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Friday, July 27, 2007


Well its been forever since I have blogged. I miss it actually. But I noticed that everyone's blogs that I read have cut down alot on blogging in the summer too. But anyhow. This week was childless for me, however my sister, her dh and her 2 kids came down...so even though my 2 kids were gone all week her kids were here. They are younger and waaaaay more work. Plus, Tanner, the big lab. But they left today while I was at work so I will go home and wash their bedding and everything. Not sure what I will do this weeknd. I was hoping to go to the lake but I won't be able too. My mom took the kids. My sister is going out there too. But they already left and I don't wanna drive by myself. So yeah. I will stay home. All next week the kids are in a daycamp by my house so they will be home all week (yeah). Plus I offered to take *R* for the week too. So I will be busy. I am hoping to get some stuff in next week with the kids. They have already done Fort Edmonton Park and the Zoo. So I was thinking the corn maze one night. I have never been and have heard so much about it. The week after next, Kennedy is in a camp by herself and Mack in a soccer camp. Then, the week after...hmmmm oh yeah, my sisters house for a week then she will bring them down with her older son and then we are off to Flordia! We are down to 1 month as of today that we leave!!!! Yeah!!! I CAN NOT wait. Next weekend, I have Big Valley Jamoboree my friend and I are going out just for the day to see Carrie Underwood. Then the weekend after that, my dad and Uncle have planned a 'wedding' party for us....how nice. So we are up in Fort Mac then. My Uncle (is very, very rich) spent a HUGE amount of money on making a golf course on his land. Its an sctual golf course, with greens and tee-houses and everything! I can't wait. So we are having the party and a family golf party...for us!!! How nice! They bought prizes and everything for the winners/teams. How nice. Time is surely running out. I need to have the kid's summer school supplies bought before we leave so that they are ready to go the first day of school when we get back. Maybe I will work on that this weekend....its going to be a BORING weekend. Its suppose to be nice,and I can get my house work done tonight as I only cleaned the house 1 week ago and its been really good...so there isn't much to do really...maybe tomorrow I will sun tan or offer to take a friends child (my friend) my Godson for the day or something....who knows?!?!?!

Othen then that, I am good. I am glad that I have decided to stay here. Its pretty good for me. I can't really complain. In a year, I take about 5-6 weeks of holidays and in a 'normal' job...I simply couldn't do it. You know.

Well I will have LOTS of time this weekend so I will update with pics...


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well I am staying where I am at. I had decided to leave and even typed up my letter of notice. However after taking the weekend at my lake, on my deck overlooking the lake I decided...I have it way too good here and I will stay. Its not often that you find a job that allows you so much. Basically, I tell them "I won't be in on Monday" and its done. Actually, I took off Monday last week as Fabe was off so we headed out to the lake Saturday morning with my friends little boy and Kennedy. Mack was volunteering at the Grand Prix for the weekend with my mom. So it was nice. Kennedy had hurt herself really bad, her head split open so we had to go to Boyle hospital. It was not good. She got it glued shut.

But I can't type long.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Well I didn't get the job that I really really wanted :(


I knew I didn't get it after I spoke with someone on the 'inside' and she told me that they are interviewing a casual employee for the same position (who already does this position) so right there, I kinda knew. The interview went really well. I was happy I knew the answers to most of the questions :)

So I am now stuck.

Help me.

So my job now, is around low-paying staff who mostly enjoy their jobs but they are very underpaid (child care). Lots of turnover. But most of them are very good. Its a pretty low-stress job at most times but can get high stress when staffing is down. I am well paid. I am valued there. I am 'the boss' and have really no one ahead of me. Its pretty good. *but* future wise...its a nowhere job. Really. It works wonderfully with my kids right now.

My 'new' job will be with a WHOLE different group of people. Well educated, middle class people. It will be an officey job, approving people for child care services or not. Delaing with angry people who don't get approved or qualified. I will have a caseload. Lots of calls to return...its a 'real' job I guess. Not so much flexibility as my current job...but I don't know that forsure...its pretty much the same pay. But downtown. Parking. Driving. Rush hour. Etc. But it has a pension. It has potential for a future into my first choice job.

What to do????????? My current boss just gets back from holidays tomorrow and I will need to give notice like (now)...

Ugh. What to do....


Thursday, July 12, 2007

So yeah.

I got the Gov't job and am suppose to start on Aug 1st. The job that I really, really wanted is a temp position, wage position...about 2 months she said. But the second up job, is a foot in the door=so yeah. Its kinda annoying as I really really wanted the other job. But today I spoke with a person who does the job that I really really wanted and she told me that she has never seen anyone only work 2 months (temp position) go to nothing. She said that you always always go to perm. So yeah, I dunno. Now I am thinking that I shoud have went for the interview. Grrrrr, I mean I *like* the job that I got, but its not really 'me' But the other job is TOTALLY me and I waaaaaant it. I would have doubted it, I would have cried if I would have gotten it...so yeah. I called the HR lady back after cancelling the interview and asked her for a time for an interview. I look totally unstable about now, But I am only following my dreams and passions and THAT job is MY dream and passion. It kicks ass in pay too, but its NOT about the money...its about what I do really really good at...but yah. We'll seeeeee...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Yeah, ALREADY!!!!

