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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thank you very much...

24.2 pounds GONE :) Yup, you have read it right ladies....24.2 pounds!!!!

This week I lost 4.2 pounds which utterly amazes me as I only did the treadmill a few times, and NO aquasize due to the cold! Anyhow...I can't believe that I am ONLY 5.5 pounds away from 30 pounds lost! I can't believe it. I do believe that it will take a bit longer now as I have Xmas parties, and what not going on every weekend in Dec now...but as long as I don't gain and get off track...then I am okay.

So I am offically done shopping for the kids (went waaaaaaay over board again!!!) and got a few things for Fabe...done for my mom, Done for Amanda, Done for my sister, and almost done for my daddy oh and done for my nephew, Braeden. I still have to buy for BIL, Matthew, BIL'S stocking, some more for the kids stockings, and Neal...and something else for Fabe.

Today I shopped ALL day again...I love that! Then I picked up the kids, came home. Homework. Then, we went to the mall for their eye appts and Get Mack new glasses. Kennedy doesn't need glasses (yet) but more then likely will in the future for reading far distances (just like me and Mack). She so desperately wanted glasses... (lol). Then, we ate at the food court..ok I did too...lol. THEN, Kennedy played at the park while Mack and I sat and talked about stuff. So nice to have time to talk to him without Kennedy always 'right' there. Then, we got her and went to the Showcase store and I bought waaaaaaay to much there. Then, we came home.

The kids are LOVING the DVD Player in the Benz. They put their headphones on and I listen to my music and they love it.

Kennedy finally found FLOAM and so she is happily playing with that...and Mack just got on the computer for his half hour that he is allowed on every night.

Fabe just opened the garage door, and is home and I will go see him now

OH and I bought a DRESS a regular size dress today!!!! For his Xmas party!!!! I love this!!!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Omg! Its freeeeezing out! And can you believe....I can't get a starter installed in my new Benz???? BRRR!!!!! But, we did get the DVD installed in there...but I would MUCH rather a starter. I HAAAAATE being cold :(


Sunday, November 26, 2006

My weekend...

Its been a great, but EXPENSIVE weekend! I had only bought Xmas gifts for my mommy and my nephew Braeden. So, I bit the bullet and took full advantage of my mom taking the kids and did some serious shopping.

Friday- Our regular movie night. Garfield rented off PPV. Was sick but managed to stay up until 12am.

Saturday- Slept in until 10m. Had breaky. Tidied up a bit. The kids begged me to play the game of LIFE with them, so we played it for a few hours. Got them ready and we headed down to my moms house, dropped them off. I headed for Toys R Us and bought them some gifts!!! (500!) worth! YUCK! Came home, put them in the spare room. Fabe got home, we watched the news and I crashed at 11:30pm. Still not feeling the best.

Sunday- Today. Worke up, ate. Went to WalMart first. Bougth tons of stuff there (oh, had to treat myself too! A new purse, wallet, bra and shoes!) (400) then, to Dollarama for crap (30) then to Childrens Place to get Kennedy a Xmas outfit (yeah... 180 later!!!) then to Reitmans to find me an ourfit (no luck but some shirts!!!) and my sister a gift card (100) then met my sister and mom and the kids at Childrens Place (again) and still managed to spend more there (45) and then, Nike Outlet (nothing!) then home. Made a fat free ham and potatoes and salad for supper. Ate. The kids are getting bathed. I will tidy for a while and throw a load in the laundry. I have SOOOOO many gifts out of the way but still am not all the way done. I have to get the kids skiis too. But at least the majority is done. Now, since we are hosting Xmas here I have to focus on baking, painting the spare room, decorating and preparing for dinner stuff as I have never hosted Xmas. I am excited tho! Plus, the day after Xmas we head off to Jasper for a few days. So I don't want to over-do anything in case I have tons of leftovers.

Today I found about 3 of my family members pregnant! Its soooo weird! All of my little cousins are having babies!!!! I feel OLD! Considering I *may* want to join them (opps, did I say that outloud!?!?!) its so weird! My cousin Mellisa is due in April with her 1st babe. Then her younger brother, Derrick is preg. with their 2nd babe in June and then Dierdra is due with her 2nd in April, she had blood work come back that said that she has a 70% chance of having a Downs baby. They told her she could have a medical abortion, but she said NO way! Her mom (my aunt) died almost a year ago, her aunt a year before, her dad the year before and her other aunt the year before. EVERY year, she has lost someone. Its really sad. She only has her 1 aunt left and her twin sister to help her out. She is still young too. 24, I think. Anyhow.

