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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Whats New.

1) My new job (see below)

2) Kids are doing great. Mack turned 15 in November and has only a year until he can drive a car...without us. Yikes. So, we have alot of practice to cram in this next year.

3) Christmas was wonderful! Kids return to school on Monday, I'm ready as they are too.

4) Kennedys been doing great. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks in October, it was hard with working as well.

5) I still watch Miss E everyday, but mommy is pregnant so I'm thinking we will agree that July 1st will be the end of that...I will miss her alot...2 years that I have been watching her.

6) We are thinking of giving up fostering as we have NOT had good luck in it...BUT we have applied for an ADOPTION (Shhhh, if your on my facebook-its a special blog secret!) We *hope* we will get the little one we applied for! SHE is going to be 1 year old in February...and we love the idea of not having to deal with the loss of her leaving...she is in a foster home right now but we had her for a 2 week respite and loved her! So we certainly hope we get her. They figure 2-3 months until we know. We have submitted all of the work necessary but now need to go to our first meeting with our adoptions worker on the 16th!!!!

7) We spent a day at the lake a few weeks ago, it was lovely with this BEAUTIFUL Dec-Jan weather it makes me wish that we had gone winter camping!

8) I'm on the diet wagon (again...siiigh). South beaching it, day 6 so far and -7 pds down!

9) My car is a horrible mess...as is my house...been so busy with working and stuff.

10) Happy New year...I have a feeling 2012 will be a wonderful year and we will all still be around in 2012 :)

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7jays said...

I was wondering how your little "secret" was working out. Glad that things are moving along! does Jen know about this?