeah' so today at 1pm we are going there, she just has to sign and its all done. Tuesday she will get her brand new van out of the showroom, DVD player, full loaded..its so pretty. NOW, I am not missing my van anymore :) :) :) I have a van that I can use at any time!!!! And she will be SO happy to have a car that she can go places with. And, since she always goes places with my kids, the DVD player is really an added bonus. She will be so happy.

Then, we came home. Put the kids to bed, had popcorn in bed together and watched a show. I had a really bad dream. It stems from missing Kennedys treatment last night before bed. Ugh. I was worried about missing it, but she isn't sick so I can ease up...but anyhow. In my dream, someone reported me to Child Welfare for not meeting her needs, medically and she got taken away and ugh, it was HORRIBLE. Anyhow.

We slept in until 9am today. Felt sooo good. Fabe ran to Sobeys and bought breakfast stuff so we had a wonderful breakfast. The kids and him (Fabe) are outside right now doing stuff in the garage. I am going to pop into the shower, and get ready as we have to meet my mom at the dealership at 1pm. Then, I told Fabe that either we should take a drive out to Antler Lake (I really wanna show him out there!) or we should take the kids to the BMX track, mack is dying to go there. So yeah.

Tonight, I want to rent a movie on PPV with the kids. I love long weekends...especially when I feel like this!

We are hoping that the guy can finish the taping and the mudding in the cabin this week. If he does, then the kids and I are going out there next weekend. Fabe works, but I really really wanna get a head start and paint and get it all ready for decorating and getting it comfy. Everything is a mess right now, things are everywhere. Ugh. My sister said that she is more then likely going to go out too, so hopefully its nice out. Fabe will be lost without us here...

Anyhow, I better have a shower. I need lots of time to get beautiful ;)


Saturday, May 19, 2007

What to do.

So, my mom went last night with the kids to the lake. We are suppose to meet her there, however its VERRRRY crappy there. Which is fine with me, as we can just relax and watch movies the whole time. The kids want to stay but my mom brought my uncle with her, who wants to go home. So, my mom took our truck with our Ikea couch to the lake. We have all of the cushions here, and I mean this is a BIG sectional with pillows that remove for the backing. I have 3 feet tall piles of cushions by the front door ready to go...3 of those piles that are 3-feet tall. So needless to say, its one load in itself. So, Fabe and I could go out and then keep the kids with us and my mom could come back to Edm with my uncle. Which is all fine and dandy. OR, she could come back now and we won't bother wasting our time (and gas!!!) to go today since its crappy anyhow. I dunno what to do. We shall see. Plus, the guy DID NOT finish the taping and mudding of the cabin so we can't even waste time painting there either..grrr!!!!


Last night was nice. I put away ALL of the laundy. Tidied up the h0use. The kids left. Fabe got home fairly early and we just hung out in bed and watched tv for a few hours. We were asleep by midnight. We woke up to my mom calling at 9am. (((yawn))) Then, I ran to McD's for breakfast for us. (yummy!) and we had coffee and then read the paper. Fabe called my mom again, and she said its hailing there now!!!! YUCK!

So we aren't sure what to do. We are going to add up Fabe's receipts for taxes (still haven't filed!!! opps!!!) and get that ready so we can get them done this week. And, thats about it.

The house is toasty warm, with my yummy burner thingy burning...feels and smells so good in here.

If the kids come back then tomorrow we are going to take them to Fabe's moms house as they haven't slept there forever and she asks ALL of the time for them...

I feel like going to get a hotel room with the kids and just let them swim and at least enjoy something about their long weekend. Poor kids.

I am beyond stressed at my job. Due to accreditation and staff issues. Everything is on my lap and I have SOOOOOOoooooOOOO much to do and get done. I am not liking my job, and I have always said when I get 'this' feeling its time to move on. I love the kids, but wish sometimes it wasn't me running the whole daycare...I wish that I was a worker in the room and didn't have to worry about anything...then my friend suggested with my 'level 3' through an agency I would get 750.00 a month JUST for being a dayhome through them(plus the income from the kids you care for)!!! I wouldn't take 3-4 kids, only 2. Its so tempting! It would be a loss of money a month, but sometimes you have to loose some, to gain some...happiness! Its very temptimg, honestly. I will think about it. If I knew of a family with 2 kids that needed care, that would be great. Only 2 kids, could take them swimming, field trips, crafts, etc. I would love being at home (most days!) and I would enjoy it. Of course, more then a few fiends thought that this would be crazy to quit my job and do this...(lol) and maybe it is...I dunno. I feel like I am working too much (again) and if anyone knows me, they know that I like to keep busy but not necessarily be busy. I like to have it at a slow pace. My work, has been that but lately its too rushed. We are on a strict timeline to get accreditated and I don't know if staff can pull off what they need too...in order to get it done. They are lacking motivation and yeah, I dunno!!!!! Either this, or a part time social work job again...which I have looked into. I actually (lol) have an interview on Thursday for a part time position working with teen moms in a supported home. There is a home, with 2 teen moms who are raising their babies. The one upstairs is 15 and has a 1 month old, the one down is 17 with an 18 month old and is 6 months pregnant...I would work at the house and help them and basically do life skills things...thats my favorite, working with teen moms...but its on the northside. There is a south side healing agency starting up, with the same agency looking for a full timer worker and its pays more them my current job (and I am pretty well paid!) and they are looking for a main supervisor for that house...so I dunno. I know that I have many many options, thankfully..but I am not sure what to do. I guess, I am working to live and I like to live to work...enjoy my work not work because I 'have' too. I mean, I could go part time, or not work but I am accustomed to my life style now. I am missing doing meaningful things...I am still going ahead with the weekend respite care for a child...through the YWCA. We are all approved, but I just have to get new police clearances, and child welfare checks and send them in. Then they will place us. We are going to take the same child every month for only 1 weekend. That will help me. I have 'that' calling feeling, I think that I blogged about it..but I feel that I have a calling. And, I am NOT sure what it is...something with kids. I LOVE kids...maybe I need to find 2 dayhome kids who come from a hard life and I will feel that I making a difference in their lives...exposing them to 'normal' life things...I dunno. Its soooo frusterating not knowing what the hell my calling is. Fabe thinks its me feeling the need for another baby.. (???) but I don't think so. If I wanted one, its NOT hard to make one (lol). I don't know....adopt? I don't want to foster...but thats why I thought the weekend thing. Maybe the dayhome thing. Someone reading this, give me your thoughts. HELP!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

