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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday and Weekend...

Sorry about the NO photos for a while. I will get them, don't ya worry!

Well this weekend FLEW by. Friday Mack and Rikki didn't have school-but Kennedy did. So Mack had a friend sleepover Thursday night (who is still here) and Kennedy a sleepover Friday night at our house. Saturday, I dropped off a gift for Aevas 1st birthday then we headed to Shwerwood Park Costco. I was feeling a bit better (as I was sick All day Friday and Friday night with a very sore=sore throat. Saturday I felt a bit better...but then as the day went on it was coming back. I relaxed in the afternoon and then decided to suck it up and go to Tess's house for our last Stamp Up club. I was happy I went. I hung out there for a while then came home for bed. Today so far, so good but we will see as the day goes on. Today I woke up, made breakfast and tidied up a bit. We are heading to Leduc for a party today-so thats good. Then, I have some grocery shopping and the usual 'prepare for the week' stuff for a Sunday evening.

Tomorrow, nothing is planned so far. I guess it will be cleaning and what not. I have some last boxes and organizing to do from the move that I have been leaving and neglecting...

Nothing really much new...pretty borning actually!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well today was cleaning day around here. Early day, for Kennedy. I got the cleaning all done, and even managed to have a friend and her son over for a visit. She had an Ob/Gyn appt and her son (our Godson) had no desire to go and wanted to stay with me. I had no issues with that. We just finished building the Ikea train track together and now he is playing with it on my playroom floor. I'm down here on Macks computer...I saved vacuuming for the last job and just took advantage of it while down here too.

Today was a nice day. Fabe took the quads in for their annual servicing before we take them out to the lake to park them. He is off tomorrow as well, so we may run out there and check out the trailer (Fabe hasn't seen the wonderfully cracked floors yet). We'll see. Mack and Rikki have PD days tomorrow so we'll see what we do, if anything. I'm reading a really good book called "Little Earthquakes" and I just can't seem to find the time to actually READ it. So, maybe tomorrow I might have a relaxing day.

With this grey weather, it feels cold. I feel like baking. I don't know why! But I really shouldn't as it doesn't really help me, since I'm really trying to eat better. Maybe with the kids we will bake something and they can eat it up. Or maybe, start freezing some goodies for when we head to the trailer camping in the summer. We'll see.

Tonight Kennedy has 'meet the coach/give us your 100.00 jersey deposit check" night. Fabe will probably take her.

Fabian installed the tv in the bathroom today. Its a small little tv, but I wanted it for getting ready in the am's to watch the news. Its mounted onto the wall and in a perfect place for the bath to watch tv. I know, pathetic! I admit it.

Next week is pretty busy for us with dentist, dr's and ortho appts. Plus soccer I'm sure, soon. We'll see how it goes.

Kennedy's party is next Saturday (May 1st). She is going swimming and then having a group of girls back here for a sleepover party (lucky me!). We have parties for the next 3 weekends (ugh). But then, I plan to be at the lake every weekend thereafter.

Anyhow...Kennedy will be home so I better get cleaned up down here (toys) and head upstairs for preparation of supper. Chicken breast, but not sure how or with what...

Jess got lungs!

Check her blog out for her journey! I'm so happy, if you find it in your heart to throw a package together...I know she would appreicate it. She was very thankful for the small one I sent her...


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Park Day!

Today some friends and I took the kids to the park. Its an awesome park and within walking distance to my house. I was happy to get some good shots of the 2 little girls...Aeva and Kaiya! Their moms have been friends since they were in grade 2...It was a beautiful day! I love days when the kids can all play together and adults get to hang out. It was super busy all day at the park...it always is though!


I picked up Kaiya from daycare on Tuesday. I am trying to really spend more time with her as we missed some time with her. But all is well now, and I'm really enjoying my days with her. She is so cute...Bandit loooves her coming too since she feeds him. Alot.

Last night, I took her to the Laurel toddler park for a walk and some play time before bedtime. Then when we got home Fabe was getting ready to take Bandit for a walk so we went with him around the block. She is so cute...

Tuesday night...supper!

The kids LOVE Tatertot Casserole...and its such a simple recipe. I didn't feel like cooking anything all day long, with Kaiya around its hard to get much done (I forget what those 2 year olds do all day!)...so I made this and popped it into the oven and it was done. We enjoyed a crisp fresh salad and some crusty bread...I on the otherhand, didn't indulge in it since I'm trying to make 'healthier' choices...so I had leftover ham from Monday night and spaghetti squash.

