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Sunday, December 24, 2006


Today I got a beautiful engagement ring!!!! I will post all about it later, but in the meantime...we're offically engaged! 16 years later!!!


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Feeling better!

Today, I woke up feeling waaaay better. Actually, I was up at 8:30am on my own. Read the paper and then started laundry. And, since I was already down in the basement I cleaned it up for my guests to arrive. Changed the bedding in the spare room and cleaned the whole basement. Fabe woke up and helped me out too. Then, we headed upstairs (mainfloor I did last night!) and he took on our bathroom and I did the kids bathroom. Done. The kids are cleaning their rooms, ours is done. We just have the bonus room to tidy up and we are DONE! Then, we have to head out to get a HUGE grocery shop. So much to do. But we are almost done. I found out today that my sisters nanny, Annie is coming as well. So, I will put her in the spare room in the basement then my sister and her hubby and their oldest will have the family room. And, the baby can be in Kennedys room (as she sleeps with Mack anyhow). Christmas eve my mom and Amanda are sleeping over too! Thankfully, she can sleep in Kennedys bed. Amanda on Macks floor and my two kids in Macks double bed. SO many ppl!!!! But boxing day, we will get up and head to Jasper where we will ALL have our own suites!!! I can't wait!

Well, I should keep going. Shopping is going to be CrAzY!


Friday, December 22, 2006

ugh (again)

I so don't feel well. And the worst part is today I HAVE to go to work for a while. I have some crap to bring into work. And I will have to leave the Christmas party that I had planned :( But my bones are killing me. Last night, I fell asleep at 8pm. Fabe put the kids to bed and I got up and kissed them to sleep at 9pm. Then I slept again, utnil about midnight when Fabe came to bed. By this time, I had on a sweater, socks and pants. I was FREEZING but had a fever. He got me some water and we talked for a while then I fell back to sleep about 1am and was up every hour on the hour until the alarm went off at 6am. Its now 8:15 am and I just got dressed and am getting ready to take the kids to school and I have to go to Sobeys first thing. I just want to get back into bed and sleep or something. I can't believe I feel this horrible. Anyhow, I gotta go.


Thursday, December 21, 2006


I am NOT feeling well today. I woke up with a sore neck, body and just very extremely tired. I just don't feel well. But I had to work. I went in only until 12 and then went to my WW meeting. AND, OMG!!!! I LOST 1.4 pounds this week! I have NO clue how, but I did! Total down is 27.2! Wow hey! After that, I came home. Got undressed and got into bed and slept for an hour. Fabe picked up the kids for me. The house is a utter mess. There is SO much to do. But I just can't. I am taking it totally easy tonight, going to bed early and having a good sleep. Tomorrow is So busy! But my last day of making lunches and work/school for a good week or two. I will do what I need to do tomorrow night and Saturday. The kids got their shopping done. They each take 20.00 and go to Dollarama and pick out anything they want. Its soooo funny from their prespective what they think that we will like. So funny ;) Came home. Fabe is making supper. Its 6:30 and about 8pm I will take some medicine to make me sleep (Tylenol night time cold!!!) and be done with today. My head hurts, my neck...my back. Ugh. I have eaten nothing today!!! I ate 5 points all day so far when I should be eating 24-26! I just can't. Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday but its going to be very busy! But once its done...I will be happy! Cookies for Kennedys class, cupcakes for daycare..etc..etc...gifts for my staff...ugh.



Wednesday, December 20, 2006



I have been so super busy! I have worked until 5:30pm both Monday and Tuesday nights. Today, it was so nice leaving at my normal time. It was busy! We are preparing for our Christmas party at work for the kids on Friday. Then, today was a staff potluck and Shaw was there installing the internet. Just hectic! I am sooooo looking forward to Friday :) Can't wait! Then NO work for a week!!! Jasper!!! My nephews!!! So much to look forward too!

