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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In Class...

Well, tonight my students have the whole 3 hour class to work on assignments and their research papers...so this leaves me a whole lotta nothing to do! I'm wishing I had my next course materials so that I could at least work on that...but I could jump ahead and read the chapter in the text book that I need to know about. My next class is "Health Safety and Nutrition"...I'm not sure how it will be as its a new class for me. I'm loving the class that I'm teaching right now, Children with Challenges...my passion!

Not too much is new, today I had a very relaxed day at home. I did my housework nice and early on in the day therefore it made for a good afternoon. I was really hoping to hop onto the treadmill but I didn't...crap!

Today was "Taco Tuesday" the kids were happy to hear that! Every so often we have a taco Tuesday...they love it! Since I'm on south beach (still) I scooped some meat aside (for lunch tomorrow) and will enjoy a lettuce wrap taco tomorrow! Tonight I brought spaghetti squash and steak, that was for supper last night but I went with friends to a pedicure so I missed out!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I can stay at home tomorrow night...I teach again on Thursday.

Today I started my "Body Restoration" course through Bravegirlsclub.com and I'm SO excited to do it. I'm going to go tomorrow to purchase the supplies I need and get started...its a 6 week online course. And, I AM going to finish it :)

Well, I should 'hit the book'..

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Sharon said...

I remember taking the Health, Safety & Nutrtion course!! (long time ago though 1993 ish)