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Friday, April 27, 2007

TGIF !!!

Well another Friday here. yeah!!!!

This weekend, will be BUSY tho. Starting with tonight. Well actually TODAY. The kids both have bad colds, like I had a few weeks ago. Actually I still have sinus congestion, just not as bad. But Mack has it bad. And he NEVER gets sick! But its his turn I guess. Kennedy has a cough more then anything, a bit of a stuffed up nose. But when Mack gets sick, he gets sick. So today he woke up and complained about not feeling well. But he went to school and I told him to try very hard and we will see from there. So at 1:30pm the school called, Mack isn't well. So I go and pick him up from school and figure that I might as well get Kennedy too so she doens't have to take the bus alone. Plus, my mom ordered her a HUGE balloon arrangement for her birthday. Anyhow, so we do that. We stop at Sobeys and get him some cold medicine. Come home, he gets undressed and crawls into my bed. WHY do kids feel better in our beds?

Kennedy is outside playing. The house is a complete and utter mess. UGH! I am going to clean as much as I can tongiht...as its bad!!! But tomorrow is busy with Kennedys party. And Sunday at the lake. Monday, all over again!!! So yeah. Busy weekend. My dad is coming to Edm tomorrow he said so that cool. He will either come here or come to her party place. We will see. Ummm, what else. Nothing really. Just this house is in shambles and I don't feel like cleaning it but I know that I have too...or else it just won't get done.

Fabe is off this weekend, thankfully. Tonight he is working though...but Monday I will be working late.

Pretty boring update. But what can you expect?


Kennedys 7!

She is now 7 years old as of yesturday!

We went to the fair at Mill Woods Town Centre for her birthday and her party is tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Such a bad blogger again. And I was getting *so* good...for a while there. Anyhow. I have been BUSY! With work mostly, but our accreddiation stuff is taking LONG! Today I feel so positive about it though. I went to another daycare and omg, it was a dive compared to ours. Ours felt so nice...to come back to it. Anyhow, I feel good about it now. Just LOTS of work ahead of me here in the next few months. Then after that, I will relax. I am hoping to have it mostly done by July and then on top of my holidays I will take some more time off OR when we get back maybe another week in Sept. So we will see.

Anyhow, this week has been pretty good for me. I went out Saturday night...as I posted. Sunday Fabe and I curled up in bed and watched Desperate Housewives together. Then, Monday..I worked...but after work I had a staff meeting. It was pretty good, for once. Then, Tuesday I only worked until 2 pm then I headed downtown as I had a meeting at YWCA at 3pm. Did that, then I went to my mommys house. Hung out there for a while then we went and picked up my uncle and went to Yellowhead Casino and met my 2 aunts and my little cousin Mellisa, who is not little anymore and she is pregnant!!!! She is 7 months. So we basically hung out. My mom gave me money to play Keno (her favorite game, but she knows I won't waste my moeny on it) and then mom treated me to supper. It was a nice night out with her...it was great. Then today Wednesday I worked...came home at 4pm rushed Kennedy to dance class. Went shopping for her birthday gifts (tomorrow) and then picked her up...came home. Fabe and Mack are out getting haircuts. I just talked to them, they are just leaving Fabe's work. I cleaned up the kitchen, had a LAZY supper. And am on here. Kennedy is in the bath, I have to make sure she looks very good tomorrow for her b-day. I will have to leave work a little early again tomorrow as I have to stop and pay the deposit for her party on Saturday and then get her a cake for her family party tomorrow. Busy busy busy. THEN, Friday is nothing really. But I will clean the house as we are having a busy weekend too. So I will FORCE myself to totally clean, housecleaner lady fell through :( I need to find another one. Saturday, I will have to run out and get loot party crap for her party...not sure what...they are always junky. Then, we will head to the place for her party. Be there for a few hours. Then home...finally. Sunday, we are going to load up the truck and head to the lake for the day...and take some stuff out there. We have an electric fireplace we bought, a new BBQ, a table, etc...so we will take that all out there....then home. Phew! Monday, will be work (again).

So we know that we have a mouse in the backyard under the shed. Well tongiht at the store there was this fake mouse, a white one so I bought it and put it in the backyard...I can't wait for someone to see it out there...they will think that it is close from afar. Also, I bought a new bird feeder this. I am determined to get them back this year...but its crappy as the seed falls down and feeds the mouse..