TaterToT Casserole:

*ground beef
*1 can cream of mushroom soup
*Shredded cheese
*Package of tater toos

Pat ground beef on the bottom of a greased baking pan. Sread the can of mushroom soup over the meat. Sprinkle some cheese over it. Cover with tater tots, top with cheese. I add seasoning salt for a little extra flavor. Bake for 1 hour @ 325...So yummy!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ideas please...

For my front entance. A table is kinda hard as the one wall is a low-half wall open to the dining room. Where the bench is a good wall for it, but then what to do with the bench? I need some ideas...please..

My Tuesday Morning...

I did do a few chores here and there...laundry, made beds and tidied up the kitchen from the morning rush...oh and washed the floors. But for a good part of it, I have been enjoying laying on my bed with the patio door open with the sheer-curtains blowing around...I love it. I got 2 magazines in the mail, both are my favorites (Marthas Living and Family Circle)...I have been writing down ideas in my notebook and doodling alot. The house is remarkably quiet with everyone gone...

Even Bandit is enjoying it with me. I had a coffee earlier, I even brought it upstairs. Boy, I'm enjoying my room today..and why not?


I'm loving the laundry room being upstairs. Makes keeping on top of it, sooo much easier! We were told it would be noisey and what not-but its not at all. I have yet to add in some breezy sheers in here, but so far so good...

Scenes from the Scrapbooking Room...

Well my room is done as much as it can be for now, until I get some shelves. But so far, its good. I'm happy with the buffet and hutch (BEST 40.00 from Value Village~!)and then the tall shelf and table are from Ikea. I'm looking forward to being able to go in there and easily get what I need. I do have to organize the stuff better as I kinda shoved stuff here and there, but its a good start!

I've purchased just some sheer panels for the windows...Fabe has to install them still.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well today was a good day. I managed to get alot of my errands done...yeah me!

My friend Lisa came along for the errands (always better with a friend!)...then we did lunch at Boston Pizza. I came home, popped the ham into the oven. It was a good mail day=2 magazines and Fabe's tax return..gotta love good mail days!

Tomorrow, I am planning to clean in the morning. I'm picking up Kaiya from daycare at 2pm and having her for the night. Not too sure what we will do tomorrow night...but it will most certainly involve outside...park, I'm thinking!

Wednesday, there is a group of us meeting at a south east park. It should be fun. We are having a lunch and play there for a few hours. I can't wait. The temps are suppose to be +25!

I'm SUPER jealous of yard workers...I loved caring for my grass and flowers.

Oh, and the trailer lino isn't covered under warranty...its 'cosmetic'...nice!!!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!! So we have to get that done now...

Other then that..not too much going on.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


What a beautiful day!

Yesturday, Saturday I headed to the lake for the day with 2 good friends. I had my van full with friends and their children. We got to the lake, it was beautiful there. Sadly, my lino in my trailer cracked. They call is 'cold cracking'. It sucks. Thankfully we have warranty, however it might take a while to get it done. If worse comes to worse, we will tape it up. I really don't want to loose camping time because of it. So I will call tomorrow and see what the dealership say, basically if it can't be done by May-long then it will have to wait until the season is over to go in.

On the way home, we took a 'short cut' that turned out to be a looooong way. It took forever to get home. I was soooo tired by the time we reached our house. I was in bed early, and slept in late (10am).

Today, I'm just tidying up the house. I did my scrapbooking room. I have stuff to put up on the walls still but otherwise its tidy. It needs to be organized though, but otherwise its good enough.

I have a few errands to do:
* Return stuff to Sears
*Drop off our library books

I wanted to wash bedding today but won't be able to get around to it now as I'm still doing laundry. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm going grocery shopping today and going to make a good Sunday supper (not sure what yet!)

Finally, I plan to haul out the deck furniture so we can at least enjoy the deck. I hate that the yard is dirt...but thankfully we have a deck built so we can enjoy that. I hope we get a driveway soon as well...but for now I'm just happy to be back. So I will make the most of the deck for now :o)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Aside from packing and unpacking...garbage has been another huge stress! Today this was the scene in my front entrance!!!!


Yeah, Friday!

I'm very (VERY) excited to sleep in tomorrow!