I just finsihed wrapping ALL of the gifts! Wow, I had forgotten all of the stuff that I bought them...tons! Waaaay too much. And every year, I vow to not be so much. Tonight Kennedy said "well I can give some gifts away to children who don't get much gifts" and I thought...awwww, how sweet. Then she continued, "once I open them all and know the onces that I do not want them I will give them to you to give away" *lol* Now, I couldn't stop laughing. She said "what? There are going to be some that I dont' want!!!" And I said, "OR, you could TELL me what ones you dont like and I will RETURN them!!!" *lol* So funny!

So tonight I took of Bandits cone. Ahhhh, feels so much better not getting jammed in the back of the foot with it anymore! Yeah!

I was thinking of all of the stuff in the new year. I have so much to do. *sigh* First off, I NEED to book our house for Flordia!!! Its a beautiful huge house with its own pool, but I have to book soon before it gets booked! I can't wait to go and see Fabe's family :)

Well I feel so much better getting the gifts done. They consumed the spare room, which I need to get ready for my sister. So now I can start the cleaning process. Ugh. Really, only 2 more nights to get it ALL done. But again, THANK GOD the presents are wrapped. I have a few more things to get. About 3 more gifts. But I am done-done-done. Fabe has been shopping too. A big secret. Saving flyers and everything. Wow. I am impressed.

Well, the kids are in the shower. And I totallllllly need to just lay in bed and rest. What a busy few days!

And, I am SO not looking forward to tomorrow to weigh in. I KNOW that I have gained this week. The scale told me so. Oh well. January 1st isn't long away to start up again...I am not ready to stop and I am not worried about gaining a few pounds...actually I have planned for it so that I won't be disappointed!


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Some pics and an update!

Last night, the kids didn't want to go skiing as the snow was hard and it was raining a bit. So, we just hung out at home. Kennedy and I feel alseep about 10:30 in my bed. Mack was on the puter. I heard Fabe at 1:30am watching TV in the bonus room. I got up, told him to turn it down and seen Macks light still on! I told Fabe to put him to bed by 2am! But he came to bed right away and Mack went to sleep. Fabe carried Kennedy to her bed and we went to sleep. At 8am I was woken by Bandits cone! OUCH!!!! And my alarm was going to go off anyhow so I got up. I got the kids up and we started to get ready! I drove them downtown to my moms house, as they are delievering gifts today for S.A. I took my moms car and she has the van. I went to Sears at Southgate and bought myself a new Columbia winter coat! And then, thinking I should buy some new pants as one of the staff at my daycare told me I should really buy some new pants! My old ones are just HUUUGE so I took her advice! And Happily, I bought a regular size pants...in a smaller size :) Love that!!! And a few shirts! *lol* Went to Sobeys for some baking stuff. Came home, Took Bandit (and his cone) for a nice long walk. Got home, took off my wet-bottoms-pants (I hate that!) and baked in my panties and shirt (lol!) Cleaned the kitchen, tried on my new outfits! Wow, I love them all! Phoned Fabe about 100 times, asking when he will be home. I am bored. Updated my blog (check out the new pics) and its now (finally) 6:12pm and I will hop in the shower to get ready for my friend Lisa's Christmas Party! Fabe is out buying me some hairspray (at least it isn't Tampons this time !!!) and I will go make myself pretty!!! LMAO! We are going to be there for a few hours and I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! Too bad Bandit can't fit in his kennel to sleep (where he prefers at night) oh well. Tomorrow, I need to clean this house up (again) and the kids rooms and wrap gifts....(putting that one off) then I am going to get the kids and we are off for supper at Amandas house! Only 1 more week of school and work and I am off for a long time :) Can't wait!!!!


Saturdays Baking!

Reece bars!!!

The little mini-cakes (read more about them below!)
Aren't they CUTE!!!!!
I love them!!!!
Peanut Butter-Choclate chip bars (well, stars!)

Yummy! So NOT good for WW!!!!