Well, I have to get Kennedy outta the bath...and do her hair.

Take care


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Boost update.

Well I bought some no-name Boost Plus for Kennedy. I even took the time to pour the real boost into a fake boost can. I gave it to her, IN THE REAL BOOST CAN and she goes "ewww, something is WRONG with this Boost"...and she dumped it out. Sooo, no name Boost is outta the question... *sigh*



Well hello there!

Today is Sunday and I had a good weekend. Friday night, we did nothing. The kids relaxed after a week of school and I totally ENJOYED being home and knowing that I could sleep in the next day!!! It was a loooong long, 12 days with NO weekend. So needless to say, Saturday morning I woke up at 8:30am (but was sleeping by 10:30pm Friday night) so I had a nice long sleep. Saturday we got organized around here. At about noon I took the kids to my moms house. She was taking them to KidsTropolis for the day. I went straight to Superstore as I needed some pictures printed for work and one wedding one blown up for my parents and his parents. Then, Friday night (oh yeah) I was totally organizing photos of the kids and needed some more picture albums. I have been sticking them in there, knowing that I am not going to be scrapbooking them anymore. I have NO desire to scrapbook anymore. But I do want to do projects of scrapbooks. So like, birthday ones, trips,etc. Just not 'general' life ones anymore. Boring. So I am putting them all in albums and at least they are in there safe. So I bought 2 more (1 for each child) and will keep that up. They are the best in order now as they have been sitting and I have been adding new ones. But once I get the old ones all filed I will be having a new album for them from now-end of the year then have them by the years. Lots of work, but you have to do it for your kids! I love that I have SO many pics of them :) They will love it too one day. So yeah. Then I came home, showered and got ready. I met my friend Ronda and her family out in Leduc at the Best Western. We ate and had some drinks. Then, we went to a lounge there, had more drinks. Then, to the bar out there. It was SO funny seeing people from high school. All of the memories. Wow, so neat. I ran into this guy Bryan. We were VERY good friend in junior high. Like, almost best friends. There was never any more then that from either of us. But yeah, last night he came up to me and said "tara?" and I didn't recognize him and he said "do you know who I am?" and I said 'no' he said "its me, Bryan _______" I was like omg!!!! we only chatted for 2 mins and he said "nice seeing you, and take care". Kinda both knowing that we won't probably ever see each other again. Brought back memories. Whenever I go to Leduc and see old friends, its brings back so many memories. Sometimes I just wish I could put my life on pause here and go back and just tell some of the people some things. I was always a very nice person. Honeslty, I wasn't a teaser or bully. I never made fun of people and had friends in every group. I refused to belong to only one group. I had 'friends' that were complete 'losers' (in others eyes) and people would tease me "oh you talked to so-and-so" and made fun of me for talking to people who were viewed that way...but I didn't care. I am SO proud of the trait that my mom passed to me. She always taught me to accept everyone for who they are...not what they are. SO many of my friends based their friends on who they were. If they had money. If they wore the right clothes. I was the type that would help girls out. I remember in elm school a girl who wore horrible clothes for days in the row (the same ones). I came home from school and went through ALL of my clothes and walked a bag over to her house and told her that they are clothes that I no longer wanted...my mom was SO mad as there were clothes that were brand new. But I never ever said anything after that about clothes to her. She would wear my clothes (hers now) and feel so proud in them. I felt so happy inside too. Clothes, isn't it funny how so much of where you will fit in in life is based on looks. How sad is that. I knew/know sooooo many kids/people who are terrific people and they aren't caught up in fashion 'trends' but they are the best of people you will ever meet. Then I know kids/ppl who look awesome but wow, they are ugly on the inside. I often wonder where I fit in. I mean, I like to try to look good. But on no ones expense. I mean, I have had the same clothes for years and years. But I was never one to 'have' to have something because the stars are wearing it. I just have my own style, simple really. I like to believe that I am a good person. I like to think that I care more about ppl then my clothes. Sometimes I wonder if thats what I portray?

