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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well today I rushed to get the kids all packed up and ready to go to moms house as she was heading to the lake for the weekend. I dropped off the kids and went to Tinas house for the WHOLE day! Felt sooooo nice to go hang at a friends house...I haven't done that since...oh gosh, Oct? It was so nice! But off my blog the ladies printed some photos off and MADE ME A SCRAPBOOK!!!!!! I was sooooo happy! Thanks guys!!!!!!

So I just got home, Fabe is with friends of ours looking at trucks...he is helping make a deal. Other then that, nothing new to report today!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today was a great day! I took Bandit for his 10:30am grooming appt. Kennedy and I went to Goodwill but there was nothing much really, she picked a book and I got a couple odds and ends. Then we went to the daycare to wait for Bandit to finish up (the groomers is next door!) Kennedy played with the babies (she LOVES them!) and I chatted with the staffers! Then we went home. I am totally into a book "Best Friends Forever" by Jennifer Weiner. I just finished another book of hers a few days ago but this new ones is SO good it was on my 'must do for summer' list. I also bought "A summer affair" by Elin Hilderbrand. So I have a few to work on. Which will be GREAT as this weekend there will be no kids and I can read, read, read at the lake. Then I ran to Sobeys to grab some food for here....I wanted to make my tatertot casserole but I couldn't find tater tots so I opted for spaghetti...fit for 3 teens boys and 2 growing girls...and a husband...and there are still leftovers! Tomorrow the kids go to my moms house for the weekend as they are heading to the lake...so I will drop them at her house. Sunday is the wedding and I HAAAAAAAATE dresses...but I have to get something. Ugh. We are car shopping now, as my car is getting too old and well I think its having some transmission issues too. So we need a newer-ish car. I don't want brand new but something a year or two old and I would like an import. So we went with the girls looking for abit. Nothing really stood out. Then we got home and 'ditched' the girls and Fabe and I took Bandit for a walk around the block. I am going to curl up with my book and read. Tomorrow morning will be busy as I have to yet pack for the kids and drop off the extra ones at their homes...

Have a good night.

Oh oh oh! Guess what? Today there is LUMBER at our house...they are going to be framing it very very soon (YEAAAHHH!!!!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The new shopping plazza! Its 10 mins from my current and new house!!!!(walking!)
Kennedy and her very hairy dog!
The nice new walking trail system!!!

Powerlines.....I love the look of them!

The new park! Its a HUGGGGE hang out for mommies....seriously you should see the mini-van lined streets on any given day!!!

So today I worked. Well, if you call it that. I went to work at 10:30 am as I had to drop off Kennedy at her friends house for a playdate. Then I went to work..it was pretty good. The summer has been slow. And I am NOT complaining, sure money wise its nice to be full and running with everyone there but the sumer has been SO nice being slow. I mean we aren't 'dead' but we have about 10 children missing who will be either returning in Sept or their spaces are full. The centre has been running really well, we have been full for a few months then summer came but Sept and Oct will be back to busy busy! I really LOVE owning my own daycare. Its great. I love the freedom. It was so stressful before at the start but now its just pretty smooth (MOST days!) the staff are pretty good with 3 of them taking turns calling in sick. Today I gave them a talking too, so we will see. Other then that, its good.
Mack has 2 friends sleeping over tongiht. His 2 best friends have been at our house pretty much all summer, and I don't mind one bit. I would rather them be here then out and about (at a mall, etc). Rikki has been here almost all summer too. She's great :o) So I have been averaging 5 kids and its been FuN! Honestly! I love having them all here. I told Fabian tonight at supper, as he was GUSHING about how great it was to have big suppers cooked each night...I told him 'well we just have to have 3 more kids and you will have it!" he said "And we will be broke!" lol. Too funny! Tonight for supper I made stuffing, singapore noddles, chicken, salad, corn on the cob and baby potatoes. We had garlic bread on the side...it was yummy! But a whole lot of food. We are use to supper for our 'small' family of 4! Tomorrow I'm going to make them tater tot casserole. I love having time to cook again. I bought some baking ware so hopefully I can get back into it again too. After cleaning up from supper, Fabe left to go buy a suit for a wedding we have this Sunday. The girls and I took a walk to the new Blockbuster to rent a game for Rikki and a movie for Kennedy. Its soooo nice having the new stores to walk too. It has Shoppers, Save On, Blockbuster, 2 banks and a whole bunch of empty bays which will be things soon. Its literally 10 mins walk from my old and current rental house.
Tomorrow Bandit has a grooming appt. and I will hit Goodwill as its been a week! And not too sure whatelse we will do. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a little.
I don't have to work for a whole week! The kids are going with mom to LLB this weeekend and it will be just Fabe and I. As I said we have a wedding but other then that, NOTHING planned for the weekend...I love it!

The Beach!

Kennedy and Rikki at the beach....they enjoyed it despite it being rather yucky...but kids will go virtually into anything...so whatever!

Our lake lot.

So usually when I speak of "the lake" I mean our lot at Lac La Biche. But this summer due to the fire and everything we rented a seasonal lake lot close to Edmonton. This has been PREFECT for us. Since we don't have time to waste with driving this year we are LOVING this. As well, since I don't exactly have a 'nice' yard anymore this is what I get to work on...the lot was HORRIBLE and vacant for a while when we took it over. But after a few weekends of hard work we got it looking very nice. We cut the grass out there about every 2 weeks and thats really about it. I invested in TONS of bird feeders from Goodwill and stock them often too. For Mothers Day Fabian bought me a 'Faulkner' chair and WOW- I can sit on it for hours and hours reading amoung the birds. Its SO nice being out there and the BEST part is that we are so close to the city. We have had to run a sick friend of Kennedy's to the city one time at 4am! We have forgotten the trailer keys and been able to run to the house to get them. Its been REALLY nice. My friend, Lisa is parked 1 lot away from me and just recently is Colette (another friend) and she is about a 5 min walk from our site. We enjoyed a campfire with them last weekend and we are hoping to again this weekend. The beach is...well, not the best...but Kennedy is really the only one who plays in it and she mainly enjoys the sand anyhow! Its a nice little campground and clean. So we have been spending EVERY weekend there since May and hopefully we will be there right until Oct!

More scenes from the lake....

Greetings :0)

Our firepit tucked in there...

Kennedy making a potion

I LOVE this photo of Kennedy and Bandit on the deck...at the lake.

Backyard fun!

The kids blew up the big waterslide and had a great time in the backyard...its a CRAPPY yard but oh well, they didn't care! They had super fun!


Bandit hanging out in the scrapbook room...
Rikki up working hard! Got a table in there now so I will have to update!!!

Kennedy working hard...
Rikki working hard....

Poor girls working off the floor :o)

I hope that I didn't already post these!

But anyhow- the girls have been heavily involved in scrapbooking, Its been great! We finally bought a table for the scrapbooking room and it looks So good now :o)

Friday, July 24, 2009

more from the waterpark...

The 4 of them. They were all really good and played together. We were there for 5 hours!

Wild Waters Waterslides...

We spent the day at Wild Waters on Thursday, it was sooooo hot. I got waaaay too sunburnt. But it was a great day! The kids had so much fun. The best outdoor adventure in Edmonton forsure! We will have to hit it again in August...

LEDGE grounds....

I took R and Kennedy to the Ledge grounds for a late night swim...it was beautiful and still sooooo busy! It was fun!

Random things...

Random things from whats going on aorund here this summer....those shots are with *R* who has been spending a whole lotta time with us this summer!!!!