So, Kennedy is in the bath playing with Dora. Mack on the computer. We did homework already. So, I am off to tidy and hang up all of her new clothes. Omg, I can't believe the prices at Childrens Place!!!! Everyone wonders why she has soooo much clothes but I am sorry, at that price...how can you NOT buy?

Anyhow. Off to work tomorrow. I have to find something to wear to Fabe's Xmas party on Saturday night. Then, a birthday party on Sunday at Chuckie Cheese's. We are busy now..for the next few weekends. Kenendy has a dance preformance on the 9th. They haven't gotten their costumes yet even!!!!

Tara :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I regret to inform you all that I am missing something that has belonged to me for many years. It was developed in part from my beautiful child, Kennedy. You see, when she was born it was a very stressful situation and because she was taken to the U of A by the NeoNatal Transport team when she was ready to be discharged to come home with me...istead she was whisked away to the U of A instead. I had no time to really heal and began living out of the hospital for the next few weeks. I ate every day at the caferteria and never got to breast feed my baby, but could pump. Many days of sitting in a rocking chair while she was on life support, waiting for 'something' to happen. I would go 10 hours without eating somedays and other days I wouldn't eat at all. When she woke up and we could hold her, I would sit rocking her all day wishing nothing would interupt this time...not even eating or hungry pangs. When she got out of the hospital, it brought along other stresses. Her diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis and her extreme colic. I had no 'me' time. It was rough. In her first few years of life she was in the hospital at least 10 times for weeks at a time....I ate at the hospital. I NEVER had the chance to get rid of the weight that I gained with her...

However. Missing: 20 pounds!

I did it! I hit 20 pounds today!!!!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

oh gawd!

I am getting sick. Up all night with a sore throat-sick. Can't breathe through one side of the nose-sick. I hate to be a baby BUT my head has been killing all day! AND, I had to work until 5:30pm to see some parents and I worked from 9am with NO break!!! Ugh. I am *SO* not a person to work long hours...yuck!

Anyhow, I am getting the kids to bed early so I can go to sleep. Last night I couldn't understand WHY I was soooo tired but now I guess that I know.

Thank goodness I have Thursday and FRIDAY off :)


Sunday, November 19, 2006


See, told ya all that I would get it done :) It WAS a lot to do in one day, but its done and its just one of those things that feel soooo much better knowing it is done with now :) Anyhow!

Today was a lazy day! Last night, after we dropped of the 2 boys remaining from the party we went to Sobeys to return something...then Blockbuster to return a game that never worked. Then, we came back home. We rented "Stick it" on PPV and Mack, Kennedy and I cuddled on the couch and watched it. They were super tired and went to bed about 10pm. Fabe came home, we laid in bed for a while and listened to the police scanner (lol) and then went to sleep. I slept in until 9:15am this morning. Cleaned the mainfloor but couldn't do any laundy as the guys were finishing our trim in the basement. So I have TONS to do this week. Yuck!

Mack and I worked on his across Canada journey for Social. Did I mention I was in SHOCK after seeing his report card on Friday? Omg! Mack is a A/B student. This report card was seriously utterly horrible. The issue is that he has a homeroom teacher who sadly suffers from Parkinsons Disease. However, she only teaches them part time. They have LOTS of subs, and like 4other teachers that they have to juggle. They don't stay in one class and its VERY unstable. I did call the principal last week to express my concerns as I didn't feel that Mack was handling it well. Its hard for them! And with parents RSVP'ing for his party I had the chance to talk to them about it and they said that they feel that their children are suffering too :( The principal basically said it isnt ideal, however they have to honor her contract. Wow. So, surely his report card reflected this. And needless to say, I immediately called the school and demanded to meet with them. I will NOT see him go down hill after 4 years of perfect schooling. Grrr! Kennedys was fine. But Macks I was upset about. Anyhow, so he did about 1 hour of his assignment for Social. They both had a bath. And, I washed Kennedys bedding and put on the plastic sheet (allergies) and then she wanted to sleep with Mack. So, they are sound asleep. I am waiting for Fabe to get home...gonna throw another load in the wash and make popcorn for Desperate Housewives.

Did I say already, that I ate HORRIBLE this weekend? I am so MAD at myself. Thurs was bad. Friday was bad. Saturday was the WORST!!!! Today I ate well. But yeah. I am not expecting to much on Thursday at weigh in. But the thing is, that I am on track again. And NO where ready to stop...so I am not that worried. Would be nice to hit 20 finally but we'll see.