Wow- what a deep post. I miss my old days to one point. I have such fond memories growing up and I feel so blessed to have had all of the experiences and exposures that I did. I had a truely wonderful childhood. I just feel 'lost' lately though. I am not ready to 'grow' up but time is flying by. It feels like there should be more to life. I love my life though. I love my husband and my children...my house, my dog, my parents, etc, etc etc. I have so much to be thankful for. But do you ever feel like there should be more. Like you should be doing more? I don't mean material items. I mean, like I should be doing something. Like there is a calling out there for me. What is it though? I can feel that it is there.

Anyhow, I better go run to Sobeys before my mom comes with the kids...


Thursday, April 19, 2007

bull shit

Grrr. So our Boost is no longer covered for Kennedy anymore as we had 2 insurance plans and only need 1. So anyhow. We cancelled the one that covered Boost as we were TOLD that they would cover it with a doctors note. Well, not so. So, I called Family Support For Children with Disabilities (we had an agreement when Kennedy was a baby). So anyhow, they don't cover children with medical conditions. What the HELL????? I know SO many ppl who have files open with them and get BIG money from them for respite care, special diets, mileage, parking, etc. We get a big FAT $0.00 I can't believe it. They don't cover MEDICAL conditions. This isn't a weight issue, or something. This is for life. Health. Nutrition. Meet basic needs. WTF!

I hate our goverment some days. I really, really do.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Today was a good day, besides the witch mom at my daycare. But other then that. It was good. Tomorrow, I am not going into work until 10am. I think that I am going to let the kids sleep in and (me too) and take them in a bit late to school. I really need a sleep in day ;) But they could use a break too. Kids need down time too. (good excuse hey!)

Then I am going to stay until 6pm to see the parents, I try to do that weekly.

Fabe is off today, he bought a new tv from Future Shop for our living room. He took the van to the auto trader to get the ad going...sad to see my van go...

Tonight he is going to a movie with his friend. I can't wait for American Idol as its country night!!!!

And thats about it...



Geesh, people.

So theres this new mom at my work. Like she has just started her kids at our daycare. Well, she has a toddler girl and a older boy. Anyhow she takes a cab everyday to drop them off and pick them up from daycare. So, the other day she called after she took her kids home and said "I don't want my daughters bottles going in the diaper bag when I pick her up. I will get them from the fridge myself. They will leak in the bag" I said 'sure no problem and I will let the staff know'. I told them. So today she comes in. I see the cab outside and she is talking to the staff in the boys room. So I go to the toddler room and tell the staff that mom is here and she has a cab waiting so to get her stuff ready to help her out. So they get her coat on, and everything. Anna grabs her bottles from the fridge. Mom walks in. She goes "oh, I ALREADY told you guy before...DO NOT touch the bottles! Leave them in the FRIDGE. I don't want you guys putting them in the bag" Anna (staff) was still holding them. She DID NOT put them in the fricken bag! Gosh! So I said "I actually asked the staff to get her ready, as I know you have a cab waiting so I asked them to get her stuff ready for you" and she goes "yeah, next time don't get her ready" I was shocked. I thought, next time then I will make sure that she is in the middle of diaper changes and takes extra long ;)

But come on. MOST parents appreciate having them ready. Ugh, what a bitch!


Sunday, April 15, 2007


Today is Sunday. Here I sit coughing. Ugh.

Anyhow, I am D-O-N-E my 1st aid course. Yeah for me!

Today was nice. We got out 2 hours early from class. I went to South Gate to drop off my wedding film to get developed. I will pick them up tomorrow!!!! Can't wait!

Then, I went grocery shopping. Was in DESPERATE need of food. Done that.

The kids came home about 4pm. They have been playing outside ever since.

Fabe is home. We were in the backyard planning some landscaping stuff for this summer.

He is making supper. I am *suppose* to be doing laundry. I will be tidying up the house, the housecleaner is suppose to come tomorrow but I don't know!!!??? I hope so!

Desperate Housewives is on tonight. Yeah, its a new one too :)

Work tomorrow.

And, other then that.

My mom IS going to take the kids to the lake this weekend. I can't wait to sleep in (lol!) Plus a night out on Saturday night sounds good too.

Oh I dropped my wedding rings off at the store to get my WHITE gold ring back to white gold. It turned a yellow tone, which I guess is really common so they can apply some kind of cleaner and it will go back to white gold...yeah. Since there too, they are going to sauder (sp?) my rings together. I like that. AND, size my wedding band. I miss my rings....I have been enjoying wearing my wedding rings :)



Saturday, April 14, 2007

left my camera at work

I wanted to load my Easter pics!

