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Thursday, May 05, 2011

A little of Spring Cleaning!

Yesturday the living room dust was killing me. I had both kids content and happy so I pulled the chairs our from the wall and (didn't have time to do the couch) but the main thing was to sweep the dust bunnies out and wash the floor behind there. Today it feels refreshing. I will pull the couch out today so it will be done. I am struggling a bit with the state of my house. Its not horrible, but just maintained. I'm use to pretty much spotless, so its been a struggle BUT its also been nice that its no longer my main focus. The best thing I can do is little bits at a time.

Todays to do list:

Clean upstairs completely (both bathrooms) wash the floors in baby's room, laundry room and bathrooms up there...vaccuum.

Dust the mainfloor (built ins by fire place and dining room) Do a quick tidy of the mainfloor (its pretty much clean)

Vaccuum the basement (I cleaned it yesturday)

Grocery shopping, I joined Weight Watchers last night so I need to fill my cupboards with healthy food choices.

In between the every 3 hour of feeds and cuddles I have until 4pm to get this done (its 9am) then tonight is busy! I have to buy Kennedy her soccer cleats for her first game tonight...then we have to go to the trailer dealership and sign our papers for our new trailer...then rush to Kennedy's soccer game...busy night!!!!!

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