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Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'd be calling in sick tomorrow if it wasn't for my boss right-about-now. One staff is soooooo unhappy. Not with the job, with her whole freakin life. So QUIT then. God, don't keep torturing us all. Anyhow I made a MAJOR change at work today and this one staff was not happy about it. But it had to do with an issue that she kept on complaining about. So I 'fixed' it. Its not even an option anymore. Done. Done. Done....

The day was GREAT until this issue arised. I dealt with it. And done.

So anyhow.

Tonight the kids have the community league thing. I will take Bandit to the dog park while they are there. Tomorrow, I can't wait!!!! Friday! After a week like this, I think about taking the easy way out and quitting. But I'm not like that. I told my boss I will be here to get them accredited then go from there. And from there will either be a reduced week of work or something....next summer I AM only working 2-3 days a week. Thats it! I am NOT wasting the whole summer working. I enjoy working. And I work to enjoy it. I don't want it to become 'work' or stressful. That is why I do not work in the social work field anymore...and my job was doing great for me. I expect some stresses...but not day after day of them...God.

Well I want to turn on Dr. Phil and get the kitchen ready for yummy mushroom soup meatballs and rice :) This is the children's favorite meal :)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday already!!

Yeah and WOW the week is flying by!!! Gotta love short weeks.

Today was kinda stressful at work. The staff are acting worse then the 55 kids we have there! Ugh, some days I picture myself saying "I'm DONE with you all...bye!" and walking out with a BIG smile on my face. But, tomorrow will be a better day and I won't think those nasty thoughts!

Tonight Kennedy had gymnastics. The kids are sleeping down in Macks new room (well he hasn't moved down there yet). So I guess it is still the spare room, really. Mack is trying to get use to it down there before he decides and before we move his stuff down there. I don't care either way. It is kinda scary having him down there though!

Tuesday Fabe was gone all day to the lake. Trailer is out there. He brought back the kid's quads for tune up and oil changes. So thats good. He is thinking about taking them out to Bruiderheim on the weekend for quadding for the day. That will be nice for them. I had supper waiting for him when he got home..we had yummy BBQ'd chicken, french bread and spinach dip, pasta and veggies. While doing that, I put my roast and potatoes and carrots in to the slow cooker pot and put it in the fridge for the morning to turn on. This morning I turned it on and when we got home...the house smelled so good. Tomorrow we have cream of mushroom soup meatballs and rice for supper. I love when its pretty much prepared. Makes it SO much easier! Tomorrow is early day...yeah for me :) The kids are going to the community league once-a-month club. They play games and whatever for 1.5 hours. And its only 1.00! I will drop them off then run to Micheals...I dont know what for exactly...but I have 2 40% off coupons that I NEED to use!!!!I hate scrapbooking now...so we'll see ;)

Friday, no plans thus far. And Fabe is off this weekend...so we shall see what comes of it.

Have a great day!

Monday, October 08, 2007


Today was another great day! I finished up the house with a final cleaning...it looks very nice. Perfect timing as my mom came here with the kids...Mack checked out the house and said "Is this the same house?" LMAO!

We have to start working on our room now as the bedroom suite will be here soon...tomorrow Fabe and his brother are taking the trailer out to the lake. Gonna be weird not having it on the driveway. We NEED to find a place close to Edmonton to camp it for the summer so that we can commute back and forth to work while enjoying camping afterwork. The trailer looks great now that I did my own mini-version of 'flip this trailer'. Its an old Award trailer. Nothing special thats forsure. Its a great set up and it was a upper-model trailer. Well built and everything. We can't justify paying for a brand new one (200.00 a month) when Fabians work schedule is sucky and we don't use our existing paid off trailer enough now. Plus, with the cabin we won't really need a trailer too much. But it is nice to have anyhow. So thats what he is doing tomorrow, while I am working. We don't have much plans for this week. Nothing exciting anyhow. Kennedy has gymnastics and thats about it on Wednesday. Mack starts soccer next week.

Tomororw I will have to go grocery shopping as lunches tomorrow will be not prepared. I usually buy all of my fruits and veggies for the week. Then I prepare it in ziplocks for the week so the children can grab a bag after school and in the mornings for lunches its very easy to prepare.

Well, I should go. The children are going their homework. They both needs baths and showers. I have to wash their clothing from Fort Mac. And prepare for the upcoming week.

Have a great week everyone :)


Sunday, October 07, 2007

A wonderful Sunday!!!

Yeah, no work tomorrow!