Anyhow, I am still sick. But getting better :) Totallllly plugged up and coughing now.

Today I had my first day of First Aid...BORING! But, I can not believe how much it has changed since 3 years ago! A whole new CPR thing. AND, you get trained to use those yappers, shock pad things "all clear"..."stand by" omg!!!! Malls have them, arenas...wow.

Anyhow. We got out early from that...suppose to be 4:30 but it was 3:30pm! Yeah!!!! Tomorrow is my last day of it, hopefully another early day.

The kids are at my moms house. My mom got a HUUUUGE tattoo on her leg the other day! Omg! I will have to take a pic of it.

I came home, made some tomato soup. Went out and picked up the whole yard of dog SHIT! UGH!!!!!

Now I am up here. Going to get my jammies on. SHOULD do some laundry. And will crawl into bed and wait for my HUSBAND (hehe!) to get home and go from there. He wants to go out. I really don't feel like it. I just wanna stay in bed and watch tv or something mindless.

My mom said she wants to go to the lake next weekend. Omg. Already, the lake???? wow. With the kids, I hope as I was going to get her to babysit as I am going to my good friends college graduation supper....so we'll see.

No weekend for me this weekend. Thats what happens when you take holidays!

The next few Saturdays I am busy now. This Saturday 1st aid. Next Saturday is Rondas grad supper, the next Saturday is Kennedys b-day party, the next Saturday is Rondas kids b-day party...busy busy!


Gotta go.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

oh gawd!

I AM getting sicker by the hour...I am now totalllllly plugged up. My eyes are killing me, my head is throbbing and I feel soooo super tired. Great.

Its 9pm and I am off to bed.



So today Kennedy has dance class. And I am here. I had to take her to her rehersial and didn't feel like going out again tongiht. I am TIRED. My body is STILL trying to adjust to not sleeping in everyday. Plus, I have a cold coming on. Uh-oh...I don't wanna be sick. But I woke up with a brutal headache and then sneezing all day then finally my nose is plugged up. Great. Loooove working at a daycare with all the kids and their nasty germs!

The kids are outside playing. I have to figure out supper. I HAVE to get back on the weight loss track..I have gained about 5 pounds since December. "only" 5 pounds but its ALL in my tummy. Ugh. I can FEEL it. So I have to start up again and get re-motivated. Summer. Thats all I need for motivation. Work was busy today.

I am DREADING first aid this weekend. Ugh. The WHOLE weekend. UGH!

The kids will be at my moms this weekend. So that will be nice to come home from 1st aid and relax at least. Fabe is working this weekend.

His parents are STILL being rude :(

And other then that.



Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hi-Ho, its off to work we go.

Today is Fabe and I's first day back to work in 10 days. Its KILLING me waking up THIS early and having to be out the door in a few minutes. Anyhow, today I woke up to SNOW! UGH! This is getting crazy!!!!

Anyhow, who knows what kind of day it will be as I haven't been there for so long. Tonight Kennedy has a dance thing (practice) at Meyer Horowitz theatre. I have to pick them up from school (meaning, leave 1 hour early from work!) to go there. Then home. Home sweet home. I swear, if I never had to leave my house again I would be SO happy. I am SUCH a homebody that it is sad.

Anyhow, wish me luck!

Tara :)

Monday, April 09, 2007


Fabe's parents are still mad about us getting married in Vegas :( STILL. We are TRYING to include them in the planning of the reception and they are acting like its not important as 'its all over with' now. Even more reasons to want a nice reception is to include them all. I have DVD's getting burnt of the ceremony for them. They are going on and on and on about it to Fabe. It puts him in a hard spot as he hears if from me and them. I told him to tell them "I am sorry you don't agree with us doing it there, but we did it. Its done. We can't change it. Let's move forward and plan reception" I am fed up with it. It makes me so sad that they can't just be happy for us. They claim that they are, but obviously they aren't.