bad, bad blogger!!!

I know. I suck.

Its now Thursday, another week has come and almost gone. Tomorrow my kids have a PD day which I have NO clue what I am going to do with them as I didn't take it off work. But maybe today I will have too. Opps.

Last night I got some bedding plants planted, my flower beds look pretty again. I am SO happy that it is this time of the year to plant. On Wednesday night we bought a load of dirt and rocks as the side of our house was not level so Fabe threw down dirt and we added rocks and stepping stones, it looks SO much better! Tuesday night I worked late. We are super busy with work stuff, its just crazzzzy! And, today I have to see if I have tomorrow off or not, and if not then I am going to do laundry and start getting packed up for the lake this weekend. MORE work out there, we have to paint this weekend the cabin. The guy drywalled it so its good to go for paint. We bought a bed for the bedroom and we are bringing out our Ikea Sectional for the livingroom. We have carpet that will be down after its all painted. Its going to look sooooo good now!!! I can't wait! I can't wait to get out there either though. Even though its work, its enjoyable work for me. I love things like this. Plus, this should be it now for the rest of the summer...well until we get the addition built and the trailer out of there. Hey, anyone know where we can park our trailer for a good price for the whole summer??? We will put it in RV storage but I would like to find a place next summer, or the rest of this summer to park it close to here at a lake. So when Fabe is working on the weekends then the kids and I can stay out there and he can come out in the nights.

I was planning to take off time from work this summer for accreditation (work stuff) but we are on such a little time line that I don't think that I can. I still have my 2 weeks Flordia but I wanted to take off more time...maybe a week too. But oh well. I will take off a day here and there though.

Anyhow, its 7am and the kids need breaky so I gotta go.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy weekend!

So my sister has come and gone. It was a great visit with my nephews and her! THey are SO cute! I will post pics once I charge my battery for my camera. But yeah. Quick update. Kennedy had her jazz competition on Sunday, they got a gold :) Tomorrow, Fabe is taking her for her tap one...she has to miss the morning of school. Anyhow. BIG day at work for me tomorrow, with daycare stuff....exciting but nervous. Fabe is off tomorrow, i love that...coming home to supper. And yeah, I will post more tomorrow.


Friday, May 11, 2007

The weekend.

Again, wow did this week FLY or what. This week the kids seen the dentist. Mack had a small cavity...that he filled right there, it was THAT small. Kennedy, none. She hasn't had one ever yet. Mack may need braces when he is 12 or 13, but she said she's not 100% sure yet...his teeth have a gap between the front 2 big teeth but he has a few more baby teeth and she is thinking that maybe with loosing them the teeth will push together. We have ALWAYS been told that the gap is a good thing as that means he won't have crowding and get braces...so we'll see. Other then that, his teeth are fine. Same as Kennedy. Its all fine. And lets see, what else. Kennedy had a CF appt at the U of A, it was good. She has gained a pound since Jan. So thats GREAT :) She is 52 pounds now! Yeah! They did her fat-muscle testing. She has NO body fat...but is VERY lean. Defined muscles. Which we already knew. And, lets see. Nothing else. Due back in 3 months.

Work was good. Tuesday is a big important day at work, we have our accredditaitons check lists getting done that day...then we will work on our quaily enhancement plan THEN, request a site visit and we will see if all of our hard work pays off. I hope to be fully accreddited by August when I leave to Disneyworld! I hope so!

And, other then that.

Today its Friday. I came home from work. Cleaned, cleaned cleaned...my sister and her boys are coming in tongiht for the weekend. So I wanted to make sure the house is decent. Our room is a mess though..ugh. And TONS of laundry to put away...yuck!

