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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Phew. Busy.

Yesturday Kennedys friend Kaylie came over for the day. They had great fun! It was good for her to have a friend to play with as Mack always has school friends over and never ever her. So it was nice. I took them to McD's for lunch...they loved it and they played for hours in the playland. Her dad and I talked for a while when he got here...then Kennedy and I went to WalMart....deadly. $455.00 later..in Hannah Montanna clothes and friggin school supplies....well I did get myself some MUCH needed shorts, panties and a pretty purple polka-dot bra!!!! And so we did that. Then we went to Sobeys bought some food as my sister and family are on their way down here today. Then last night just cleaned a bit...that was about it.

Today, I woke up at 5:30am WIDE AWAKE...for NO reason! Ugh! So I made the most of it and cleaned and did the bedding and totally spotless cleaned the house....ahhh, feels GOOD. Then, I ran to a campground nearby to get a camping site for the weekend...pictched the tent *you have to put a camping stucture on the site to reserve it* so I did that....I am staying out there all next week....all the way until NEXT MOnday!!! Cool!!! And its suppose to be HOT out so that will be nice. Hopefully the kids keep themselves busy and I dont go crazy. I vision reading at the campimg spot and the kids biking happily around. But what will really happen is, then complaining "this is borning!" "there is nothing to do" and I am stressed out while trying to relax...we'll see....so thats where I will be. I won't be updating for a while now...as I am out there past the long weekend. Being its close enough to home I may come in one day if the weather is crappy..or maybe not..we'll see.

Anyhow, hope everything is well.....

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well it was a great last week and weekend! This weekend we left the trailer at home and took a 'break' from hauling the trailer. We missed it though, forsure! We went out to the lake. Last weekend we had a Bobcat come in and clean the pathway to our beach. It looks great and we can finally walk right down to the beach. Now we have to work on the beach front. But at least the trees and what not are down and we can walk down there. The kids took their quads and we ran around in circles and took down the weeds. The neighbors have a great beachfront where we spend some time this weekend. Its great...quite a little walk from our cabin. But oh well. The kids swam for hours and hours out there...it was nice to see them in the water. It was a nice weekend, really good. REALLY relaxing. We didn't do too much work...Saturday we worked on burning some of the extra wood from the path that was made.

Today, we hit Half Moon Lake. It was really, really clean. People that I talked too said that it was pretty green a few weeks ago but it was really nice there today. We were there for several hours. Its really nice as it was only 20 mins from our house to there. So close!!!! The kids loved playing there....

Mack is still sick. Crazy, we took him to the dr and got another chest Xray and while his left lung still has 'crap' in it...its better from the one before but not 100% the dr said. So now he got another puffer. Gosh, its been 1.5 months. As well his allergies have been horrible...so she prescribed a big dose of allergy meds...hopefully that helps. Thankfully he goes for Allergy testing Oct 15th and we will see what is triggering him. But I am pretty sure its safe to say that what Kennedy and Fabian (both allergy tested) are allergic too, is what Mack will be allergic too as well.

Tomorrow, Kennedy is having a friend from school come over for 4 hours. That will be nice for her....I will work on getting the laundry all done and caught up...then I will take the girls for lunch.

This week, I gotta get the trailer re-organized for camping. I bought some totes so that willl be better for the kids clothes as they rip the clothes out of the closets and its just not working for me. I would like to vacuum it and get the floors waxed if possible. Wednesday, I will get the house clean and tidy as my sister will be down that night...Wednesday night we (sister and I) are planning to go see Mama Mia...Thursday...her dog has a grooming appt and then we were considering taking the kids to the Capital X...then that night we are hauling the trailer out to Miquilon as we are planning to camp out there with a group of friends/neighbors. Friday we will be camping.

Did I mention that I am loving the summer :o) I really, really am.

Well nothing really to tell...pretty borning I know. But its going good....I know I am not blogging as much as I thought...and pictures are lacking...but our main computer is still down so I can't upload my pics on here....but I will get them. So in the meantime, its 'just' a wordy-update....