I try to put myself into their shoes. Sure, I would *want* to have been there too. But look at our circumstance. We have 2 children. We are 31 years old! We aren't starting off. It *had* to be done. I wouldn't have married at a chuch now. I wouldn't have worn a white wedding dress. Why do I have to settle for a JP at a hall (their suggestion) just because we did things backwards? Do I have to give up ALL of my dreams for my wedding??? I ALWAYS have said, I would love to go away and do it. And then come back and have a reception. Thats what I want. They said that friends of their agree, that we shouldn't have done it that way. We shouldn't have a reception, as its all over with now anyhow :(

I just feel so sad and I wanna cry :(


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Well today is Sunday. Its Easter today! So Happy Easter! Today we did nothing. We slept in until 9:30am! I thought FORSURE the kids would have us up early for the Easter bunny stuff. Wow-a sure sign that they are getting older. Last night we colored the Easter eggs. Today Kennedy has been outside for the WHOLE day. Mack is been in and out. Right now, he is waiting for his friend to come and sleep over. Tomorrow, we are going to get the house clean and ready for the busy week ahead. Work. Hmmm. Wonder what has been happening over there.

Fabe cooked supper tonight. We had stuffing, bbq chicken and perogies. Nice Easter supper, eh? Oh well!

I have been on here all day trying to find a place for a reception in the summer. Yesturday my mom MADE me go to the Legion to see the rooms there and omg, the one is SO nice!!!! So I think it might be there! I am trying to think about ideas to have, I just don't want it to be a fortune. As it easily could be. So we will see. There are some personalized poker chips that I thought would be an awesome favor. So, we will see! I should order then anyhow, if we don't end up having a reception then I will send them out with the "we're married" picture cards.

So much to do.

Anyhow, off to get ready for Desperate Housewives!



This guy was so amazing! He just stood there and didn't move at all. He just stood there, so still. At first, I couldn't imagine what people were doing standing around watching him. Then we realized that he was real. He was super amazing. Here, I thought he was a piece of art or something from long ago! It was really amazing! This was at the Beligio hotel and it was SO amazing there!!!!Louis Vouton, Rolex, etc were just 'there'. It was so awesome :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Cards

So I went Easter shopping today...and it was SOOOO weird to (finally) buy a card that says "to my husband" :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I was smiling when I seen it!


Friday, April 06, 2007


We bought the wedding bands the day of the wedding. We were so stressed out trying to find Fabe a band...as his ring is a size 12~ Thats a speciality size, I guess. But we found one!!!! Yeah. He is adjusting to wearing a ring all of the time. As am I. But I do need to get my band sized. I was soooo happy to find this band. It accents my ring so nicely. I am not a diamondy person so this is so simple and pretty. I love my set. I need it sized and someone suggested getting them attached together (???yeah or no???) But yeah....I love being a married woman :)

We're MARRIED!!!!!

Getting the congrats from our friends...

Posing for the photographer at the chapel. I really hope that I find some nice pictures from her roll of film. I think that she seemed to know what she was doing so HOPEFULLY they will turn out good...I need to have some for the reception dinner/party for this summer.

Fabe waiting for me to walk down the isle....awww...

Fabe and I at the court house....going to head back to the chapel for the ceremony!

Heading to the chapel!!!!

Signing for the application for the marriage liscence

I love this picture of us, in the limo heading to the chapel. I really, re

Does Fabe look scared or what??????

Fabe and I "going to the chapel and were going to get married!!!"

The guys (Dennis, Fabe, Vic)

Us girls!!!!! (Patti, me and Lisa!)

Last time as unmarried!!!!!

Outside of the hotel, waiting for the limo.

Yup, we did it. We weren't really planning on it. But decided that we will do it. We wanted it to be something small and intimate. So we did it. We don't regret not having the kids with us...as we had a mini-honeymoon in there too. So, it was great! It was EXACTLY how we wanted it to go. We had reserved it only the night before. The limo picked us up from the hotel. Took us to the court house then to the chapel. It was so awesome! My friends Lisa and Patti bought matching dresses to make it feel more formal but they totally didn't have too. But it was so nice of them! After the ceremony we went to the hotel and we paid for supper for them. They wanted to pay, but we said no way! It was our reception dinner. Anyhow it was so super good. And I am SO happy that I can FINALLY call Fabian my husband and he can call me his wife...legally. It just means something. Thats really all I care about. But I am SO happy that we ended up doing it. The kids are super happy. Now we have to go through all of the changing name stuff...offically Mrs. Taylor. HOW weird is THAT going to be!!!!!