So, the week has flown by! Gotta love 4-day weeks..and I have ALOT of them coming up in the next little while...thankfully :)

So, I STILL am waiting to hear about the Gov't job but I have a good feeling. The assistant of the HR lady use to call me and tell me all of the things that I need then now its just the lady who calls me. They need 1 more professional reference and I couldnt' find one. Its been hard...so finally today I took a BIG chance and caved in and gave them my current bosses number. Its was practically life or death people!!!! So, hopefully I will have A job..lol! So, anyhow. She told me, 'we can't offer a position to someone unless all of the references and checks are done and we are only waiting on this one reference....the interview went good and your ability testing was good this is all that we are waiting on" so then I thought, oh well. My job isn't going anywhere...and I will just have to find myself out of this one. So we'll see how it goes.

I should know really soon...as its been almost 2 weeks (and they told me they will decide in 2 weeks) so we'll go from there!!! Yikes! I just have to consider the whole driving downtown thing! And working until like 4:30 pm. Other then that, if the salary is right then I will take it. Starting was only what I am making now, so they need to make it a little more attractive for me...ya know.

So the kids went to my moms house for the next 2 nights...they are in a daycamp with my moms foster girl "R" is back...at my moms house now. Her placement broke down, and we couldn't take her this time, so my mom did..how sad hey? So She was here with the kids since Sunday and my mom took them all to her house tonight until Friday and then Friday they are heading to Fort Mac for the weekend for my nephews b-day....I don't think that I am going to go now, as I will have to drive up alone and I don't feel like it.

Anyhow, I wanna watch the news and go to bed...



Monday, July 02, 2007

A wonderful weekend:)

It was a great weekend. Saturday we headed out to the lake. It was a beautiful day! We greeted everyone there, got to spend lots of time with my little nephews. We quadded lots and enjoyed the weekend. The neighbors were out there this time, so the kids were thrilled as they are the same sex and age as them. They have quads too, so they do the loop all together. Saturday night there was lots of fire works going off, we did a few too but saved the rest for Canada day on Sunday. We hung out around the fire until some really scary clouds came and it began to get windy and raining...we all went in..but Fabe, Greg (BIL) and my Uncle Wayne all stayed out until 4:00 AM!!!! Drinking some beers!!! Sunday was absolutely a beautiful day! We enjoyed breakfast all together and the men and my kids went to Elenor Lake to get a truck load of fire wood from my aunts lake lot...they returned 3 hours later with a HUGE load. Oh, and in this time Fabe's brother, sister and parents came out for the day. It was lovely! We BBQ'd supper and ate all together with the children playing around us. Sunday night we did our fireworks, they were awesome. As well, lots of the other people had them going off. Today, it was just my mom and us as my sister and her family left last night. Fabe's parents just came up for the day on Sunday. But today we cut the grass. I tried out the new gas trimmer, and then created a path in the trees half way down to the lake...the kids LOVE it. They are truely inspired now, since we watched the Bridge to Tarabithia and now they can't wait to get back there and build a 'club' house with the left over material from the cabin..they need to find their tools. This weekend, we are off to Fort Mac for my little nephews birthday, he's going to be 2. Then we come back Sunday, and Wednesday my mom is taking them out to the lake until Sunday. But I think that I will join them Saturday morning, Bandit and I will go out there for the night. As Fabe will be working anyhow. I have really enjoyed the lake this summer. Its so nice that its all set up now. We all have clothing out there so we don't need to have the hassle of packing anymore...and hey, my mom takes the kids clothes back with her to wash and take out again...so I can't complain about that! Today, we got LOTS done. We set up the kitchen better with shelves and everything. Its sooo nice now. We are taking the trailer home soon, and adding on to the cabin. Right now, its a half cabin...In the cabin is a bedroom, living room and kitchen area then a door that is attached to the trailer and the trailer has a kitchen area and beds and what not. But we are going to add a big room and have a bathroom, another bedroom and a little den area. It will be a good size. Next year is the big expensive year, as services will be about 30,000 for the sewer, water and gas. We already have power...but the rest of it will be costly! Thankfully, its between the 3 of us...so 10,000 each is pretty good.

My mom drove home with the kids, as we had the truck (no DVD player in there) but my moms car has one, so they went with her. Fabe and I drove home in peace (lol) and got home, I watered the grass and my flowers. Washed our laundry and tided up. The kids came home, all showered and clean (thanks mom!) and they had time for a snack and bedtime. Their clothes are laid out for tomorrow, and I have to work and they have daycamp.

I am very happy schools over, as I get to sleep in 1 hour later and go to work 1 hour later and leave at the same time as before (4)!!! Yeah for me :)

Have a great week :)