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Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Job!

So, back in August I took a part time position. I was SO thrilled to be offered a wonderful position when I was really looking. I had applied way back year, and then I saw the same job posting..I emailed to ask to reapply and it turned out to be someone who I had known many years ago through the child care field, she did workshops for my daycare when I owned it so I was thrilled when she showed so much interest in me! I went for an interview and it went so good-its easy when you are so passionate about the work you do!

I am now an instructor at a local college that offers Early Childhood Development training. I have been doing classes now since the end of August and its been AWESOME! I challenged myself taking a 2 year course, as I have been teaching only the 1st year students...I am currently teaching "Children with Challenges" which again is very easy and natural for me as I have experience both personally and professionally. Its amazing to actually have a job that I absolutely love...I don't know that I have ever had that before! I'm loving it...not feeling that dread of going to work, and each class is expanding on my skills as well. Its been alot of work as its all new content to me and when I took my education many of the research and trends have changed so with each new class that I teach I have to be a student first (do all of the readings, prep, etc) then also be an instructor (marking, lectures, etc). Its very neat. From not wanting to speaking in front of people to speaking and teaching for 3-8 hours at a time is sure new to me...but again, I really do LOVE it :)

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