Anyhow!!!!! :) :) :)



Fabe and Dennis at the slots..
Lisa, where are you??? Oh we found you!!!!!

So I realized that my friend Lisa has an addiction that came out this week...heehheee!!!! She was ALWAYS missing in action...but we ALWAYS knew where to find her!!!! LMAO!!!!! Fabe too, but man is it EASY to sink money in those babies. We spent about 100.00 a day on gambling but we felt that that was a fair amount. Not too much!


We seen a large group of a certain biker group H.A in the shopping plazza...they were from Finland and Switzerland! It was sooo cool seeing them!


More shopping pics!

My red feet from the sandals rubbing them...ouch!!!!
Us girls showing our horrible dirty feet...why do mine look the worst??? Yes, Lisa has a beer...you can walk around and shop with a drink...you can drink ANYWHERE in Vegas!
The bag that we had to buy the 2nd day to hold all of our stuff in it. We shopped the 2nd day, for the WHOLE day!

Like I mentioned below. We shopped until we dropped. Or almost dropped our feet were KILLING us so we took our shoes off in the fashion mall and got totally dirty feet. As soon I got back I scrubbed my feet. It was so sad considering I just had a pedicure 2 days prior to this. They were as good as new once I was done with them...but they were so beat up from my new sandals...trying to get worn it...ouch!.

Palm trees.

I love Palm Trees! I will miss them so much. Well I guess I will be seeing them in a few more months but still...I miss them now. I wonder if I can plant one here and if it will grow???? lmao!

Thats a BIG foot!

While shopping one day, I came across this HUGE shoe! omg, it was SOOOO big. It was a size 18! I had to get a picture of it. It was so big you would think it was a joke. It was HUUUUGE!
Patti and Lisa are in shock about it too!

The 6 of us!

The travellers..it was just so great!

Fabe and I.

Awwwwww :)

At the Mirage.


A night out, just Fabe and I we went out to the Mirage. It is so nice there!
Fabe and I ventured out on our own and explored a little while. It was nice just to have time for us...alone!


Fabe and I shopping.

Us girls at the mall with the security guy...

Omg, did we shop or did we SHOP!!!!

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove shopping in the states. The prices are unreal. Unheard of. Unseen here. I love it. Anyhow, we had to buy another suitcase to bring back all of the stuff! Mostly clothing, but stuff that you just don't see here in Canada. So I was a very happy lady shopping down there :)


Our view...

A view from the other window n the room...

Our hotel sign

A view from the one window in our room. We were on the 20th floor...it was a great view!

As I said, we had a great view of the strip. It was soooo nice to see the sun rising in the mornings over the 'mountains'. It was so super nice. The rooms were very formal decor and the hotel was very posh-feeling. It was so nice.


We were sooooooooooo tired...this is the girls at the lobby of the hotel...waiting to check in
Waiting still....

Lisa and Patti were DYING for a smoke....*everyone* in Vegas smokes...(cough, cough!)

We arrived at the Treasure Island hotel. It was 9am. We couldn't check in until 11am. Not too bad. They upgarded our room, as we had already paid to upgrade and then they did it again for
us for free :) We had a room with an awesome view of the 'strip' it was 2 full floor to ceiling windows...my friends only had the 1 window...so we were pretty happy! The rooms were sooooo beautiful! The beds though, O-M-G!!!!! I *so* need one of those mattresses....ohhhh yeah :)

We were all extremely happy with our hotel...very nice!!!

Back from Vegas!

Just about at Vegas...
Over Nevada....

the clouds...

Early early morning....

Wow, what a WONDERFUL trip that was :)

Omg, it was great!

I had never been to Vegas and am so happy that I went finally. I have always heard so much about it and you just can NOT imagine it, without going and experiencing it.

Anyhow, here are some pics from on the plane. Omg, it was a horrible morning leaving. We went to bed at 1:00 am and set the alarm clock for 2:45am. Yes, 1 hour and 45 mins of sleep. Our friends picked us up at 3:15 am. Got to the airport...got on the plane at 6:00 and was gone...we arrived (VERY tired!!!) at 8:30 am got a shuttle to our hotel..and couldn't check in for another few hours...