Today I am preparing to go to my friends Christmas party. But I had a few hours to kill and was really in the baking mood ( no FABE not THAT kind of baking!!!!) and so I pulled out some new recipes to try out! Plus, I bought those "fun shapes" tins things from Sobeys in shapes. I bought the star ones and OMG they are AWESOME!!!!!! In fact, I had 17 of them leftover so I made a cake batter and poured it in and it turned out awesome! They are on my white board of things to buy again! On Friday I will bring some to Kennedys party, Macks class and my work for a party! I am not sure what to make for everyone tho. But the cakes are such a great idea for kids to decorate their own..they are so cute!!!! All the baking is now in the freezer! Yeah, I feel like I actually got something accomplished off my 'to do' list!!!!!


Thats Kennedy in the pink set...
A closer shot..
Mack, super happy to be there!!

The first time skiing this year! I took the kids last weekend to get use to skiing again as they will ski in Jasper when we go there for Boxing Day. Mack did very well. Kennedy took more time to get use to it again. Mack goes up on the big hills and Kennedy stayed on the little hill.

Candy Cane Lane...

After the Christmas Party at Galaxy Land we took the kids to
Candy Cane Lane. They loved it. We have rented a horse and wagon on Christmas Eve to take us down the 'lane'...it will be lovely! We will bundle up and have hot choclate and just enjoy the evening with our family! I can't wait!!!

more GalaxyLand pics!

These things are so funny! I always laugh when I look back at the pics, especially the ones of Fabe!!! LMAO!!!!

Christmas Party at Galaxy Land!

Mack and Kenendy on the boat...(blah!)
Mack and I on the bumper cars!
Fabe and Kennedy on the bumper cars!
Kennedy on the swings!
Mack, just LOVES hanging with his little sis!
Can't you tell?

My children enjoying their night out! They always look so forward to Fabes Christmas party. We get the WHOLE park to ourselves. Which is SO nice, as there are no line ups. The ppl
who run the rides don't make you get off, they just ask "Do you wanna go again??" and the kids say "YEAH" and they run it again. I heard that the kids are allowed to each bring a g friend so we will do that next year, especially for Mack who gets kinda bored hanging out with Kennedy. We will just bring the family radios and he and his friend can go off. It was a great night out. We even ran into Wendy and Aaron there!

Okay, here are some pics!

My princess :)

So Kennedys dance show! Last Saturday! She looked so beautiful, as you can see! This is her
4th year of dance. She is getting pretty good at it. She has been dancing with some of the girls since she was 3 years old! I think it is pretty neat! Last year they had their first competition and they won gold. This year, they will have another one! I love going to the shows. I especially LOVE tap dancing, which is what Kennedy will presue as well. She is in Jazz and Tap. She was taking ballet too but they drop it for a few years, because of development.Isn't she sweet!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006


WHY would someone settle for someone who has lied, betrayed, hurt their child and themself???????????? WHY???? Are they *really* THAT desperate for 'love'?????


Thursday, December 14, 2006


I lost .8!!!!

I have to REALLY smarten up tho!!!!

.8 is pure luck, after my bad weeks! I still lost 1 pound in 2 weeks but I can do waaaay more then that. Its soooooo super hard this time of the year!

I will try hard still, but really really need to get to Jan. to get away from the foods that surround me!!!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A boring "word" update!!!!

Sorry, no pics to post today. Although I have like 75 again to download. But anyhow. Heres an update!

Well last Thursday I lost .8 pounds (not that much!!) but I was very happy as it brought me to 25 total. Needless to say, I was/am VERY happy! Friday, I worked. We have a horrible virus going around our daycare and SO many of the children were gone (at least 1/2 the centre) so the staff sterilized all of the toys and washed the dress up clothes, etc. Friday night I cleaned. Like, CLEANED the house (well the the mainfloor) it was horrible from the Xmas stuff (ugh~) Saturday, we woke up and the kids showered/bathed. I got Kennedy ready for her dance show. She looked beautiful in her outfit..it was so pretty :) My mom came here and we all went to the theatre. After the dance show, we went to Toyota as my mom wants to trade in her HOT convertable :( and buy an SUV. Waaah!!!! But no luck as the new Rav-4's aren't out there until spring. Phew! Then we came home and relaxed. The children counted down until 6:45pm and we headed to the west end for Fabe's staff childrens Christmas party at Galazyland. Its soooo nice as we have the WHOLE galaxyland to ourselves. The kids had a great time, and I had a BAD night for eating :(