Today was a great day! I didn't sleep in very late (8:30am) the Brick called to tell me they will be here between noon and 2pm. I took off the tape from painting in the bathroom and Macks new room. Looks lovely! Then I did the finishing touches and cleaned the bathroom (Painting is SUCH a mess!). Then, I went to vote. My boss, who is east Indian had asked me to vote for this lady. So I told her fine, every vote counts. But today the time came to vote, I went to the Acca Centre on 91street and immediately seen that this is clearly an ALL East Indian event! Omg, so I called her on her cell and we laughed about me being the only white person..haha. But I did it. And I was the ONLY white person. LMAO!!!!! I was about to have an anxiety attack and run out of the emergency door exit. It was soooooo traumatic..seriously! I told her she owes me BIG!!!! Then, I went to Ikea to find some red accessories for the newly painted red bathroom. I found a nice bathmat, big red flowers and some other stuff. But my BEST find was a red chair. ( I will add pics tomorrow!) Its a comfy adult chair. Its soooo modern and contemporary. So nice. It will be a great contrast to the dark grey in Macks new room. His room will be dark grey, suttle black hues and a bright red for contrast. It will look great! I love the chair!!!

Oh yeah, my furniture came. Wow, its a great deal!!!!! So I bought an area rug (already!) for it down there, some lamps, candles, more accessories, comfy toss blankets and some other little things. I hung up the pictures down there. Its so comfy now! Pics will be here tomorrow! So thats all done. We need to get Macks new room in order before starting to move anyting down there. Thankfully his bed is down there already and one dresser but we will move the other down there...it will be an easy move.

Then, I went to Micheals as I had a 50% coupon to use up...can't let it go without using it! So I bought a (excuse my horrible spelling)...decoupage (?) set. And some plates, little cardboard stuff. I want to make a place for the kitchen with our family pic in it, for displaying up high on top of the cupboards. Also, I bought some canvas sheets. For Macks new room I used the dark grey paint and my red bathroom paint and didn't big lines on the canvas to hang up on his wall...to 'blend' the colors together.

I was busy this weekend, huh?

Macks soccer coach called. He made tier 2-3 for soccer...1 being the best and 7 the worst. So he didn't do bad at all. He will be pleased. I don't care what he makes, as long as he is having fun. Soccer is the same night as gymnastics. So I will drop him off, drop Kennedy off pick him up, pick kennedy up. Good by to my Goodwill shopping days while she is at gymnastics. BUT you know what? I am happy they are both on the same night...means more home time during the week. He has soccer games every Saturday tho...oh well.

We just watched Desperate Housewives on the tv in the basement. Fabe is still down there enjoying the new couches..they are just so comfy!

Well I am going to read in bed, not sure what book. But, I will find something....God knows I only have 50 to pick from :)


Dinner Party!

This is what we walked into....isn't it beautiful :)

A little bit of Lisa there, but wow...fancy serving dishes and everything!

My friend Lisa invited us over for supper. We didn't think it would be anything fancy. Were we mistaken or what! We had Braxton our Godson with us for the night and brought him along. Thankfully he fell asleep after watching tv...so we didn't have to worry too much about him...

Its our turn to host next time...how can I possibly meet these expectations ???

Family Fall Pics!

The kids and mommy
The kids and daddy

Do I LOOK uncomfortable? Bccause I was...lol!

I like this laying down one. This is the one that I will blow up and frame for the wall. The first one, my boobs were practially falling out!!!

Last year we did family fall pics at the dog park. They turned out so well that I got them blow up and framed for the wall. The pic is by the front entrance of our home. So many have said "who did those?" and when I tell them it was me and just with the timer they are shocked! But this year, didn't turn out as well. I will still get it blown up to a 8x10 and frame it. We never go for family pics, something that we just never seem to have time for. But at least, these are memories! I add them to the kids photo albums as well. Mack didn't want to come but we made him! As my mom use to tell me "sometimes in life there are things that you won't want to do, but you just do them anyhow". He's getting to a very tough age where he likes to hang out with friends (lots of sleepovers!) and while thats all fine with us, he needs to understand that family

comes first and foremost :)

More fall pics.

Can you tell that I love fall???