Tomorrow, I am not sure what we will be doing...Sunday Kennedy has dance competition at Meyer Horowitz (early!) so I have to take her there....I am looking VERY forward to the LONG weekend...fabe is off and we are going to the lake for the weekend. I can't wait...there is a guy doing our drywall there on Sunday. We will be able to paint it this summer and decorate...put down the carpet...I can't wait...its goin to look so pretty :)

Well anyhow.

I am going to put some grass seed over my puppy pissy patches.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weird sky!

Tuesday (today) I woke up and let Bandit out for his regular (wreck-the-grass) pee and looked the weird sky!! I grabbed my camera. SO weird hey!


Kennedy being so silly, all she wanted to do was roast some marshmallows and the damn fire just would NOT start!!!! So she eventually just ate them raw...uncooked...YUCK!!!!!


Barking at the dog on the otherside of the fence

This one turned out just so lovely. I might even blow it up and frame it. I think its beautiful.

I love this one too, but the coloring on him is too light .

I love my dog.

I really, really love my dog.

Just some shots of him enjoying his deck.

Back yard fun!

Bandit was trying to get the bee that was under the grass...he was pouncing on it...then finally it flew away and he was barking after it as it was flying away. It was SO funny!!!

Trying to start a fire...again and again...
The back of the house, with the patio furniture

The newly cleaned out shed!

Bandit enjoying the weather and the wood (he chews it ALL of the time!)

Mack and the neighbor boy..

Monday night, I came home from work and was like "I can clean or do yard stuff" so I opted out for yard stuff. I cleaned up more dog poop. Then, I put some logs into the sun to dry off. We tried to have a fire but no sucess at all. It was a total flop! So we scratched that idea. But we just hung out back there. I tided up the shed and took out the patio stuff. So I set that all up and just have to pressure wash it all now. I raked the pee spots in the yard, and have to work on those (again this year!)...grrr!
Then, I took the boys and Kenendy out of supper at Rosies. We ate at one table and Mack and Trev at the other table...too cool to sit with me I guess...then we came home and went to bed!

Another great night!

Something about a Cowboy!

So while the kids were on their big slide ride. I was admiring this cowboy tending to his horse. Okay the bent over one isn't meant to be 'that' way..but it was so (sweet) neat to watch him so tenderly brushing his horse and talking to it. It was neat. Here I was taking secret pictures of him...he had NO clue. But yeah, I watched him for a good 5 mins. It was neat!

Is it just me-or is it just something about a cowboy??????

The Fair.

The Ledud Fair is something that I have gone to almost every year. Its the big main event in Leduc. LOTS of Rodeo stuff there too. My best friend growing up, Shoana was into rodeo. She was a barrell racer and I would go with her to tend to her horse, Frosty on the weekends. As well, the better that she and her brother became the more they would go too. It took up alot of her time, but she loved it. I went with her for two summers in a row. The first summer was to Colorado and it was awesome. We travelled the WHOLE was down there in her camper. It was so much fun. The next year, we went to Oaklaholma and that was fun too. I can remember it so clearly. The nights were awesome there, all the cowboys and what not. Dances every night. Miss Rodeo queens and their drama (lol). Brought back so many memories about being there.

Weekend stuff.

Kennedy and Darius on the ride!

Again, the two of them. They have known each other since birth. They are 2 weeks apart.


Ebony and Darius for their party

Kennedy walking the beam

Our God-son Braxton. A cutie hey?

Well it was a great weekend actually. Mack and my mom left early Saturday morning. After dropping him off downtown with my mom Kennedy and I headed to South Common for some girl time shopping. And, where would girls go? La Senza of course!!! Kennedy picked out a shirt from there, some necklaces and a wallet. Then, we went to Children Place. Nothing that we dont have. I bought Mack some shirts though and some clothes for my friends kids birthday party that we were heading too. Then, we went to Wal Mart and Dollarama. Then, home and we both showered and got ready. We headed out to Leduc for the party. The birthday party was at a gymnastics place. Kennedy LOVES LOVES LOVES gymnastics. I should really put her back into it, as she is so good at it. So we did that. THEN, we headed to the Leduc Fair. It was fun! The kids did a few rides and had a great time! THEN, we went to eat supper at the Panda Hut. There is a playground inside so the kids played there as well. THEN we went to Rondas house and Kenendy played there for a while. Needless to say, on the way back into Edmonton she fell asleep while watching a movie in the car. I woke her up, and she was awake enough to come around the block with me and Bandit. THEN we finally went to bed. The next day, we headed to the northside as I had bought some CD's off a wonderful lady from LP. Actually, I read her blog
all of the time and was so excited to finally meet her! She's great. Then, I went to a candle party open house thingy. I have heard such great things about the candle thingy's that a lady sells off LP and so I went there and ran into Monique there too. So I bought some stuff and my mom a gift basket from her for mothers day! My house smells AMAZING...I am SOLD on these forsure!!! Then, we came home...my mom called and was almost already home. We we picked up Mack and came home. Bed early for all of us! But it was a great weekend to get out and about. It was so nice! The weather was great too~ which always helps!