Sunday, we went to the ski hill for a few hours. Finally picked up their seasons passes. Mack did very well, Kennedy on the otherhand needs more time to 'remember' how to ski *lol* she fell only once but still. Then we came home and Mack had to write out first first draft for his social assignment. And then I cleaned the upstairs. Couldn't do laundry as the guys were here, working on the basement. They are pretty much done!

Monday, work. And omg!!!! like *NO* kids there! And 3 staff (from the same room) all called in sick!!!! Talked to Capital Health, they said its hit all of the schools and just told us to keep everything very clean and they need to wash their hands. Monday night, Fabe was home early and I went to B.P's with a bunch of ladies and Mel, whose precious baby boy left us last week :(
I (again) ate HORRIBLE!!!

Tuesday, work.. 2 staff down still. And, about 18 kids out of 54 kids were there. Very bad! Worked until noon only went to Mack's Xmas concert with Fabe at 1pm. It was cute :) Then, I came home, ate lunch. Picked up the kids from school, went to Walmart (seen a little girl from my daycare who was VERY sick, mom was there getting her meds! She looked horrible and ended up puking from coughing so much!) got Mack's new glasses. Came home. Fabe bbq'd steaks and made supper. Ate. Dropped off Mack at school for the evening concert and did 30 mins on the treadmill and picked him up. Now we are going to get them to bed and off to bed ourselves...

I am DREADING weighing in on Thursday. It was a horrible week. But one week out of 3 months is okay :)


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree....

The final product! The tree looks not very nice in the pics though! Oh well!

Mack helping to do the angel...which looked SO tiny so I added the Santa instead!
Kennedy trying to do the angel (with Fabe's help)
Now, together they try to do the angel..it was funny to watch them 'trying' so hard!
Just decorating...

We put a tree in our front entrance this year! We have a spacious entrance and thought it would be a nice way to have a real Christmas feeling. Plus, we have a tree in our family room upstairs so we did this this year. It looks very nice. Plus, with having my sister and her kids here for Christmas we want to only decorate what we have too, as we will have a toddler here getting into it all. And, I am *so* done with that stage...and I enjoy having nice things out again. But usually my house is totally decked out and pretty but this year will be the basics. Hey, my sister isn't even having a tree...so I am doing alright! Plus, we will only be here Sat, Sun and Monday then we are off to Jasper! So yeah :) Anyhow, the tree is up! Looks pretty! We just have to work on the other one now :rolleyes:

Santa puppy!

Bandit is wearing Mackenzie's first Christmas suit..isn't that cute? I thought it was SO funny! He HATED getting dressed up.
We took him on the weekend to get santa pics, are't we truely pathetic? I know!!!!

Ugh, the Christmas mess!

I hate hauling all of the decorations and everything from the storage up the stairs and everything. Setting everything up, and ugh.
Its just SUCH a mess! We did this on Monday night and my house still has crap everywhere. This weekend I will finish the decorating and I love when it is done but the first little while of setting up is horrible for me. I hate a mess, and disorganzied but yeah :) once it is done, I feel better. Better yet, once it is nicely tucked back into storage again...I feel better :S but yeah !

Love this pic!

Kieran blowing out his candles :) I took this and thought it was great shot...except for the shadowing but otherwise I love it :)

Chuckie Cheese...

Happy Birthday Kieran!!!! Thats him in the plaid blue shirt, with the big smile and his big brother in the red shirt....Kieran had a great time!
Kieran, the birthday boy :) He is now 4. I was there when he was born :)

Mack, pretending to not be having a good time (lol) I know he really was, he just doesn't think its cool anymore to LOOK like he is having fun (rolling eyes!)