Although I am not looking very forward to the winter. I am enjoying fall. I have been getting stuff done around the house, preparing for winter. There is something about winter tho. I guess its just those cold mornings where you wake up and dread going outside. The crisp air, steals your breath at times. The part that I am truely dreading for winter is the fact that I can't have a car starter in my car. If you are a long time reader of my blog you may recall last year. My car was at the place for 2 weeks while I tried to get a car starter in it...they couldn't. So last year I hated it. Leather seats=cold butt! But last year I at least could use the van, but since we sold it I am stuck using the SUV. Brrrrrr! The truck has a starter, but its also pretty big to drive around. Hopefully, it won't get stolen with the key in it running (outside my work is my main concern) The mornings are fine because I park in the garage. I'm sure I will manage, but just be prepared for the big complaints from me ;)

Other then that, winter isn't too bad. The kids can sled. Skate. The house will be toasty and warm. Preparing for Christmas. Fire place on. Its kinda cozy in the winter...

Fall Pics...

Kennedy was only with me this time at the dog park so she is in the pics. Mack doesn't like to come anymore here, since his dog attack on our street. If only those people knew how much they affected him and maybe sending him home by himself bleeding and in pain with soaked pants (he peed his pants during the attack) MAYBE they might have taken more serious...oh and of course the handwritten note "Sorry- my dog bit your son and it broke skin and its bleeding. My husband isn't home and I can't leave my baby here alone. Please call us, we're very sorry!" and Kennedy came home flying in the door "Mack got bit by Jordans dog!!" and I ran outside and sure enough...grrrr...I still do NOT like those neighbors!!!! (VENT OVER!)

I love fall and taking pics in the fall. They are so beautiful. Anyone can capture natures beauties in the fall. Kennedy takes her digital camera with her to the places I go for pics and she captures some great pics too.

Even tho it is the season before the COLD bitter winter its so nice to know that you get one last taste of beautiful season.

Dr. Laura...

Okay call me stupid.

But I do like her.

I listen to her on the radio all of the time.

I confess, I bought the book "Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" and it has some very valid points (especially the chapter on nagging!!!)

Anyone else crazy?

Our 6 month anniversary!

Already been that long (lol). Its been great. Not one thing has changed for us. We just each wear rings. Thats all :)

Oct.4th was 6 months :)

but this summer was 16 years together :) (holy CRAP!!!!!) We were 17 when we met

Dog park!

It was pretty cool. One day we went to the dog park and they had an agility course set up with trainers and their dogs. It was very cool to watch them. The trainers were getting all pissy about their dogs being distracted by the other dogs and loose dogs running up to them and their dogs..they were shooing them away and stuff..but Fabe and I said to each other what more do they expect being set up in a dog park and all ??? It IS an off-leash area.

Anyhow it was really neat to watch the dogs...very cool :)

Kennedy was with us, and she didn't want to leave. But it started to rain so we took off.

1st day of school.

Okay so what, I am REALLY behind on some pics...but whatever :)

Anyhow here are the children on their first day back at school. Both were semi-matching with brown tones. They looked adorable, as usual :)

Mack is in grade 6 and so far doing really well. Last year was a very hard school year for him. Many times I was so upset last year. His teacher suffered from Parkinsons and well, missed many days. Leaving the children with several subs and each one had their own view on what they should learning. Needless to say, his marks suffered greatly. Then the teacher went half time (in Feb!!!) and then the children were going to this class and that class...it was horrible. This year he is MUCH happier with school being settled in to a regular teaching pattern.
Kennedy is in grade 2. Her teacher is wonderful, Mack had her for grade 2 as well. Kennedy is really enjoying school and seems to be doing well so far.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


So Fabe re-formatted the computer and now I can't seem to find my Picture Project for uploading my pics...I have some recent onces. I DO want to start blogging on a more regular basis..but yeah. I was going to start again today, but now I can't (lol).

So yesturday the kids went to Fort Mac with my mom for Christmas pictures. Every year my mom get a Christmas picture with her 4 granchildren. So they are up there this weekend. But they are heading home tomorrow and we will go to Fabe's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner (yummy). Last night I got into bed at 8pm watched a movie "Beautiful"...a pretty low budget) movie but it was good. I read over my decorating magazines. Then at 11:30pm we got out of bed and got dressed. The Brick had a midnight maddness sale. Normally, we would NEVER go to something like this. But the price of a couch set was realllly good. We had no kids, so why not.