Hope everyone is well!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today and yesturday have been 'my weekend'. I am still in my jammies from today...crazy I know. Today I actually worked a little on some crafts. I am working on a scrapbook of the summer. I thought it would be neat to capture the moments this summer. As well, I got an idea off one of Jane's links to blogs about canvas and ribbon crafts. It turned out sooo nice. I LOVE them. They look so nice. I will post pics but my regular computer which I uploaded them on to is screwed now...lovely. I did water the flowers today in the front. The back watered itself, thanks to the rain. Kennedy has been outside all day since 11am. Its 9pm and I just checked on her and she is outfront with the kids playing. She came into eat lunch and quickly told me "I'm going back out after lunch!" and then again after supper. Funny. Last night I went to Millet to visit my friend Ronda. I ended up taking her 6 year old daughter here for a sleepover as I usually only ever take the 8 year old..and the 6 year old begged me to take her this time. How could I say now? So, Ronda came and picked up her about 5pm. She brought along her mom for a ride and they visited for a while and then I showed them the new trailer.

Next week, my sister broke it to me that she will be here for Wed and Thursday then they take off Friday for NewFoundLand. Between my mom and I we will have Tanner (dog) for 2 weeks. Lovely...allergies here we come!

I NEED to go buy groceries! Its been forever. Its pretty bad when I have to go to the TRAILER to get food (lol!). Of course, the kids think that they are starving because the cupboards aren't jammed full of 'snacks'. Can't eat the healthy stuff!

Mack has a horrible cough still...my throat has been KILLING me since the weekend...and I have a dumb cough too. I hate summer colds, they just seems so much more worse!

Other then that, nothing else is really new.

Tomorrow, not sure what we will do...gotta get groceries thats forsure!

This weekend we are thinking about going to the lake. Its gonna be a hot one. We are thinking we will leave the trailer and stay in the cabin...or not?!?!

Well, I should go.

Fabes new job is going well. In fact, he is doing so good that they are considering him for a management type position. His years slaving away at Shaw DID come in handy afterall.

I bought a new book last night at Walmart. I love it thus far, its called "She's come undone" (I think!). Its really good...usually I don't like stories that take place back in 70's era but this one is actually good...

Nothing else really new...

This laptop is driving me crazy trying to type. I am use to my keyboard...

Oh yeah, the little Baby Enna (with SMA) the mom that I met when Kennedy was in the hospital....I posted about her before. She is only expected to live to be 2 years :o( Anyhow, she stopped breathing last night...up at the Northern Alberta hospital where they live..they had to call in the PICU team from Stollery to bring her down here. She is in PICU...not doing well. I talked to mom tonight..she said they are just waiting to see what happens next. Its sooooo sad. Mom is so lovely and nice.. She is single...and has been going through total hell for the past 2 months. Trying to convince dr's that 'something isn't right!" and finally they took her seriously and within days she was diagnosed with SMA and given such a short life expectancy. So so so sad. She hasn't really even had time to adjust to the diagnosis and she has been down in Edmonton every week almost. Her poor son has been missing her. I imagine what I was going through for 2 weeks never mind 2 months. Anyhow....if you pray please pray for Enna. She's adorable and deserves to live a full healthy life. I'm hoping to go up there this week whenever she gets out of PICU. Anyhow....always a sad story. Sometimes I just hate life.

Anyhow....enough of that....
Hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wilderness Village

Oh, it was such a nice stay there! I absolutely LOVE it there. SUCH good memories from there, and now my children have had the pleasure to enjoy it too...it was great! We arrived Friday night close to 10pm. We set up as much as we could while the kids went for a quick bike ride around the sites. Saturday morning, Fabe's 33rd b-day I cooked eggs, bacon and buns for breaky. We went for a bikeride around the campground (I was loving how things would come back to me) and I was trying to picture myself (my children's ages) running around there. It was really neat to bring my own children there...my favorite grandma (I know its rude, 'favorite' Grandma Lola came there with us...it was neat to think about her). Anyhow, then we rested for a while. Then we decided to bike to Crimson Lake. Its beautiful there! The beach is actually like a BC beach...soooo nice..and only 2.5 hours from Edm so if anyone is looking for a daytrip..its WELL worth it! Clean water!!!! So we hung at the beach for a little while. Then we headed back to WV. The kids wanted to swim...so we hung at the pool for a few hours. Then we had supper. By this point, both of the kids made friends and after supper off they were with their 'friends'. We headed to family Bingo...then left after the intermission. Fabe and I took the dog for a walk then we collected more wood and built ourselves a nice big fire. It was lovely. The neighbors came over (a nice couple from Strathmore area) and we had some drinks and chatted with them while our kids watched a movie in their trailer with their kids...Sunday we slept in a little. I closed the bedroom door and 'let' Fabe sleep in for a while and I made pancakes and bacon for breaky. Then we packed up and hit the highway...it was soooooooooooo nice!