Kennedy and another little girl from the party...They are 3 years apart, she (the other girl) was sooooo tiny! And it doens't help that Kennedy is SOOO tall :)

Went there for my friend's sons 4th birthday! Where I got into it with another mom (bitch!) but anyhow!

The kids had a great time there, as usual!


Kennedy LOVES the Floam commercial. Anyhow, she has begged me for some forever!!!! I was at a store last week and found some...and she LOVES it :) Its no mess! So

simple to clean up, not like playdough. Its great!

my handsome man :)

Doesn't he look great!

Funny thing is, that he spent longer then me getting ready for the party AND he spent 350.00 more then me on his suit :S

<-----isn't he handsome????


So I don't wanna BRAG or anything but guess what? At Fabe's Xmas party..I wore a cute black plain dress. Well, Fabe told me last night that a guy at his work said that I looked HOT!!!! OMG!!!!

Tara :)

25 pounds down today!!!!

<----------thank you very much, a size L from a regular clothing store!!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No time.

I have had ZERO time lately! None whatsoever! Things are just so busy and they don't seem like they are going to slow down anytime soon. Why am I on here then? Because, I worked all day (okay 6 hours!) but came home, rushed Kennedy to dance, came home, made supper, went and picked up Kennedy again from dance, had supper, cleaned the kitchen and finally I am up here. I have the treadmill to do, laundry and get the kids to bed at a normal time tonight! Yes, I am off tomorrow however I have to clean the van to sell it, tidy up the half-decorated for Christmas house, get the yard decorated, pick up something for my work from a person on my parenting site, go to Weight Watchers and so yeah :) Not much of a day off :( Friday is not as bad. But Saturday is. Oh yeah, and tomorrow night I have to pick up Kennedys dance costume from the studio. Saturday, will be rushing here and there. Kennedy has her Xmas show for dance, so I have to bath her and make her all pretty for that. Get her there for 12:30. Sit and (relax) and watch the show...then come home for a few mins and then we have Fabian's Christmas party for the kids at Galxyland. THEN, Sunday will be cleaning and get organized day. Next week is BRUTAL. Only night that I don't have 'something' is Monday. The other nights are Concerts for school, dance and Tae Kwon Do. YUCK! JANE, I KNOW why you homeschool !!!!!! We *should* try to get skiing in there one of these days as you know, we are going to Jasper in 2.5 weeks and well, they are suppose to be skiing there...so yeah! The week after will be busy getting ready for Christmas and everyone coming here....so ugh! I really love, but hate this time of year!!!

I am not expecting much for a weigh in tomorrow as I ate whatever Thurs, Sat and a bit over on Sunday...so yeah. I just don't want to gain, and I don't care if I loose.

Today, I was banned from my favorite parenting site...it was a rather upsetting experience for me as I had no clue why. After finding out, I was utterly amazed that I can get suspended for that reason. This is the SECOND time that I have been suspended...so I guess 3 times is the 'your out'...so we will see. I hate that I am not able to express my self and my ideas freely. I guess I resort back to reading only and speaking in the way as to not step on toes and walking on egg shells. And, did I mention this was a parenting site..??? I am back on now, but still kinda upset over it.

Well anyhow. Thats whats new with me.

IF I had more time, I would post some pics of me in my hot black dress for dh's Xmas party and some pics of him...but I don't have time....

sorry, off to the treadmill.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So sad :(

My thoughts and prayers are going out to Mel today :( Yesturday she found out that her precious baby boy that she has been carrying for 7 months, has passed :( Since I found out about it, I have been thinking about her non-stop. Its so sad. I just can't imagine. Today she went to the hospital to start the sad process of induction. She has to wait for labor to start. I just can't imagine an outcome like this. How bittersweet being at the hospital to deliver your baby, whom you won't be able to spend the rest of you life with.

Anyhow. Please say a prayer for Mel and her family...her little beautiful daughter doesn't even know whats going on but was as proud as ever when I seen her only last week (Thursday) and she told me she is having a 'brudder' (as mel calls it)