Monday is back to work. Aquasize two nights this week. And off Thursday and no school Friday so I am taking it off. We have a b-day party in Spruce Grove on Friday...then the kids are sleeping at my moms house Saturday night.

Not too busy of a week. Oh yeah, parent teacher confrences this week tho too..opps!

Tara :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Malik and Kennedy decorating some cookies...they are paying such good attention!

I felt like baking today...and the boy in the pic wanted to bake too! So Kennedy and I picked some recipes and we baked some lovely Peanutbutter Temptations and Whipped Shortbread cookies, told Malik that he can take some home for them too!!! He was happy about that!

Boys night!

Breakfast!!!! After a few boxes of cereal and left over hot dogs, they boys were finally full!
Bandit snuck away with the envelopes and made them into 1million little pieces!!!
Gift time!
More food!!!!
*lol* he looks totally impressed eh!
eating again....
Kennedy right in there with the boys!!!
A yucky cake from SOBEYS which was suppose to be WHITE cake was actually strawberry filled white cake...gross! Needless to say, 2 pieces went!

So Mack had his birthday party last night. We had 10 10-year old boys sleeping over! They got dropped off at 7pm...but we did take one home from school with us then 2 came about 6pm. It was pretty good night! We rented some games...and set up 3 game systems down in the basement. They had PS2, game cube and Xbox all playing. They did very well. They had hotdogs, cake, ice cream and tons of pop and chips. They stayed up until........6-6:30 AM!!!!And were up at about 8-9am. So yeah, they had like NO sleep! They are so fun at this age tho. They weren't annoying...they were super good and respectful...which is a HUGE thing for me!!! Most of them left this morning about 11am and right now as of 4pm I still have 2 of them here. But I made plans to drive them home later.

my daughter...

Oh my! Where do I begin?

So we were getting ready to leave Chuckie Cheese and we see her on the screen, which is normally fine. Anyhow, we see her moving her shoulders and dancing in a suggestive way...like very...Birttany Spears like...I ALMOST died!!!!! Fabe was in utter shock that his little girl was dancing like that. He went over there and got her! It was rather funny! But she just thought that she was SOMEthing!!!! IT was funny tho...my sister said "oh my, you are going to have fun with her!!!!"



Chuckie Cheese

Mack playing a game

My BIL with Matty on a ride
Kennedy and her silly smile

Mack and Uncle playing a game...

My mommy holding Matty...

Uncle Karl, Grandma, Mack and Kenendy watching Grandma Joan playing a game!

Matthew checking out the games..

So last year, I found these knitted vest for my nephews. They were a 'must buy' for me. Anyhow, I bought them and then found one in Mack's size. Well, I was picturing their pics being done in them. So I bought them all for the boys! They looked ADORABLE wearing them!!!! My mom gets pics with them every year (all 4 of the grand kids) so I can't wait to see how they turned out!!!! Anyhow, then we headed over to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate Macks b-day! Fabes parents and brother came along too. It was fun! The kids love all of the games there. We don't go too often but when we do they really enjoy it! I find it to be very good value too for a whole day outing!

My baby boy is 10 years old now!!!!

Mack celebrated his birthday last weekend...he is *already* into the double digits now...gosh. Seems like yesturday...that I was a young 21 year old mommy! Mack was the best thing that ever happened to the both of us (me and Fabe) as we were young and careless and quickly forced to grow up. I still am so proud of myself and Fabe for who we have become. We have two great children and really are so blessed. We have so much that we never would have thought that we would/could have had (like a tight family!) Anyhow. My sis and her family were already down so we had a family party at home, then took them to Chuckie Cheese's and had a little celebration there. He had his friend party the next weekend (you will see pics from that to!) it was a great b-day him! We went to C.C's more so for Braeden who MUST go every time they are in they are in Edmonton. Anyhow. It was a great weekend!

As usual....

Tanner. My sister dog who I totally adore....He walked in and Fabe had Bandit with him (out) so Tanner ran around our house looking for Bandit. Bandit is much younger and annoys him, but he loves Bandit. They are so funny to watch together. Brings out the puppy in Tanner. They slept together soo much on the fuzzy white rug in front of the fire place....Tanner is missing his fellow neighbor, Coco...who was put to sleep last month :( We have known Coco just as long as we have known Tanner. The kids (mack more so) was upset to hear that he had to get put to sleep..I can't imagine Tanner ever leaving us...he is so loved :)


My little nephew Matthew. He is so cute. They were down last weekend and he can (finally) walk. He is 16 months old...my sisters boys just take a bit longer to walk. We thought since her oldest, Braeden was born 7 weeks early and spent weeks in NICU we thought thats why he took a bit longer to walk..but nope. Perfectly healthy Matty took his sweet time...oh well. They ALL do it in the the end!!!! He is so super cute. And SOOOOO blonde!!!! Blue eyes. So funny as no one else has that in our family...