We got home, Fabe cut the grass. Mack is at a friends house for a sleepover and Kennedy and Fabe are just heading in as I type.

This week will be my FIRST week home all week since the kids have been done school. I'm not sure how I like that!!! But this weekend is suppose to be HOT and next week so I'm not sure where I will be...but not here!!!!!

Yes, I am totally enjoying my summer. And it makes me think that I need to get a job that I have summers off (guess its too late to be a teacher!!!) maybe an aid then or something...because life is just too short for me to work summers...(lol) I am totally loving this time with the kids and I know these are memories that the kids will remember. I'm going to work on taking lots of pics ( I have been doing SOME but not a whole lot) then I want to do a scrapbook for summer 2008!

This week I need to do some 'house' stuff like watering of the grass and flowers...cleaning up around here...thankfully I did a good clean Friday so we were graced with a nice clean house to return to today...but ya know..it needs a GOOD deep clean...

I will post some pics tomorrow...

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm baaaaaack!

Well, this week has been a big blur for me!!!! So we got up bright and early (not by choice!) for Fort Mac on Wednesday. Mack cough woke Kennedy and I up so I figured I might as well shower and get ready to go...long drive ahead of me! So we were out in the van by 7am! We got to Fort Mac with good time...and we were there by 12...considering the few stops we had to make (Braeden puked in the van, pee stops, etc). The party was really, really good. It was nice to see all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. Thursday we left Fort Mac about 12. We hit soooo much construction then the train derailment traffic delays THEN an accident on 222 and higway 21. It was crrrrrrzy! 6 hours later, I made it home. Only to Fabe who was in the driveway saying 'we have to go pick up your car!" ON THE WEST END. last thing I wanna do is DRIVE more...ugh. But I had to get it. I was completely exhausted last night. Talked with the neighbors for a while...then fell asleep really fast. Today I am trying desperately to get ready as we are leaving in a few hours for Wilderness Village. I am super excited. I have been cleaning the house up and stuff.

Next week is a at-home week. Based on the weather...but the week after is suppose to be HOT. So I will be getting Fabe to tow us out somewhere...

Other then that, nothing much is new....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Well my 5-days at the lake were relaxing and amazing for me!

It was just the kids and I in the trailer then my mom, my nephews and Rikki in the cabin. I read the whole book of "Stolen Innocence" and it was soooooo good. I read a ton, relaxed in the sun and slept in everyday. It was soooo nice. Fabe got in Friday night, and he slept well. Friday-day we went into Lac La Biche and hit the farmers marke there. I LOVE farmers markets! I bought some home decorating things...and that was it. I love walking around at looking at each table. Its so neat. I was going to buy some little cucumbers but the line up was HUGE! Saturday we just hung out at the lake. The kids got LOTS of quadding time in. Sunday was yucky. We left early. Hit a HUGE rainstorm on the way home. Braeden my 5-year old nephew came home with us. He's still here. We are heading to Fort Mac in the morning tomorrow for Matthews party (he'll be 3!) so thats where I will be tomorrow. Then I will get home supper time-ish Thursday and I plan to relax that night. Then Friday will be spent preparing for camping at Wilderness Village Friday-Sunday. I LOVE Wilderness Village so much. We had a membership as a child there and we spend EVERY single weekend there. Our parents wouldn't see us ever..they have swimming pools and planned activities all of the time. Its a total family campground. We use to go to the church service in the middle of the forrest there. It was really really awesome. Then they went bankrupt and we lost our '20 year membership' and the money we paid. Now they are debt-free and they are awesome there!!!!! We are looking forward to going....