Today I did some major cleaning and unpacking. We feel the most settled so far (read below. Then I cleaned, as I hadn't vacuumed forever. Did the bathrooms, etc.

Tonight Fabe and I are heading out with another couple (good friends of ours!) to the casino and supper. It should be fun. I'm very excited to beable to wear capris tonight! I LOVE capri weather!

Supper is simple. Kids pick something and they eat it. Rikki is here for the weekend. Mom took Kaiya to Fort Mac for my nephews birthday party (Braeden is 7!). He actually had his birthday in Mexico but his party is tomorrow.

I'm thinking of heading to the trailer tomorrow to check up on it. Several people I know, their floors have cracked! I will be super pissed off if ours has! So might go run out there and check it out...super excited to camp! Plus I can plug the trailer in, and start going through the cupboard and maybe bring home the bedding to get it started...May long weekend will be the offical 'kick off to camping'. I can't believe Fabe is back to working weekends...we will have to have our weekend during the week and it looks like it will be the kids and I on the weekends...dang guy! He's been busy training new guys, and super busy with work! We should just be thankful he has a job...so many people have lost their jobs over the past year or two.

My scprabooking room is the room I want to tackle this weekend. I bought a new big shelf for in there so it will surely help with organization in there. So I need to set that up. Its all coming along, I'm thrilled. A HUGE project will be the garage...ugh!

Anyhow, Happy Friday!

Feels like Summer :o)

The kids dropped their backpacks and instantly ran into the kitchen for an afterschool snack-fruit! Mack ate ALL of the watermelon..Kennedy was not happy! She ate the strawberries. I love summery wather and eating fruit is the best on days like this!

Kids Rooms.

Well besides a few boxes in Macks room, we are done with their rooms. Mack needs to pick out some art for his walls. Everything I had bought-he hates...shocking! He tends to spend ALL of his time in the basement family room, Kennedy actually plays in her room. I'm happy with their rooms...but most of all I LOVE love love ours :o) I walk into it and I feel so cozy and warm :o) I will post a picture soon...forgot too today!

Settling in...

Blue room-Spare room (was suppose to be Macks but he changed his mind last minute)...

The other side of the basement...not nice looking at all but the OTHER side is coming along good.

The playroom, we added in the double fold down bed for extra space for guests to sleep (its a double)-it has Kennedys art table and double closet for extra storage...we bought Ikea shelving, cheap and simple.

The loft, it took us a while to really figure out what we were going to do with it, but we got it. We are happy with it and afterall-we are going to add a smaller tv in there for when we wanna use it. We find Mack 'hogs' the basement tv and every weekend at least 1 friend is over so we needed to have another space for Kennedy to watch tv..so we decided to get a tv for the loft, nothing great...just a smaller one.

Around the house...

Things are coming together. I feel like it IS possible, afterall...to just live in our house again. Its been a long, long few months of packing, unpacking, buying, setting up furniture, cleaning fire stuff, etc...its actually coming along. The house is really starting to come together, and I'm thrilled. I feel so at home, already!

New Console Table..

We had this console table that we bought on sale, we bought it with no idea on what to do with it. Anyhow, Fabe put it together yesturday and I figured out where it can go: The Dining room. We have no buffet for our tabe so this goes PERFECTLY! I was so happy! And it fits perfectly between the 2 windows in the dining room! I just need to purchase a nice mirror for above it and it will be great! I was happily decorating it last night at 10:30pm and I'm very happy with the outcome!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Amandas little girl is over tonight for a sleepover...she was SO happy to have a backyard to play in. We played soccer in the backyard...she has been great. We picked her up from daycare this morning and spent the whole day with her. This weekend, my mom is taking her to Fort McMurray for my nephews birthday party.

She is so sweet, I love spending time with her!!!!! Can you believe she is almost 2!!!!

Favorite words...from around the house!

Scenes from the playroom...

We finished setting up the shelving for the the playroom in the basement. It serves many purposes. The room was actually going to be my scrapbooking room, so I had lino installed rather then carpet then when I changed my mind I was worried about a basement bedroom with carpet..but it actually worked out well for us. Its Kennedy's room. It has a sofabed (for guests) which folds out into a double bed...it has my old craft table, several shelving for toys, bins for crafts, etc. As well, it has toys for all ages since I have always had a collection for my nephews and friends children...its turned out really well. I will update photos of it...since its finally completed!