I love them!



Why is it that so many ppl hate Playdough? I mean, sure it is messy and what not but come on..big deal. The kids LOVE to play with it and you know what? I find it actually EASIER that they play with it. ESPECIALLY Kennedy, as she tends to be the one who is ALWAYS 'bored'. So

I just take it out of the pantry and there ya go...she sits there for HOURS playing it....so simply! And it is so creative for them. This day, Mack couldn't resist playing with his sister after he seen all of the fun that she was having with it :)


More Halloween...

Here are a few more pics of Halloween :)



Okay well I am catching up now.

So here are some Halloween Pics of us preparing for Halloween. The kids dressed up in the afternoon at school. Kennedy was a Fairy and Mack was a freaky guy-thing. They had fun at school, but trick or treating was FREEZING!!!!! Mack went to his friends house and went with them and I just took Kennedy while Fabe handed out candy and then I came home and switched with Fabe. But they still got TONS of candy, which isn't easy for a mommy on Weight Watchers :)

Halloween was great at my work. I so wish I could post some of the pics of the cute little kids at my dayare, they are SO cute :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

SO behind!!!

I PROMISE this weekend to get all caught up :)

Anyhow, I lost another 2.6 pounds didn't hit 3 but CLOSE enough!!! I am VERY happy!!!!! So my grand total down is 19.6! I am amazed at HOW EASY it has been :) Yeah me.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yeah!!!! Another week!!!!

And another 4 POUNDS gone!!!!! FOUR!!!! I am soooooo happy! I had an EXCELLENT week and I am so pround of myself!!!! I am hoping for another big loss next week but due to the weekend (my sis and her family are staying here tomorrow for the weekend) but I would LOOOOOOVE to hit 3 pounds next week :) Which would bring my total to 20 pounds! Right now, I am 17 pounds down!!!!! Fabe knew that I was going to loose as he said you can really tell that I have lost now....but I am JUST SO happy!!!!!

Yeah for me :)


Thursday, November 02, 2006

well I did loose


I lost .8 this past week which makes TOTAL and perfect sense. I didn't go crazy overboard but I did go over on some days..so what more can I expect. However!!! I only have 7 pounds until I hit 20 pounds!!! So I am going to do this! By Dec 1st I would like to be 25 pounds down! So in 1 month I need to loose 12 pounds!!!! Okay even by Dec 10th!!! But I want to hit 25 because I always QUIT when I get to 20 pounds! So I want to make this my BIG goal! So I have to make a plan! I know that I can do this!!!! Aquasize every day that Fabe is off...AND treadmill for 15-20 mins a day at least!!! I have done NO exercise this past week. It was a bad week!!!! But I want to loose 2 pounds this upcoming week to hit 15! Loosing .8 this week brought me to exactly 13 pounds down! which I think is great!!! So 2 more pounds will be 15 down!!

I went to work today for a few hours. Then went to WW. Then bought groceries, drove home and emptied them and then went and picked up the kids from school. Came home. Supper is ALREADY made (chicken lasaguna) and we have NOTHING to do tongiht (I am so happy!!!). I will need to do laundry and tidying but bath night and early bed for all of us!!!!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Today was great day, Went by super fast tho. But it was good. I am stressed about our accreditation meeting on Monday! Oh am I ever!!!! So I am going to work tomorrow (my day off) to try and get the daycare ready as much as possible for it :) Today we picked up our new SUV. Its pretty :) I am getting ready to take Kenendy to dance class! Fabe is cooking super. Mack is doing math homework. Tonight I am hoping to go to aquasize (totally need too).



I lost control yesturday. Then because I 'cheated' at work I kept on cheating...because if I am going to cheat...I am going to cheat well.(bad!) so yeah. Pizza, cupcakes, chip, pretzels, kids candy...ETC! It was a horrible day :( I had a sick tummy last night after indulging so much. So no cheat day Thursday now. Now I have to be EXTRA good until next Thursday as I want to loose. These candies, pizza and whatever else is NOT worth it!!!! I want to keep going.

Today I woke up to a whole new day and got right back on track!