So we got there and there was some people out there waiting. When the doors opened everyone was normal and not running or anything stupid. We got a sales lady and she quickly took us to the couch set, we were the first people to it (lol) and we told her "we will take all 3-pieces in beige" and she got on a computer and reserved one for us...done. So we now have a set for the basement...a couch, loveseat, chair in microfiber...with a 5 year warranty against stains, rips, etc...for 750.00!!!! It was well worth it :) Its perfect for down there. We are leather lovers and have 2 sets up stairs but down there its colder and I felt leather would be too chilly. Plus, Macks friends will be sleeping on it for sleepovers so I want something comfy. They will be delivered tomorrow. Then we need a media tower for it and get rid of the entertainment centre (cabin)...finally the stuff that we NEED is coming. We got a console table the other day for the front entrance. I just need to find a mirror for it and it will look great. And I am MOST happy about our bedroom suite. We got given to us our current bedroom suite. We said that we will use it short term until we could afford the set we wanted....well that was.....our old house....4-5 year ago. We have never had a 'nice' bedroom. Its been just yucky. Not comfy. Not nice. Just BLAH. We will get that anytime. We are donating the old one to my moms program. This week we will pick out bedding, duvet cover, sheets, nice pillows, bedskirt and curtains. I am sooo happy. We have needed this for SO long. Its actually pretty bad, I never show anyone our room because I hate it. Now I can paint a wall. Buy matching bathroom stuff so it flows nicely. It will be great.

Today, I was VERY busy! I painted Macks new room. Its a beautiful color! Its a smokey-grey color. Just so warm, but netural. Its like a steel grey. Its crisp and clean. Anyhow, compared to the HORRIBLE pink that was down there, its just so nice. But it makes it reallllly stand out that the closet and doors aren't yet painted (gotta get on that!). With white contrast (the trim) its just stunning the color. I bought him a dark grey and black striped duvet cover...it will look so nice. Once we move him down there, then we have to figure out his old room. Move the computer in there, I guess? It needs to be painted and I was thinking the same grey (its a light light grey now) but I am so in love with the dark grey. So I will do that. We need to get rid of his double loft bed (what a shame!)...and we will need to buy a futon or something so when guests are here...mind you we will more then likely give them the basement anyhow (Macks room will act as the spare room). He can sleep up here when guest are here.

Then, inspired by my friends Lisas dining room last weekend...I painted the bathroom upstairs a deep red color. I have primed it PLUS put on 4 (5??) Coats of paint...but its just amazing! I did only 2 walls in there. And the bathroom feels so big now. It will contrast so nicely with the gold-brown-beige fabric shower curtain....now I need new bath mats in there (does it end???) Plus, I need an area rug for the basment.

Anyhow, today at Home Depot I found the curtains that I want for the mainfloor. The patio and livingroom need to get rid of those STUPID plastic blinds (the long ones!) Again, another 'short-term' idea gone 3 years. Anyhow, the ones that I want are a burnt-orangey color. They have a pattern in velet on them...they are sooo nice. Then I can paint my orange color that I want so badly...it will blend so nicely with the sage green accessories and the cream couch set and dark wood....I can't wait :)

Anyhow. Today I am feeling Martha Stewart like...


Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, today I worked and it was a good day actually :)

The kids started the bus today. Hopefully it will be okay for them the stop is further away then what I would like but I will meet them at it. I don't like the idea of getting them from school as it is sooooo busy and never any parking. So they started it today. They are only on it for like 20 mins or so then they are home. Mack has a friend that he has been riding the bus with since he started it 2 years ago. Its pretty good tho.

Tonight, we had a very lazy supper...(English muffins and jam, lol) and then we made up some smoothies....yummy :) they were strawberry and banana smoothies. So good.

I just cut up their fruit for the week, all in ziplock bags now. Ready to go...

Yesturday we went and looked at an acreage. It was 20,000 over our budget....but still worth looking at...OR SO WE THOUGHT!!!! Omg....can you say D>I>V>E!!!! It was HORRIBLE. And, its really sad because at one time it was beautiful. It was a 2100 sq foot bungalow. HUGE house...walkout basement on 3 acres. It on time had an inground pool off the huge deck (notice how I said, one time) the hole was still there with a structure around it...ugh. It was just BAD. I can't believe that they even are showing it like that! Omg!!!!! Needless to say, if the house was about 200,000 LESS then we would have considered it. Ugh, shivers!!!

Then, on the way back to Edm. We seen an open house sign. So we went with it. It was a nice house. A little small though. But still a BEAITIFUL set up and land was SOOOO well taken care of. LOTS and LOTS of trees. I want LOTS of trees, and this was it. But the house is too small for us. Its about 1700 sq feet 2story..well acutally a 1.5 storey. A nice house tho. So we came home and checked out MLS and Comfree. But nothing much out there right now.

I'm going to tidy the bathrooms and start ordering my Disneyworld pics....