Now sure what we will be up to next week. Suppose to be hot...I would like to stay out during the week somewhere with the kids...a place with a beach. I was thinking Miquelon but I have heard so many people complain about the green sludge stuff...so I'm not sure. Maybe Alberta Beach (?) we had a lakefront there and we swam off it all of the time...so who knows...

Anyhow...I better go. Taking the kids to see Kung Fu Panda.

Yesturday I had SO many errands to run. Get a new bank card as my bank card was cancelled after the bank said that it was used at a suspected skimmer machine...plus Mack has a horrible cough again...took him to the dr's...allergies. Finally a request for allergy testing. Then, I had to get Dollarama stuff...groceries for home...then I took the kids to Chuckie Cheese's...it was nice.

Today, the plan is to get ready for Fort Mac. Wrap gifts...pack the kids, get the DVD player ready (taking the van, not the SUV). Then, take them to the movie...then baths and showers and off we head to Fort mac...just for the night. Then we will be home Thursday...then off Friday...then home Sunday....then hopefully off Tuesday....then home sunday...lol...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Canada Day Fun!

MillWoods Park....crrrrraaazy busy!
My pretty girl :o)
Kennedy and the girls
A pretty one...

This Abby, they live right next us. She is super tiny, she is going into grade 1 and wears like a size 9 shoes!!!!!! She is super little! This is her big sister, Mackenzie. She is going into grade 4. Kennedy and the girls are playing together ALL of the time!
Showing her Canadian pride!
Mack was out-numbered by girls but he still remained in good spirits and hung with the big boys (Fabe and Gregor)
A nice shot of my 2 cuties!

It was great fun!

We went to Millwoods Park. It was so much fun!

Our neighbor, Gregor came with us with his 2 girls. His wife, Rachel had her motorbike test today so she didn't want to go. We got there about 10pm and found a spot in the Zellers parking lot. It was CRAAAZY!!!! I tried different techniques to try to capture some nice firework shots. But I never can...I do have a few favorite but nothing really really great. Oh well...

The girls and Mack covered themselves in stickers and tattoos that I had bought. Now I have the fun chore of uploading them and getting them onto Facebook so that I can tag Rachel with the pictures of her girls.

Today the kids have taken off to the new park for a little while. I am busy washing up the clothes that I need for the lake...and then I will have to tidy my car up as Fabe is taking it for brakes this week. As well, I need to run to Sobeys to get a few groceries...all this in the next 3 hours! I should get off here and worry about that stuff...hey?

Well anhyhow...grrrr, these pictures are taking forever to load! My goodness!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canada Day!

Kennedy and I both woke up at 10:30am. It was a GREAT sleep. We were out late with the neighbors (their driveway). Mack was at my moms for the night. Fabe was super motivated today. I woke up, had a Tim Hortons coffee awaiting me :o) Then, he had already cut the front grass and was weed wacking the back yard, cut that, cleaned the garage, power washed his quad, worked on Macks new quad, power washed the driveway, cleaned inside his truck, took my car to the car wash...


mopped the main floors
did a craft

Went to the water park with the neighbors and played outside the WHOLE day (still out there!)

Our new park is finally open! Yeah! I will have to go and check it out! Its looking AWESOME from the road though! The kids have been teased seeing this beautiful new park but due to not having the city's approval they have had to keep the 10foot tall fence. So anyone want to go to a brand new awesome park...its down here.

Right now, Fabe is BBQ'ing chicken. I just had a shower. We are going to head to the fireworks later...its gonna be stupid-busy! Ugh!

Leduc has a big screen movie playing, then they take an intermission then have fireworks...then finish the movie after the fire works...sounds pretty good. But we will head to Millwoods one...as usual.

Well I better go get ready!

Tomorrow, I have to do up the laundry and get the house all ready as I am leaving tomorrow for the lake...for a few more days. Fabe will meet us out there on Friday. I'm happy to go and escape there again. But tomorrow will be yucky getting everything ready and trying to leave the house spotless...so I can come home to a spotless house!


Happy Canada Day!