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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Entrance Way from 2nd storey...

Well I am *almost* done. It seems the more I get done: the more I have to do.
I have a few small things left to purchase then I will offically done. Its mainly running around to get gift cards for my Uncle and a friend. Some scratch tickets to finish off my dads gift...things like that. I have an order at Sears to pick up. And, thats about it. The trees are done...1 in the kitchen (pictures to come) and the other in the basement (you can see it in the playroom)...
I'm still not feeling "the mood" yet...hopefully soon.
I have yet to arrange the teachers gifts with their cards.
We have Kennedys party on Sunday.
So thats pretty much our Christmas update!

Snow Day!

Today I had big plans to do some deep cleaning around here...

1) Clean/dust the bannisters

2) Wipe down baseboards

3) Spot wipe windows in each room

BUT, I didn't do any of it. I super cleaned the house yesturday and planned to do the deeper cleaning but, I didn't. I did wrap the rest of the gifts, checked my Christmas lists (compiled a new 'to do' list for Christmas)...and I'm still in my jammies. The kids will be home right away (its 3pm)
Oh well, its nice sometimes to do pretty much nothing.


Cafe O Play (above)

Our playroom (below)...

We checked out a new place http://www.cafeoplay.ca/ its the BEST place EVER!

Its a coffee shop...with an indoor playarea! Its so nice to sit and enjoy the kids playing while being able to sip on a latte (which they make the BEST ones ever!)...its so clean! We will be going there often!



I LOVE my friend, Patti's cakes. Its amazing her work...

She is on facebook...at PattyCakes

You should look at her Xbox cake, its awesome!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Back at it again...

I know...bad bad blogger. But I figure I have come 'this' far and now I need to continue blogging. For many reasons, but the one that always strikes me is when I'm out somewhere or something happens in a day I think how much it would be neat to blog about it. My goal for 2011 is to blog on a regular basis again. I enjoy it. And, I LOVE reading other peoples blogs.

As for an update. We are busy around here. We are back on the bed list for another foster daughter. This time, we are interested in a longer term placement. The short lived placement, was too hard on all of us. So we have decided a longer term placement is better for us. We have been on the bedlist for 2 weeks now. Should be anytime now...exciting! We have asked for a little girl (1 this time)...between the ages of 6-9. A little girl because, the room is directly across from Kennedys room and she isn't comfortable with a boy being 'right' there. Plus, Kennedy is the youngest child and her and I hang out more often (since Mack is 14 year old, and well...that explains it all) I vision a girl that we can hang out with too. I pray and cross all crossables that we will find a match. We told them, we are not in a rush...at all, so try to match as best as they can! I'm excited! The room needs MAJOR work for a little girl (being the room is BLUE as it was suppose to be Macks room then he decided to move to the basement last minute) but I'm not going to go crazy or anything...as I want HER to pick out HER bedding. We need a bedroom suite for in there forsure though...

I have added in some extra kids to my daytime...Baby E's mom was quite concerned about her being the only one, she put her into care for the reason of having her socialized and while I did do playgroups,etc..so another young mom has a Baby A (both same names, just spelled differently...SO weird!)...anyhow...she needed care the EXACT same hours but rather then 3 days a week like Baby E its 5 days. Which is fine by me, I was actually spending money all day anyhow. BUT, Baby A has a sister who needs care 1 week one, 1 week at dads (off). Just 2 weeks a month. I figured 'why not'. So I have taken them on. And thats ALL (lol). Its soooo enjoyable the 2 little ones...so cute! The sister, Big Girl C is almost 4. She is at a nice age, plays and watches TV on quiet time. I was worried about naptime as thats 'my' time to clean the kitchen from lunch, throw laundry in, etc,etc..but as it turns out=she still naps :o) Perfect so far.

So, this week is without C. Today was both babies, it was busy but fun! We got a few crafts in, a big walk and lots of play! I love not having to leave the house...not sure I will watch peoples kids forever but right now, its really working for me. I love being able to have supper going, snacks ready for the kids afterschool and having the option to stay home. While Kennedy is 10 years old, she isn't comfortable with staying home alone. So, with a job out of the house...I have to worry about before/afterschool care. I think maybe by September she will be ready to come home alone. And, thats just a good time to go back to work. Mind you, if a position came up and I was really interested in it: I would apply.

The kids are doing good. They had their report cards, they are both doing well. Mack got his learners license for driving (scary!)...so I have been taking him out a few times a week. Kennedy is hosting her first Christmas party on Sunday here for 13 of her closest friends...she is hoping to make it an annual event!

I was done my Christmas shopping early this year: Thank God! It still feels like its a long ways away, but I know its under 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to 10 days off :o) 10 days of sleeping in and spending LOTS of time with my children :o)

Other then that, things are good. I will get some photos going right away!