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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I know, been forever! But I'm trying...and I will try even harder. Blogging is something that I LOVE to read and sometimes (lol) I do enjoy doing a blog. But more then anything, doing a blog is such a great way for me to go back. I love looking back on my blog "what was I doing this day last year? or two years ago?" its pretty neat!

This day last year, we moved into THIS house! We were homeless for the few weeks after the fire living at a Super 8 then thankfully I found this house on kijiji.com. It was for rent for months then my friend convinced me to call and I'm so happy she did! I called, they had JUST decided to list it with their friend but said if you "X" amount you can rent it! Its walking distance to our old-new house and the kids busses come right close by! It worked out! Its a nice house-actually an old showhome (that we looked at years ago when we were building our old house!!) Weird! At first, this house was so new and it took us months to adjust to sleeping here. But now we are comfortable...its home :o)

We will adjust at the new house again, but I really think it will be faster. We KNOW the neighborhood, neighbors, crime rate, etc. I walk through my house and it feels like home already...its pretty neat. Although NOTHING in the house is the same, well actually Kennedys room spot is in the same spot..thats about the only thing. I look forward to being home again.

The daycare is going good. Almost full. We get full, then 1-2 kids leave (subsidy, moving, lost jobs, etc)...but its very good. I'm working only 2 days a week...but there will be a big change come Dec for the daycare :o))) Can't say yet!!!!

Kids are good. Mack was very sick for a week at Halloween time. AGAIN this year, no candy for him (last year he got home but lost it in the fire)...but R and Kennedy shared it :o))))

Fabe switched jobs (haah!) again! With a big company (major telecommunication company!). He started that a week ago.

Christmas-we are having a quiet Christmas at home this year. Then boxing day we will head to Jasper for a week...I looove going there. We are staying there for New Years as well. Should be nice. Fabe takes the kids skiing for the day, I stay back with a book and the wood burning fireplace and relax...make supper, etc. LOVE being there after Christmas.

Hmmm, other then that...the kids don't know they are leaving on a surprise trip to Cuba in just over a week (!!!!) with my mom. They don't know yet, and we are going to tell them the night before! They are going to flip out!!!! I'm going to be LOST without them for a whole week :o( But due to my daycare excitement I can't go!!!!!

Thats about it!!!!

My baby boy is 1-3!!!!!! A teen!

13 balloons to release with wishes for Mack on


Happy Birthday my boy! It is so hard to believe that you are 13 years old! You never fail to make us proud! We love you so much! We think we are so blessed to have such a beautiful son who is so caring and compassionate about things. We know you try to maintain a 'tough' guy attitude when you are around your friends and we know that...but to us you are still the little boy who use to make us laugh with his silly little things...we are so lucky to have a son who is so understanding. When your sister was born, you had to sacrifice so much. You don't have a mommy for the times she is in the hospital and yet you never did complain. Life gets so disrupted by Kennedy being ill at times but still, you go through your days not knowing whose house you are sleeping at or what is watching you-yet again, no complaints. Thank you for being such a wonderful son, I love you more then anything...xoxox!!!!

House Update!!!!

Oue house is currently getting drywalled. They will begin taping and mudding next. The house is coming along well now. Its great the extra space compared to our old house! It will be so nice!

Our carpet (shag)!

Our colors...we did finally choose granite. Our cupboards are dark this time, our wood floors are dark too...Not a good photo but you get the idea..very neutral.

Halloween stuff!

<---Kennedy and R as boys for trick or treatin!

Kennedy doing the pumpkin

Kennedy was a Bratz bat for at school and a boy for trick or treating....


Beautiful patch work quit I bought off Ebay! LOOOVE it!!!

Halloween/Fall stuff


<---Keurig coffee maker! I love it so much! Makes hot chocolate, teas, flavored coffees! Yummy!!!

Goodwill platter! Love the wood ones!

<---Christmas platter! Had to buy it..love the old vintage style look to it!


<---Bandits bed.

(below) Bandit favorite thing in the summer, chasing the quad and camping!!!

<---My friend Lisas dog Lilly who we camped with all summer!
Bandit was exactly 4.5 years old on the 11th of November. Its amazing how much he has changed. He truly is our 'baby' but we are learning a little too much. We created a dog is very spoiled! So we are trying to wean off that a little bit but its hard, he is just too cute :o) Its pretty funny how much he has to stick to his routine...its so funny! The highlight of his day is waking up! As soon as I set foot out of bed he runs down the hall and waits for me. Well not really for 'me' but for his breakfast. Every morning he has a Ceasar wet dog food...and at the end of the day

when he is tired he waits until I say "wanna go to bed" and whoop-off he runs...then he snuggles with me then when I'm done petting him he jumps over to Fabe and then goes and lays at his feet. Pretty cute :o)