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Monday, January 09, 2012

Back to School Day.

Well, its offical-the kids are back to school today from their Christmas holidays. They were off on December 23rd-Januray 9th. It was a great holiday, but did feel a little bit longer. I'm happy to get back into routine and get back to regular life. I haven't been sleeping in last week, as Miss E was coming everyday still so it didn't really benefit me much. But, we were able to take in some activities around Edmonton (Telus World of Science, Chuckie Cheese, etc). Today Miss E and I have been hanging out in the basement for a little bit. I slept really really bad last night. I have been having sleep issues since I started back on South Beach diet last Monday (todays a week, -8 pds!) Which I looked it up today, and its common...due to the lack of carbs so your body is in ketosis. I have been sleep deprived for a week so far, so I need to add in milk or some kind of healthy carb. I"ve never had sleeping issues so this is killing me!!!! I have been taking Melatonin even, and its not helping either!

Today, I'm meeting up with a friend and her son for a playdate with Miss E. I don't even feel like doing that, even though I am doing it...I'm just exhausted! Thankfully, I don't work tonight...tomorrow I do.

Fabe and I cleaned the house yesturday, so at least thats done. One less thing to worry about...but this week is bedding week so I will start with Kennedy's this week.

I will add photos...my tablet is charging so I will add photos later :)

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